Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ New Beginnings ( Chapter 39 )

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King of Iron Fist 6
Day 7
9:00 PM
At the front yard of the Mishima Mansion, a crowd of people gathered to witness the post-tournament press conference that was being held by the tournament sponsor Jin Kazama and the tournament victor Heihachi Mishima. In the long history of the tournament, not once had the victor and the loser attended the same press conference after a victory. Every time before today, the sponsor or winner had either gone missing, killed by the opponent, or won his own tournament. Tournament competitors gathered to the press conference to witness this ground-breaking event.
Sergei Dragunov, dressed in full military garb, stood at the front of the gate, keeping a close eye on who went through. Heihachi Mishima had personally asked him the day before to make sure nothing went wrong. I doubt he would have asked me unless he knew what went on at Zozoji, he thought as he continued looking for anything suspicious, perhaps he was the owner of the device I found?
And what of General Minorov…what is he up to?
Looking at a nearby building, he spotted something that caused him to radio his corporal: it looked to be a sniper, as what Heihachi had expected. “Corporal, there is someone suspicious on the fourth floor of Point 11-C. Please investigate immediately.” After a couple of minutes, he looked at the window and saw his corporal get the drop on the character. A few seconds afterwards, his radio buzzed to him, “It was a simple cameraman, sir. All clear here.”
“Very good, corporal: proceed with the sweep.”
As Dragunov put down his radio, he felt a chill go down his spine. Looking up, he saw a pale man with blonde hair approach the front gate with his eyes masked with a pair of sunglasses wearing a blue trenchcoat, a blue derby, and a pair of dress shoes. At his side was a muscular individual with even paler skin, almost a sickly green shade. He was wearing formal dress attire, his hair white and a tattoo going down his neck.
“Good evening, Captain,” the man with the blonde hair said as he tipped his hat and the outstretched his arms so that his body formed a “t” shape. “Go on and search me and my associate if you like. You will find that we are unarmed.”
Feeling the two men's bodies to make sure they were not fibbing, Dragunov straightened himself silently and glared at the blonde haired man. “I am curious, Sorel: are you the one who attacked those children at Zozoji temple?”
“…I do not have to answer to that, Captain,” Jean replied with a frown. “You are overstepping your boundaries as an officer of the Russian Special Forces to be interrogating a native of France and a citizen of Japan.”
“Being how I have been stationed here in this city for time being, Mr. Sorel, you can rest assured that I will certainly be taking an interest with your organization,” Dragunov's voice remained calm, but his stern look revealed his patience wearing thin.

“If that is the case, then I'm sure the President of G-Corporation will be glad to give you the guided tour…so are you going to let us through?” Jean raised an eyebrow as he asked that question. If not for Dragunov's personal code of combat, a brawl would have ensued right then and there. However, both of them had no criminal records, and they wanted to keep it that way.
“…yes. The both of you have rights as competitors to observe this event,” Dragunov stepped to the side and motioned his hands towards the entrance. As they passed by, Jean turned to face Dragunov and smirked. Bryan followed suit with an insane grin.
“One more thing, Captain…I too look forward to the next episode,” Jean said with a snide tone of voice, “especially with your General being a power-mad lunatic.” Once he said that, Jean turned back to the entrance and went through the gate while Bryan, still sporting his toothy grin, waved and said, “See ya in the funny papers, Ruskie,” before following Jean.
“Power-mad lunatic,” Dragunov frowned as he repeated those words in his head, is that what he is now…interesting…
I can't believe he had the gall to show his face, Jin Kazama thought to himself as he walked over to a nearby refreshment table to get something to drink after he spotted Jean Sorel enter the gate. Jin was wearing formal dress attire covered with a black trenchcoat. The front lawn of the Mishima Mansion was littered with fighters and reporters as they awaited Heihachi's arrival so that he could begin his victory speech and formally conclude the tournament.
After all the hurt Jean has inflicted on so many of the competitors, he has the audacity to show his face at the post-tournament ceremony. And it looks like he brought himself hired help, Jin frowned as he noticed Bryan Fury. Only one day after we took him out at the Saitama Super Arena, and he's already getting ready for the chaos that's going to ensue…
“I still can't believe that you're going through with this, Jin.”
Jin turned around as he heard the unknown voice and spotted his aide walking towards him. He was wearing his hair in his trademark dreadlocks and was sporting a silver-and-black knit shirt and a pair of red dress pants. “I don't trust Heihachi one bit. Even if it means taking down G-Corporation, do you really have any insurance that he won't stab you in the back?”
“That's what bothers me about this whole thing, Eddy,” Jin took a sip from his beverage before he continued speaking. “Heihachi is trying to get everyone together in one circle to try and take out G-Corporation in a single blow. What really gets my skin crawling though is how Heihachi probably knows that it will fall apart as soon as the dust has settled.”
