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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 16
"Space pirates and a third demon"

This time we landen on Atlanta this partcular
planet was a big blue ocean and many small Islands
it was 2:00 at night this time we were watching ships
that swimed in water
"Wow this planet is cool dude" Said Skatie
"I like the sea climate" Saild Lydhia

We were warching huge galeons that were so familliar
to those that sailed on earth
"You must admit Stasek that this place is full of art" Said Dr
"Eleila Chriss that one belongs to the pirates" I said it

Of course we didn't knew it was a real pirate ship
and that it sailed under the dreadfull Divierre bander

And that the captain was talking to his brother,yes the same guy
we defeated earlier in that cabaret incident with GXP
"So you were beaten by some Kids" Said Alweird Divierre
"Yes but these aren't normal kids they have demons among them" Said
"Don't worry I have a suprise or two for them as well" Said Alweird

What it suppose to be we were to find out shortly.

Meanwhile we found ourselfs a place to stay one of the
local hotels of course !
"Rooms 113,192,302,451,06,72,112" Said the Recepcionist
and told the Hotelboy to take us there
Of course that was the suprise The Hotelboy he was
suppose to be our new enemy. Just after that the boy
Meeted with Arweird!
"So you know which rooms are theres" Said Arweird
"Yes" Said Leon (The Boys name was Leon)
He was of a normal high an yellow blond hair (in a diffrence to mine
which are blond but resemble Albino white hair)
Dark or brown eyes wearing a red uniform resembling a Hotelboys one
he had an very old skin or leather travels bag as to the Arweird
Divierre he was an old pirate sixteen century style aged somewhere
between 40 years he was definetly a captain of the ship
"So lets proceed with our plan shall we" Said the Captain
"Yes Sir"Said Leon

Meanwhile we were walking
"These flowers are beautifull" Said Eleila
"Yea they are" Said Lydhia
"Chriss this how the real vacations should look like" I said it
"I must agree with you Stasek" Said Chriss
"ThIS NOTALKING kills me" Said Ikernel
" Should I order a coffin"Said Skatie
"Ha !! Im not dead yet !!" Said Ikernel
"Who knows man who knows"Said Skatie
We all laughted
"Who knows who seen Stasek" Said Chriss
"You knowwhat I like in this travel ?" I said it
"What ?"Said Ikernel
"We didn't have to take our parents with us"I said it
"You know thats not exactly true"Said Demonica
"Im happy that I found my Dad"Said Eleila
"Im happy too my dear" Said Dr Olchiward

We were surelly enjoying ourself when this Leon
guy decided to show up
"Hello motto" Said Leon
"Hey whats up dude you look like a ghost dude" Said Skatie
"GHOST !?!?"said Leon
Than he apereared behind Eleila caught her and silenced her
"Hey wait!!! give her back !!" I screamed attacked and failed
to free her becuse he was faster and flew up
"My name is..."said Leon
"Leon !?!?"Said Demonica
"I wanted to say SLIM SHADDY anyways if you want to help
your friend you need to visit the pirate ship owned by
Divierre"Said Leon and he dissapeared
"Damn HIM !!!!!!" Said Dr Olchiward
Demonica was in schock
"Just another one more.." I said it
"Stasek can it be a revenge for what we did
on the planet Cabaret"Said Chriss
"Ya ...but this is dangerous we have demon on our hands" I said it
"Dr Olchiward please take Demonica back to Galaxia we will
save Eleila" I said it
"ok" Said Dr Olchiward and took the schocked Demonica back
to the shuttle
It was just me,Chriss,Skatie,Lydhia and Ikernel just five
people !
"We need to sink the ship" I said it

And we rushed on the ship with little interference on
the way we got at the place

We were welcomed by the captain
"So you camed you scum"said the captain
"Where's Eleila" Said Lydhia
"LEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON !!!"Said the captain
Leon apperaerd with the girl on his hands
"If you wan't her back you must defeat us" Said the Captain

The battle started I was duelling with the captain I cutted him
with my Lasersword he cutted me with his sable Chriss shotted from the J gun
to the whole crew Ikernel used magic,Lydhia her pistols Skatie devastated
everything Leon whatch our battle and he saved our team teleporting
us back when the ship was sinking !
"Traitor !!!!!!!! leave the deck" Said the captain
The ship sunk
"Pathetic" Said Leon
and he gaved me back Eleila
"Whats it all about" Said Lydhia
"Well I need money so I work for everyone who
pays I need money cause I need spaceships to travel I will
wake a demon from her sleep" Said Leon
"We the demons do not need spaceships" Said Ikernel
"Im not full fledged demon"said Leon and he dissapeared

I knew Demonica would explain this matter in details
for now we returned to our shuttle Dr Olchiward was happy
we got his daughter back !
But Im starting to wonder whats this really about !
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