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A/N : I don't want to do anything so i write this one chapter "sort of epilogue" to The Princess and the Demon. So this is like a dependent clause, there is no meaning to the story if it stand alone, it needs to have an indepedent clause with it which is the whole story. But if you could grasp the story without reading the original story, it's fine with me. I dedicate this story to all of you who have ask for a "real ending" hehehehe gomen for suspending the end, and i do hope you understand what this note is saying. I do not have any beta for all stories so please forgive the grammar and spelling..
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The Princess and the Demon: Ever After
Crimson eyes opened to the brightness of the surrounding. She smiled and turned her head to the side, not seeing what she wanted to see, she frowned, she stretch her arms outward as soon as she sitted her self, She stand up, trying to put the feathered sandlas on her feet, she brushed her purple, twin ponytailed hair, arrange her undergarment and proceeded to the washroom for her morning ritual. An hour later, she emerged from the room in her usual Kimono, walking like the princess she was... WAS
She traversed the path she never thought of traversing before. Then down into the twin staircase that have been part of her nightmare once in her life, and then she went straight towards the dining room. She opened the large door, expecting it to be dark, she smiled when what greeted her wa sa brigthly lit room, and there at the far end, center of the table is the person she wanted to see...
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------
Ayeka finally arrived on the Library, and there she saw Ryoko, sitting peacefully on the couch, her head resting, a smile on her face. If not for the profuse bleeding, one can say the demoness is just sleeping.
"Ryoko?" Ayeka called softly, walking towards the sitting woman, she sat beside Ryoko, "Ryoko" she called again, tagging the woman ligthly.
Then the other's came
"Ayeka?" Sasami called as she walk towards her sister
"Tell me Sasami...Ryoko is just sleeping..yes?"
there was no answer
"Ryoko" Ayeka said, her tears running freely on her face. Washu, Yosho, and Tenchi is just watching. There is nothing they can do, "I love you Ryoko, see...i am here on my own. I love you. I knew i love you before i even knew that i am that woman you fell in love with! PLease Ryoko wake up?"
There was no answer
"PLease!" Ayeka begged louder. But the demoness did not move. Her eys still shut. Her hands cold. Ayeka leaned forward and Kiss Ryoko's lips, her lips were cold. Ayeka buried her face on Ryoko's chest and started crying.
Royoko wasn't moving for long, her body that once warm have turned cold, her lips pale and lifeless, her chest was not moving. Everyone knew, the demoness have died
Ryoko died with a smile on her face
And when all hope was lost ...a dark light appeared before their very eyes.
Ayeka held on to Ryoko's body, afraid that the light might come from the demons that have taken away her beloved...
Then a blond haired woman emerged from the dark light
"You have taken her soul, you cannot take her body!" Ayeka shouted
"I am sorry i have caused everyone grief"
there was silence
"I was so selfish, i was blinded by my love for her, and i regret everyday, every minute, every second of the action that i did"
"Don't you think it's too late for you to say that?" Ayeka said in a mocking voice
"I knew i lost, i just don't know how to accept it"
"And my poor Hakubi have sufferred most of all. All she did was fell in love with you"
there still was silence
"I know i could not turn back time and give her back all those things she have missed, so i wanted for youto love her-"
"I do love her"
"That i learned"
"But what i feel now doesn't matter anymore, you've won, you have her spirit now"
Ayeka just look at Tara when she shook her head
"I never won,you did"
All eyes was at Tara now
"I think my mother did miscalculate everything" Tara smiled at Ayeka then she brought out a yellow bottle, "This bottle have Ryoko's soul, and i'm giving it back, and freeing her from the spell-'"
"But how-"
(I have to! Because I Love her!)
(I love her Father...i love Ryoko...please....)
Tara's mother's eyes widens. How come she wasn't aware of it. Tara'a mother head bowed as she handed Tara Ryoko's bottle.
Sasami, Washu, Yosho and Tenchi jump on their feet when they saw the footage, Sasami even hugged her sister
"But she did not hear me say it-"
"She doesn't have too,your admisison before the midnight is enough, the whole world have heard it, so you've Won Ayeka, you have freed Ryoko from her curse"
Ayeka started crying looking down at the woman on her lap.
Tara handed Ayeka the bottle and disappear
Ayeka wiped her tears before she opened the bottle
A flash of bright light errupted
Followed by Ryoko's yawning.
Everyone was so happy that they were not able to contain themselves, they came to the awakened woman and gave her a hug
And that was the night Ayeka saw Ryoko's face for the first time...
"I thought i'll never be able to see your face...much more your eyes" Ayeka said, crying before she put her arms around her demoness, and the two woman caught ecah other's lips in a very romantic kiss
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
That was 3 years ago, but in Ayeka's heart...the feeling have never change, the wanting, the romance. Ryoko will always be her demoness...her kindhearted demoness
Her strength
Her wings
Her happiness
Her beloved half
Looking at her beautifulface, enchanting golden eyes brings back all those memories...
But instead of feeling the painall there is was love.
For love was the reason Ryoko have sufferred
And it is also becasue of love that Ryoko was freed from her cursed.
'And i'll never stop loving her'Ayeka said to herself as she walk towards the waiting arms of her demoness
"Good morning princess"Ryoko greeted Ayeka, then captured the princess lips
"Mommyyy!!!!!" A little girl came bounding, her long purple hair swaying, her golden eyes smiling
"Oh! there goes the little princess" Ryoko said as she swept the little girl in her arms
"Mama waky!"
"Yes i am awake and i didn't saw your mommy"
The girl grinned
"Mommy play with me"
"C'mon let's eat" Ryoko said as she put the girl in her special high chair
"We have to hurry, Mothers and father are coming, they are bringing Sasami here for a vacation"
"Yeeey! Aunt Sasami coming!"
They stop their conversation when the door opened and a pink haired woman came, "did i hear the King is coming?"
"You heard it right mother" Ryoko answered, then held a seat for her mother
"Then we have to make this fast, i have an experiment that i would love to show your parents Ayeka"
"o-oh" It was Yosho who heard Washu's sentence, " I am not going to see that" She added then everyone laughs
"Okay, so where is tenchi? I haven't seen her since yesterday" Roko ask
Ayeka, Yosho and Washu just look at each other
"Did i missed anything?"
All the woman grinned
"Mother" Ryoko look at Washu then at Ayeka, "Princess"
"he-he" is all ayekacould say
"Ahhhhhh..lets just say she fell in love?" Yosho interrupted
"So she eloped?"
heads nodded
"With who?"
"remember the young man who came here 3 years ago?"
"His name is noboyuki"
Ryoko remained still.. but after a while she smiled, "As long as everyone is happy...it's alright with me!"
The group sat together in that dining hall, eat their breakfast....
And lived happily ever after
Okay...Nobuyuki and Tenchi..sick and wrong buti have no other characters to pair and i don't like to have it all girl-girl
So can you guess the name of the child? hehehehe