Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Reason Being ( Chapter 33 )

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King of Iron Fist 6
Day 6
5: 00 AM
“Why…why…WHY?” Kazuya pounded his fist on the bed as he entered his hotel room. He had just returned from scouring the city since 8: 00 PM the previous night for the woman that he needed in order to defeat his arch-enemy and father Heihachi. He needed her not just for her combat strength, but her ability to unlock emotions that would normally be inaccessible to him. However, it was all in vain. Kazuya could not find her: it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But that wasn't what was really bothering him. “Why am I still pursuing her? Why am I really pursuing her?”
For all his life, Kazuya had always put his own well-being before anyone else. In his eyes, everyone else was but an obstacle. However, for reasons that he was unsure of, he had saved her life that fateful day when he was tracking Ogre in Yakushima and found her getting mauled by the creature. And his behavior afterwards, and the reaction that his idiot comrades at G-Corporation elicited from him…it was if he was a completely different person…and that worried Kazuya a great deal: that he was becoming soft…and weak.
And when Kazuya finally discovered that she was competing in the tournament merely three days ago…he pursued her without a second thought. And when he failed to catch up with her, he felt something he hadn't felt in a long, long time: despair.
He was doing all of these things by sheer instinct.
I am Kazuya Mishima, the true heir to the Mishima Financial Empire…I am beyond meaningless concepts such as family...for I have bigger things to worry about…, Kazuya reassured himself as he rubbed his tired eyes and took of his jacket, and yet…why am I still pursuing her? Why did I save her… or even before then, why did I even consider going to her those eighteen years ago? How was it that she was able to discover my weakness…my compassion?
Kazuya clenched his fist as he asked himself the burning question: Is it possible, that after twenty-two years…I've grown infatuated with her? I, Kazuya Mishima, the incorruptible evil…corrupted?
When Kazuya made his pact with the Devil spirit so very long ago after his father tossed him off that cliff with the excuse of wanting to “see him become a better, stronger man,” he swore that he would never be the same meek little lamb that he was when he was a toddler. He swore that he would never again be kind, compassionate, loving, or any other sort of emotion that he found sickening. So why was his pursuing this woman, who his other self had found so interesting?
As Kazuya continued to ponder that question, he felt a buzzing in his pocket. . What imbecile would call at this ungodly hour, Kazuya grumbled to himself as he took his cell phone and flipped it open, probably that idiotic adopted brother of mine…”What do you want, Chaolan?”
“Chaolan? Am I to assume that you and your brother know each other so well that you can anticipate when the other calls?” the voice on the phone taunted in its reply, “I didn't know you were into that yaoi schtick, Sir Kazuya…”
“Sigh…what do you want, Sorel?” Kazuya replied as he rolled his eyes.
“I just wanted to tell you that our little race to find Madam Kazama is officially over…I have won.”
damn…I was afraid of this…Kazuya thought as he listened to Jean finish that sentence.
“Kazuya…I am quite aware that you have big plans for our lovely friend,” Jean continued, “so am willing to offer you a chance to get her back…”
it is a trap, obviously, Kazuya rolled his eyes at how predictable his adversary was. “I am listening, Sorel. Now make it quick…I have not the ears to lend to babbling idiots.”
“Excellent…meet me at the parking lot of the Saitama Super Arena at 700 hours…that gives you about two hours to have a nice hearty breakfast…and believe me, you'll need it.”
“…and tell me, Sorel,” Kazuya said with a smug tone of voice, “…why do you set this trap when you know full well that I could crush you like the bug you are? Behind the rapier and kickboxing…you are just a man. I, on the other hand-”
“-am Kazuya Mishima, the Devil made Flesh and the true heir of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Yes, I know.” the voice interrupted. “But just remember, Sir Kazuya: sometimes, being human is all you need to achieve total domination…adieu for now. I'll see you in a bit.”
After hearing Jean Sorel hang up, Kazuya closed his cell phone and walked over to the window. It's a trap…any idiot can see that. However, that bastard Sorel is never one to lie…he has her, and he will be there with her…his mistake. He smirked as he walked away from the window and began changing into his purple tuxedo. The fool has done the work for me…all I have to do is pick her up as a parent would a child at a daycare center.
