Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Blood Feud ( Chapter 35 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Mishimas and Sorels: two different families from two different continents with similar long, bloody histories ripe with betrayal and inner strife. One of them would create the massive Mishima Financial Empire, the other would become one of the founding families of the genetics giant G-Corporation. As the two companies began to clash, so did the two families. In the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, this minor financial rivalry had erupted into a full-fledged blood feud, with Jean Sorel, the Vice President of G-Corporation, launching an elaborate plan to destroy Kazuya Mishima and his blood kin.
A plan that would soon come to a dramatic conclusion…
Kazuya Mishima glared at the grinning Frenchman as he stepped onto the main stage of the Saitama Super Arena. I am now poisoned by this cancerous emotion that took root twenty-two years ago…the emotion that should have been banished from my psyche. Throughout this tournament, this plague has spread through my mind and soul…and he is the one to blame…
“Kazuya,” Jean's smile faded as he placed himself a few yards from the fifty-year-old Japanese man, “that emotion you are feeling right now…you hate it, don't you?”
“I don't `hate' weakness, Sorel…I loathe it,” Kazuya growled as he assumed a fighting stance, “and thanks to you, it has infected me!”
“Love is not a weakness, Sir Kazuya,” Jean said as he outstretched his hand slightly, “used correctly, it can shake the world. I specifically orchestrated this plan so that when you die…it would be as a man…and not as some whimpering vengeful animal.” Pointing outstretched hand towards the fallen Jun, Jean continued, “Your actions just now are merely the end result of my plan to make you a true warrior once again.”
“…I see…you couldn't find any discernable weakness you could exploit…so you decided to create one…with Jun as the catalyst,” Kazuya's rage seemed to dwindle slightly as a smirk crept upon his lips, “…remarkable indeed…I'm almost impressed. But you are forgetting one thing…”
“Oh, really?” Jean tilted his head as he eyed Kazuya in confusion. Merely seconds ago the man looked ready to have a nervous breakdown, and now he was smiling, “Just what am I forgetting, Sir Kazuya?”
“You just told me your plan, and that has just led to your undoing …so I hope you have a masochistic streak to go along with your sadistic tendencies,” Kazuya began to slowly walk towards Jean with his fists clenched, “because I promise you this is going to hurt.”
“…that's the spirit, Kazuya! I knew you would be smart enough to adapt!” Jean returned Kazuya's smirk with an insane grin as his opponent's slow walk quickly became a full run. “Make me pay! Make me suffer! MAKE ME WORK FOR MY VICTORY!”
Quickly drawing out his rapier, Jean blocked Kazuya's flying kick with his arm and elbowed Kazuya in the face as he landed. Kazuya backed away slightly from the blow and came to his senses quick enough just in time to duck under Jean's forward thrust and swept his adversary off his feet with a foot sweep, followed up with a left hook to send him spinning uncontrollably to the ground.
Scrambling back onto to his feet to narrowly avoid an Oni Stomp to his head, Jean punched Kazuya in the chin as he got back up and followed up with a kick to his head. Grabbing his enemy's leg away as it came to his head, Kazuya lifted Jean up and slammed him into the ground as if he were beating a throw rug. “You're no match for me, Sorel,” Kazuya said coldly as he picked Jean back up by his head, “and you never were! Behind your fancy footwork and your ridiculous sword, your bones are as brittle as anyone else's!”
“Ugh…maybe so, you Akira Toriyama reject,” Jean said as he kicked Kazuya in his left knee, forcing the Japanese man to drop him, “but you forget…SO ARE YOURS!!”
Grunting in pain as he gripped where he had struck, Kazuya left himself vulnerable to Jean's attack. With a powerful knee thrust, Jean let out a cackle his oriental adversary coughed up blood. With a flick of his rapier, the Frenchman continued the blood-letting with a quick swipe to Kazuya's arm. Finally, he sent Kazuya flying backwards with a roundhouse kick.
Continuing his onslaught, Jean's rapier came down upon Kazuya in a vertical slash, scratching Kazuya across his shirt and leaving a rip. Moving back up Kazuya's body, Jean's rapier scraped his chest and caused the elder man to roar in pain. With another cut to the man's chest, Jean sent Kazuya once again reeling backwards with a leg thrust.
…maybe I should not have been so hasty, Kazuya thought to himself as he flipped back onto his feet, Sorel is obviously more crafty than I have given him credit for…even after pulling off this elaborate plot, he still toys with me…normally, I would write that off as simple arrogance, but after discovering my weakness, I cannot take anything to chance.
