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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 12
"The Space RACE "

"It seems to be a bit crowded in this place
of the Galaxy" Said Dr Olchiward
"The Data of this planet.......
The planet of the Delta system distance from earth
10 tousands light year current local time 21:00
Shuttle time 10:00....estimated 6100000000 millions of
species living on the planet the number might increase" Said Galaxia
"How much time till the landing" Said Lydhia
"Estimated 2 minutes till arival" Said Galaxia
We landed threw this two minutes the planet was a huge futuristic metropoly.
It was a planetlike city from the informations we aquiered we knew that
its name was Civilis strange that the naming was Latin for civilisation !
"Civilis !?! What a strange naming" I said it
"Im hungry"Said Eleila
"I wonder what foods they have here" Said ikernel
"We will investigate this" I said it
"Hej stasek they might be serving something from earth here" Said Chriss
"Hey Dude what you eat on earth ?" Said Skatie
"French fries...Paluszki..scrambled egg" Said Chriss
"Shut up" I said it a little bit hungry !

However finding a bar or restaurant in unfamiliar territory
wasn't that simple we needed to survive three Crossroads (Space Science
fiction style )

Imagen that you're standing on a crossroad and there's Ufo's flying
all over the place Finally we got to some sort of Saloon
called "The Cosmic Saloon Motorbicykles club" after hearing a bit of Polish
in the outerspace I wasn't suprised to find english after all who invented the
Star Wars ? we entered it we could hear people speaking in english :
"So John You still think that you can win that race" Said one Man
"Yeah Dann its simple" Said the other one

We came to the bar and talked to the Bar man MAN HE WAS HUGE !!!
"Good evening we would like to order something" I ordered in English
In a short while the barman showed us our place and we where given what we orered
"20 Derist" Said the Barman
"Could it 20 in other curency" I said it
"I never saw that kind of nominal but its ok !" Said the bar man

We ated our food and than we came to the Bar
"Is there something interesting going on on this planet ? " said Lydhia
"Ill get to it ...Civilis is popular for
annual races of space scooters for 10 in your nominal
I can get you in the race list" Said The Bar man
"What do you think about it" I said it
"Why not" Said Eleila
"Well Dude there isn't anything interesting going on
now" Said Skatie
"There's no need to be afraid" Said Lydhia
"New emotions and adventures wasn't that the
reason you gone exploring the universe" Said Dr Olchiward
"....." Wanted to say Something Ikernel
"there's no need to be afraid of new chalenges"Said Demonica
"its a good Idea Stasek" Said Chriss

I gived 10 zloties to the Barman and he enrolled us on the
list. We needed to to Visit some Magister inginer of Technology mr Alfred Jobel
we were transported there by a Scientce fiction version of metropoly transportation
system or simply a by a cosmobus after just 29 minutes we reached the
research lab of Mr Alfred Jobel
"ACH we have ourself some guests " Said Mr Alfred Jobel

Alfred Jobel was simply an old magister of Inginering and technology
he looked old near 72 years old
"This old geezer is the Alfred Jobel"Said Skatie
to show you some where did I putted it" Said Alfred Jobel
He suprised us by speaking in Polish Skatie was speaking in
Polish when she said that.
He searched for something he went threw all diffrent kind of files
" I have it " Said Mr Alfred Jobel and showed his picture
apparently from sixty years ago !!!!!
"What will you say now" Said Mr Alfred Jobel
"Are you Mr Alfred Jobel" Said Demonica seeing how
troublosome the situation turned to be
"Are you asking about the grear Mr Alfred Jobel the creator
of the Univesity of the Qantum mechanics ?"Said Mr Alfred Jobel
"You own you're own Unevirsity?"Said Eleila
"I wish" Said Mr Alfred Jobel
We almost felled down
"Are you Mr Alfred Jobel ?" I asked anoyed
"Yes it was my fault !!" Said Mr Alfred Jobel

I gived him the paper whe got from the bar man
" ach so you're from Dave who works at the funeral parlour" Said Mr Alfred Jobel

We almost felled for the second
"Where from the Dave that works at the bar !!!!" Said Ikernel
"Ha !! so thats where dead people go these days " Said Mr Alfred Jobel
"No there's where alive people go !!! I think" Said a little bir scaried Eleila
"ach so You're alive" Said Mr Alfred Jobel
"Than come on" Said Mr Alfred Jobel
we went with the not quite sane inventor we were at a garagge
of some sort
"Whats this?" I said it
" Thats.....I had written somewhere ....
ITS A GARAGGE" Said Mr Alfred Jobel after a long thought
" And my masterpiece My Cosmic scooter that I created 30 years ago
I never had the time to actually test it"Said Alfred Jobel
"Why ?" Said Demonica
"Don't ask questions !!! People have other stuff to do !!" Said Alfred Jobel
He showed us an cosmic scooter with all the up to date equipment it was white
it had a two person Pilots cabine radio stereo and a tape recorder and player
two supersonic engines the lights that were able to lit the space at the range
of two light years !
And some other things that the inventor didnt mention.
" I would like you to test my vechicle in the space race but
I should warn you that participating will be the son of that bastard
that prevented me from acheving my victory his name is John Philips" said Mr Alfred Jobel
" So you were in this too"Said Chriss
"Yes and I even ..........BUT THATS NOT THE POINT he will
try to threw you out of the course and this might lead to
being LOST IN SPACE .....Its time to eat"Said Mr Alfred Jobel

