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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 20

"The lights planet Oran"
"Stasek you could had paid the price "said Lydhia
"I would but 100billion of zloties isn't it an exageration!!" I said it
"Moron why didn't you give him the grosz instead of zloties " Said Chriss
"You think I didn't try !" I said it
"wanna know my opinion its still to pricy!"Said Dr olchiward
"Yea kinda exclusive here a bit to much for my taste" Said Skatie

Iwasn't suprised Skatie didn't enjoy the situation,we all had become a bit annoyed
with all of that.
We landed on a Planet called Oran,it was the most exclusive planet in this side of the galaxy.
Everywhere where you could look you saw:
-Television studios
-Hiper markets
-Radio station
-Exclusive hotels
etc etc

Suddenly out of nowhere Leon appeared
"Its seems you have a little trouble finding a descent hotek ?"Said Leon
"here's the smart guy"said Chriss
"And hows your luck"said Ikernel
"Well....not...exactly,but I think I can help you"said Leon
"Or more exactly we can help you" I said it
"Well you can view as you like" Said Leon
"So were working together again"Lydhia
"And thats good we can help each other" Said Eleila
"You're right young girl"Said Leon
"I have a good idea we have no money why don't we find a part time job" Said Demonica
"wow !?!" Said Chriss
"what ?" Said Demonica
"You can have some good idea's too"Said Chriss
"just this once !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Said Demonica
"Warring states thats enought !!" I said it
"Huh now wait a minute !" Said Demonica
"Don't be too serious about it ok" I said it
"Dad whats your comment" Said Eleila
"It might be a good idea !" Said Dr Olchiward
"Really" Said Leon
"hmm like mother like son..." I said it
"what ?" Said Skatie who didnt understand what was I saying
"no nothing so are we looking for a station than ?" I said it

and so we begun our search and becuse it was nine of us the whole search
really didn't take long,the radio station had a number 1E98C57D it was it ID
number,it was a very high advanced futuristic tower similiar to the
World trade center towers that was attacked by the terrorists back in 2001
The infamous 9/11 attacks !
But we weren't aware that besides us,also the Headhunters were employed there
they were repairing the reflectors.
"Why the hell are we working here" said Vaclaw
"Well it might be becuse of some idiot who made us stay in that 'Palace' hotel
that idiot paid with our entire money" Said Lilly
"Ow sorry Lilly" said Vaclaw
"Not that its all important now our salary is 1/8 of our reward " Said Lilly
"And we will be able to rest finnally" Said Boris
" Why not but wooooooooork for now!!!!" Said Lilly

Meanwhile we were at a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery exclusive office of
Mr chairman MC Rendel Wolf he was a bit similiar to Kuba Wojewodzki a host in
the Polish ersion of Idol on Polsat ! (Wikipedia dude Wikipedia)
he even had the same academic glasses as Kuba Wojewodzki adleast they were so much
"So we would like to work here" Said Dr Olchiward
"Very well than you'll help Lilly,Boris and Vaclaw"Said Mr Rendel
"Lilly,Vaclaw and Boris" We really were schocked well except Mr Rendel

Well we aren't the only ones you should see the suprise on the Headhunters
"Oh shit" Said Chriss
"Leave it Lilly"said Vaclaw
"No this is a moment we were waiting for we only need to push them off and the reward !!
is ours !!" Said Lilly
"We could reach some sort of an agreement" Said Dr Olchiward
Lilly laughted
"Its not that im involved here"Said Leon and dissapeared
"Hey you coward comeback now"I said it
"Its not that we wanted him we only need you"Said Lilly
"You CANT win"said Ikernel

"'The Experience Head Hunters are we" Said Lilly
"Vaclaw" Said Vaclaw
"Boris" Said Boris
" And I Lilly so bye bye with your life !!!'"said Lilly

"Can't we talk it over" said Lydhia
"No its to late for it" Said Lilly
And she quickly pulled out her lasersword and attacked me
Chriss attacked her with his J Gun and I ataccked Boris and Vaclaw
who attacked us,we heard the glass being broken it was propably from the
"Somebody gonna get it"said Dr Olchiward
"ehem"said Eleila

Eleila and Dr Olchiward didn't participate in the battle
instead of that they standed next to the war and drink tea from the cupps
they warched our combat.
Chriss shooted onto Lilly and Boris however he managed to push me out,however I could fly
thnx to the Lasersword.
Demonica attacked with Energy balls the target was Lilly.
Lydhia grabbed Vaclaw from behind and hanged on him by the neck.
"let me go you idiot"Said Vaclaw
"Say Aunty" Said Lydhia
"Aunty,aunty,aunty !!!" Said Vaclaw
Lydhia let him go judt to jum on his back and drop him out,but she her self flew
just before Boris hited accidentle Vaclaw !

Meanwhile Mr Rendel who was alarmed with that strange noise,came to check on us
" What is going on here" Said Mr Rendel
"Its the boss!!!" We all screamed

And our pointless batlle ended just like that !
"You're all fired now" Said Mr Rendem Mc Wolf
And were threw down from the entire 144 we were working at the last
and as we left the door shotted behind us !
"Its all your fault!!" Said Lilly
"SHUT UP SIS" Said both Vaclaw and Boris who were really annoyed with
their sister
"So thats how it all ended" Said Leon which appeared

Demonica shooted him down,we were all sitting on the stairs for a while about an hour or

Finally Lilly stood up and said
"Stasek it will not end like that becuse of this" said Lilly
And the Head hunters left just like that !

"Somebody want to comment on this" I said it
"Why don't we just return to the Galaxia" Said Chriss

Whats the moral of this story ?


Leon went on his own but we weren't worried him and thoose pesky
Headhunters will appear again ! damn it all

To Be continued in the next Chapter of Galaxia !