Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Justification ( Chapter 38 )

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King of Iron Fist 6
Day 7
7:00 PM
Kazuya tossed an Electric Wind Godfist into the air as he continued his kata on the helipad of the hospital he was residing in. He was wearing white gi pants with purple markings etched down the side and a black karate belt across his wrist. The sweat on his shirtless torso gleamed in the lights on the helipad, the massive scar on his chest showing for the entire world to see. He had spent the past two days at the hospital after a heated conflict with Jean Sorel the previous day. Normally he preferred to treat his own wounds rather then rely on some feeble doctor to patch him up(he had plenty of that rubbish when he was in G-Corporation's employ), but Kazuya did not go voluntarily: he was carried there after he fell into unconsciousness when Jean used that infernal technique that almost blew out his heart valves. Besides, Kazuya was not stubborn enough to avoid going to the proper specialists if it meant his life.
He was half-disappointed that the doctor told him that there wasn't any permanent damage. With how much pain he endured, he at least wanted a mark to show for it.
That, however, was something that came not in the form of a scar, but in the anomaly in his left eye: aside from his iris being bright red, his pupil was now a light blue color. Kazuya immediately recognized the anomaly for what it was when he noticed it in a mirror: his “weakness” had spread, and now both Angel and Devil resided within his fists. Hmph…even with my weakness, I shall persevere, Kazuya thought while he tossed a sharply honed kick into the wind. I can use this to my advantage…whether I fight on the side of angels or devils are of no consequence…so long as I, Kazuya Mishima, retain my birthright.
A mere hour ago, he watched on television the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 and the final battle between his son, Jin Kazama, and his father, Heihachi Mishima. He was less than pleased with the outcome: just as Heihachi had told Kazuya after he defeated him, the Zaibatsu was his once again. Now Kazuya would soon have to come to a decision: would he accept Heihachi's truce and join with him in a unified strike with G-Corporation, or would he tell Heihachi to shove it and walk the path alone.
One choice is unsavory, the other is suicide, Kazuya mumbled as he began throwing a flurry of roundhouse kicks in the air. The second I am released from the hospital tomorrow, Heihachi is going to want his answer…and as much as I want to crunch his face off…I have little choice but to play his game…for now…
As he turned around for a backfist, his hand was caught by a slender, feminine hand. Kazuya slowly looked past the hand and saw the source: a captivating middle-aged Japanese woman wearing a strapless silver dress with black markings scribbled across it in a symmetric pattern, a black jacket that was left open, a pair of gray slippers, and a white hair band that sat in her ebony hair.
“Tch…I had a feeling you would follow me up here,” Kazuya grumbled as he slowly lowered his fist. “Privacy seems to be a foreign concept in this house of illness…just as well…I've been meaning to talk to you about something, anyway…”
“…Heihachi…correct?” Jun Kazama said the two words quietly, almost ominously.
“Hmph…that moronic brother of mine Lee Chaolan notified me this morning that he wants to play Heihachi's game despite his burning hatred for him, as well…and he wants to share the stock with me so that when the time is right, we can take the Zaibatsu by rite of coup…” Kazuya smirked as he turned his back to her and walked to the edge of the helipad while looking out the lit city below. “…however, that is not what I wish to speak to you about…”
“…” Jun had nothing to say as she waited for Kazuya's next question. She had a good feeling what it was…
“…why are you still here? Let me make this perfectly clear…if by some freak chance that there was something between us…it is long since over! So get lost, before you hurt yourself…” Kazuya's voice was cold and stern as he turned around with his frustration made apparent with a scowl. After a few seconds, Kazuya smirked as he lightly tapped his temple with a finger. “You're lurking in here…aren't you, Jun? Whatever are you looking for?”
“…I'm searching for hope…fortunately; I seem to be making progress…”
“Grrr…SPARE ME YOUR SENTIMENTALITY!” Kazuya boomed with ferocity as his patience wore thin, but Jun remained unfazed. “I chose evil on that fateful day, and I shall accept the outcome…do not bestow sainthood upon me! DEFEAT IS HUMILATION ENOUGH!”
“…which is why I shall continue to stay by your side,” Jun's eyes glowed a dull yellow as she replied. “I chose to try and save you those twenty-two years ago when I met you in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2…and I knew full well that it would take time and sacrifices…I shall accept the outcome of trying…as I have, with our son Jin…and our daughter, although my brother was never keen with telling you about her…apparently your old colleague Takeshi had no such reservations…”
Hmph…Masamune was a loyal servant…but his foolish sense of honor was always his downfall, Kazuya thought as he brushed aside the memories of that man and returned to the matter at hand. “Unbelievable…so are you meaning to tell me that after all of the sour deals I've given you…the most recent among them denying your right to rest in peace…you're still going to try and alter my path of darkness?” The man slowly assumed a fighting stance as he spoke. “Prove to me your sincerity…prove to me that your light is truly more powerful then the darkness that I have bestowed upon you…justify your so-called truth to me as only martial artists like us can: justify your truth…with your fists!”