We almost feel but he was reciving us as his guests we needed to be
propper behaving !
" I Know who should ride it" Said Mr Alfred Jobel
" Who it will be "Said Skatie

We patiently waited some 15 minutes
"You and you " Said Mr alfred Jobel and pointed at me and Chriss
" Stasek and Chriss!?!?!" Said suprised Dr Olchiward
" Is it a bad choice" Said Mr Alfred Jobel
"No there'siblings why didn't I think of it" Said Dr Olchiward
"so thats ok move out we have just two hours !!" Said Mr Alfred Jobel
We almost felled for the fourth time

We packed the Scooter and we got into a Science fiction truck !
we arived in the blink of an eye !
........................................................................ ........................................................................... ........................................................................... ......................................................
Before we noticed we where on the starting line
"In this race you need to bypass ten meteorites orbitng
this planet !" Said Mr Alfred Jobel and he went away
When the rest including Mr Alfred Jobel took their seats
in the audience we were aproached by a green haired young man
"Who the hell are you starting In that kinda junk!!!! " Said the stranger
"and who the hell are you? Calling our flight a junk!!!! " Said Chriss
"Ach yes,yes scum!!! I am John Philips local Winner
!!! and seeing you I get an impression that Im gonna
win in a row with out even trying hahaha!!!!" Said John philips
"And I get an impression that
you should hold your horses !!!
you dint win anything yet !!!
and I think that you wont !! "I said it

Meanwhile to team was aproched by a Rich man
"Well Ill be it Alfred Jobel You here
!! hah I really thought that after I beat you
! youll never come here by your self" Said the Rich guy
"Randy,Randy Philips you never change do you this
time your son wont win you ugly pipster !! " Said Mr Alfred Jobel
"We will see you old fool " Said Randy Philips

Meanwhile at the course:
"Three,two,one and their offfffff !!! " yelled the speaker

And we rushed. John did as a service and decided to threw off
all the other guys from the course we were speading like crazy
threw the plnets atmosphere well they were near the orbit
John didn't want to loose so he decided to shoot us down !!!

Meanwhile way down there we were observed by our team
" Will they die" said Eleila
"No they have a will to survive" Said Mr Alfred Jobel

He was right we were able to dodge the shoots
we reached the first meteorite but that wasn't the end
of Johns evil schemes.

But he decided to shoot us with sniper riffle we were
able to move at that kinda speed that he wasn't able to shoot us
we reached the second meteorite
" There's only eight to go" Said Chriss
We felled a very hard push John wanted to push us
into the atmosphere but we speaded and wer reached
the third and the fourth meteorite
We were able to reach the fifth meteorite but he cought to us
"Stop!!!" screamed Chriss

I stopped John felled down into the atmosphere he survived
but that's not important with the rest gone
we were able to safely finish the race !

"And what about that who won Randy !!!!
well say it who won the race Cmon" Said Alfred Jobel
"Shut up that was a Fluke nothing more than a fluke"Said Randy philips

We were reciving our prize. And than we where behind the stadion near the truck
"well you made me proud however....You're not allowed
to keep this" Said Mr Alfred Jobel and stole our prize trophy
from us
" Hey thats not fair!!!" I yelled
"Ok just take my invention as a reward" Said Mr Alfred Jobel
"Why not" I said it
"it seems a good deal" Said Chriss
"wouldn't have the time for it anyway" Said Mr alfred Jobel
" How come ?"Said Demonica
"I already answered this" Said Mr Alfred Jobel

A quite awsome limusine came !and a very beutiful girl came out
of it
"Iíve looked for you almost evrywhere" said the girl
" Cute granddaughter" I said it
"Wrong"said Mr Alfred Jobel
" Daughter ???"said Chriss
" no you're both wrong she's my wife !" Said Mr Alfred Jobel

This time we all felled down after Mr Alfred Jobel left us
we took our Cosmic Scooter and returned to Galaxia and after aquiring or the
necessary suplies we left the planet.
" How was it ?" Asked Galaxia
"You wouldn't imagen" I said it
"My theory is that sometimes the experience might be
wilder than you might expect" Said Dr Olchiward

I wonder how many of these crazy adventures are going to befall us

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