Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Heihachi vs Hwoarang ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Mishima High School: the alma mater of Jin Kazama. School was not in session at the moment, but hundreds of students gathered in the courtyard regardless to watch the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. In the center of the courtyard was a twenty-foot-tall golden statue of Heihachi Mishima, who would be fighting Hwoarang in this very same courtyard.
“Hey you,” Heihachi, wearing his black tiger gi, nodded to Hwoarang, who had just finished wading his way out of the crowd of schoolgirls that surrounded him. “Do you realize that Jin is trying to get you eliminated? Why else would he pair you against me in the first round?”
“Keep talking, you old fogy,” Hwoarang tightened his gloves as he spoke, “Soon you'll be whining a whole different tune.”
“Five hits,” Heihachi murmured as he got into his fighting stance. “Five hits are all I'll need to defeat you.”
Hwoarang stuck up his left leg in his trademark “Flamingo” stance and hopped towards Heihachi. Once he was close enough, Hwoarang's lifted leg shot out in an attempt to kick out Heihachi's teeth. Heihachi ducked under the kick and sent Hwoarang sprawling with a leaping uppercut, a move that was well known in his family: the Thunder Godfist. The Korean landed flat on his back.
“That's one…”
Hwoarang quickly got back up on his feet and shook his head. He had been hit with that attack numerous times before, but he didn't recall it hurting as much as it did now. The young Korean got back into his fighting stance and charged again. He narrowly ducked under Heihachi's punch and kicked him in the shins as hard as he possibly could. Heihachi kneeled slightly, and Hwoarang took the opportunity to try for his Dynamite Heel, an axe kick that used his ki. He lifted his leg up while his foot began to sparkle a bright blue. Once he thought he had put enough power into his leg, he brought it down on Heihachi's head, expecting the elder man to topple under the pressure of the kick…unfortunately for Hwoarang, Heihachi was still standing and now he had his arm on Hwoarang's leg.
“You call that a kick?” Heihachi taunted as he used his free hand to grab Hwoarang's neck. “THIS IS HOW YOU THROW A KICK!!!” Heihachi tossed Hwoarang into the air, then jumped up and hit the Korean with a spinning roundhouse kick from his right leg. Hwoarang spun uncontrollably as he again landed on his back.
“That's two…”
Hwoarang flipped onto his feet and let out a growl. He was the Tae Kwan Do prodigy; this was supposed to be his year. Instead, he's losing his breath to some old geezer whose time was supposed to be long past! I won't stand for it, Hwoarang thought to himself, I'll send that old git straight to hell with this next set of moves!
The young Tae Kwan Do fighter ran towards Heihachi with renewed vigor. He lifted the Japanese man up with a upward kick, then brought him down to the ground with a flip kick. Hwoarang landed on his feet, expecting to see Heihachi. Apparently, he was faster than his appearance lead to believe. “Where did he-“
“Look behind you, young man.”
Hwoarang dashed around to see a sight that he wouldn't soon forget: Heihachi Mishima, in his Raijin stance, crackling with blue lightning. The elder martial artist lifted his right hand, then applied it to the face of Hwoarang, who tired to block the punch but to no avail. The Korean crumpled to the ground, and Heihachi stomped on his head just as it hit the floor. Hwoarang faded into unconsciousness for a moment, but a moment was all Heihachi needed. Hwoarang was down for the ten-count, and that made Heihachi Mishima the winner of the fight.
“Damn it….no,” Hwoarang groggily got onto his feet as Heihachi walked away. “How the hell could I lose to an old geezer….I won't accept defeat!”
Hwoarang let out a yell as he charged towards Heihachi, who turned around and smiled. He easily ducked under Hwoarang's punch and struck him in the chest with an open-palmed thrust from his right arm.
“And that's five hits. Looks like I'm the winner. Keep practicing! BWAH-HAHAHA!!!”
Hwoarang clutched his chest and was about to attack again when he noticed a little girl coming towards him.
“Mr. Hwoarang, may I have your autograph?”
Hwoarang looked back up and saw that Heihachi was gone. “Damn! Stupid kid, you made me lose the fig-OWWWWW!!!” Hwoarang kneeled as he felt a sharp pain in his shins. He looked up and saw his master Baek with an absolutely terrifying expression on his face.
“You dare blame child for your incompetence!?” Baek's eyes burned into Hwoarang's soul. “YOU WILL SIGN THIS CHILD'S BOOK, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT! IS THAT CLEAR!?”
There were three things that gave Hwoarang the chills. One of them was an angry Julia Chang. During the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, he got the nerve to ask her out and it went into a conversation about the wildlife. Hwoarang was foolish enough to say that “it's so pointless to try to save the trees, as there will always be some schmuck to tear them down.” Hwoarang was unable to feel anything in his groin area for nearly a week after the incident.
Another thing that frightened Hwoarang was Kazuya Mishima. The father of his rival Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima had an presence that could make even the bravest of men piss themselves. Hwoarang thanked God every day that he didn't come across him in the previous tournament, where Kazuya was as mad as a hornet. Heihachi was evil, but Kazuya was flat-out insane.
The final thing was his master, Baek Do San. Baek had tortured Hwoarang on almost a daily basis when he adopted him so very long ago, trying to teach him discipline. Unfortunately, Hwoarang's arrogance made it very difficult for this to happen, so Baek often had to use some of his most brutal training methods to make Hwoarang a half-decent citizen. Hwoarang knew full well that his master was not at all afraid to take his anger out on his star pupil, so he picked up the girl's book, and wrote his name in it….