Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Objectives ( Chapter 27 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Agent Raven reporting,” the gray-clad ninja said into his headset radio. He was standing on top of one of the massive lighting fixtures, watching the fights far above the stands. Jin was about to begin his post-round speech, so he figured now would be a good time to report back in to Headquarters.
“This is Bird's Nest speaking, go ahead Raven,” the radio buzzed as Raven stared down at the ring below him.
“It appears that our secondary target, the Masamune boy, is being followed by the Manjitou survivor Yoshimitsu. Rumor has it that Yoshimitsu entered the tournament to find potential students, so it's very possible that Masamune has caught his eye,” Raven looked through a pair of binoculars that were sitting across his neck and looked down to where to target in question was sitting. “Should I stop him from making contact with the boy?”
“…negative. This will only help our cause in exposing the Yakuza's weapons trafficking ring. If the boy does indeed receive training from Yoshimitsu, then we can have them destroy the weapons ring, while we stand by and gather the evidence.”
“…understood, sir,” Raven responded as his gaze then shifted back into the ring. So the boy's good enough to attract attention from that showboat Yoshimitsu, Raven thought to himself as he watched Jin weave his microphone through his shirt. Interesting…well, at any rate I told the squirt that we'd finish up what we started…this will only make our rematch more intriguing… “Sir, what did Kuni-…rather, what did `Agent Sparrow' find out about the primary target?”
“…she managed to discover our target's true identity,” Raven's superior began, “it appears that our enigmatic `Unknown' was, in fact, Jun Kazama. She also discovered that both Kazuya Mishima AND Jean Sorel are pursuing her. Neither of them has made any progress thus far…”
“Sir, just give me the word and I will discover the whereabouts of Ms.Kazama. The tournament resumes in three days, and that should give me ample time. The aura she gave off was inhuman. If we managed to examine her body, we might be able to learn the secret of how G-Corporation manages-”
“Negative,” the radio interrupted Raven, “Agent Sparrow has already begun her investigation. We have another assignment for you…”
Another assignment? Raven repeated in his mind.
“We bugged Kazuya's locker room earlier in case someone confronted him and engaged in conversation. However, all we managed to get was the sound of his own voice…listen to what we recorded…”
`I do not know what his scheme is, nor do I care,' Kazuya's voice buzzed over Raven's radio, `the important thing is that the fool is giving me a chance to gain back the Zaibatsu which I covet so. However, an immediate coup will not work…not when he has that kind of power. As such, I have deducted from his ramblings that he attained this power through something some fools call enlightenment. The word itself is preposterous, but at the moment, I cannot think of a better word.'
Heh…so that bastard Kazuya is finally starting to pick up, Raven chuckled to himself, I guess all ice cracks after being subject to so much pressure…
`Heihachi believes that this involves unity of all forces within one's body…heh…while this is probably utter rubbish, I cannot take the risk of losing a chance at my revenge. As such, I will have to study every part of myself, including the part that I hate and loathe…my compassion. Thus, finding Jun has now become imperative. I do not know why I saved her that day I was tracking Ogre in Yakushima. Perhaps the attraction that my other self felt was derived from something I felt. Or perhaps there truly is some grand attractiveness to her. But it matters not. What matters is that she has been the only one aside from my grandfather to see the sides of me that I reject oh-so-willingly. In any case, I have invested far too much to lose her now.'
So…there WAS something more between Kazuya and Jun than just a one-night stand, Raven's raised an eyebrow as he listened intently; there really IS more to Kazuya than meets the eye…
`Perhaps I will take the fool's offer, and perhaps I won't. He is correct about G-Corporation, though. It is a powerful adversary that needs to be crushed. The fool Jean almost did what I could not: defeat my son, whose strength may very well surpass my own. Speaking of whom, Jin would be far more valuable as an ally. Again, retrieving Jun becomes key as I can persuade him to work on my side…and then there is the other child…'
`OTHER CHILD?!' Raven almost blurted the words out loud. Another child of Kazuya meant another carrier of the Devil Gene, and another engine of destruction completely unattended to. Quickly regaining his composure, the ninja continued to listen to the recording.
`I am again unsure why I tried to come back to Jun those 18 years ago. But regardless, the other child is best left not involved. If Jin's power is any indication, then her power is something best left untouched, lest I risk destruction. So long as no one else aside from myself knows about her true heritage, then all can proceed according to plan.'
With that, the recording ended, leaving Raven with one burning question in his mind: who was the second child?
Raven didn't need more than two seconds to figure out who it was.
“I trust from your lack of questions that you have already discovered the identity of our `mystery child,'” his headset whispered in his ear, “but we weren't the only ones to figure out. We have received reports that a small Spetsnaz unit has been dispatched and placed under the command of Capt. Sergei Dragunov…with orders to capture `the daughter of Kazuya Mishima.' How the KGB learned of this is still a mystery, but they must not succeed.”
“And as you may know, the girl in question has developed…intimate ties with our secondary target,” Raven paused slightly before continuing, “I am almost certain that when the Russian government makes their move, the boy will be there when it happens. Sir, all I need is the order and I'll make sure they are both ke-“
“Negative. You are to keep watch on the girl. If the Russian government does make its move, you won't be the only one there…because the KGB weren't the only ones to find out about it…”
…there's more who know about this? Raven asked himself as he watched Jin conclude his speech. Upon continuing to listen to his orders from his superiors, it all became clear to Raven. “…so you wish for me to be there and stand watch, and interfere only when I feel that there is no other choice…am I correct, sir?”
“That's correct, Raven,” the voice confirmed, “if we interfere, we might risk exposure. And if we don't do anything, the Russian government might spark an international conflict,” his radio went silent for a moment before concluding, “Raven, we are counting on you. We have three days until the tournament resumes, and the Spetsnaz will almost certainly be making their move then…be there when it happens and give us a report.”
“…understood, sir,” the dark-skinned ninja said as he turned off his headset radio.