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A Fight for One's Heart

By: Kawaii Jade


Tenchi woke up to a smell coming underneath his door from the kitchen. He rose up to a sitting position. "Sasami must be making breakfast." Tenchi murmured as he slid out from under the covers.

He sat there for a moment releasing a heavy sigh, before he walked over to the wooden dresser near the wall. The teenage boy pulled out some tight blue worn out jeans and slipped them on. He then pulled out a green sweater and pulled it over his chest.

"Tenchi….breakfast is ready!" shouted Sasami as the young man walked out of the room.

"Coming!" he shouted back closing the door behind him. Tenchi walked down the hall and started to walk down the balcony stairs. He smiled while shrugging at Ryoko stuffing her face. "Are you that hungry….Ryoko?" he asked taking a seat in front of her.

She looked up from her plate with bits and pieces of food spreading across her chin. The blue haired space pirate wiped away the mess with her arm. She blushed as Tenchi still smiled at her.

`He's so cute. ` She thought to herself as she brought her arm back down.

Tenchi smiled as Sasami put a huge plate of traditional pancakes in front of him. "Thank you." He paused and took a huge bite of one of the pancakes. It hardly fit in his mouth, as it swelled up to squeeze the food in. Ryoko laughed and buried her smile behind her arm as her elbow propped herself on the table. "What's so funny Ryoko?"

By this time both of the blue haired women's elbows were on the table, while her chin cupped in her hands. "It's just that you were talking about me being hungry….." she paused to laugh again. "You…can…hardly…keep the food…in …your mouth." She laughed louder.

Then suddenly Sasami walked over and gently shoved Ryoko's elbows off the table. With Sasami's surprise attack the space pirate's face fell to the table with a thud. "No elbows on the table Ryoko…you know better." The young girl snapped with one hand on her hip and the other with a finger out shaking back in forth.

Tenchi laughed while Ryoko growled. She soon calmed down when she was fed up. Ryoko glanced at Tenchi which was already looking at her. When their eyes met Tenchi looked away blushing in embarrassment.

The blue haired space pirate smirked and looked away towards the ceiling. `I've caught you Tenchi-chan. I caught your gaze once again. ` Ryoko was snapped away from her thought when she heard laughter coming from the kitchen.

"Here let me help you Sasami."

"Oh thanks Tenchi."

Ryoko started at her secret love, `When will my feelings for you be returned? When that day comes…Tenchi…I'll be waiting for you. `

"Well I'm going to go get dressed." She yawned while walking towards the stairs. Her arms were up behind her back and her eyes closed as she passed by her love. He glanced at her and surprisingly at the same time he looked at her Ryoko's eyes shot open and she winked at him.

"Huh?!" he asked while falling back off guard. Ryoko smirked again then ran up the stairs towards her room. "That Ryoko seems a little weird today don't you think…Sasami?"

The young blue haired girl turned to her friend which gazed up at the stairs. "Uh?" she paused. "Oh…Ryoko? No she's not acting any different from any other day."

"Oh…okay." He turned to face his friend. "I guess I'll go to the temple to say my morning prayers." He walked towards the door and put on his shoes and grabbed his back pack. "I should be back by 10:30. Okay…or you can send a search party for me." He joked.

Sasami laughed and nodded her head as the black haired teen walked out of the house. She returned to the kitchen and smiled as she realized the dishes were already done.

"Hey where's Tenchi?" asked Ryoko as she stepped in the kitchen with her tight blue jeans that had holes in the knees and her loose light blue shirt that rested on her shoulders and ended at her navel. Ryoko had a nice body and she loved to show it off, but not that fancy or too revealing. Over her shirt was a blue jean jacket.

"He went to the temple. But don't get any ideas!" she barked as she turned to look at the space pirate, but she was to last as the blue haired women teleported to the temple. "She knows Tenchi doesn't like to be disturbed while he's there." The young girl sighed. "There's going to be plenty of arguing when they get back that's for sure."

-The Temple-

`He's so trusting. ` Confessed Ryoko as she hide on one of the pillars inside the temple.

