Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ First Kiss ( Chapter 30 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Well, here it is...Asuka and Kenichi's first big smooch...although slightly non-consensual. YOSHIMITSU FOR THE WIN!
Enjoy folks!
The Holy Kazama power and the Devil Gene…if the two were fused together…where would the resulting entity's allegiance lie: on the side of light, the side of darkness, or would it be the bane of both ends?
Kenichi was soon about to find out as he watched his greatest rival and closest friend Asuka Kazama, who just seconds before mutated into a creature more captivating and fearsome than anything he had ever seen, assume a fighting stance that resembled her own Kazama-ryu stance. The boy knew, however, that it wouldn't be like any other battle he had previously with her. Just by looking at the stance, Kenichi could tell that it was filled with murderous intent.
Regardless of how painful, or how fatal, this is going to be for me, Kenichi thought as he winced from the pain of the massive gash in his back that Asuka had given him only a moment before and was now bleeding through his undershirt and sweater vest, I vow to return her to normal! As a martial artist, and as a friend, it is my responsibility!
Tossing aside their doubts, Kenichi and Asuka came on each other with a full run, colliding into each other and beginning their combat. As Kenichi lashed out with a horizontal chop and struck Asuka in the temple, his heart began to waver. Normally he would be enjoying himself, fighting his greatest rival, but somehow, fighting in her current state of lunacy made it seem awful. I just have to keep telling myself that this is for the better…this is the only way…I can save her.
It was a task more easily said than done.
As the chop hit her head, she eyed Kenichi with those eyes that shone of madness, and seemed to smirk at the attempt as if she was amused by the boy's resolve. Placing her hand on his chest, she sent the boy flying away with a short-ranged blast of ki: a modified version of her Vacuum Mist Palm. Using her wings to propel herself, she managed to catch Kenichi before he even hit the ground, and tear away at him with her lethal claws. His sweater vest torn off and another cut gouged into his back, Kenichi landed on his hands and got onto his feet.
As his vital fluids continued to stream down his back, Kenichi parried Asuka's follow-up swipe and sent her flying in the air with a straight uppercut. As she came down, Kenichi jumped into the air and placed his foot into her abdomen with a diving kick, propelling her further into the ground. Normally that would have been enough to knock the wind out of her momentarily, but as Kenichi jumped away, he watched Asuka stand back up with minimal damage.
All Kenichi did was add fuel to Asuka's bloodlust.
Charging her ki, Asuka ran at Kenichi with a full run, knocking the boy over and sending him sprawling to the Buddha statue that was now filled with dark energy. Crashing into the statue, Kenichi was further attacked with backflip kick that sent him into the air, and as he came down, was slashed at numerous times by Asuka's nails. As her nails tore into his flesh, Kenichi began to despair: not for himself, but for Asuka. She was becoming what she had trained all her life to fight against: a killer. Finally sent spinning uncontrollably into the Buddha statue with a roundhouse kick, Kenichi landed face-first on the floor.
There was little left of his undershirt, leaving his numerous scratches on his torso, as well as the gash on his back, for Asuka to see. Get up, Kenichi commanded himself as he tried to overcome to unconsciousness that was beginning to take hold…GET UP! Get up or you die! Slowly he got up, and saw Asuka's crystal on her forehead began to glow. Kenichi was running out of blood and out of stamina: he didn't have the dexterity to dodge. Preparing to block the oncoming blast of ki, he put his arms up. Kenichi knew it would probably do little good, but he had to try.
He heard the sound of energy being discharged and shielded himself…but nothing came, as now standing in front of Kenichi was Yoshimitsu, his fake left arm rotating at cyclonic speeds, holding his sword and creating a shield that deflected the blast up to the ceiling, where it punch another hole through the top of the temple. Lowering his arms, Kenichi recognized him from the tournament: he knew that Yoshimitsu was not a threat. “…I am grateful, but where did you come from?”
Yoshimitsu pointed to the door, which had been pried open while Asuka had charged up for her blast, and then said, “I have come to aid you, young man. Do not fear.”
However, Kenichi did not respond with his voice, and instead responded with a thump on the floor. Kenichi, still losing blood from the gash on his back as well as the smaller scars that now decorated his torso, fell onto his hands and gasped for air. Asuka, still in the grips of bloodlust, prepared to run over to Kenichi to finish the boy off, but Yoshimitsu stood in her way.
“Poor girl…your mind and body has been poisoned…Your fighting spirit has been corrupted and it has transformed you into a demoness,” Yoshimitsu began as he began running his index finger across his katana, “but fear not, young one. I, Yoshimitsu, shall lead thee back to thy original path of righteousness!”
“…no,” Kenichi said quietly as he stood back up, “we shall lead her to the path back to righteousness…”
“Do not be foolish, boy,” Yoshimitsu turned around, turning his glance away from Asuka, who was almost fully recovered from the aftereffects of producing her destructive ray of energy, “You will die if you continue, if not from her madness, then from your wounds.”