Dodging another thrust from Jean's rapier, Kazuya sent the Frenchman airborne with a quick standing uppercut as his florescent blue static-like ki crackled across their bodies: the after-effects of his trademark Electric Wind Godfist. Keeping his opponent in the air and helpless, Kazuya juggled his insane foe with a quick jab, and right kick, and a powerful fist thurst that sent the man across the stage.
…it's like chess, Jean thought as he licked the blood off of his bottom lip, whenever we seem to have an edge, we get pushed right back! I knew this was going to be difficult, but I didn't expect to have this much of a challenge!
Once again engaging each other, Jean and Kazuya ran at each other with violent intent flashing in their eyes. Creatively blocking Jean's rapier with the back of his silver bead-studded gloves, Kazuya used his free hand to punch the twenty-seven-year-old European in face, and then follow up with a kick to his face, a punch to his chest, another kick to his shin, and finally another punch to his midsection that sent the Frenchman spinning uncontrollably to the ground.
“How…DARE you strike my face with your filthy hands,” Jean spat out as he got back up and lightly rubbed where Kazuya had struck him previously, “I'll drink your blood for that, you creep!” With his rapier shooting out faster than Kazuya could think, Kazuya was stabbed in the arm and roared in pain as the blade pierced his skin. Twisting his blade so as to further the agony, Jean lifted his leg and planted it in Kazuya's face, grinding his heel into him before kicking him away and removing Flambert from his arm.
Clutching where he had been stabbed, Kazuya growled under his breath and roundhouse-kicked the insane Frenchman away from him. He was bleeding quite a bit: he should have been thinking about doctors. But instead, all he could think about was how he was going to tear apart the foolish blonde man who dared crossed him…and Jun. There I go again! Even now I cannot clear my mind thanks to that Frenchman's antics, Kazuya thought to himself as he watched Jean get back up. Then he remembered the words of what Jean said about converting it into strength: how it had the ability to shake the world. So that's what I have to do: turn his emotional babble against him…very well! If it means I can rip out his throat, I shall temporarily accept it! Redemption by blood…how delicious!
At that moment, Kazuya's red eye began to sparkle as he let this new rage take over. He could once again feel his body move on pure instinct, as if it was being controlled by some other entity. And right now, Kazuya's instincts told him one thing: revenge. With his bloodlust matched only by his quiet fury, Kazuya lunged out at Jean with unprecedented ferocity that even Jean flinched at such a spectacle. Then, faster than Jean could react, Kazuya knocked Jean's rapier out of his hand and grabbed onto his throat.
But what really caught Jean's attention was what color Kazuya's left eye was glowing: rather than flashing red, it was flashing bright blue.
“This is where it ends for you, Sorel,” Kazuya said quietly, “this is the part where you die. In mere seconds, I will use the same technique I used to subdue Jun and my son…except amplify it one-hundred fold. Your twisted mind will sizzle until you die.” The Japanese man revealed a sinister smirk as he finished, “I am going to miss you, Sorel: you were one of the very few men who had the ability to make me laugh.”
“…I don't mean to disappoint you, old man,” Jean said as quietly removed his gloves behind his back, “but this battle is far from over!” His hands shooting out faster than Kazuya could notice, Jean latched onto Kazuya's neck with his left hand while his right hand grabbed onto Kazuya's arm.
“…what are you doing?” Kazuya said with a hint of disappointment. “What idiotic scheme could possibly save you now?”
“Did you honestly think that I unlocked Jun's power with conventional science?” Jean said quietly as he continued to grab onto Kazuya's neck, keeping it firm but being careful not to strangle the life out of him, “I studied your Devil Gene inside and out…both the genetic and supernatural standpoints! With my expertise, I can turn your own power against you and burn you out like a candle…and thus we have ourselves a standoff…”
…damn…I have a feeling that he's not bluffing, Kazuya cursed in his mind as the two fighters gripped each's next and began circling the ring together as if it was some sort of twisted waltz,…I'll have to take him out quick…before he can use that technique.
“Oh, and Kazuya, before you die,” Jean said with an insane grin, “let me just tell you one thing: your daughter is HOT!”
WHAT!? He knows. Kazuya raised an eyebrow as he heard Jean said that. It was becoming quite apparent that he knew more about Kazuya than he should have. “…you know too much…I cannot let you leave this place alive.” His eye began flashing red again as he started to crackle with purple electricity, “Goodbye, Sorel.”
