Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Jean vs Christie ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

To MoonTearz: You hope something happens between Asuka and Kenichi? Something….like what? Romantic ties, perhaps? I'm still trying to experiment with love-hate relationships, but I intend to find some way for these two to be lovers by the end of the story.
I finally got my computer back as I write from my room at Marshall University! Yesterday I practically slaughtered the AI in Tekken 4(using Steve) and Tekken 5(using Heihachi) at the Barboursville Tilt. Band camp was tiring mainly because it was hot. Tomorrow I start classes and I'm very excited to say the least!

Anyway, I had some serious fun writing this chapter. After watching some match videos of the Savate championships, I was ready to let Jean do his thing! I wanted to set the stage on a dance floor, because Tekken needs a stage like that. After the awesomeness of the "Live House" in Maximum Impact, I came to the conclusion that every fighting game should have a dance floor.

And without further adieu....Jean Sorel vs. Christie Montiero. Please comment as there might be some typos.
The dance floor is a place where a flood of light combines with a world of darkness. Crowds of people come here at night to seemingly writhe in a sea of furious rhythms. A more proper description of such convulsing would be “a ritual.” The beat is their prayer as they become more and more involved as the music and rhythm increase. Within this sea of light and flesh, two martial artists would begin to engage in their own little dance. This was one of the locations of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.
“Well, well…what have we here?” Jean looked his opponent up and down. She was a dark-skinned woman clad a tie-dye pink t-shirt and purple jean shorts. Unlike Jean's hairstyle, the woman's bronze hair was long and flowing, going all the way to her middle-back area. “And what is your name, my dear?”
“It's Montiero: Christie Montiero,” the Brazilian woman gave a nod and looked around. “Listen to those beats. Do you think you've got what it takes to dance with me, blondie?” Christie raised an eyebrow as she watched her opponent take a very exaggerated bow with Flambert in hand. “Hey buddy you don't impress me! Stop curtseying and let's go!”
“Hehehe…” Jean chuckled as he put his rapier Flambert into its sheath. “Mademoiselle, I believe I should be the one asking that earlier question: are you woman enough to keep up?”
Jean straightened himself and got into a peculiar fighting stance. Christie's first guess was that it was Muay Thai, so she began “dancing” side to side and warily moved forward. In the previous tournament, she had come across a Muay Thai fighter and she knew full well what they were capable of. Christie stepped to the left and went with a straight right punch, fingers outstretched, expecting Jean to use an elbow. Unfortunately for her, Jean wasn't a Muay Thai fighter. He instead weaved across the punch and thrusted his leg high into the air, taking Christie with it. With her body balancing on Jean's foot, he quickly brought his leg down with an axe motion and brought Christie down to the ground as a result.
“What, does my Savate have you losing your ground already?” Jean watched as Christie got up and stumbled for a moment before shaking her head and continue dancing. “and here I thought you woman enough to dance with-”
Christie jumped in the air, bringing both of her feet upward in a double-legged kick that hit Jean in the face. Christie landed and got onto her back, then shot her legs straight up, hitting Jean again. She spun on her head and kicked Jean twice as a result. She quickly got back up and expected to face a fallen Jean….but she didn't see him anywhere until…
…Jean nicked Christie from behind in the upper left leg with Flambert, which was now out of its sheath and in Jean's hand. “Ugh…a dirty trick! What are you thinking using a weapon in a fistfight!?” Christie spun around with a roundhouse kick which Jean ducked under and punched her in the stomach. Christie backed away and looked at her left leg. Why was it bleeding so much from such a small cut?
“Please, mademoiselle,” Jean eyes began to sparkle as he spun Flambert in his left hand, “don't let a little blood loss lose your focus.”
Attacking with renewed vigor, Christie swung her leg out hoping to kick Jean's eyes out, but he dodged easily as the Capoeria fighter's movements became noticeably slower. Damn it, Christie thought as she noticed her vision blur, he knew just where to cut me. At this rate, not only will I be losing the match, I'll be losing my life!
Jean kicked Christie in the head with a spinning right kick, and then punched her in the chest with his free hand. In the quick series of flashes that followed, Jean had cut her right arm, left cheek, and left shoulder. “Hmhmhm….hahaha….” Jean licked the blood off Flambert and walked over to the fallen Christie, “it's just like red wine…and I intend to get my fill over your-“
“You win.” Christie said as she tore off a piece of her jeans and wrapped where her leg was bleeding.
“Wh-what was that?” Jean, obviously startled, sputtered out.
“I quit. You win.” Christie had never forfeited anything in her career as a martial artist, but it was either that or giving that psycho the satisfaction of taking her out. Surely her master Eddy Gordo would understand.
“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…” Jean let out a long growl before letting out a “damn” and stomping away. He had just been denied the pleasure of his first kill in the tournament, because he knew that if he cut Christie now, he would surely be disqualified from the tournament and that not blow over well with the rest of G-Corporation.
As Jean walked away, the music died down. His opponent's dance was now over, but Jean's dance was only beginning. He would resume his bloody opus once he learned who his next opponent would be….