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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 47
"The secret of the Secret entity"

After some hardships in reaching the underwater headquarters on the planet
Melae, an 50 year old man finally reached her. On the foot note the guy was
wearing blue jeans and red leather jacket nothing to special he had dark hair and a beard

"wow I must admit Im suprised" Said Mystica in fact it will be later revealed
that she was the Secret entity behind this whole mess she had an appearance of an 5
year old cute girl,dark hair ,dark eyes an white dress an stylish Hat and white buts.
"yes I reached it is it true that you can grant any wish?" Said the man who happened to be
the mayour of the local town.
"Yes whatever you want" said Mystica
"please grant me Immortality" Said the Mayour
"Fine you'll join that pile" Said Mystica
"pile !?! What are you talking?" Said the Mayour and soon before he realised he became a statue
"ojojoj another Statue" Said Mystica

Meanwhile on the surface we where in that town which was called Akilla and where having troubles
with an troublesome seller.
"Just how many times I must repeat to you we do not plan to buy anything from you
at this moment !!!!!!!" Said Dr Olchiward
"Customer is always right" Said Yoko Hamagasaki
that guy Yoko Hamagasaki was a seller which sell stuff on bargains similliar to the ones
in China or Japan he was wearing a Chinese outfitt or similiar in design to that of Chinesse sellers.
You Chinese traditional outfits.
he was a bit "ANNOYING"

"come on lets start exploring this planet finally" I said it
"That Chinese won't stop buging the Doc" Said Chriss
"Maybe that dude can be our guide" Said Skatie
"I think I meeted him before once or twice, and this name sounds familliar somehow " Said Demonica
"Dear mr Yoko Hamagasaki can you be our guide in Akilla ?" Said Lydhia in an extremelly nice voice
"me be your guide in Akilla customer is always right" Said Yoko Hamagasaki
"great" Said Leon
"wow lets go lets go" Said Eleila
"So whats the first important location we should visit?" said Ikernel
"The Mayours mansion lets go lets go" Said Yoko Hamagasaki
and as fast he came he was already gone.
"where did he go ?" I said suprised
"oh man he's fast "said Chriss
"a simple cheater will get to him later" Said Demonica
"so where are we going now that we finally lost that guy" Said Leon
"the Swriedenski square is near the location he mentioned" Said Dr Olchiward
"ok let's go" I said it

meanwhile at the mayours masion
A sixteen year old girl nervosly awaited for her dad to return she had beautifull browm hair
she also weared a beutifull pink dress,her name was Venna.
"dear Miss your father has the decided to reach the bottom of the Sirena lake he didn't return
for 30 minutes. I think we should preapair ourselfs for the worst" Said one of the Mansions Maids
"No my father is just naive why did he pursue something he already had. I don't think he would
allow himself to be killed!! Allonzo notify my mother Im going to take him back" Said Venna
"But Miss you can't indanger yourself like that !!!" Said the Maid
"its for me to decide whether I can or not...you know its time to see is this
Mystica real or not!!!" Said Venna
and she quickly left the room.
Meanwhile we reached the mansion just as Venna left
"you had me wait loong" Said Yoko Hamagasaki
"sorry dude but you move to fast" Said Skatie
"Customer is always right I move very fast customer is always right
I move to fast for you !!!" Said Yoko Hamagasaki
"so why did we came here ?" Said Leon
"here lives a wise but naive person the mayour of Akilla he lives here with his
familly....."Said Yoko Hamagasaki
"Venna!!!! Vena!!!VENA!!!" Shouted Venna's Mother
"have you seen my daughter Venna around!!!" Venna's mother shouted to us
"Sorry but were not from around here!!" I said it
"Ill leave" Said Yoko Hamagasaki and he vanished
"now where did he go ?"Said Chriss
"Allonzo please invite them inside I wan't to talk to them" Said Venna's mother

Allonzo obeyed the request of her master and we were invited to the Mayours mansion it was very
Venna's mother was crying but she went down to us.
"Please excuse me but I would like you to save my husband and daughter" Said Venna's mother
"and it was suppose to be a calm day" I said it
"I wouldn't ask you for help if it wasn't neccesary" Said Venna's Mother
"but what exactly happened ?" Said Lydhia
"it begun from an very ancient legend my husband who is the mayour of our town wasn't to loyal
to our divine mistress..recently in his archeological research he came near some writings
dealig with an very ancient demon who grants wishes. I think it could be her way of teaching
my husband a lesson. For his naiveness and stubborness he went to see that demon and drawned
cause that demon's headquarter is at the bottom of our local lake Sirena in the place no one
would ever dare to visit cause of the fear of the divine punishment from our mistress,since her father
didn't return Venna decided to take him back."Said Venna's mother while stoping some tears
"and what was this demons name?"Said Leon
"Mystica" Said Venna's mother while crying
"Mystica and Yoko Hamagasaki !?!?"Said Demonica
"what now ?" I said it
"ok Mystica and her survent Yoko Hamagasaki they surve Dark Master their the first demons I meet " Said Demonica
"they should have a force jewel than ?" I said it
"I don't think so" Said Demonica
"so we need to take care of this matter ?" Said Chriss
"well yes....how will we get there does anyone from us know how to dive ?" Said Eleila
"Ill give you all the equipment and arrange some basic lessons for you "Said Venna's mother
Of course she did as promissed she even had as driven to the lake.

