Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Doren vs Bruce ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“So you're my first victim,” Bruce Irwin stepped up behind Doren as the Israeli man got up from doing pushups. The two combatants had the honor of starting the tournament with the very first match in the Asakusa Hanayashiki theme parks. Bruce was an African-American Muay Thai fighter wearing nothing but a pair of purple trousers with the words “Bruce” on them etched in red, and had bandages around his shins and ankles. His head was bald save for a group of dreadlocks that were tied back in a ponytail.
“Bruce Irwin, Muay Thai extraordinaire,” Doren gave a salute, “I'm Doren Sharon of the Israeli defense force. I am very honored to meet you.” Doren put his hand down and got into a fighting stance. “Whenever you're ready, we'll begin.” A crowd was beginning to form around the two fighters just as Bruce had got into his own fighting stance.
“Don't get too cocky, rookie,” Bruce charged at Doren with a sideswiping kick from his left leg, which Doren quickly swatted away. Bruce quickly got his foot back on the ground, and followed up with a right hook. This blow hit its mark, and Doren slightly backed away. “Hah! That was nice block back there,” Bruce exclaimed as he charegd forward, “but I don't lose to rookies!!” Bruce got Doren into a grapple and was about to ram his knee into the taller man's stomach when….
Bruce's clutch on Doren was broken as the Israeli brought both his fists down on Bruce's arms. As Bruce gripped his left arm, Doren gave a powerful thrusting kick to the kickboxer's abdomen. “Ugh…nice kick…” Bruce backed away as he ducked a punch, “but you can't match mine!” Bruce took a swing with a left kick and at that same moment, Doren went with a right kick. The two legs clashed with each other, then the two fighters hit each other with their elbows. One onlooker would later describe the scene as “a dangerous game of patty cake.”
After matching his enemy blow for blow, Doren finally grabbed Bruce's arm, “You're every bit as good as I thought when I first saw you,” Doren's eyes began to sparkle as his grip tightened, “but now I have to end this.” As soon as he finished he gave Bruce's arm a pull until he heard a popping sound, followed by a scream. “AGH!!! You son of a bitch, you dislocated my a-UMPH!!” Doren grabbed Bruce's face and began punching it with his free hand, and slammed it into the hard ground. Bruce rolled away just as Doren loosened his grip.
“You…bastard…” Bruce was starting to lose his footing but he didn't care, he took another swing at Doren with his right leg, but Doren dodged it and punched Bruce in the solar plexus, but not before being hit himself by Bruce's left knee. The two fighters stood there for a moment, clutching their stomachs as the crowd remained silent, waiting for one fighter to take a fall…and it was Bruce.
The Muay Thai fighter fell onto his knees and let out a groan. The career of a Thai kickboxer heavily depended on knowing when to throw in the towel. Otherwise, the fighter's career will be very short. Bruce had sustained injuries like this before, and he was old enough and wise enough to realize that these kind of wounds meant that he was done for the fight. “You win, rookie. I know when I'm beat.”
“Are you serious?” Doren looked at Bruce, then to the crowd, then at Bruce again. The crowd began clapping quietly at first, then louder and louder until it reached a near-deafening roar. Doren walked up to Bruce, then grabbed his dislocated arm and put it back in place. “AGH!! What the hell are you doing!?” Bruce got back up on his feet. This guy had just brutally beaten him, and now he was helping him?
“Come one, Mr. Irwin,” Doren pointed to a kid with a pen and a small booklet. “Our loyal fans await…”