Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Kenichi vs Marduk ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The graveyard: a tract of land that is used to bury the dead. Its inhabitants approached the thousands as over a mile of tombstones and statues covered the land, with an equal number of corpses buried beneath it. Why Jin Kazama chose this place to be a location for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 was anybody's guess. Perhaps it was because if any one of the fights went out of control…the competitors wouldn't have to go far if they snapped their neck. Of course, the victor of that fight would be disqualified as well, but he would still be in better shape than the loser.
Kenichi looked around and saw his opponent: a dark man who was easily seven feet tall wearing purple and green trousers with the word “Marduk” etched on either side. His blue gloves and elbow-pads had the word “Craig” on them. “Craig Marduk's the name! Smashing heads is my game!” Craig looked down at Kenichi and smirked with a toothy grin. “If you think I'm gonna take it easy on ya just because you're a little bugger, you've got another thing coming!”
“Gigantic sir,” Kenichi bowed as he put his Masamune over his shoulder, “if you held back, I'd be insulted. Come on, I'll show you that size isn't everything!”
Craig ran towards his quarry with his head tucked in a ramming position. Kenichi quickly sidestepped and struck Marduk in the temple with a hand chop. “Ow! You little bastard!” The Australian shot his leg out just as he was struck and sent Kenichi flying backwards. “Ah-hahaha!!! Think you can get the best of me, mate? You're bloody pathetic!”
Craig resumed running towards Kenichi with his arms outstretched. Kenichi quickly sidestepped and let out a kick. Unfortunately for Kenichi, Craig had learned from past mistakes. Craig caught the leg, spun Kenichi around in the air, and then tossed him across the graveyard. Kenichi landed on his hands as he performed a back flip and caught his breath. Apparently, Kenichi had plenty of fight left in him.
Think carefully, Kenichi, he thought to himself as Marduk continued with his verbal taunting, you obviously can't beat this guy just by taking him head on. Focus...
Kenichi looked behind him and saw just what he needed: a tombstone shaped like a Buddha statue. Apparently whoever had been buried underneath him had been a devout Buddhist. While the thought of desecrating a holy man's grave seemed sickening to Kenichi, all Kenichi had to do was look at the charging Craig to reaffirm what he had to do to avoid getting pummeled and, knowing Craig's prisoner mentality, violently sodomized.
“It's over kid! Goodbye!” Craig leapt forward in an attempt to tackle Kenichi and bring him into his potent Vale Tudo mount, but Kenichi jumped over Marduk with an impressive vertical leap…leaving Craig to meet his fate with the porcelain Buddha. Once Craig shattered the statue, he made a primal sound that Kenichi would remember for a very long time:
When Craig destroyed the Buddha statue, some the resulting porcelain debris became lodged in his face. There were small bits of the statue just above his left eyebrow, and a slightly bigger shard in his right cheek. Craig quickly removed the larger shard, and he let out another scream of agony.
“Sorry, big guy. You should've looked before you leapt!” Kenichi shouted as he ran towards the Vale Tudo champion and dodged a wild punch. With that, Kenichi got up right in front of Craig and kicked him in the shins, causing the much larger man to kneel slightly. With the man's head now within distance, Kenichi let loose a trio of roundhouse kicks to Craig's head, with a tooth flying out on the final kick. Craig backed away until he had his back to the remains of the Buddha statue.
Kenichi pummeled Craig with another trio of kicks and a pair of straight punches, being careful as to avoid the random punches that his enraged adversary pulled out. Finally, Kenichi ducked under a powerful swing that would have certainly cracked his skull and thrust his right arm straight up, sending Marduk flying over the shattered Buddha and into the air. Just as Craig was about to land, Kenichi jumped up and let loose a side-swiping left kick, causing Bruce to spin uncontrollably as he landed with a sickening thud. Craig let out a loud moan, and then faded into unconsciousness.
Once he was certain that he had won, Kenichi let out a long sigh. “Aw man,” he said to no one in particular, “that was waaaaaaaay too close.” Kenichi walked over to the shattered Buddha statue, got onto his knees, and took out his Masamune, which he stabbed into the ground. “Whoever you are, please forgive me for desecrating your final resting place.” Kenichi pulled his sword out of the ground and put it back into his sheath on his back. “Namu Amida Butsu.”
“Hey, Kenichi! That was awesome!”
Kenichi looked up to see Asuka running towards him. He initially thought that she was going to challenge him, but just as he was about to get into a fighting stance, Asuka leapt up onto him and hugged him. “W-what the-? Asuka, get a grip!”
“What?” Asuka realized what she was doing and quickly let go of Kenichi. “Sorry Kenichi. I guess I kinda lost control. But you beat Marduk! Everyone thought you were going to lose. I was so damn worried!” Asuka composed herself just as she finished that sentence. “After all, I need to be the one who beats you up!”
“Yeah, whatever,” Kenichi dusted himself off and began walking with Asuka. “Are you already done with your fight? How did it go?”
“I….” Asuka looked down to ground, “The fight went….”
“Asuka, what's wrong?”
“….it went spectacular!!! I FINALLY BEAT FENG WEI!!!” Asuka pumped her fist in the air as she shouted out the news of her victory. “I finally avenged my father and beat that damn Chinaman to a pulp! Now those manboobs of his aren't the only things that are swollen!”
“He has the ferocity of a tiger,” Yoshimitsu looked down at Kenichi and Asuka from the hill he was standing on. His fight with Ganryu had taken place not too far from the battle between Kenichi and Craig. His fight ended rather quickly, and Ganryu was just waking up from his knockout slumber when he heard Yoshimitsu muttering to himself.
“Yoshimitsu, what has your attention?” Ganryu got up and walked over to Yoshimitsu and followed his gaze until he saw Kenichi and Asuka walking to the exit of the graveyard. “Do those children interest you?”
“Indeed, old friend,” Yoshimitsu pointed to Kenichi. “Ever since the bastard-spawn Bryan Fury destroyed my clan, I have been left without a family or a successor. This is one of the reasons I entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6: to see if I can find anyone worthy enough to pass my secrets on to when my time finally comes. That boy down there….he just defeated Craig Marduk, the Vale Tudo champion and the man who slew Armor King.”
“That scrawny boy defeated Marduk!? What sort of power does this boy have?” Ganryu watched as Kenichi approached the gate of the graveyard and pushed it open. “Yoshimitsu, are you suggesting that-“
“Not suggesting, Ganryu,” Yoshimitsu interrupted his sumo-wrestling friend as he began walking down the hill. “I know that this boy has what it takes….”