How very appropriate, Kazuya muttered to himself as he finished buttoning his shirt, seven years later, I am instinctively pursuing her…saving her once again…a similar situation, different animal. Once he took his purple jacket and put it on, Kazuya opened a drawer under his TV and took out his red fingerless gloves with the silver beads embedded in him. Putting them on and tightening them, he said out loud, “If Jun is fated to be part of my plan, or even if I have grown infatuated with her...then so be it…but I shall take first blood, at the throat of Jean Sorel.”
Having said that, he walked out the door and headed to the lobby for an early breakfast…with that same question that he asked himself prior to Jean calling him: why?
King of Iron Fist 6
Day 6
6:00 AM
Heading to the middle of the living room of his mansion, the young CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu Jin Kazama prepared to start his morning kata. He felt helpless with his mother out there somewhere, and having absolutely no clue where to start looking for her. She's out there…completely unaware of herself…and the only ally I have is that bastard father of mine…
Tossing a sharply-honed kick into the air, Jin shouted out his frustration. When he cornered Kazuya in the parking lot of the Tokyo Dome after his mother, under the guise of “Unknown”, lost to Heihachi, he discovered a side to Kazuya he didn't believe existed. While Jin could tell where Kazuya was spicing some parts of his story up to make it believable, his tone of voice was quite different from the sinister tone that he was used to…it almost made Jin sympathize for him.
Almost, but not quite. Now Jin hated his father more than ever: not for completely forsaking his mother, but for denying her chance to rest in peace. It was bad enough that Kazuya willingly tossed his mother aside to continue his thirst for vengeance, even though she genuinely cared about him…but to deny her the chance to die…THAT was something that really gave Jin a reason to kill.
When Jin unlearned his old Mishima-ryu style, he also decided to leave his mother's Kazama-ryu style out of his new style…his current style: the traditional Shito-ryu style karate. He did that because he knew that his mother would disapprove of how he was trying to eliminate the Mishima bloodline: she was able to let go, but he wasn't. In his shame, he elected not to sully his angelic mother's art with blood.
I will not become like my father, Jin thought to himself as the continued throwing punches and kicks into the air, I will go beyond my father. I won't just reject his hatred…I'll teach him the error of his damnable ways. As soon as we get my mother back, I'm going to break his legs and prove to him what a fool he's been...THAT is what mother would want: save his soul even though doesn't deserve to be saved…why did you have to so forgiving…mother…?
Suddenly, the heard the phone in the kitchen begin to ring. Who would call this early in the morning? Jin murmured to himself as he went into the kitchen to answer the phone. Eddy and Xiao were still sleeping: Jin was the only one awake in the house, so he might as well answer the phone so the ringing doesn't wake up his two assistants. Picking up the telephone, Jin put it to his ear. “Hello?”
“Hey there, Oedipus…how's it hanging?”
That voice…Jean Sorel! Jin almost dropped the phone as he heard the voice of the very man who was out to slay his mother. “What do you want, you sick freak?”
“Hey, tone it down, good monsieur...you wouldn't want to wake up your dear friends, now would you?”
“…” Jin was silent as he cursed in his mind. “Just say what you have to say. Talking to you makes me want to vomit.”
“Tch…your manners could use a little work, but you are correct: let's get down to business.” Jean's voice suddenly began sounding very serious, “Our little race to find your mother has ended…and I win.”
mother…NO! “Tell me where she is…NOW!” Jin screamed over the phone.
“Hahahaha…meet me at the parking lot of the Saitama Super Arena at 700 hours. That gives you about an hour to eat a nice breakfast…oh yeah, be sure to come alone.”
“I wouldn't have it any other way, slimeball…” Jin said coldly as he clenched his free hand. It was obviously a trap, but if it meant finding his mother, Jin was more than ready to leap at the chance.
“…your insults really suck, Kazama...but whatever. I'll see you there.”
Once he heard Jean hang up, Jin quickly went back to the living room and put on the shirt that he left hanging over the couch. Jean was the same person who told him that his mother was competing in the tournament, and he was correct about that, so Jin knew that Jean was telling the truth. I'll end this once and for all, mother, Jin thought as he finished getting dressed, and then we'll finally be able to be together again!