“Yes,” Jean began to crackle with his green electric-like ki in response to Kazuya as their respective energies began to flow into their victims, “It's time to say goodbye. LET'S ROCK, BABY!!!”
With violent intent burning in their eyes, the two fighters began their attempts to roast their opponent with their own natural energies. Power most pure and untamed commenced bombarding their bodies while their own energies flowed into their foe. In but a couple of seconds, the two fighters began screaming in pain and agony.
Can't…take it…anymore! If I continue to funnel out my energy like this, I won't be able to resist this buffoon's attack, Kazuya thought as he continued to scream along with his adversary, I have to break off…now! Putting his foot on Jean's chest, he launched himself off the Frenchman and broke their hold on each other, leaving streaks of lightning in their wake.
Quickly dropping down on one knee and clutching his chest, Kazuya caught his breath. Whatever Jean did to him, it put a massive strain on his heart. He felt as if he was going to pass out. If he had held on any longer, he might have actually done some serious damage, the elder man thought as he looked up at the screaming Jean, who was crackling with purple energy, but at least he won't be a threat any longer…look at him writhe!
Jean's agony was made perfectly clear by how he roared in pain as his body was crackling with energy that was not his own. His mind was being plunged into an awful darkness…a darkness which freed him from the other energy that was bombarding him.
In a flash of green electricity, the purple electricity vanished, much to Kazuya's astonishment. However, Jean's screams did not cease. Earlier in the tournament, Jean had felt uncontrollable bloodlusts that seemed to take over his mind as if it were a separate entity. What Kazuya had just attempted did indeed damage his mind, but not in the same way he intended. It had awakened the hereditary insanity that Jean had been fighting for all of his life.
The demons within Jean's blood had now awoken…and they craved blood.
Jean turned around at Kazuya with eyes that definitely gave the Japanese man reason to sweat: both eyes were glowing bright red, and his skin seemed to lose its pigment.
“KA-ZOO-YAH,” Jean screamed with his mouth foaming like a rabid animal, “WHAT HAVE TO ME!?” The bloodlust in Jean's voice was apparent, and even Kazuya began to worry. The aura of insanity around the Frenchman was so thick and so apparent, that Kazuya could feel it. Desperately willing his tired body into motion, Kazuya stood back up and groggily assumed a fighting stance. I refuse to die here, least of all at the hands of this…amateur!
Picking up his rapier, Jean kicked Kazuya with so much force that the Japanese man tumbled straight to the ground. Kazuya was already very tired: not only from his wounds, but from using an attack that expended all of his ki. With Jean's foot pinning him to the ground, the Frenchman raised his rapier in a killing blow while Kazuya quickly tried to break free and think of how the hell he was going to get out of this.
Suddenly, Jean felt a tapping on his shoulder. Turning around quickly and saying, “WHAT IS IT!?” he saw through his vision that was blurred with inhuman rage a gloved fist approaching his face a mere fraction of a second before it connected and sent him flying off Kazuya. Kazuya looked up and saw his savior: Jun Kazama, her white trenchcoat off her body, revealing her fine figure pressed against her black knit shirt and dark purple tie.
Of all the people to come to my aid, Kazuya grumbled as he felt himself fade into unconsciousness, she had to be the one…how very fitting…
Walking over to the unconscious Kazuya, Jun kneeled over and took off one of her gloves. Gently putting her fingers on his neck and checking for a pulse, Jun's eyes began to glow. Kazuya would need medical attention soon if he were to live, and for reasons that only she knew, Jun felt that she had an obligation to make sure he lived. Hearing Jean's footsteps rushing towards her, she quietly stood back up and assumed a fighting stance.
“MY MIND IS ON FIRE!” Jean screamed as his attempted to skewer the woman in front of him, “YOU DEVILS HAVE POISONED ME!!”
“You have poisoned yourself, Jean,” Jun said with her quiet tone of voice as she sidestepped the stab and sent the man flying into the air with a standing uppercut, “you allowed yourself to indulge in your bloodlust, and as such, your own demons have taken over.” As Jean came down, Jun sent him flying backwards with a powerful jumping roundhouse kick.
“…that…may be so…” Jean said coldly, the massive blow slightly clearing his head, “…but that doesn't mean I shall be sparing any of you!” Taking out a small remote from his pocket, Jean showed it to Jun and pressed a button, “Test your might, fools! My plan may have ended in failure, but that doesn't mean I can't cut my losses!”
