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Bonds of Love and Survival

Chapter# 10: Confrontation and Preparation

************************************************************ **********************************************

Morning Rituals

Shinji woke up unusually rested for the little time he slept since he spent the half the night talking to Tenchi.
Then he thought of his two loves sleeping together when he felt some movement on the futon he was sleeping on.
He finally opened his eyes and saw a sight which can only be described as heaven and hell!

Heaven, in having Rei and Asuka back in their normal positions on either side of him with their arms around him.
Hell, in the fact that both girls were under the sheet they shared stark naked! The hell was also the fact that Shinji,
being a normal fifteen year old with two beautiful girls laying on him naked sure would get the hormones raging.
So due to this, his eyes bulged out and he nearly jumped two feet off the futon thereby startling both girls.

Now rubbing the sleep from their eyes, they both smiled and explained that they had woken up earlier,
seeing him alone on the futon they made two decisions.
First, that they were going to lay with him (Like normal), and second, they were going to do this naked
(Not normal)!
He nervously then asked "why the change?" trying very had not to see their various attributes so fully in view.
After some apprehensive looks at each other, they answered that they wanted him to not be so nervous around them,
since they are eventually going to be married, and they missed him and wanted him to have something to look forward to
after the battle!"
He smiled nervously at them, and carefully laid back down and kept looking at the ceiling as the girls got comfortable again. For the next few minutes they cuddled and kissed and Shinji fought to keep the blood from coming out of his nose. With all that cuddling and kissing, Shinji finally started to relax in this new situation
[No Hentai here, they just had a little teenage fun!]
After a few minutes everyone in the house smelled food in the air! Tenchi's daughter Mayuka came up and knocked on everyone's door to tell them that breakfast is ready. The 18 year old deep blue haired girl thought Shinji was cute when they first arrived, but that was changed when Shinji's proposed to Asuka and Rei earlier that week.
_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________

A Big Breakfast Discussion

The Masaki's were used to a large crowd during the three times of the day, when food was served.
But this particular week some had to eat out in the patio simply
because there wasn't enough room in the dining area of the house.
As most of the younger Generation ate out on the patio, the elder Masaki's were in the dining area.
Sasami, and Mayuka supervised the younger set as the adults discussed the upcoming training and battle.
The youngest there were the three pilots, who due to their positions as pilots would have ended up outside as well.
But Tenchi and Washu had insisted that they be included in the discussions because they were so involved in the training
and the battle to come.

Misato had many points she took which Washu and Ryoko seemed to be the most negative with.
As strategies and theories were discussed, the subject turned to the three Children who came with the Bridge crew.
"Washu, why didn't we just leave them back in Tokyo-3?" Misato asked in a concerned tone.
Well, major, I do need spare pilots for the two other Evas I recovered!" She then gave the Victory sign and smiled
as a dead silence overcame the room for a few seconds.

"What the HELL Are you talking about?" said a now steaming Misato Katsuragi.

"Mom, what do you mean two other Evas?" Ryoko said in a confused tone.

Well, my little Ryoko, I found a silver Eva unit with a four on it in subspace and reconfigured it's erratic power source...."

"The S2 Engine" added Maya

"If that's what you call it, yes I fixed it and it may be ready by the time of the Battle.

"Wait, you said two Evas, where'd you find the other one?" Asked Makoto, thinking he knew which Evas that was,
but not really wanting Washu to confirm it.

"It's a Black unit with elongated arms! I evacuated all foreign elements from what was left of it,
and it will be regenerating during the battle, so it won't be available." Washu let out a breath.
"Look, neither unit will probably be ready by the battle, but it pays to have as much back up as possible.
Plus neither unit has core data in it now, so I can change the programming to Sync with the pilot without the need for the core data that eventually traps a human soul. Essentially, the Eva will just need the pilot and nothing else."

"The three Evas that need our current pilots still have that core data, and a human soul trapped within it?"
Maya asked nervously.

"For now, Yes, but I can have those souls taken out of the cores eventually,
of course that depends on whether they want to or not."
Washu then looked at the pilots who kept silent as the discussion developed.

Asuka, nervous at the turn the discussion was taking hesitantly asked,
"How can you contact those human souls within ... the Evas?" Inwardly, she meant her Eva, ... her mother!

Washu smiled, then she said, "When the pilots syncs with their Evas, they can, depending on their sync ratios, be able to have a communication of sorts with those souls within the cores. Then, they can simply ask the souls that question in their minds."

"Then ... I can ask my mother if she wants to leave the Eva..." Washu interrupted Shinji's statement.
...and whether she wants to move on, or with my regeneration chambers, they can come back
and live their interrupted lives again!" Washu said in a very serious tone.