Meanwhile Mystica was in middle of her conversation with Dark Master
"eh why should I kill them ?" Said Mystica
"because they will kill you my lady your survent screewed his mission,instead of leading
them to our Aqua club he lead them to that mayours mansion" Said Dark Master
"yes but than again thats what they do they always talk to the locals in fact at the begining
they even helped them solving some problems like that incident on tnat desert planet for example
why are we seperating them from normal citizens living on my planets ? There's no reason for it
even when that group tried to warned them they thought that they where tired from the ordeal.
Besides I wanna see them alive one more time before we kill them off...Yoko has that Jewel
he will simply give it to it there's no need for pointless violance. Later on some
of your survents will kill Stasek and Chriss hahaha isn't that a great plan ?" Said Mystica

Venna entered in the middle of that conversation.
"Mystica and what about these that are traveling with Stasek and Chriss ? I doubt they will
go along as planned my lady it took to long they should die once they reached Jupiter Now you're
very weaken from all of this I fear for your safety" Said Dark Master
"you really don't get it Dark Master..." Said Mystica
"so you are Mystica ?" Said Venna
"how dare you approach our mistress like that interfere with things
that are not of your consern" Said Dark Master
"oh hello hows life on the surface" Said Mystica
"What are you doing tell your survent to eliminate her now
she knows to much she'll talk or even help Stasek and Chriss !!" Said Dark Master
"No !! why should I kill her besides Stasek's group surves me they won't betray" Said Mystica
"oh why are you starting like that again have you already forgotten what happened back than when we were
attacked by these guardians. Ill take care of things my self than after all thats my duty
my lady. Forgive me that Im worried about you but please stop being so stubborn" Said Dark Master
he raised his hand on Venna and shooted a force ball intended to kill Venna but Mystica intervened she took
the blow instead Mystica fainted.
"damn you Mystica I didn't intend to hurt you now I must clean the whole mess my self" Said Dark Master
"Who are you !!" Said terrified Venna
"Don't you know I bring darkness" Said Dark Master

Meanwhile we were in water diving and where prepairing ourselfs for battle
"prepaire yourselfs I feel Dark Master's presence" Said Demonica
"him what does he want her mum" Said Leon
" I don't know" Said Demonica

Dark Master In Mystica's cave was observing us with schocked Venna
"yes they're coming now it will be a piece of cake Glitters kill them kill them all" Said Dark Master
"Yes my lord" Said the Glitters and teleported them selfs to the battlefield
"I won't risk like you Mystica !!" Said Dark Master
"Why do you wan't to kill them" Said Venna
"them you'll join too I said it already im not taking any risks
you dont interfere Yoko!!!" Said Dark Master
"you evil demon think only about himself" Said Yoko Hamagasaki
"I must protect her I will take any steps neccesary" Said Dark Master
"you don't have to do it I won't tell them anything" Said Venna
"enought with the interfering Yoko get out my way you're a servan't of Mystica
you should understand as much Im the one who does what she ordered me to do" Said Dark Master

meanwhile we defeated all the Glitters
"yes now Im definetly sure that Dark Master is here" Said Demonica

we reached some giant underwater doors we opened them and swimmed inside and up
we swimmed out or left from some lake or hole in the cave, Dark Master was suprised as well as the
other two. Venna and Yoko rushed to us
"Whats going on?" Said terrified Venna
"Mystica !! we should ask the same to you" Said Demonica
"what !?! If she wouldn't toyed to long with you I wouldn't have to trouble my self
now" Said Dark Master
"lets finish it here and now its over Dark Master you won't destroy the Megacivilisation" Said Demonica
"im scared" Said Eleila and she hugged to me
"I think I understand her motives now not yet kids but soon everything will be revealed
than it will be over" Said Dark Master and dissapeared
"we need to wake Mystica up" Said Leon
"Ill do it" I said it
"you ?" Said Leon
"ok we need to trust him and she would like that" Said Lydhia

I came to that little girl and gently started to wake her up. Mystica woke up
everybody gathered near us
"ukhmmmmmmm what happened WHY ARE YOU SO CLOSE !!! I mean who are you tehehehe" Said Mystica
"Mystica I came to ask you what happened to my father and the rest of people
who visited you here?" Said Venna
"eh ?hehehehe do you see these statues there ?they immortality so I gived it to them
but Ill change them back now you see " Said Mystica she grab hold of me and whispered some spell
The mayour and other people came to life from these statues.
"please don't kill me" Said Mystica to me
"Why would I wan't to kill you nothing is your fault its your Master who picked
a fight with us" I said it
"ah so you don't know anything" Said Mystica
"know what ?" I said it
"nothing ow you want the force jewel don't you ? You won't defeat him without it
Yoko give it to them...Ill giv it to you now" Said Mystica
Yoko gived us that Jewell so its time for our graphic Illustration once again:

Here we go our graphic Illustration
1.) The Jewel Blaze Master Im the owner but Leon is its caretaker
at the moment
2.)The Jewel Darkness of night its owner is Ikernel
3.)The Jewel The Ice King its owner is Eleila its the first one we obtained
4.)The Jewel Technotron currently in possesion of the demonical
Dr Schnefpusse
5.) The Jewel Mind currently in Yoko's possesion
6.) The Jewel Power to survive currently no data
7.) The Jewel Master of fire Chris is his owner
8.) The Jewel of calmless peace Lydhia is its owner
9.) The Jewel Omega Demonica is its owner

Yoko Hamagasaki gived the Force Jewel to us or more exactly he let it go to his real
owner it hitted Leon. Leon fought with it for a while and then he read Skatie's thoughts
"oy you'll gonna get for that" Said Skatie
"who are you ? Dad !!!" Said Venna and rushed to her dads arms
"I know were fools" Said the Mayour of Akilla
"Well you said it" Said Mystica
and she used the remainer of her power to teleport us back to the planets surface into the mayours mansion.
She was finally alone with Yoko in her base.
"now that was a close one but once thats over ill have them as my allies" Said Mystica
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TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF GALAXIA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|.\\
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