Suddenly, the lights to the stadium turned on, bringing light to the once-darkened stands…and revealing massive figures sitting in many of the seats. The figures had the appearance of a man, looking to be around seven feet tall wearing a metallic plum-colored body suit and machine-like arms, with yellow Mohawks on all of their heads and faces that had absolutely no emotion. Jean had hidden a massive horde of Jack-4 units with the Arena, as a precaution in case his plan went up in smoke…which it did.
“RIP OFF THEIR ARMS AND LEGS, BUT SAVE THEIR HEADS FOR ME!” Jean shouted as he hastily ran to the exit, “I'll see you idiots at the next tournament…if you survive, which I seriously doubt!” Jun considered running after him, but Jean already had too far of a head start. By the time she decided to let him go, he was already gone.
Hearing a light moan, Jun turned and saw her son Jin stand up and shake his head. Turning to his mother and seeing that the wolf-like entity was now gone, Jin was unable to contain his excitement. “MOTHER!” Quickly running towards his mother, he outstretched his arms and embraced her. He had spent seven long years believing her to be dead, and she was finally found. Looking behind her, however, he saw that his celebration was pre-mature. “Oh no…not more trouble,” Jin said as he let go of his mother and got into a fighting stance.
The eyes of the figures began to glow as they simultaneously stood up from their seats. Jin began to sweat as he looked at the massive horde that was surrounding him. How am I going to beat all of those!? Turning to his mother once again and saw that she was kneeling next to the unconscious Kazuya, Jin strengthened his resolve. Even if that bastard is worthy of saving, my mother feels obliged to protect him…and as much as I may hate him, that's good enough for me!
“I only came here as a spectator, but of course; I have to clean up your mess.”
An unknown voice blared over the loudspeakers as Jin jumped up in surprise. He knew the voice well, but he didn't know where it was coming from, or more importantly, was the owner of the voice here to help, or finish the job himself?
Suddenly, a single Jack-4 jumped from the stands and plummeted towards the main stage. But as it did that, a figure burst through the window of the announcer's booth and went plummeting down after the Jack-4, his arm raised. Cutting the Jack-4 in half with a vertical hand chop as the two came down, the man landed on the main stage with a loud thud and stood up. With his tiger-striped fur coat, brown gloves, and purple dress pants, Heihachi Mishima roared in triumph as he got into a fighting stance.
“Before you say `what the hell are you doing here, you fiend?' or something along those lines,” Heihachi said before Jin could say a word, “I followed Kazuya here from the hotel after I bugged his cell phone…I had a feeling you would be here, so I just hid myself away in the announcer's booth, and watched as you people beat each other senseless.”
“And just why are you here? That's what I'd like to know. Last I checked, you wanted to see all of us dead,” Jin spat out as he watched the other Jacks jumped down from the stands and to the main level.
“Hmhmhm…I have my reasons,” Heihachi said with a smirk as he, Jin, and Jun formed a circle around the unconscious Kazuya as the Jacks came closer and closer. “In the meantime, though…how about we temporarily put aside our differences and show these mechanized buffoons the folly of fighting a Mishima?”
In the twenty minutes that followed, the Saitama Super Arena became a practical war zone, with Jack-4s attacking the trio of fighters from all sides. Metal shards littered the arena as fists and feet tore through each and every one of the machines. Between Heihachi's grunts, Jin's shouts, and Jun's silence, the arena became a symphony of battle cries.
At the end of those twenty minutes, the arena once again became silent as 537 individual Jacks lay broken across the arena.
“…so…Heihachi…what is your deal in all of this,” Jin shouted between breaths as he limped over to the panting Heihachi. “Just what are you up to?”
“Hmph…you really want to know?” Heihachi replied as he began to walk out of the stadium. “Fight me at tomorrow's final match, and I shall tell you my plan. Fight me well…and prove to me that I didn't spare your life in vain.”
Jin watched his grandfather silently as he elderly man headed for the exit. I can't believe I have to swallow this, Jin thought as he walked over to his mother, but I'm in no shape to fight him right now. At the moment…I'll just have to cut my losses.
“…Jin,” Jun whispered as she tried to pick up the unconscious Kazuya, “…please…help me…”
“…I don't know why you're so eager to help him after all he's done to you, mother,” Jin said with a hint of disdain as he picked up Kazuya by his legs and the three left the stadium together, “…could you please enlighten me?”
“…I guess it's something…,” his mother said with a very thin smile, “…that just can't be described…with words…”