The Mummy Fan Fiction ❯ The MuMmy : POV Fanfiction ❯ The Key to Hamunaptra ( Chapter 2 )

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The MuMmy: POV of
Richard `Rick' O'Connell
Chapter 2-The Key to Hamunaptra
Three years, it's been three years since that battle in Hamunaptra. Those were the days.
At least, the days I wasn't locked up in prison! Now I was sitting in a cell, in Cairo Prison. My brown hair was long, and my face unshaven. Both my legs and arms were shackled. Like I was going anywhere. And I was hungry, tired, and extremely ticked off.
I remember when I was walking in the desert. All I wanted was to find civilization, and a bar! But that's what got me here in the first place. Drinking.
Sitting in prison the last few weeks didn't really seem so bad. Except they took all my guns!
Damn warden. He was the biggest idiot I had ever seen.
But right now I was just thinking back into my past. Starting with my days in the orphanage, up to the last few hours I had my freedom, which I really couldn't remember. I was really drunk then.
The only thing I could remember from those long final hours was that a guy had came up behind me and stole that box I had found at Hamunaptra, those years ago. I'd found it right before we were attacked.
“I swear, buddy.” I whispered under my breath. “If I ever find you, you're going to get it.”
But I may not have the chance. I was to be hanged. But something I hadn't expected happened today. The warden, for reasons I didn't know, had asked me why I was in prison.
I had told him “I was just looking for a good time.” That had shut him up. I grinned at the thought. Yeah, those were the days.
I heard a loud banging as the doors to the prison house clunked open. Then footsteps. Some of the guards were talking in Arabic. Two of them came up to my cell and unlocked the door.
Great. What do they want? It was my timed to be hanged, yet. One of them had a club.
“On your feet!” One of them ordered. Their English was terrible. You're gonna have to drag me.
And they did. They grabbed my arms and pulled me out the door. Clubbing me when I struggled.
“You've got visitors.” The other guard said. Visitors? Who could possibly want to `visit' me? I couldn't think of anyone.
The two of them dragged me out into one of the `viewing pens' and pushed me up against the fronts bar. Then clubbed me again. I clenched my teeth and falling on my knees. Damn that hurt.
There were two people there. One male, one female. The man looked slightly older then the woman and both were well dressed. The woman wore a hat, and earrings, and her long brown hair was tied in a bun. The man had short brown hair, which was combed back. They looked, related.
They were talking to each other.
“This-This is the man you stole it from?” The woman asked the man. Looking directly at me.
So, that was the guy who stole the box from me. He is gonna get it.
“Yes, exactly. So why don't we just go sniff out a spot of tiffin--”
The man had a heavy British accent, and stumbled over his words. Now, what would two Brits be doing here? But the woman looked straight at me, the man seemed like he wanted to leave.
“Who are you?” I slid my hands down the bars as the pain from the blow from the club subsided. “And who's the broad?”
“Broad?” The woman seemed offended.
“Well…I-I'm just a local sort of missionary chap, spreading the good word.”
The man sort of dragged the woman towards me. But he still acted like he didn't want to be here, even though there were metal bars between us. “But-But this is my sister Evy.”
“How do you do?” She smiled. Very polite lady. But she seemed like she didn't care that she was in Cairo Prison, where everyone from a thief to murderer resigned. She acted like she was at a tea party. Brits.
“Oh, well. Guess she's not a total loss.” A little harsh, but I was going to be hanged soon. Can't blame a guy with a future like that.
“I beg your pardon.” She had a sour look on her face.
The warden shouted at two of the guards on the other side of the yard. “I'll be back in a moment.” And he left.
I looked back at the guards who had dragged me in. They weren't paying any attention.
The man whispered to the woman. “Ask him about the box.”
“Um, we have found--” I wasn't looking at her. “Um, hello. Excuse me.” I turned my head and glared at her. Again with the politeness! I would kill myself if I had to be that polite!
“We both found your-your puzzle box and we've come to ask you about it.” She talked slowly like I couldn't understand her, or like I was a child.
“No.” I replied.
