Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Heihachi vs Unknown: Fist for a Fist ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Ladies and gentlemen…” the announcer began as the lights of the stadium darkened. “He was the champion of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, and the sponsor of the King of Iron Fists 1, 3, and 4. Using Mishima-ryu Karate, he's the man behind the fights, the King of Iron Fists himself!” Fireworks exploded over the dome as the spotlights turned to the elderly man at the end of the runway, “GIVE IT UP FOR…HEIHACHIEEEEEE MISHIMA!!!”
The crowd exploded in cheers as their old hero walked down the runway in his trademark navy blue-tinted black gi. He stepped into the ring, still covered with blood from the previous battle, and waved to the crowd. Then he crossed his arms and looked to the other side of the arena for his next opponent.
To his surprise, there was no overblown introduction from the announcer.
“And his opponent this evening…the mysterious fighter known only as…Unknown.”
The mysterious fighter was dressed in a white trenchcoat with a dark purple tie and black undershirt. The hands were covered with a pair of purple gloves, and the feet were covered with formal black shoes. But even though her face was covered with a pair of sunglasses, and her hair covered with a white derby, the curves of her body on the trenchcoat revealed that she was obviously female.
But what really caught Heihachi was how his opponent came down the runway…it was as if she was floating into the ring. Unknown gripped herself in an almost-sensual pose as she entered the ring. She slowly descended her feet on the ground as the gates went up.
The air around her just went frozen, Heihachi thought to himself as his masked opponent got into a fighting stance, what a powerful aura! And then Heihachi noticed her fighting stance: it was one that he had seen before. Kazama-ryu stance!? Heihachi looked back up at his opponent's face, which still seemed to remain emotionless. Could it be!?
Heihachi's unspoken question was quickly answered with a lunging elbow strike. The elder man sidestepped the attack and countered with a horizontal chop to his foe's hip. Even though the hit connected, Unknown managed to get a grip on Heihachi's arm and pull him towards her. Once the rest of his body was close enough, she tossed Heihachi over her shoulder and he landed a few yards away.
A” vacuum throw,” Heihachi slowly got back up as he thought to himself. Unknown, to his good fortune, did not try to attack him as instead stayed in her fighting stance as he got up. That's definitely part of the Kazama-ryu repertoire. Heihachi resumed a fighting stance and warily advanced. Well, I read Kazama-ryu like a book! Heihachi easily dodged a leg thrust and sent her rocketing into the sky with a powerful Demon Uppercut. Heihachi reared back to hit her with his Thunder Godfist as she came down…but she didn't come down in the way Heihachi had hoped.
She instead hit Heihachi with a diving kick as she was simultaneously mashed with the Thunder Godfist. Heihachi gripped his head in pain as Unknown crashed to the floor.
That wasn't Kazama-ryu!
Heihachi looked back up and saw Unknown running towards him. He was tackled and brought into a Vale Tudo mount as Unknown proceeded to punch his face repeatedly. Heihachi kicked her off after the third punch and quickly got back up. As soon as he got back into his fighting stance, he was hit was a blur of jabs before being sent skywards with an uppercut. Heihachi landed on his feet as Unknown returned to her Kazama-ryu stance.
I see what's going on now, Heihachi parried a Phoenix Smasher and sent Unknown sprawling with a powerful thrust from his right palm, knocking off her hat and revealing short black hair that went down to her neck. She can adapt any fighting style as her own just by watching someone use it. It's not a mixed martial artist: she can completely change her fighting style and method of attack at will! Heihachi smiled as Unknown felt the top of her head for her hat. Heihachi waved it slightly and put it on his head. This is the kind of opponent that I've been looking for: the kind that can make my blood boil, my pupils dilate, and my pulse race!
Heihachi smile did not fade as Unknown again switched her method of attack, this time approaching him in a Flamingo stance. Heihachi grabbed her leg as it shot out and spun her around before letting go and sending her crashing into the grated walls. Unknown regained her footing and narrowly dodged a backhanded swat and returned the punch in earnest with a powerful punch to Heihach's stomach. Heihachi again landed on his feet and looked at his opponent's new stance: it was the same as his son Kazuya's stance.
Hmph, so she thinks she can master Mishima-ryu just by looking at it, Heihachi kicked Unknown back into the grated walls as he narrowly avoided a Thunder Godfist. It's time to show her just what it's all about! Heihachi cornered Unknown and blasted her with his Dragon's Breath maneuver repeatedly. He did it with such force that the grated walls behind Unkown had begun to dent. After the fourth Dragon's breath, Heihachi grabbed Unknown by the neck and tossed her across the ring. Unknown landed on her feet and managed to hit Heihachi with a flying Demon Slash kick. But when she landed, Heihachi wasn't there lying on the ground.
Unknown looked at the looming shadow that darkened her body, then slowly turned around to see Heihachi with his left arm raised, his body crackling with cerulean lightning.
Heihachi brought down his lifted arm upon Unknown's person in his ultimate attack: the Demon Tile Splitter. Her shades shattered as she crumpled to the ground. Heihachi stomped on her head for good measure, then took two steps back. Ten seconds passed, and Unknown still had not regained her footing. Heihachi Mishima was the winner of one of the most intense fights of his illustrious career.
Heihachi looked down and noticed that his opponent's shades were no longer covering her face. Now let's see who the woman is behind the warri-HUH!? Heihachi looked at his opponent's face and gasped. Here eyes glowed an eerie yellow color, and her lips were a blackish purple, but it was a face that he knew well. “So it is you.”
The woman's face continued to remain emotionless as she dusted herself off and approached Heihachi. Heihachi took off his hat and gave it to her and said, “Here, a token of good faith.” Unknown put her hat back on and bowed in respect as she left the ring. Heihachi simply nodded as he looked into the stands to where Kazuya Mishima was sitting. The seat was now empty and he was making his way down the stands and to the main level, trying to follow Unknown out the arena.
Hmph…poor deluded fool…
“Damn it! NO!!”
Kazuya had followed his quarry through the seemingly endless hallways within the Tokyo Dome. He had gone through locker rooms, supply rooms, and even some concession stands. But no matter how fast he ran, Unknown was even faster. Finally he had chased her into the parking lot, but she was nowhere to be seen.
“Damn! Where did she go!?” Kazuya Mishima looked around and still saw nothing but an almost endless forest of cars. He began looking through the lot, hoping to find some sign of his quarry. But the more he looked, the more his hope began to fade. Finally, he resigned to his failure.
“So…it was my mother.”
Kazuya Mishima jolted around in surprise to someone answering his own mourn. He saw Jin Kazama, with his fists clenched.
“Get out of my way, Jin! I'm busy!”
“No! You're going to me everything!” Jin Kazama rushed towards Kazuya with such speed that even he could not react in time to the Wind Hook Fist that awaited his face. Kazuya Mishima was sent sprawling to the pavement. Before Kazuya Mishima could get back up, he found Jin's foot sitting on his neck. “If you want to live to see tomorrow, you're going to tell me the truth!”
…he even sounds like me, Kazuya muttered under his breath. I guess someone would have to tell him sooner or later. Besides, he'd be far more valuable as an ally. He still has the Zaibatsu after all. “Very well…son,” he said in a voice more audible, “I'll tell you what you want to know.”