All three pilots looked ... stunned!
Not only was Washu able to allow them to communicate with their Mother's souls within their Evas,
but they also had given them the hope to actually see them again!

As Washu's statements filtered down to all in the room, Washu stood there looking at the results of her statements.

"But, what does that have to do with the additional Evas?" Rei asked in her normal stoic tone.

"It means that I can help get your mother's out of their Evas, but I can't do it until after the battle."

"WHY!" Shouted a now angry Shinji, held steady by each hand by his Fiancé's.

"It takes time for the process to be done, the harvesting of DNA, the manipulation of Amino acids, and other material to make a cloned fetus, then accelerating growth of that body to the approximate age of the subject, and those a re a few of the factors."
A quiet whimpering, ... from Rei stopped Washu's explanation. Shinji and Asuka immediately held her
("Oh, I forgot Rei's original origins"), thought Washu. She then walked to the quietly crying girl.
"I'm sorry Rei, I never meant to upset you." Washu said in a sincere tone.
As Rei quieted down, the red headed scientist then addressed all assembled there

"I needed you to all know this, not only are we fighting to stop the MP-Evas and whom ever is behind them,
we are also fighting to allow these children to get their mother's back.
I, as a mother, and grandmother can see no more honorable fight than for family!"
Washu then got up, kissed her husband next to her and headed for her lab.

Washu then stuck her head out of the door, "Well, aren't you coming?" after a brief pause,
the pilots of the Evas got up and headed for the closet door entrance followed by Tenchi, Ryoko, and Ayeka.

_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________

Practice and Cooperation

As the day progressed, the 2 team groups were mainly taking on holographic representations of the MP-Evas gathered from Asuka's and Shinji's final battle data collected by the Magi computers. Though as Washu had told them that the revived Evas were enhanced, so they battled their holographic enemies with hopefully as much intensity and stamina as they hope to have, because within three days they fight for real.
The basic tactic throughout the simulations was for the Eva to either cancel out the MP's AT field,
or as Shinji had done with the third angel, ripped apart the field and have their smaller more mobile partner
to go in and finish off the Eva's core. This seemed to wok well for all three teams as the practices continued into the next day.

The enhanced weapons as well as increased strength to their AT -fields, all three pilots,
as well as their Masaki clan partners, knew they had to coordinate with each other well to be able to survive the battle,
... let alone win.
As the elders in each partnership Ryoko, Ayeka, and Tenchi kept an eye on their youthful partners.

(Shinji, your with Ayeka, Rei, you'll team up with Tenchi, Asuka, you'll team with Ryoko!" )

After the afternoon practice, the threesomes made their way to the onsen for some rest before dinner and Washu's briefing afterwards.

As the pilots sat down silently and Shinji gathered both girls in his arms,
they closed their eyes to relax in the warm waters, as
Ryoko, Tenchi, and Ayeka sat in another pool of the onsen at the opposite end more for their privacy rather than the children's.
After a few minutes of them lying in the warm waters relaxing, Ryoko finally broke the silence.
"I'm worried about Asuka."

Why sister, is there a problem?" Ayeka then continued to massage Tenchi's shoulders as he did the same to Ryoko.

"She seems distracted, she seems to be bothered by something, but she's not talking." Ryoko crinkled her brow.

"Do you want one of us to talk to her?" Tenchi intensified his grip on Ryoko to which she moaned approvingly.

"Well, since I talked to Rei, and you talked to Shinji, I think Ayeka should talk to her."

"But, you seem to have more in common that I, she's outgoing, expressive, sometimes insufferable, and an ego the size of..."
Ayeka stopped when she saw the glare from her now angry friend and co-wife.

"Listen Prissy Princess, I ain't nothin like Rei yet I was able to help her, It's your turn, and anyway, It's my time tonight with lover boy here, so you'll have some time tonight to talk to her." Ryoko then groaned again from Tenchi's massaging touch.

"All right you pompous pirate, I'll talk to her, but remember you don't have him all night you know, so don't tire him out!"

"Don't I have a say in this?" Tenchi asked.

"NO!" they said in unison as he shrunk down into the water blowing bubbles of frustration at first,
but then smiling at the night to come.

As they discussed more family matters, the three Eva pilots were asleep in a seated position in their pool oblivious to the conversations from the other side of the Onsen
_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________

A Family Discussion

Dinner took a bit longer as there were simply more people to feed and clean up after.
But as most were in a battle mode, Washu directed the family into three teams!
one to put the youngsters to bath and bed,
the second to gather the food, and clean the kitchen,
the third to clean the dining room and set up the living room for the briefing!

As the three groups completed their appointed tasks Washu with her ever-present holocomputer, was finishing her preparations for the briefing when her alarm went off. A she checked she sighed and added the data to what she was going to review with the family. She now knew there was no backing out now, the battle would be in two days.

