Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Jin vs Jean: Bloody Storm ( Chapter 16 )

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Chapter 16: Jin vs Jean: Bloody Storm

“Ladies and gentlemen, now entering the ring is the King of Iron Fist 3 champion and the sponsor of today's tournament. Using karate, please give up for JIN KAZAMA!!”

The crowd popped as Jin Kazama entered the ring. He was wearing a white knit shirt, a gold and black karate belt, and black pants with white flames etched into them. His red fingerless gloves were covered with blue-and-white armguards, each with a silver spiral. He knew one thing for certain: those armguards of his would be tested. Jin lightly waved to the crowd as he approached the center of the ring.

“And his opponent: he's a former Olympic gold medalist in fencing, and a former middleweight champion in Savate. Competing in his first King of Iron Fist Tournament, from France…JEAN SOREL!!”

I pack a chainsaw…
Skin your ass raw…
And if my day keeps going this way I just might

A heavily remixed version of “He Said, She Said” blared over the arena as Jean walked down the runway to the ring. As he approached the ring, he took the arm of a nearby ring girl, lightly kissed her hand, and continued on his way as if nothing had happened. Once he entered the ring, he pulled out his rapier and performed a series of kicks. The demonstration received a mild response from the audience.

“I'm going to make this quick for you,” Jin tightened his gloves as he spoke, “Where is my mother?”

“Listen to that crowd, Kazama,” Jean said, as if he completely ignored what Jin had said. “They want to see some violence. And I can promise you that they'll be getting some before this match is over.”

“Well, I can guarantee you that they will be seeing plenty of it as I pay you back for what you did to Xiao,” Jin got into his fighting stance as he said that. The man is as brilliant as he is crazy, he thought to himself as Jean turned around and got into preparation, he was able to stab into Xiao at will and avoid any vital organ so that he could bleed her dry and not break any rules. That requires intense knowledge of the human body and its vital points.

“You want to know what separates you and me?" Jean cracked his neck as he spoke, "You get the girls because you're just a pretty boy...I get the girls because I'm DEAD SEXY!!"

Jean's rapier shot out and was blocked by Jin's armguard the instant he finished that sentence. Jin countered with a straight punch that was in turn blocked by Jean's left knee. Jean broke the deadlock with a right hook followed by a snapping kick from his lifted leg. Jin backed away and sidestepped Jean's impaling thrust and grabbed the Frenchman's arm and kicked him in the side in the head twice with his right leg, sending him to the ground when he brought his leg back down for the second hit. Jean rolled away as he hit the ground and got back onto his feet.

Jean avoided a left hook and kicked Jin in the hip. As Jin staggered from the hit, Jean punched him in the stomach and bashed him over the head with the hilt of his rapier. Jin gripped his head in pain as he returned to a full stance, narrowly dodging another kick and countering with a pair of backhanded swats to Jean's jaw followed by a left kick. Jean blocked the kick and nicked Jin in the arm with his rapier as the Japanese fighter recovered from the block. Another slash, and his rapier was blocked by Jin's armguard....but it was just a snare. With his opponent now open, Jean shot out his right leg and kicked Jin with a suffocating blow to neck.

Jin had been kicked by some of the best fighters in the world, and he had always considered Hwoarang to have the most powerful kicks he had faced. While he certainly had power, he didn't have the precision, or the potency, of how Jean had just hit him. If was as if as his throat had just been set on fire.

As Jin gasped for air, Jean's rapier shot out and stabbed Jin in his lower leg. With Jin's leg impaled, Jean let go of his rapier and hit Jin with a pair of punches to his face, then he kicked him off of his rapier. Jin let out a yell as the blade left his leg and a flash of blood in its wake. Jin shot out his left leg, and Jean grabbed it and hit him in the stomach with his knee.

“Hey Jin, what did Flambert say to the chest?” Jean taunted as he caught Jin's punch. “SLACKT!!!” Jean's rapier slashed Jin across his torso as Jin kicked Jean away. Jin gripped his chest in pain as he continued to bleed through his shirt.