Tenchi was done praying and he slowly rose to his feet to put out the candles. He sighed and bowed as the candles' smoke filled the small area. He looked at his watch, "Oh…its 10:30 already?"

Then suddenly Ryoko lost her balance and fell off the pillar. She crashed behind a brick boulder, luckily not showing herself to Tenchi. "What was that?!" he asked looking around. He walked over to where Ryoko fell.

Without hesitation Ryoko teleported out of there in time, Tenchi looked over the brick boulder. "Oh I guess it was nothing." He turned back but then stopped. "Wait a minute." He shouted as he turned back to the boulder.

Tenchi looked behind the boulder leaning on it he saw a blue jean jacket. He grabbed the jacket and ran out of the temple with his book bag on his back.

-At the house-

Ryoko sat on the couch with Ayeka watching a movie. "I wonder where Tenchi-san is?" asked Ayeka. Ryoko blushed as the dark purple haired girl uttered his name.

"Who knows?" she answered. Then surprisingly the man they were speaking of ran into the living room blocking Ryoko's view of the TV screen.


"Calm down Tenchi!" she uncovered her ears and faced Tenchi with her eyes closed. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Tenchi sighed releasing his anger. "Oh really? Then why did I find your jacket at the temple near the place where well I don't know where you fell?"

Tenchi shoved the jacket in Ryoko's face. She opened her eyes and looked at her jacket. Ryoko blushed then shook it away. "That's not mine." She said shoving the jacket away.

"Then why does it say, This Is Ryoko's Not Ayeka's?"

Ayeka turned to Ryoko and growled, "Ryoko!! What is that suppose to mean?"

The blue haired space pirate smiled nervously and walked slowly out of the living room. "Oh…I..." she paused when she was a safe distance away from the two. "Okay! I was at the temple watching you Tenchi and Ayeka you do steal my clothes sometimes and well yeah." Ryoko sighed. "Now that I have that off my chest." She ran up stairs.

"NO YOU DON'T!!!!" they yelled cashing Ryoko. "COME BACK RYOKO!!!" They were met at the closed and locked door to Ryoko's bedroom.

The blue haired women lay on her bed with her arms behind her head and her knees bent. Fist pound on the door as Ryoko sighed again.

The room was silent as Tenchi and Ayeka left the space pirate alone. Another uneasy sigh escaped the blue haired girl as she turned to face the wall.

"Tenchi will never find out about my feelings." She reassured herself. "Humph that bastard is so blind when it comes to women. He never knows how he feels and he tries to forget about it." Tears slid down Ryoko's face. "God if I had one wish…I would wish he…would…" Ryoko sighed shrugging at her statement. She wiped away her tears then laid back on her back facing the ceiling trying to finger out the weird shapes. "Forget about it. It would never happen…Tenchi would never return my feelings…and even if….he did….love me…back …he wouldn't even know how to deal or react with them." She sobbed between words. She closed her eyes and cried herself to sleep.

-Two Hours later Tenchi, Ayeka, and Washu-

"I hope I didn't hurt her feelings or something?" Tenchi thought to himself out loud.

Washu looked at him while she prepared some lunch. "Ryoko is a strong person." The red head looked at her huge sandwich in eager to shove it down her throat. Indeed she did, while talking to Tenchi. The teenage boy looked to his companion. "Why do you think you might have hurt Ryoko's feelings?"

Tenchi sat up straight leaning off the table, "How did you know I was talking about her?"

Washu looked at him with a huge smile, "Come on…old pal! Did you forget I'm the smartest women in the world!" she laughed patting Tenchi really hard on the back.

He laughed nervously when she stopped, "Oh…yeah. Still…." He trailed off looking in the direction of Ryoko's room. "I yelled at her because she followed me to the temple again and I told her not to."

Ayeka turned her head towards Tenchi, clenching her eyes shut tight having an evil angry look upon her face. "I don't see why you're mad at her Sir Tenchi? I mean she did disobey you!" Ayeka took a huge bite out of her sandwich and growled her eyes still shut.