“…it…doesn't matter,” Kenichi protested, the fire in his eyes betraying his physical condition. “This is the second time Asuka has had to suffer with me being spared. When Feng Wei came to Osaka, he completely ignored my mother's dojo…but the Kazamas' dojo was all but put out of business…and the only reason I helped Asuka get back on her feet was because of my own selfish reasons,” Kenichi slowly got his arms back into an “x” formation and resumed his fighting stance, “but…this time…this time I'm not going to let that happen again. This time I will ease her suffering…it's my duty as martial artist and as a friend…to save her…”
This boy…what spirit! What honor! Yoshimitsu thought as he looked the teenager clench his fist, which began to crackle with dark red ki. “…you are indeed noble, young man…very well.” Turning his attention to Asuka, who had now fully recovered and was ready strike, Yoshimitsu let out a war cry as he assumed his fighting stance, “Let us quell her rage, and return her sanity!”
Filled with violent intent, Asuka flapped her wings and propelled herself towards the armored man who had robbed her of her first kill. With a flash of his katana, Yoshimitsu gave Asuka a non-lethal, but quite painful, swipe to her midsection. Even though he was using the flat end of his blade, his swordsmanship was impressive enough to strike an opponent down without killing them or giving them permanent damage, but still give them an equal amount of damage than if he was using the sharp end. Gripping where she had been struck, Asuka dodged a horizontal swipe and tossed Yoshimitsu behind her with a vacuum throw.
Turning around just in time to dodge a horizontal hand chop, Asuka then attacked her second opponent with a palm thrust to his chest. Blocking just in time, Kenichi bombarded his possessed friend with a sextet of left-handed punches, ending with a right-legged roundhouse kick then sent her sprawling backwards. Creatively using her wings to right herself in midair, Asuka dived fist-first into Kenichi, sending the boy flying backwards and landing on his hands, before heading into the air again.
However, Asuka wasn't the only one in the room who was capable of flight. Rotating his fake wrist at cyclonic speeds using his sword as a propeller, Yoshimitsu took to the air to engage Asuka. With his right arm and legs as his remaining weapons, Yoshimitsu had a slight disadvantage, but he did not care. Asuka was an innocent, and he took a vow when he became Manjitou leader that he would protect the innocent. Kicked at by Yoshimitsu, Asuka finally had enough, and grabbed the man by his neck and drove him into the ground as they both went plummeting downwards. As the two fighters got back on their feet, Asuka sent Yoshimitsu crashing into Kenichi with another palm thrust.
…this is peculiar…usually the Devil Gene only darkens one's soul, and warps the user's mentality to pure evil. Jin Kazama in his Devil form was a rather talkative fellow, Yoshimitsu thought as he helped Kenichi get back on his feet, but Kazama-chan has yet to utter a syllable. It's as if good and evil are now foreign concepts to her, and rather she is but pure destructive force…I wonder…
“Tell me something, young warrior,” Yoshimitsu said to Kenichi, “did your friend's transformation happen all on its own?”
“…no,” Kenichi said quietly, “that madman Jean Sorel attacked us, and then he grabbed her head and began to mutter something. He had drugged me with some short-lived chemical when he did that, so I am unsure what it was he was muttering. It was then that she started to…” the boy then went silent. It was obviously a moment that he would remember for the rest of his life, “…to transform.”
An incantation! Yoshimitsu thought, if it was invoked then perhaps it can be removed…with a purification process. “Masamune-san,” the armored man looked at Asuka as he spoke, “I have an idea: a technique that should cleanse her soul and stop the madness. I will need you to hold her still...do you feel that you have enough stamina left?”
“…it's not even a question,” the boy answered. He knew that he was probably going to pass out from exhaustion very soon: the floor was already coated with his blood. But that did not matter: returning Asuka to normal was all that mattered to him.
“In that case, young warrior,” Yoshimitsu nodded to Kenichi and the two fighters again got into a fighting stance, “LET US END THIS!”
Moving with perfect symmetry, Yoshimitsu and Kenichi ran towards Asuka at a full run as Asuka resumed her fighting stance. With Kenichi trailing him, Yoshmitsu suddenly stopped, and Kenichi took into the air, propelling himself off Yoshimitsu's shoulders and soaring above Asuka and landing behind her. Before Asuka could react, Kenichi latched onto her and held her still. Resuming his advance, Yoshimitsu ran over to Asuka, grabbed her head with his free hand, and began to mutter a sutra. “Namu amida butsu…namu amida butsu…”
With Asuka's dark ki beginning to pass through Yoshimitsu's hand, the possessed woman let out a banshee-like scream. Her horns began to shrink back into her skull, and the chains wrapped around her fingers seem to vaporize in a purple haze. Kenichi looked at Yoshimitsu's sword as purple lightning danced around its jade aura. He was funneling the dark energy into his sword: very soon it would be over. Then Kenichi felt a bit of warmth near his waist and looked down…and noticed that Asuka's hands were crackling with ki…something that he, and Yoshimitsu, noticed too late.