“I won't let you die yet, Kazama,” Jean said as he sent Jin sprawling to the ground with a spinning roundhouse kick, “Not until you pay me back for the humiliation I have had to suffer thanks to you tearing apart our labs in Tibet looking for your pathetic mother,” Jean let out another flurry of kicks as Jin again stood up. Jin caught his leg and punched Jean in the jaw, then swept him off his feet with a low left kick. He lifted his leg high into the air, then brought it down with a powerful hammering motion, but Jean easily rolled away and smiled, “I want you to live so that you can watch me take away everything that is important to you…starting with little miss Xiaoyu.”

A dark vision suddenly came upon Jin as his opponent said that.  With his rather vivid imagination, he pictured the sky go completely black, Jean Sorel holding Ling Xiaoyu by the neck, whispering something incoherently.  A tear streamed down Ling's cheek as her battered body struggled to break free.  And then Jean took his free hand and ripped out her throat with it, licking the blood as he dropped her lifeless body.   

Jin had just created himself his own little nightmare in the heat of battle...and it was enough to drive him over the edge.

And at that moment, all of Jin's pain vanished, washed away by a sudden rush of adrenaline. His breath grew erratic as he clenched his fist and spoke, “...slimeball…”

“SLIMEBALL!? Is that the best insult you can come up with?” Jean let loose a cackle as Jin stood perfectly still.

“…I…won't let you…touch her.” Jin began crackling with vermillion electricity as he got into his Power Stance.

“Oh yeah? TRY AND STOP ME!” Jean approached Jin and his rapier shot out in a forward thrust.

To Jean's surprise, Jin caught the blade with his hand, just inches away from his body. He twisted Jean's hand until he dropped his weapon, which Jin kicked away. Jin's body continued to crackle as he sent Jean sprawling to the ground with a thrusting kick. His forehead was now covered with black markings and a small red jewel sat in the middle of it.

Jean stood back up and was hit with a right hook to his stomach, then a left hook to his chest, and finally an uppercut that sent him in the air. Jin hit his airborne body with a left kick and a pair of Demon Hell Thrusts and sent Jean crashing to the grated wall. Before Jean could even hit the ground, he found himself pummeled with a series of punches and kicks. The final hit made Jean kneel in pain, and was hit with Jin's Wind Hook Fist as he tried to get out of the corner that he was in. Jean quickly punched Jin in the face, and followed up with a pair of knee thrusts. Unfortunately for him, Jin hit Jean in the face again with another Wind Hook Fist. Jean crumpled to the ground as Jin brought down an axe kick on his head. Jin backed away as Jean seemed to stop moving.

Ten seconds passed, and Jean was still down. Jin Kazama had won. The grated walls lowered as Jin walked towards Jean.

Jin picked Jean up by the collar as the French fighter regained consciousness. As he woke up, he found a pair of crimson eyes burning into him.

“MY MOTHER, SLIMEBALL! WHERE IS SHE!?” Jin's voice was filled with violent intent, and it was loud enough for some of the people in the front row to hear.

“You know Kazama, you need to brush your teeth,” Jean said mockingly as he fanned himself with his hand.

“WHERE!?” Jin reared back his fist in preparation for a killing blow. Despite the rules that he himself put out about killing, he was in the throes of a berserker rage that clouded his good judgment.

“…she's here.” Jean said with such calm that it made Jin drop him in surprise. The shock of hearing such an answer knocked him out of his berserker rage. Jean wiped the blood off his face as he continued. “She's been here right under your nose the whole time as a competitor.” Jean stood back up and walked towards where his rapier lay, putting it back in its sheath as he picked it up. Jin remained silent as the black markings on his forehead faded, as did the red jewel.

“…so I don't suppose you could tell me where she is now?” Jin said in a voice much more calm as Jean walked past him. Jean stopped in his tracks and smiled coldly as he replied.

“You'll know soon enough.”

As Jean left the ring, Jin suddenly began to feel woozy. The amount of blood he had lost throughout the fight would send any other man to his grave. While Jin was not exactly an “ordinary man,” it was still more than enough for him to lose his footing. As he kneeled in pain and clutched his chest, Ling Xiaoyu and Eddy Gordo rushed into the ring and helped him up. The three slowly walked out of the ring and went to the ringside doctor…