The black haired man looked at his friend, "I know but…maybe I was a little rough."

This time Ayeka looked at Tenchi as she finished the food in her mouth. "Sir Tenchi…the one always trying to keep Ryoko safe and out of harms way." She sighed leaning back in the chair folding her arms behind her head. Ryoko did this a lot. "To bad you grabbed someone else heart and not mine" she smiled at Tenchi then leaned forward to get out of her seat.

"What…do you mean…to someone else?" he looked at her confused and amazed at the same time.

Washu looked at her too. Ayeka smiled her back facing Tenchi. "You know what I'm talking about." She waited for Tenchi to say something. When he didn't she took the infinitive that he was clueless she was right as she finished her belief. "You will find out on your own Sir Tenchi. You will be happy when you do."

Tenchi stared at the purple haired girl as she turned the corner. As Ayeka did the prince could see little tears falling down her cheeks. "Ayeka…" he whispered when he heard the back door shut.

"Humph?" Washu smiled, putting a hand on her hip while the other grasped her chin in an effort to think. "Oh…I was wondering when Ayeka would stop denying it."

Tenchi looked over to the brilliant women. "What are you talking about? What did Ayeka stop denying? It has to be serious." He wondered lowering his eyes to the ground. He then shot his head up straight and looked at Washu in the face. "Why was Ayeka crying?"

"That I can not tell you.....Tenchi."

"Why……did I do something wrong to Ayeka to make her cry?!"

Washu just looked at the black haired man with big eyes and sighed. She turned her back towards her lab and begun to enter it. She stopped at the door way and turned to Tenchi's confused expression. "You seriously don't know?! Oh well…it's not my job to tell you" she then turned and locked the slammed lab door shut.

The young man bowed his head. "Bitch." He sighed then shook the rude comment away. He turned to look out the window. Rain poured down roughly. Tenchi walked into the living room and flopped casually down on the couch. He laid there thinking. "What is going on today?" he turned to face the couch. He stared at the weird patterns. "Is Ryoko mad at me? Did I make Ayeka sad?"

The questions ran through his mind as his heavy tired eyes closed, making the confused teen asleep.

-Time: 8:00pm-

A crash of thunder and a hint of lighting…the powers out. Black eyes shot open as the strong man leaned up to his waist off the couch. Sweat rolled down the young man's face. "What the…." He asked.

"Tenchi…are you okay?" asked a quite smoothing voice.

"Uh?" Tenchi asked as his voice cleared to form a beautiful blue haired space pirate in front of the couch looking down on the shaken teen. "Oh…Ryoko? What happened?" The teen swung his legs over so Ryoko could sit next to him.

"The power went out." She whispered.

"Sir Tenchi! Ryoko….." yelled Ayeka with Sasami next to her.

"Are you guys okay?" asked the little blue haired girl as she ran over to them. She sat on Tenchi's lap hugging him nervously. "I'm sacred of thunderstorms Tenchi." She cried.

"It's okay Sasami." He smiled as she looked up at him. `Were inside…the rain can get us."

Thunder crashed again and a huge lighting bolt lit up the room. Sasami cried again hiding her face in Tenchi's chest. Ryoko sat uneasily on the arm of the couch.

"Is something wrong Ryoko?" asked Ayeka realizing her uneasiness.

The space pirate's crossed over her chest and she closed her eyes in stubbornness. "No Ayeka…I'm fine."

Thunder clapped again and Ryoko fell of the arm of the couch. She rubbed her red butt. "Are you afraid off thunderstorms Ryoko?" asked Washu. Everyone looked at her not knowing she was there. "The powers off so is my lab. There's nothing to do about it so I thought I join you guys?"

"But Washu don't you have a huge generator?" asked Sasami letting go of Tenchi and standing in front of the man.

Silence fell in the living room except for the rain outside. Washu blushed while rubbing the back of her head. "Oh…yeah I guess I forgot."

Before anyone could say anything Washu locked herself in her lab once again. "That was interesting." Ryoko said looking big eyed towards where Ryoko once stood.