“No.” She suddenly had a disappointing look on her face.
“No. You came to ask me about Hamunaptra.”
“Shh. Shh.” The man put his finger to his lips in a `be quiet' way. Don't you shush me buddy.
“H-How do you know that the box pertains to Hamunaptra?” The woman was curious. Very curious.
“Because that's were I was when I found it.” I said in a `that-was-so-obvious' tone. “I was there.” Then the woman was quite and just looked at me. Then her brother came towards me.
“But how do we know that's not a load of pig's wallow?”
“You know. Do I know you?” I liked playing with their minds. It was the only entertainment I had in weeks.
“No, no. I've just got one of those faces.” Now he was close enough for me to give him a piece of my mind.
I gave him a swift punch in the jaw and he fell over. The guard then waked me with the club, again. But it was worth it.
Then the woman simply stepped over her fallen brother and began talking to me. She was probably used to him getting beat up.
“You were actually at Hamunaptra?” She was persistent, wasn't she? I grinned.
“Yeah, I was there.”
“You swear.” She had a hard look on her face now.
“Every damn day.”
“No I didn't mean that--” She shook her head.
“I know what you meant. I was there. Seti's place. City of the dead.” I waved my arms around.
Then she stammered. “Could…Could…Could you tell me how to get there?” I gave her an odd `what?' look. I could hear the warden shouting at someone in Arabic. She looked back, then took off her hat and put it beside her face, thinking the warden could read lips.
“I mean, the exact location.” Now I got an idea. It was nuts, but it just might work.
“You wanna know?” She was really, really persistent.
“W-Well, yes.” She moved her face closer to mine.
“Do you really wanna know?” I was looking her straight in the eye now. This was going to be just a bit hard on me.
“Yes.” She moved her face closer, and I motioned her to keep doing so. Then I grabbed her chin and kissed her. When I broke the kiss she had an expression of bewilderment on her face.
“Then get me the hell outta here!” I said through clenched teeth. She backed up and the guards started to club me and grab my arms. “Do it, lady!”
The last thing I heard as they pulled me inside was the warden shouting at me, and them, in Arabic. If this crazy plan worked, I'd be free. Plus, I got to get the guy who stole from me.
Soon they had dragged me to be hung. I looked up. She was sitting up on the third level, on the balcony with the warden.
The other prisoners were shouting from their jointed cells and from a crowd around the gallows. I could see her talking to the warden, but couldn't hear what she was saying, and I could definitely not read lips. I hoped she was bargaining for my life.
The hangman put the noose around my neck and tightened it. “Any last requests, pig?”
“Yeah. Loosen the knot and let me go.” He looked up at the warden and actually asked if my request could be fulfilled. What an idiot!
“Yahemar! Of course we don't let him go!” The warden said tapping the side of his head in a `you're-an-idiot' way.
I rolled my eyes. Then the hangman smacked me in the back of the head. What are you hitting me for? You're the idiot here!
The warden was about to give the order for me to drop when he started to talk to the woman again. I think he put his hand on her lap, because she smacked something with her bag. Then all the prisoners started laughing.
“Yalla tlak!” The warden ordered.
I think the woman yelled “No!” and that was the last thing I heard.
The floor suddenly dropped out from under me, and I fell. The wind was suddenly knocked out of me and the rope tightened. My head snapped back. Then I was hanging there.
I started gasping and waving my legs around. Great. Now I would die, slowly and painfully. The world was blurry and all I could hear was shouting.
I kept trying to get out of this noose. How could I have been so stupid! I should have thought of something else. Putting my faith in a woman I didn't even know!
My eyes were rolling into the back of my head. I couldn't breath. All right Rick, you've been waiting for a while, now is your time to die.
I began to black out. Then I heard those three, solitary words from that ugly warden's mouth. “Cut him down!” Then I was on the ground.
My head was spinning, and I could her all the prisoners cheering.
I looked up. That woman looked at me triumphantly. Maybe I hadn't been so stupid to `ask' for her help. Maybe, just maybe, I had underestimated her. Well, I'd find out soon enough.