Tenchu Fan Fiction ❯ the Azuma crisis ❯ Bandits! ( Chapter 1 )

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Rikimaru was meditating when he heard that bandits were attacking villages at random. He assumed the authorities would eventually handle it. But when it was found that Lord Gohda's hometown was in the path of the destruction, Rikimaru and Ayame were ordered to stop the madness of the bandits. They formulized a plan. Rikimaru would head to the bandits' camp, and dispatch the leader, in the hope that the bandits would flee with the head gone. Ayame would fortify the town in case of Rikimaru's failure.

Reports of the bandits' advance had arrived. In exactly two days they would reach Gohda's hometown. They were currently celebrating their recent plunder. This was the perfect time for Rikimaru to carry out his orders. But the leader was having a feast with his subordinates. It would be difficult to get him alone to kill. He approached a house on the outskirts of the town previously raided. It was now being used by the bandits. Rikimaru assumed the owner was captured or killed. He prepared his bag of assorted ninja tools. He was ready.

Meanwhile, Ayame warned the town of the threat of the bandits and prepared them to defend their home. The residents armed themselves with anything that they could find. Pitchforks, swords, and spears, anything would do. She told them that the bandits will arrive in two days. The citizens boarded up their homes, built fences, and prepared for the worst.

The leader of the raiders, referred to as Graham, engorged himself on the finest foods the stolen house provided. He pondered over the advice given to him by a cloaked figure that approached him before the raids. Graham did not question the counsel provided by that figure. It was a little risky, but there were no officials to stop him. He was moving too quick for them. But he knew that his men were nervous. They didn't know how far they could go before they were cornered by the police. But the cloaked figure told Graham not to worry about the authorities. He said he would handle them and there was nothing to worry about. But Graham was still apprehensive...