Tenchi looked out the window watching the lightning flash lighting up the room the four occupied. As another flash appeared the young man looked down at Ryoko. She still sat on the floor, knees curled up rocking back in forth in chibi form. "Are you Ryoko?"

The blue haired women looked up at him her arms still crossed around her knees. "Are what…"

He kept his gaze with Ryoko. It kind of freaked her out. "Are you afraid of thunderstorms?"

She gave a little shriek and then stood up. "No…I'm….not!" she answered nervously. Then suddenly the front door swung open showing two forms of people. Ryoko growled in a protective manner. She pulled pout her sword and glared at the people. "Who the hell are you guys?!"

They closed the door and approached the four. "Calm down Ryoko…it's just us." Answered the green haired women, Kiyone.

"Oh…Kiyone…it's you…" Ryoko was cut off by Mihoshi.

"Don't forget me….Ryoko!" she glared at the blue haired women.


"Put that sword away!" she demanded putting her hands on her hips.

"Oh." She began putting the sword away. "So where did you guys go?"

The two friends entered the house and walked into the living room carrying some bags. "Here let me help you." Offered Sasami as she walked over to Mihoshi.

"Yeah…I'll help too." Offered Ayeka.

It didn't surprise anyone when Ryoko just followed everyone else to the kitchen with her hands in her pockets. They sat at the kitchen able and talked. "We were at the movies remember?" Ryoko nodded. "We stopped by the grocery store right before the storm started." Answered Kiyone.

"Thanks you guys we needed to go." Smiled Sasami as she started at the objects she pulled out of the bags.

Mihoshi laughed, "You're welcome."

Ryoko left the room and returned with some candles. She spread them out on the large table and begun to light them. As she approached the last candle she drifted off thinking.

`Tenchi doesn't seem so mad at me any more. I just like watching him. I love him.` she begun to cry.


"OW!!!!" she yelped pulling her hand back from the candle. She hid the burn on her hand. Tenchi started towards her. She turned her hand away from Tenchi in confusion.

"Here let me see it." He smiled at her as he put out his free gentle hand. Ryoko smiled back losing her hand into Tenchi's. "There." The teen gazed at the burn. Ryoko kept her gaze at the prince longing for his love.

`He's so gentle. But why can I see through him?`

Unknowingly Ryoko didn't know Tenchi looked up and caught her gaze. The black haired man blushed at her quite stare. "Ryoko?"

The space pirate didn't move. Ayeka growled then elbowed the girl softly in her ribs but hard enough to get the angry girls attention. Ryoko jolt her hand away from Tenchi and growled at Ayeka. "What the hell was that for you bitch!?!"

"Sir Tenchi called you!" she growled back.

"Uh?" she asked looking back at her love.

"Yeah." He answered with a nervous laugh. He put his arms behind his neck. Tenchi then let them go and walked towards the sink. He bent down and opened the cupboard. The black haired teen pulled out a first aid kit. The other's watched. Ryoko looked like she was about to shed happy tears all over her face. "Come." The words left Tenchi's mouth so softly. She walked over to him and held out her hand to him. "Now this might hurt a little."

Ryoko pulled back trying not to yell in pain. "Oh did I hurt you? I'm sorry."

The space pirate looked at Tenchi. She blushed as he looked at her waiting for an answer hoping that her answer would be a no. "No…I'm fine." She whispered.

"That's good." He whispered back wrapping the burned hand. After it was wrapped the prince pulled it up to his lips, kissing it better. Ryoko gasped and so did everyone else. The blue haired girl blushed following Tenchi's. He let go of her hand and then turned to look at the others. There eyes were big and amazed…they smiled at the action Tenchi pulled.

"Awe!!" they sighed.

"What?" asked Tenchi. Then suddenly the lights flickered and the power was back on. Everyone shouted in joy. That is except Ryoko. She was still in shock of what her secret love did.

`Awe…did you see what he did? He does love me!` her heart whispered.

"Hey you guys lets play cards?" asked Sasami.

"Yeah that sounds like fun." Agreed Ayeka.