As all the adults gathered The two oldest Children snuck back and sat at the top of the stairs, Mayuka,
who was now 18 and was set to go to Jurai's Royal academy, and 8 year old Yousho,
who was to start his third year of primary school.
Before third Impact made Washu's home schooling necessary.

Hey, May, what do you think, will these metal Mechas be a problem from our Moms and Dad?"

" I hope not You-chan, but I'm going to do some extra sparring with Great grandpa just in case
they need a little demon powered help!"

"Well count me in too, You know I'm more powerful than you May-chan!"

"Forget it, bub! If, Mom hears this you'll be so grounded, that you'll be cleaning the cleaning processors
in Nana's lab for a month!" said May to her stubborn brother.

"He won't be the only One!" Both children, then turned timidly to see their mother with a rye grin as they both hung their heads.
"OK, both of you to bed!" as they both then headed to their respective rooms, Ryoko tapped May's shoulder and winked.
The blue haired girl nodded and quietly opened and closed her door, as her mother fazed back to the meeting starting downstairs.

Washu had just finished the briefing with her family, the Eva pilots, bridge staff, and friends
as she then went over what had set her alarms off earlier.
"Ok now comes the kicker guys, those three Russian MP-Evas, well they landed about 50 miles south of us,
there by completing the circle of Evas around us. We're effectively surrounded."
The silence in the room was deafening as I everyone contemplated the coming conflict, and their part in it.
The pilot's friends were stunned and contemplating the real possibilities that their friends might die!
The Masaki's, as with past events, made their now customary preparations for battle, knowing full well of what was coming.
Finally, the pilots, sat quietly holding each other's hands. e
Each looking down ,silently tears had started to come from all three.
A weeping Shinji's and somewhat less with an angry Asuka , while Rei let single tears come while keeping her emotionless mask on.
They knew all too well what was going to happen, yet within themselves they wanted all of this to go away.
They left Tokyo-3 believing that they were starting a new life away from the horror which they had already given their lives for. They wanted a fair second chance for a new life, yet Eva kept pulling them back and kept on trying to take their lives again.

"NO, THIS HAS TO STOP!" Shinji stood there shaking with uninhibited anger, and contempt at what was happening to them, to him, to Asuka and Rei, to The Masaki's their friends, "it's not fair!" Shinji then fell to his knees and started to cry there as all eyed him with a mix of compassion and sadness. All there knew how much the three children had gone through, so they stayed put and tried as much as they could to support Shinji. Then both Asuka and Rei, fresh out of tears themselves slowly pick up a crying Shinji and lead him up the stairs to their room. As they left Tenchi approached Washu. "Can you help them to sleep tonight Mom? I'd feel better if they could at least get a good night's sleep."
"I'll give Shinji and Rei a sedative, but I think that now would be a good time for Ayeka to talk to Asuka. See of she can do that after she takes them their sedative." Tenchi nodded and after getting the sedative from Washu, informed Ayeka, and she went up to give the medicine to Rei and Shinji.
A few minutes later all had gone to bed, as two figures made their way out of the house an walked to a clearing near the shrine.
There a Princess, and A Pilot started to talk!

__________________________________________________________________ ________________________________

A Princess and a Pilot

Asuka understood why Washu had sent up the sedatives. She wanted to just get knocked out and deal with the frightening possibilities of battle, helped Ayeka give the medicine to Rei and Shinji. What surprised her was that she wasn't given any, then Ayeka asked to take a walk with her.

As they sat down on a bench on one side of the clearing, Asuka recognized it as the sparring grounds that Tenchi and his grandfather used. She, Rei, and Shinji became familiar with the area as they had been training since they arrived at the Masaki compound.

As the two women sat Ayeka cleared her throat and began the conversation.

"I would like to first say to you that I have never been in any type of mecha,
so I don't understand what happens to you in such a mechanism.
But as you know I have been in battle and I have died as you have .
Luckily we have Washu who performs miracles and on several occasions injuries that would have killed an ordinary person,
with Washu's help I had survived. Tenchi, and Ryoko have also had occasions where they were dead, and so I have had my share of horror stories in battle."

After Asuka digested everything the Princess had said, she replied:
"Thank you, Ayeka, but what does that have to do with us talking here?"

"Ryoko was concerned that you seemed, ... distracted in your practices with her."

"With all due respect, why isn't she here talking to me, why are you here?"

" Let me answer that after I ask you this, of the three of us, whom is your personality most like?"
Asuka took a few moments before answering, "Ryoko, I'd say!"
"So, you would agree that Rei, would be most like me? Am I right?" Ayeka asked.

"Yeah, much more quiet and reserved." Asuka replied."