“…if that is truly your wish…” Jun said in a voice no louder than a whisper as she too assumed a fighting stance. Taking a few steps backward to allow Kazuya to get out of his corner at the railing of the helipad, the two martial artists bound by fate slowly advanced to the center of the helipad. Once they got in the center, then began walking sideways, circling the other…sizing each other up. Despite his injuries, Jun knew that Kazuya was still quite potent…and Kazuya knew full well just how much more powerful Jun had become.
I am in disarray from these past few days, Kazuya thought to himself as he stopped sidestepping and began advancing, and I know that you are the key to all this. Ever since Phoenix notified me of your being in this tournament, you have been the focus of my plans. If you are truly meant to be my so-called savior…then prove to me my true destiny!
The two fighters traded blows simultaneously as Kazuya threw the first punch, with his fist landing in her chest and her palm striking his face. Backing away from their respective hits, the two shook off the other's attack and quickly resumed their fighting stance. Ducking under the woman's roundhouse kick, Kazuya swept her off her feet with a sweeping kick, and then sent her to the ground with a left hook.
Landing on her hands and gracefully flipping herself back onto her feet, Jun narrowly but effortlessly avoided a straight punch and sent Kazuya crumpling to the ground with a quick palm thrust filled with her ki: her Inner Strength maneuver. To Kazuya's surprise, Jun did not follow up on the attack. She instead backed away quickly and allowed Kazuya to get back up.
Interesting…at this point she would have changed her stance to try and keep me on my toes, Kazuya thought to himself as he got back up and saw that Jun did not move from her stance, but instead she insists upon using her preferred fighting style. What is she planning?
Not willing to take any unwanted chances, Kazuya ran at Jun at a full run and lunged at her with a flying forward kick that sent her flying backwards. Once again landing on her hands, Jun used the momentum to propel her body downwards and sweep Kazuya off his feet with a sweeping kick, then stomped on his shoulder blade with a cartwheel kick. Getting back up before Jun could get off of him, Kazuya tipped with woman over and caused her to lose her balance. Kazuya used the opportunity to send her flying backwards with a Thunder Godfist.
Once again landing on her feet without any sign of fatigue, Jun once again assumed her Kazama-ryu sense. She didn't bother thinking about the possibility of losing, because there was no point in doing so. Jun had chosen this path on her own free will, and was ready to accept whatever outcome her actions led her to. The redemption of the man before her: whether she won or lost, she would make sure that event would happen. She was so close: closer then she had ever gotten before.
Jun would not be denied her goal…and her destiny.
Catching Kazuya's fist, Jun pulled him closer to her then tossed him over her shoulder for a potent Vacuum throw. Quickly scrambling back up, Kazuya used the momentum of the throw to screech to a halt then resume advancing and sending her across the helipad once again with a Flying Slash kick. This time running along with her, Kazuya grabbed Jun's leg and threw her and tossed her in the opposite direction with a swing.
Falling on her back, Jun rose back up quickly and assumed a fighting stance…one that was different from her preferred Kazama-ryu stance. Kazuya recognized the new stance almost immediately: it was his brother's Jeet Kune Do stance. Hmm…she's finally getting serious, Kazuya mumbled as he advanced carefully. Now prove to me your resolve, Jun…prove to me that what you propose is more than just meaningless concepts for the feeble!
Dodging a snapping kick from Jun, Kazuya attempted a straight punch, but it was a snare. Spinning above Kazuya's head and landing behind him, Jun lifted her left leg and bombarded Kazuya as he turned around with a barrage of kicks, striking him in numerous places on his body. Finishing the flurry with a right roundhouse kick, Kazuya was sent spinning uncontrollably to the ground.
As Kazuya stood back up, he felt an abnormal amount of pain where the kicks had struck him. However, Jun didn't kick him with that much force. How did she do that? Those kicks weren't…hmmm; Kazuya began stroking his chin as the pain dwindled slightly. He reminisced back to two days before…where Jun has just kicked him where all places where Jean had stabbed him earlier. To subdue an enemy with minimal force...is that the point you have trying to make, Jun? Subliminal messaging via your fighting style…how very intriguing…
Kazuya chuckled softly, almost with a cryptic tone, as he lowered his fighting stance and said, “That's enough for now.” Watching Jun lower her guard and bow in respect, Kazuya turned his back towards her and began walking to the edge of the helipad. “It seems that do indeed have what it takes to run with me,” Kazuya said as he approached the railing and crossed his arms while he looked out to the lit city below. “Make whatever decision you like: stay with me and become involved in the conflict with G-Corporation…or do the smart thing, and leave. I shall not stop you on either decision…”
Ignoring the clicking of high-heels coming toward him, Kazuya took out a cell phone from one of his pockets and flipped it open. As moronic as my brother may be, his expertise in robotics could prove useful to me…if he wants to play by my rules, then I have no qualms against…hm?
As Kazuya was about to dial Lee's number, he felt something soft press against his back, which is instantly recognized as breasts. Two slender arms slowly wrapped around him as Jun rested her head on his shoulders. This was her reply to Kazuya's options. “Tch…do as you wish…just don't get in the way,” Kazuya said quietly as he resumed dialing, “and don't expect me to pull a stunt like that on you…it's not in my nature…”