The others set up the table except Ryoko she was still frozen in shock in the kitchen. "Are you coming Ryoko?" asked Kiyone. "It'll be fun."

"Yeah…sure." She walked over to the table. "Let me just put these candles away." Ryoko reached over the table and grabbed the lit candles. Uneasily she balanced the candles in her arm, she turned to walk back where she got them.

"Wait Ryoko."

"Huh?" she asked turning back around, trying not to drop the lit candles. She met face to face with Tenchi. "Y…e…s?"

He blew out the candles letting his minted breath caress her face. "There…I didn't want you to try to go up stairs with lit candles." He smiled at her blush. "You might burn yourself again."

Ayeka growled. "Thanks Tenchi." Ryoko said walking up stairs. As she approached the top she turned to see Tenchi still looking at her. She followed up stairs and sighed as she put the candles away. "Tenchi's acting weird. Not saying I don't like this treatment…it's just weird." She said closing the closet door.

The blue haired girl looked up at the ceiling as she walked down the hall to the stairs. He hands ventured in her pockets as she looked down at the stairs and walked down. As she neared the last step.

"Hey Ryoko you cumin?" smiled Sasami.

Ryoko looked up and smiled. "Yeah." She ran to the table and sat down on the chair.

-30 minutes into the poker game-

"I fold!!" snorted Ayeka. Threw the cards down in front of her and crossed her arms over her chest. "Who thought of this stupid game any way." She snapped.

"Uh……I think it was you Ayeka." Smiled Kiyone as she dropped her cards down too. She sighed, "I'm out too you guys."

"Yeah me too." Huffed Sasami. She looked over to Mihoshi.

"Not me." The blonde smiled. Sasami looked at her hand. Mihoshi's hand had four one's and two jacks.

"Mihoshi….you should have been out of the game a long time ago."


"Look." Sasami pointed to her cards. "You have four one's and two jacks. You can't win either way."

"No I'm winning……I just need one more jack and one more one then I have a set of four and a set of three."

Ayeka and Sasami fell to the ground. Kiyone laughed, "Mihoshi….this isn't Phase Ten."

"Were…not…playing…Phase Ten?" She asked.

"No Mihoshi this is a poker game." Smiled Tenchi.

His smile brightened her spirits. "Oh…that's funny." She laughed. "Oh well."

Ayeka and Sasami appeared in their seats again. Everyone watched while Ryoko and Tenchi were still in the game. Tenchi and her looked so serious but kept their guard up.

`What am I going to do? Ryoko is the master of this game….even though I have a straight flush. That's only the second highest hand for all I know Ryoko could have a royal flush.` Tenchi thought.

Ryoko sighed as she thought, `Of course I won…I'm the master. My royal flush is the best hand in the game but….` She paused to look at Tenchi that sat across from her. His stare was in his hand. `I don't want him to fell bad for losing.`

"So what's it gonna be?" asked Sasami.

"Well I don't know." Answered Tenchi. He laid down his cards so everyone could see his straight flush. "How did you do Ryoko?"

The blue haired space pirate looked up at everyone and blushed. "You…got me Tenchi." She smiled eyes closed and blushing more.

"What?!" he asked the wondering the same thing.

"Yup you won." She put her cards face down on the table. She pushed her chair back and rose to her feet. "Congrads."

"Tenchi you won!! You won!!" yelled Sasami jumping up in glee. "I'm going to make some dessert for your accomplishment."

"Okay." He answered.

"I'll help you Sasami." Offered Kiyone.

"Can I help you guys?" asked Mihoshi.

"Sure of course come on." Smiled the little girl.

"Are you coming Ayeka?" asked Tenchi as he joined the others.

"Yeah…hold on a minute."


The purple haired women looked over to Ryoko. She smiled as Ayeka picked up her the blue haired women's hand. She gasped looking at the royal flush. Ayeka looked up at Ryoko and the space pirate winked at her.

"Hey are you guys coming?" asked Tenchi as he walked over to the two. He saw Ayeka holding Ryoko's hand. "Don't worry about it Ayeka. I'll clean that up."