“Maybe he's just overconfident,” Eddy stroked his chin as he tried to make sense out of what Jin was saying, “or maybe he really is that strong that he can beat anyone who would try and pull a fast one.”
“…maybe…” Jin looked up at the night sky as he pondered what Eddy had said. Heihachi was not immune to overconfidence, but given how he had dominated Jin and Kazuya in the tournament, he probably knew exactly what he was doing, and how he was going to enforce it. All of us have a score to settle with G-Corporation, so I'm willing to bet that their existence is going to be the ties that bind our little truce.
“Jin…thanks again for helping my master recover from his illness last year,” Eddy outstretched his hand in friendship, “I'm going inside to tell Xiao to get Heihachi out here so he can give his little speech. If you ever need a helping hand or simply someone to talk to, you know where to reach me.”
“…indeed…thanks, Eddy,” Jin shook the man's hand as Eddy walked away. “I'll see you at the next tournament, I guess…”
And then there's the matter of my mother, Jin took another sip of his drink as he began walking to his chair in the front row of the many lines of seats set up in the yard. I pulled out all the stops to try and find her. Not only did I ask Lieutenant Sharon to help me, but I even went so far as to invite Sorel to try and beat it out of him…and I got more than I bargained for. And even though she's regained her memory…she's siding with my father? She always saw the good in everyone…is it possible that she saw something within him…that lowlife?
…well, if I find that he's mistreating her, I'll be sure to send him right back to the sick bed, Jin grimaced as he sat down and shook his head, but if my mother wants to give him another chance, then so will I…but doesn't mean I have to like it…
Suddenly, the door of the Mishima Mansion opened, and out came Heihachi Mishima, dressed in his tiger-striped fur coat, brown gloves, and purple dress pants. Let's see what Heihachi has to say, Jin murmured to himself as he stood back up and headed for the podium…
Heihachi waved to the crowd of gatherers in the lawn as he stepped out of the door. He had spent a good hour doing paperwork and figuring out who would own what in his proposed alliance between the members of his family. Lee has told me that Kazuya has accepted my proposal, Heihachi thought to himself while he stepped onto the podium in front of him. I wonder if Jun had anything to do with that…well, no matter. If Jun truly thinks she can give Kazuya some common sense, then she too is welcome to join in my alliance to destroy G-Corporation…and if any of them thinks of betrayal…I'll crush them all like the treacherous louts they are, and then teach them all over again the benefits of unity!
“Fellow fighters, let me begin by saying that fighting in the King of Iron Fist Tournament has always been a privilege,” Heihachi began as he listened to a mix of cheers and boos, “Each and every one of you has fought valiantly and with the soul of a tiger. This tournament in particular displayed just how skilled you are by continuing to fight will all your might despite the revised rules.”
“This tournament also marks the first time that the sponsor and the victor have been able to participate in the same post-tournament ceremony,” Heihachi smiled as he continued. “I think you will see quite clearly that both of us are here to witness this event.” Pointing to Jin, the elder man erupted into a hearty laugh. Quickly realizing that he was the only one who found it amusing enough to laugh about, Heihachi regained his composure and continued.
“It had been my honor to fight with you all, and as the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu once again, I can promise you that the next tournament will be even more extravagant than this one! Each and every one of you will once again be able to prove your mettle as warriors,” Heihachi's voice boomed across the speakers that were hooked up to the microphone that was he was speaking into. When this next tournament starts, G-Corporation will muster all of their forces to try and take the Zaibatsu out of the picture, Heihachi thought to himself as he paused his speaking for the effect he wanted, and when that happens, every fighter here will be forced to choose a side lest they get caught in the crossfire.
“In the meantime, however…” Heihachi turned to his right to Ling Xiaoyu, who was dressed in a tuxedo holding the tournament trophy: a golden clenched fist atop of a plaque with Heihachi's name on it. Heihachi noticed it was different from the previous trophies, which had a gold statue of Heihachi's head on it. Then again, he remembered that he was not the one holding the tournament. “…I am pleased to accept this wonderful trophy as proof my victory!”
Sitting down in the front row after mild applause, Heihachi watched as Jin stood up from his seat and walked up to the podium. And so ushers in the era of new chapter in the Mishima family's history, the elder man mused to himself.
“As the sponsor of this week's tournament, I would also like to say that I have been privileged to hold this event,” Jin said with a sincere smile as he put aside his doubts for the future. Pulling out a gavel from under the podium, Jin's smile widened. “I hearby declare the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6…” pounding the gavel on the podium, Jin completed his sentence as cheers erupted from the crowd, “…complete!”