The Lion King Fan Fiction ❯ The Lion King 4 Dawn of A New Era ❯ 15 ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 15

The den of Pride Rock usually already was cramped, but now it was no doubt at full capacity, maybe even beyond that point.

Scar took his place on the rock platform reserved for the royal family. It was the most spacious (not to mention the most comfortable), place to rest. Not only that, but it tended to be the coolest on the warmest days, and warmest on the coldest nights. Truly it was fit for a king,

Scar saw Sarabi trying to traverse her way through the piles of sleeping hyenas, to find a new place to rest.

He grinned. "Oooooh, Saraaaaabi …"

She looked over, looking absolutely disgusted. "Yes Scar?", pure venom in her voice.

Scar scooter over and patted the spot next to him with his paw. "Why don't you join me?"

"No." Sarabi said sharply, turning away and heading for the entrance of the den.

Scar shrugged in a 'suit yourself' fashion and changed his cunning glance over to Sarafina. "Oooh, Sarafinaaaa .."

"Sleazeball." Sarafina gumbled, her voice muffled from holding Nala in her jaw. She also headed to the den entrance, and followed Sarabi outside. A few other lionesses soon followed suit, all deciding they'd rather sleep outside in the cold than a den full of hyenas.

Nala shivered under the cold night air, and snuggled closer to her mother., trying in vain to warm herself up. She let out a small whimper as she started to cry again. Sarafina pulled her closer and nuzzled her softly. "Shh, shh, it's all right sweetie … it's all right … I'm here …. It's okay .."

Nala pressed her head against Sarafina's chest and shivered again before managing to fall asleep.

The sun beat warmly down on Nala's back, waking her up the next morning. She yawned and stretched out on the rock, allowing the sun to warm up her still chilled body. Nala looked around and noticed her mom, Sarabi, and a couple dozen other lionesses were still asleep.

Nala wiggled out of her mother's sleepy grasp and got up to stretch her legs. Nala walked yo the edge of Pride Rock and looked down at the kingdom.

It was just like any other usual morning so far, the birds chirping, animals making their way to the water hole, and a general sense of calmness in the air.

The only difference Nala could pinpoint was cackles of hyenas starting to gather in the plains below.

She felt a knot of uneasiness form in her stomach as she tried to shake away any fear she had about the hyenas.

Jeuri groaned and rolled his eyes. "Oh here we go again. Did she even say they were doing anything!?"

"I don't think she did." Aiube said, frowning.

Hofu nuzzled against her and licked her cheek.

"Did any of the other hyenas try to hurt besides those three?" Jeuri asked.

"No, not at all!" Kidogo said.

"I thought so …" Jeuri grumbled, laying his head on his paws.

"You're up early." The voice caught Nala off guard.

She turned around to see Zazu sitting beside her.

"Yeah … I … I guess I am …" Nala laughed dryly.

Zazu moved closer and the two watched over The Pride Lands together.

One group of hyenas were making their way up to a group of grazing gazelles.

Nala looked away before she could see them do anything.

"So … they were just … hunting?" Jeuri asked. "Oh the horror!" He added sarcastically.

"How are you holding up?" Zazu asked gently, putting his wing on hr shoulder.

"Not …. Good …" Nala sighed. "I just feel… empty …"

"Grief can do that." Zazu said, perching on her shoulder.

"Grief?" Nala asked, turning towards Zazu.

"Yes. It's a big feeling of sadness after something tragic happens." Zazu explained.

"Like, losing your best friend?" Nala asked, just barely above a whisper.

Zazu frowned and used his wing to wipe away the fresh tears forming in her eyes. "Oh Nala … I'm so very very sorry …"

Nala sat there crying again, while Zazu tried to comfort her the best he could.


Nala looked up to see a worried lioness looming above her.

"Mom?" Nala sniffled.

"Are you all right, sweetie?" Sarafina asked, pulling Nala closer.

"N … no ...I… I'm not ….wh ...what … what did you you c this, Z .. Zazu? Geef?"

"Grief." He corrected as he stroked, comforting circles on the back of her head.. "This is a very traumatic experience for you, I'm sure …"

Nala sniffled and nodded slightly.

"Is there anything that would cheer you up, sweetheart?" Sarafina asked, softly.

"I … I don't know …" Nala paused and thought for a moment. "A … a walk maybe?"

"Hmm …" Sarafina looked out towards the plains where even more hyenas were beginning to congregate.

"I'm not sure if that's such a good idea, sweetie." Sarafina frowned. "The rest of the Pride and I are busy today and I wouldn't be able to take you. I'd rather you didn't go off on your own anymore."

"Oh." Nala pouted and folded her ears back.

"I could go with her." Zazu suggested.

Sarafina looked unsure, biting down on her jaw slightly. "I don't know … I'm still worried you two might get hurt …"

"I can assure you madam, it would be a nice, short, brisk rock, close to the base of Pride Rock." Zazu said. "It would be good for not only Nala, but me as well to clear our head for a bit."

Sarafina sighed. "All right, but stay near Pride Rock, okay?"

"Boy, does that sound familiar." Kiara joked.

Nala nuzzled her. "I might have overindulged your father's overprotectiveness. I shouldn't have let him shelter you so much. I'm sorry."

"It's okay Mom." Kiara said, returning the nuzzle. "Daddy was scared and I understand why …"

"Yeah mom, we will!" Nala said, already bounding down the the base of Pride Rock by herself.

"Hey! Wait for me, little missy!" Zazu said, hurrying after her,

Nala stood in a patch of grass as she waited for Zazu to catch up with her, He landed in front of her, breathing heavily and his wing on his chest. "... Slow … down … Nala ...I .. can't …. keep … up … with … you …" He panted out.

Nala laughed and looked him in the eyes, "Well Mr Banana Bak …" She started running off again and called over her shoulder, "You better learn!"

She let out a joyous giggle as Zazu hurried after her.

She pranced along the base of Pride Rock, and stopped behind a huge pillar of rock. Zazu stopped in front of them and looked around. "Nala? Nala, where are you?"

"Boo!" Nala jumped out from behind the rock pillar, causing Zazu to stumble back and let out a squeak of fear.

"I got you!" She laughed.

"I suppose you did." Zazu said, as he tried to straighten his feathers out from his fright. "But, can we just take a normal walk now please?"

Nala rolled her eyes playfully. "Oh you're no fun Zazu … fine … we just take a normal, boring ol' walk …"

"Boring old walk? Excuse me, but weren't you the one who suggested a walk in the first place?"

"Well yeah …" Nala shrugged. "But walks are boring if all you do is walk. You have to make it .. fun!" With that, she pounced as Zazu, who flapped quickly out of the way.

"Well I can't say I find this too fun …" Zazu grumbled."Are you ready to head back to Pride Rock? I do have business, I need to attend with the lionesses soon anyways."

"But then I have to stay at Pride Rock." Nala pouted.

"We could go on another walk later." Zazu said, in an attempt to cheer her up.

Nala smiled a bit. "Thanks Zazu …"

The two of them started heading back to the top of Pride Rock.

"... You really helped me feel a lot better .." Nala said.

"And so did you." Zazu smiled.