"Uh…oh okay." She smiled. Tenchi smiled as Ayeka walked towards the kitchen. Passing Ryoko she whispered, "I thought you hate losing?"

The blue haired women smirked, "I do."

She turned to Ayeka and followed her friend in the kitchen. Tenchi stood at the table glancing at the cards spread across it. He sighed, "I can't believe I bet Ryoko…the one and only winner at card games."

Tenchi moved around the table collecting the piles of cards. He stopped at Ryoko's pile, hesitantly picking it up to see the hand. He gasped looking at the royal flush. "She…did….win?!"

Laughter came from the kitchen. Ayeka hit Sasami with flour and Kiyone laughed as Sasami got her back. Ryoko laughed even harder when Mihoshi brought back the thought that she thought they were playing Phase Ten.

Laughter stopped when Tenchi stood at the kitchen door way with Ryoko's cards. The blue haired women gasped and turned to walk away but Tenchi called out her name. She stopped and turned back facing him and the others.

"Why did you say that I won?" he waited for an answer. "Ryoko? You won the game not me."

Everyone looked at the blushing space pirate. "Ryoko?" asked Sasami in a sad tone.

Ryoko sighed. "I was just tired of winning and Tenchi….." she looked at the prince. "You looked so happy when you thought you won."

"Yeah…but Ryoko I wanted to win in a fair way. Why did you lie?"

Ryoko was uneasy with everyone's eyes one her. She teleported away in embarrassment. She fell on her bed. Downstairs the others noticed where she was. The girls turned away finishing their cooking. Tenchi looked up at the ceiling.

-Two Minutes Later-

"Ryoko?" whispered Tenchi as he softly knocked on the door. "Ryo…."

"Come in!" she snapped.

The dark haired man walked inside the bedroom. Ryoko was curled up on the bed facing the wall. "Hi."

"What do you want?" she snapped again not moving.

Tenchi moved closer to his friend with caution. "Um are you okay Ryoko?" he asked sitting behind her on her bed. He put a protective hand on her hip.

She suddenly turned over her face red with blush. The blue haired women looked at her love with confusion. She sat up when Tenchi moved his hand and placed it on his lap with the other hand.

"I'm fine now…what do you want?!"

Tenchi jumped a little when he heard the anger in Ryoko's tone but saw the sadness in her eyes. "I want to know what's wrong Ryoko?" he got no answer. "Is it because of the card game?"

"Yes and no." she answered lowering her head. Tenchi cupped her chin and lifted it.

"Why?" he whispered.

"Well why did you have to embarrass me in front of everyone? I thought I was doing a good thing and saying that you won. I didn't want you to lose to me. I LOVE YOU TENCHI….WHEN WILL YOU SEE THAT?" she yelled.

But then suddenly the room grew silent. Ryoko froze and closed her eyes….Tenchi kissing her soft lips. She fell into the kiss and his arms. His hand fell from her chin passing her shoulder and clenching her arm. To the prince's surprise the space pirate parted her lips inviting the man's tongue into her mouth.

Ryoko moaned when the tongues touched. They swirled for dominance and then eased as Ryoko gave up for submissive. After the hot loving passionate kiss ended Ryoko hid herself in Tenchi's strong chest. She cried happy tears on his shirt. "Sorry!"

He looked down at her in confusion. "About what?"

"Never mind." She smiled. "Thank you for returning your feelings."

He smiled back, "I thought you never would return mine." Ryoko shifted a little but kept in his grasp. "That's right Ryoko. I always loved you. I just didn't know it until earlier this day. I'm happy…..with you…with you in my arms."

Ryoko leaned up escaping Tenchi's grasp and kissed her love hard. He fell back on the bed and hugged his precious possession. `Ayeka was right…I found out about Ryoko and my love for her. And I am….happy!` he thought to himself tightening his grip on his love.

Ryoko pulled back and laid on Tenchi. "Goodnight Tenchi."

"Goodnight Ryoko…I love you!!"

"Me too."

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