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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 42
"Personal Data part 7 scientists easy life"

Its time to return to that grey colony again Its also time to listen to the doc:
"My name is Dr Olchiward Im 35 years old I was raised in Sevanna which was an old Slavic villiage ethnically Im more of a Greek. I can speak in both Greek and an Slavic dialect similliar to todays Polish language. In the age of 3 I Begun my Scientific apprentice under my father. I continued my studies even in the age of 15
and it was the moment when my father started to take me to Scientific sessions at Celestia where I was born so ofcourse I knew the town very well.
Celestia wasn't far from Sevana in the age of 20 I attained a permission that allowed me to begin my very own research I recieved the title of an true professor so I could move to Celestia which was my familly town. In the age of 25 I married lady Ksera and Eleila was born. Unfortunetly my familly hapinnes didn't last long
When I was just 30 years old the planet was struck by an meteorite the sky became red an unknown gas was released I took an handcechiff put it on my face to be able to breave and begun looking for both Ksera and Eleila, to see Eleila I needed to wait 5 years I never saw Ksera. Before that I needed to runaway I hid in an only place I considered safe in my archaic villia I researched there I lost my feelings there. I became insane in order to get ridd of all of these unpleasent feelings.
I researched everything and I experimented on everything.
My main priority was to catch Ikernel an very rare shadow demon were friends now.

Just recently I found out my daughter is still alive she came with a person called Stasek and the rest we repaired their ship and managed to escape in the right time.
were currently traveling together and I continue some of my earlier research.
That would be all I can say about this whole Issue." Said Dr Olchiward

I Must admit a Doc is a born Intelectual only 2 more and many more adventures along the way in the next chapter of GALAXIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF GALAXIA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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