Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction ❯ Dead ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter One

By alioop108

For gundamgirl88



Darkness was the only cloak for the bandits, as they
scuttled around the streets and alleyways. No one was around, as it was well
past one in the morning, and it seemed like a good time for the picking.

Washu signaled with her hand, motioning for the rest
of them to move forward and ahead of her. The rest of her team swarmed the
house, two going around the back, two going to the side. Washu, she liked doing
things the hard way. She climbed up the side of the house with the help of a
ladder brought to her by a random crony. The baby's window was left open,
making it easier for her to get her prize.

She climbed in silently, and made her way over to
the dresser. Unconsciously she stared to drool. She could se it now. The
beautifully sparkling diamond necklace, encrusted with emeralds and ruby's…she
could almost taste the sweet reward she could get for such a hot item. She
crept past the cradle, intent on her goal.

The coolness of gold assaulted her tired fingers,
soothing them in a way nothing else could. It was like a drug really, the way
the cold metal calmed her spirits.

"WAHH!!" A baby yelled, and she swung around in
surprise, breathing hard. A chubby little hand was grabbing for something, and
reaching out of the crib. Feet followed. Washu let out a breath.

"Oh, it's only you." Washu told the child, walking
over. She looked into the cradle at the wailing baby, one of her hands still
holding the necklace. "Hush…" she soothed, stroking the baby's blond hair. It
calmed under her touch, and she was relieved, she didn't want to risk the
parent's waking up. The child cooed for a second, before grabbing Washu's
outstretched finger- hard.

"Oww!!" Washu hissed, trying to be as quiet as
possible when someone was breaking your finger.

"What's that noise hunny?" a voice called from the
next room over.

"Just the baby, John. Go back to sleep." Another
voice called.

"I don't know, I thought I heard someone else."

"Don't worry about it. She'll stop crying

"Alright…" a 'flop' was heard, and they went back to

Washu could have screamed. Those insensitive,
uncaring, selfish… She stopped herself and sighed. Didn't they care that their
child was upset? Obviously not. She clenched her prize tightly in her hand, and
went over to the window.

"Teekie!" she strained a loud whisper.

"What?!" A loud voice called out, as he came into

Washu waved her arms frantically, "Not so loud! Not
so loud!" she strained again.

"Oh, heh heh, sorry…" he placed his hand behind his

Washu glared at him through her mask. "Whatever.
Just get me a ladder, ok?"

He nodded resolutely and scurried off.

Washu sighed.

"What the hell is going on here?!" a voice called
from the nursery door. Washu spun around in shock. Standing in the doorway was
what must have been John, and he had a rifle. Washu grew stiff for a moment,
before quick thinking kicked in. With lightening fast reflexes, she ran for the
cradle and scooped up the child inside.

"Now, you wouldn't want to hut your precious child,
would you?" Washu taunted, holding the now crying child up.

John hesitated for a moment, staring in horror at
the thief.

"I didn't think so." She smirked. "Teekie! You ready
with that ladder yet?!" she called out the window.

"Yeah Washu! Got it right here!"

"Barnat! You got the wife sedated?!" she called out
through the wall.

"All done here Washu!"

"Theo," she called, looking directly at John. "You
got John?"

A sickening crack resounded trough the house, and
John slumped to the floor. A man in an orange mask stood where John was
previously, his hands in a combat like position, a smirk on his face.

"You gunna take that with you?" Theo asked, relaxing
and crossing to Washu, indicating the baby.

Washu looked at the child. With training, she could
probably make it a tough fighter, but if she left it here…She looked over at
the man on the ground.

"Yeah." She looked at Theo resolutely. "Might be
good to have another person on the team. Plus she's a natural fighter." Washu
held up her bruised finger as proof.

Theo let out a low whistle. "Woo, she did that? At
so young?? Geez… she's a tough one…"

Washu nodded, beaming a smile. "Come on Theo, lets
get out of here before the cops come."

With a smile from Theo, the three hopped out the
window and down the ladder, and then, once accompanied by all who came at
first, left the scene of the crime.

Washu approached Tokimi, the child and necklace in
her hands.

"Oh great Tokimi, we approach you now with tonight's

The woman looked at Washu from her chair, having to
crane her neck to look so far down. "You have a child." She acknowledged.

Washu nodded, but did not look up. "I wish to train

Tokimi looked from baby to woman, then back between
them again. She looked around the room of twenty or so people, and issued an
order to the rest of the clan. "Leave." She bid. Her people obeyed.

Once the room was silent, Washu got up from her
kneeled position and laughed. Tokimi laughed as well.

"What a load of crap! 'Oh great Tokimi'" Washu
quoted herself, and they both broke into renewed laughter.

When they had both settled down, Tokimi looked at
the child Washu was now holding. "Are you sure you want to take her?" she asked

Washu also looked at the child, and nodded. "Yeah…
I'm sure."

Silence coated the room, before Tokimi asked a
question. "What happened?"

"We ran into trouble. The parent's woke up." She

"I trust you took care of it?"


Tokimi smiled. "Well then, I see no obligation as to
why you can't have the child."

Washu looked up, surprised.

"Take care of her Washu." She nodded at her friend.

Washu nodded back. "I will." Then to her new child,
"Hear that, baby? You're mine now…" she trailed off.

"What are you going to call her?" Tokimi asked.

Washu didn't look away from the baby. "Ryoko…" is
all she said.

"RYOKO!!" A woman cried to her 16 year old daughter.

Ryoko snickered and hid behind a column.

"RYOKO!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!!!!!" A pink haired woman
ran past her, not looking to the side, where her daughter was holding back

The green haired one's head shot up, and she all but
ran over to her mother. "WHAT?! You didn't tell me!!!"

Washu smiled an eerie smile, and Ryoko knew she had
been tricked. She tried to run away, but Washu already had possession of her
ear. Ryoko yelped in pain.

"And just WHAT do you think you're doing??!!!" Washu
began pulling the kicking and screaming girl back to the house. "I've been
looking for you ALL morning!!! There are chores that need to be done, food to
be made, clothes to get ready…" Ryoko braced herself. "AND YOU JUST WALTZ
AROUND, LIKE YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!!!" Once they reached their house,
Washu let go of Ryoko's ear, and thrust a broom into her hands.

"But mooooooom!" Ryoko whined, "I'm going out

"Not until you're done with your work you're not!"

Ryoko grumbled and started sweeping, angrily glaring
at her mother.