That 70's Show Fan Fiction ❯ Puddin' Pop ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Summary: My version of how Jackie came to call Hyde Puddin' pop set in the summer between seasons four and five. Puddin' Pop: It was hot out, so hot Jackie was almost sweating. That's right almost, 'cause Burkhart's do not sweat. Jackie trotted into the Forman's basement looking for Hyde as she had everyday for the past few weeks. Finding him alone she confidently walked over to him and sat herself down in his lap, taking his head in her hands and planting a passionate kiss on his cold sweet lips. She pulled back licking her lips. Jackie: "Mm, pudding pop" He stared at her confused then looked at his hand and the cold chocolatey treat he held there. Hyde: "Oh, yeah it's the last one." She pouted at him. "And it's mine." he finished. Jackie: "Well I've got my own sweet treat." She smiled and kissed him again, roaming her tongue across his mouth requesting entrance, which he more than willingly granted. She loved tasting him. Today there was a sweet taste to his usually smokey one. She wanted more of this new taste sensation. Her hands wandered from the surprisingly soft hairs at the nape of his neck to his broad shoulders and down his arm towards the pop. Hyde: "Hey!" He pulled back. Jackie: "What is it baby?" She said innocently. He didn't answer and just stuck his pop in his mouth, eyeing her challengingly. She took the hand with the pop in hers and brought it away from his mouth. Jackie: "Stop teasing." She then attacked his mouth again, dipping her tongue into his mouth to taste the sweet mixture of Steven and pudding pop once more. Their hands were still intwined holding the pop while their free hands tangled in each others hair as they kissed passionately. Then they were interrupted, as they usually were when things started to get hot and heavy, by the clomp of shoe on stair. They pulled apart instantly, Hyde readjusted himself in his chair, while Jackie moved to the far end of the couch, pudding pop in hand. She smirked at him taking a long lick, savouring the new taste mixture once more. He quickly closed his gaping mouth and turned towards the t.v. when Eric sat down between them. Eric: "What are you guys doing" Hyde: "Same old, same old." Jackie rolled her eyes. Eric just shrugged and watched t.v. Thus began Hyde's ten minutes of torture. Hyde watched Jackie out of the corner of his eye as her tongue ran up and down, and swirled around the cool treat. And finally the capper to his torture, she stuck the rest of the pop all the way in her mouth pulling back slowly leaving the stick completely bare. She gave him a coy look. 'That's it I have to get Forman out of here now', Hyde thought. Seeing the lusty look in Steven's eyes Jackie decided she needed Eric out of there now. Otherwise Eric was going to get the shock of his life. Jackie: "You know, Donna really likes this show." Hyde raised an eyebrow at her, 'now that was a dirty trick' Eric: "yeah, I really miss her." He sighed pathetically. Damn he's killing the mood, sure Hyde felt sorry for him, but this was getting pathetic. Hyde: "If you're gonna whine go do it in your room" Eric: "Or you could leave" Hyde: "Whatever man." He got up to leave. Jackie: "Yeah I'm going too" Eric: "You're leaving, together" Hyde: "pssh yeah right" Jackie: "God no." She pushed past Hyde and out the door. Hyde: "Later man." Hyde found Jackie leaning up against his car, looking mighty hot, and that wasn't just because of the sweat glistening off her brow. He lunged at her kissing her fiercely. Hyde: "You are evil. All that just to get the last pudding pop" Jackie: "No baby." She licked his mouth lightly. "You're my pudding pop" They didnÍt separate for a long while after that. The End Kind of corny I know, but I hope you enjoyed.