Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Fan Fiction ❯ A Difficult Choice ❯ One-Shot

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Long ago, before the First Spiral War, a race of beings emerged. At first, they evolved at a relatively slow pace. They gained sentience, then developed into civilizations. Then, with their invention of various technologies, they gained mastery of their world.

Soon after, they began going into space and exploring the universe. Initially they were limited to their own system, but were able to send probes into deep space. Eventually, they managed to create interstellar ships, but even then they were limited in what they were able to accomplish.

That changed, however, with a groundbreaking discovery; Spiral Energy - that is, the power of evolution - could be converted into a potent power source. It took a while, but soon Spiral Energy was used for military and exploration purposes. This power source was limited only by the will of whoever was using it. Soon, this race was effortlessly mapping out the known universe.

Some time after that, Spiral Energy was introduced into everyday life. It effectively replaced all previous forms of power generation. Then, one day, a scientist ran a simulation of what the universe would be like in the future. What he saw shocked and disturbed him. He showed his findings to his peers. They saw a vision of Spiral Energy continuing to grow until it triggered the universe's collapse into a massive black hole. This doomsday scenario was referred to as "Spiral Nemesis".

At first, they didn't want to believe it. They did a second round of calculations, but the result was the same. When presented with the scientists' warnings, the government decided to act. They called for an immediate halt on Spiral Energy usage. There were those who disagreed with this ruling, resulting in a civil war. When it was over, the survivors, now calling themselves "Anti-Spirals," had a difficult choice to make. In the end they decided to lock themselves away in suspended animation so they could not threaten the universe.

As they did this, the Anti-Spirals also reorganized their military into an automated force. Even while asleep, they would continues to direct their machines' actions. This fleet was sent out to police the universe, guarding against Spiral Nemesis by using whatever force was needed to suppress Spiral Energy. The Spiral races did not wish to comply, so the Anti-Spirals generally resorted to annihilating their enemies.

On the rare occasion that a Spiral race submitted, they would be spared, on the condition that they restricted themselves to their homeworld and controlled their population. The Anti-Spirals would also set up an "extermination system" that would be triggered should the race's Spiral Energy reach a certain level.

One particularly stubborn enemy was Earth. For a while it seemed the humans would never be defeated. Then, the Anti-Spirals managed to break the will of one of the Spiral Warriors, Lordgenome. They did this by showing him a vision of Spiral Nemesis. It wasn't long before Lordgenome turned on his fellow Spirals and destroyed his own fleet. He then returned to Earth and drove humanity underground. From that point on, Earth's surface would belong to the Beastmen.

Thus was the universe protected from the threat of destruction. It wasn't until centuries later that the Anti-Spirals' control of the universe faced any real opposition...