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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 13

"The Mysterious Dissapearence"

"and than he entered the darkness of
the palace he was drown in it
hahahaha You will never retutn to
the world of the living this is the
this is the power of the course" I read it

It was my and Lydhia watch but this time
we all were pilots cabine it was the same day we
took pasrt in that race. Now we all moved to the
kitchen Demonica was doing Sandwitches for us
"Good Story Dude" Said Skatie
"No ...no it was terrible" Said Eleila frightened of the course
"Little Eleila was afraid of the course" Said Chriss
" No I wasn't" Said Eleila
"Enought" Said Dr Olchiward
Demonica opened the fridge she was looking for something
Then she turned to Ikernel
"Go for the tomatoes to the magazine on the double" Said Demonica
"Why me ?"said Ikernel
"GO !!!" Said Demonica

Ikernel reacted almost instanly he went and never
We weren't aware what was going on we waited for 30 minutes
finally Demonica lost her patience
"If ILL see him he will wish to dissapear for 30 years" Said Demonica

she went to our magazine she opened the door locked the door
and you could here
"Well well well what do you thin you're doing in here...." You could hear
we heared a quiet talk a mumble I think
"I wounder what did he give her" Said Dr Olchiward
"Why do you think he needed to give her something" I said it
"She's quiet "said Dr Olchiward

We forgotten the the tomatoes but they weren't returning
two hours have passed
"Hey dude me thinks its a curse" Said Skatie
"Be quiet!" Said Eleila
"they're not returning and that silence" I said it
"Now now now Ill go and get them" Said Dr Olchiward
"No dad NO" Said Eleila
"Eleila please don't be supersticious Ill be back" Said Dr Olchiward
He left and went tothe magzine like the ones before him
"No that's impossible........." We could hear from the Magazine

Five hours have passed Eleila felled really guilty
"Why didn't I stop him" Said Eleila
"Eleila calm down its just fiction" I said it
"My father,Ikernel Demonica are they fiction too ?" Said Eleila
"Eleila is right something is not right here" said Lydhia
"Yea right Galaxia show us the image from the magazine" I said it
"Im loading video....Camera not conected"Said Galaxia
"You see" Said Lydhia
"eee now come on I bring them back" Said Skatie
she went over there
"All right dudes.....whts that....." Said Skatie and
she was silenced

We waited for Skatie an entire day we tried not think about
anything related to that matter.
"You seee !!!" Said Eleila
"Calm down Im going my self" Said Chriss
"No chriss wait" I said it
"So you belive in this" Said Lyshia
"huh....take a lamp its dark there you might trip" I said to Chriss and
gived him a flash light We could only hear
"Wow cool.........."Said Chriss and was silenced

we awaited for them the entire two days just to be safe
"Well they should come out a long time ago" Said Lydhia
"Yea !!! huh if you don't belive me check it yourselfs
they're playing a prank on us" I said it ultra frightened
"You go unless you're afraid" Said Eleila
"hey can you rooll a dice ?" I said it

I remembered that I had a dice that could be used for cheating however
it is rolled it will always show 6
"What why ?" Said Lydhia
"To see who is destined to go if three times in row the number rolled
will be three You go if not I go its simple you're the ones rolling" Said Lydhia
"You're an idiot fine than" Said Lydhia
she rolled of course it was number six three times
"Thats just impossible" Said Lydhia
"Where going Eleila" Said Lydhia
"Wait ....take this it will keep you safe" I said and gived them my lasersword
"Thats your Laser sword" Said Lydhia
"Take it you'll never know" I said
I gived them also my Walkie Talkie
"say if you'll be in danger" I said it
They went in
"thats thats..." said Eleila and was silenced
"Eleila....." Said Lydhia and she was silenced

I waited for them entire two weeks beliving it was a prank

"So Im alone " I said to myself
"theres no body left" I said it to myself
"IS THIS THE WAY IT SHOULD FINISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I said it
"Well Im going but first Im gonna write my own will...Yes just that....
Galaxia write it down .....I Stanislaw Died an honourable Deadth" I said it
"It was saved" Said Galaxia
" Im going" I said it
And I entered the dark corridor of the shuttle when I was nearing
to the magazine I saw a dark hole in the center of it where everyone was
trapped for eternity suffecating to their deadths then I saw a monster
that eated them I oppened the door entered I heard a voices I tripped over
a box and suddenly I was attacked by monsters then I saw terrible things I was
fighting with horrible creatures and than I woke up to see Lydhia
"Oh my we entirelly forgot about him" Said Lydhia
and she gived me lasersword to me
"Whats going on?" I said it
"Well its a long story when I wented for the tomatoes I found this" Said Ikernel
and showed me a Polish coin from 1987
"I was trying to find out from where are this coins" Said Ikernel
"Thats all" I said it
"Well there are other things as well" Said Ikernel
After hearing this I returned to the Pilots cabine I didn't want to disturb
them Lydhia followed me
"oh Stasek it seems you were right lets watch some tv" said Lydhia
"You don't want to be with them ?" I said
" I have something more interesting here" Said Lydhia

we watched the television I will never read books about courses I decided to watch
movies about vampires it was safer after all vampires do not exist .....and Just than I was bitted by Lydhia in the neck !! Whats going on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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