With inhuman strength, Asuka put up a barrier of ki and flung Kenichi and Yoshimitsu away from her. Kenichi crashed into the Buddha statue and slid down to the ground, leaving a smear of blood on the statue. Yoshimitsu crashed into a wall and fell face-first on the ground, leaving a dent where he hit. It was working, Yoshimitsu thought as he watched Asuka fly over to the fallen Kenichi, I must try again! But the crash into the wall had done some damage to the armored warrior. He tried his best to shake off the dizziness and attempted to get back onto his feet.
Asuka's mind was in a state of great unrest as she mounted Kenichi and pinned him to the ground as his upper half of his body was propped up by the Buddha statue. The purification via Yoshimitsu's Soul Siphon technique was not complete: now she was torn between her original state of consciousness and that awful insanity instilled upon her by Jean Sorel. Her mind still a raging storm wavering on the thin line between sanity and insanity, she raised her hand and prepared to deal a killing blow to Kenichi, putting her hand on his bare chest as to hold him still, feeling his heartbeat…and looking at his face…that beautifully-scuplted face that seemed strangely familiar to her…and as she looked into Kenichi's Prussian blue eyes…everything came rushing back: the memories of her father, her fights with her mortal enemy Feng Wei, and the many, MANY battles that she had with the boy that now lay helpless in front of her. But the boy that lay in front of her was not an enemy, but a friend. Perhaps even more than that, he was someone that she had feelings for…feelings that, in her unstable state of mind, she saw absolutely no reason to hold back.
…what's…going on, Kenichi thought as he watched Asuka hesitate, trying his best to retain consciousness, is it over?
As if in answer to Kenichi's question, the next thing he felt was not a death blow…but Asuka's lips lightly pressing against his, the slow flapping of her wings revealing her contentment.
His face instantly turning a deep shade of red, it took a moment to realize what was going on. But upon realizing that Asuka's murderous intent had faded, he relaxed his body. He could almost feel the immense pain in his body slowly melt away as Asuka gave Kenichi his first kiss. What a strange sensation…it's as if my body is being filled with a gentle breeze…like everything that really matters to me is being made clear...I had no ideaa kiss…could feel this good…is this what it feels like…to be in love?
Regardless of how good it felt, it gave Yoshimitsu more than enough time to complete the purification process.
Slowly walking over to the two lovers, Yoshimitsu said quietly as he grabbed onto Asuka's head, “Masamune-san, please comfort her while I complete the process.”
Asuka broke the kiss as she winced in pain while her wings began to shrink back into her back and the markings on her chest and forehead began to fade. Doing his best to comfort her in her agony, Kenichi willed his tired arms into motion and slowly wrapped them around Asuka. He was not used to such emotion: he spent almost all his life keeping his feelings to himself. But he gladly put that aside: Asuka needed him, and he would not deny her. Asuka… whenever I needed you, you were there…my rival…my angel…now I shall repay my debt…
Asuka's garments began to glow, then seemingly liquefy across her body, until they began to take shape once again into what she was wearing prior to her transformation: a tattered white undershirt with the back torn out, a plaid blue skirt, blue fingerless gloves, and a pair of sneakers. As Yoshimitsu let go of her head, Asuka positioned herself so that her head was resting on Kenichi's chest, and fell into unconsciousness almost instantly with his heart beat acting as a lullaby: exhausted from the energies that had been coursing through her veins.
Letting out a deep side of relief, Kenichi felt his head begin pounding again as the adrenaline rush that kept his aroused finally began to subside. “Y…Yoshimitsu-san,” he said quietly, “That technique you used…I was wondering if you could teach me…in case this happens again...please…”
…such nobility…I didn't even have to ask...Yoshimitsu thought as he answered Kenichi's question, “It is an advanced technique, and I would have to teach you other techniques before it: the art of Manji Ninjitsu.”
“…humph…me, a ninja,” Kenichi laughed softly as he closed his eyes, “wouldn't that be…ironic.” With a smile on his face, Kenichi rested his head on Asuka's and finally fell into a well-deserved slumber.
…the deed is done, Yoshimitsu muttered to himself as he looked at the Buddha statue, still glowing with dark energy. Now to purify this holy room! Stabbing his sword into the ground, the darkness began to be absorbed into Yoshimitsu's katana like dust into a vacuum. After a few seconds, the candle flames were again yellow, and the statue was once again golden. Pulling his sword, which was now glowing blue from all of the dark energy it had absorbed, out of the ground, Yoshimitsu looked at the sleeping Asuka and Kenichi. Poor little children, Yoshimitsu shook his fist in anger, their rivalry, and their love, will be forever tainted by this incident…the blonde swordsman shall NOT be forgiven!
Suddenly, Yoshimitsu heard footsteps, and quickly turned around to see seven men dressed in black riot gear from head to toe. Even though they appeared unarmed, Yoshimitsu could tell by patch on their arms that they were soldiers. Each of their faces was masked by a bullet-proof helmet safe for one. It was a face that Yoshimitsu remembered from the tournament: Sergei Dragunov, Command Sambo expert and a captain in the Russian Special Forces.
…what do they want? Yoshimitsu asked himself as he readied his sword…