Then Ayeka asked another question, "Do you remember some of the video's Washu showed you were of myself and Ryoko fighting over Tenchi?"

"Yeah, you both said you two fought using your powers, right." Ayeka laughed at Asuka's statement.

"Did, you know while we beat each other up, we were each other's best friend!"

Asuka's Reaction was disbelief. "I thought you became friends after you two had decided to both marry Tenchi."

"No, we realized that at first we had to help each other in our battles for Tenchi, but as we lived here, and worked and fought together, we became friends even if we did deny it for most of the time before we married Tenchi."

"Well that's one thing that's bothering me" Asuka sighed eying the woman there with her and feeling that this burden she hadn't told anyone was weighing on her so much, she decided it should come out now.

"Ever since I left Tokyo-3, I have not been myself." Ayeka was about to speak to tell Asuka that no one would have been themselves with all that had happened to her when she put her hand up. "What I mean, is I have kept my tongue and not said things and acted the way I would have normally because I wanted us to work, ... you know help Shinji and trying to become friends with Rei. And let me tell you I'm not a very patient person. But with what happened to me during Third Impact, helped me to be more patient."

"But, you wish that you could act like you used to. And, that pent up anger is building up inside. Am I right?" Ayeka then waited for Asuka's response.

"Oh yeah, being able to yell at Baka Shinji and wonder girl would let some of my pent up aggression out big time!"

"But, you think that by letting all that pent up emotion out, you might damage your relationship with them, right?"

"Yeah, I don't want to mess that up, It's all I have left, and I'm ... afraid that if I say or do something wrong, Well I..."

Listen, Asuka, I have the exact same thing happen to me! I was marrying The man of my dreams and to top that off, my sister wife was also my best friend. So for a few weeks I bit my tongue and kept my mouth shut each and every time Ryoko said or did something that I would have normally reacted to. It came to a head when they both sat me down and were so concerned that I might leave them because I was acting so strange."

"Wait, they thought you were going to leave them because you weren't acting like normal?
That's sounds strange." replied Asuka.

"No different than falling in love with someone, and sharing him with another?"
Ayeka let that sink in as Asuka realized that her behavior could have been fueling both Shinji's emotions, and Rei's sudden show of emotions as well.

"Thanks Ayeka, I think I can relieve my stress in a more normal way."
Asuka then excused herself, and as Ayeka observed, had a smirk on her face.

"Well, It will be an interesting day tomorrow!" Ayeka then stood and headed for her spouses who were waiting for her to tell them how it went with the fiery German Pilot. Later that night, a tirade familiar to those who knew her made it's way through the night air, as Asuka Langley Sohryu yelled about everything Shinji, and to a lesser extent Rei did since they left Tokyo-3 that pissed her off. As several members of the family, were at their windows with popcorn listening in and enjoying the entertainment thanks to Washu's language translator as the Red headed pilot when from Japanese, to German, to English, and back again.
And true to what Ayeka had said, after she had finished, she looked at her two friends and loves and saw smiles.
"Welcome back Asuka-chan." Rei said in her monotone voice, though a small smile was on her face.
"Now I know we'll be fine, My Fiery German
Princess is back!" Shinji then got up, took the surprised
girl in her arms, and gave her a long and passionate kiss, which left her starry-eyed. Then being embraced by Rei brought her down to reality as she hugged back.
"I want to tell you something." She looked at her co-Fiance', I will tell you without reservation when I think you do something wrong."
Rei's reply was, " I would not expect any less Asuka-chan." both girls hugged again, then they crawled into bed and snuggled up to Shinji who was glad and more confidant of what was to come as His Fire, and Ice were back and ready to go!

____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________

In a cloaked area of space now near earth.

Lady Tokimi, one of the three Choushin Goddesses, the entities that created the Universe was perturbed. All 10 Evangelions were now within 2 days of attacking the Masaki Valley and she now knew that Washu had at least three of the Nerv Evas.
She also knew of the pilots she had missed at the Arawa onsen just outside Kyoto-2. She had missed them by a few hours as Washu had gotten them to her lab.
Then she noticed that more and more of the human population were rising from the LCL. She had to attack right on schedule so when she defeated the Masaki's and the Nerv Evas she could then send her forces to earth and claim it away from the Jurians.
But, she still didn't like the way the Evas in her control worked. If there was more time she would have put some of her minions in the pilots seats, but as it was it would have taking too long, and the Jurai relief fleet would have gotten to the Earth by then and her plans of challenging Tenchi Masaki and his power would be thwarted!
So, she would take a chance and attack one day earlier! "Let's see what Tsunami's knight and his allies do now!

___________________________________________________________________ _______________________________

Chapter#11: Evagelion Apocalypse

I think the title says it all!