The Outsiders Fan Fiction ❯ Crossing Paths ❯ Watch Where You're Going ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Crossing Paths

- Chapter One -

It was a Friday night of the month of April. A beautiful spring night, not a cloud in sight. My friends and I were having a night on the town and hanging out at Sonic in our hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was Cherry, Randy, Marcia, Tom and I. If you didn't know by now, we and a lot more of the kids like us were Socs. It was short for social clubs. We were the rich and popular kids that lived on the south side. We had beer bashes, yacht parties, and were onto op the game. Then there was our enemies the Greasers that lived on the north side. They were interested in fights, stealing, and all kinds of illegal crimes supposedly. They were known for that and the grease they put in their hair to keep it back. But I really didn't care about all that nonsense, we we're all just people to me.
But I guess us Socs were enemies with the Greasers. I've seen them in school of course, but never really talked to one in person and they never bothered me none. If they did talk to me though, I think it'd be kind of interesting.

"Jane?" Randy called my name.

I blinked and snapped back to reality from to talking to Cherry to responding to Randy. "Yeah?"
"What do you want to eat?" he asked me.
"Ah, I'll just have a strawberry shake." I answered him. "Thanks Randy."
"Alright then; no problem." Randy said ordering food for everyone.

Randy and Tom were my good friends, but my best friends were Cherry and Marcia. I'd actually get mistaken as Marcia's sister to some people since we kind of look alike. We both got the same skin tone and our hair was the same dark color. But the only difference between me and her was that my hair was half-way down my back and I had ice blue eyes. Though I really admired Cherry for her beauty, she was like the perfect female idol of all teenage girls. I never told her that, but it was always what I thought.
After I told Randy what I wanted my order to be, the girls and I went back to talking.
"Haha, yeah so what were we talking about again?" Cherry asked.
"About what happened in 4th period yesterday." Marcia reminded her.
"Oh yeah, that's right." Cherry picked up on where she left off "So anyways…"

I was listening to Cherry as she told her story, but Tom has said something that caught my attention.

"Damn Greasers…"

I turned my head towards him sitting in the passenger's seat.
"What's up Tom?" I asked.
"Look over there." He pointed out Randy's window. "The greasy filth is causing shit again."
Cherry, Marcia, and I looked out Cherry's window and saw two teenager boys flirting—well, more like harassing a Sonic waitress. I could barely make out what they were saying but I know the lady was trying to shoo them off. The boys were snickering as they were messing with her.

"Oh isn't that Two-Bit and Steve?" Cherry asked
"You know them?" Tom asked in a shocked and disgusted tone of voice.
"Well I really don't know Steve really; I know of him." said Cherry. "And Two-Bit I met with Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, and Dallas Winston at the movies a month ago."
"Isn't that Two-Bit dude the one trying to flirt with you Marcia?" Randy asked.
"Yes, he was the one." Marcia answered him.
"Well if he ever does that again, I'll make sure to rearrange his face." Randy threatened.
"Though he was only joking around and just being friendly that's all." Marcia said trying to make the subject seem a little lighter. But still, Randy didn't care. And with that he said stubbornly "Just stay away from him Marcia. And if he comes near you tell me. He's not going to be trying ever again to pick up on you again. I mean the Curtis brothers, I don't really mind. But the rest of those Greasers I can't stand."
"So which one's which?" Tom asked.
"Two-Bit's the one with the dirty blonde hair with the little piece of bangs on his forehead. And Steve is the brunette." Marcia answered him.
"Got it." Tom said.

I looked over at the boys again. I watched Steve for a moment and then moved my eyes over to Two-Bit. But it was only for a second until our waitress rollerbladed over to our car to give us our dinner.
"Ah, food." Randy said.
I took one more look over at the boys and the waitress. The waitress managed to finally scare them off.

Monday morning I was in school again. I walked in through the front door and headed toward my locker. After I got it open, I grabbed a couple books and was looking for my notebook.
A voice came up behind my open locker door. "Hey Jane, how's it going?"
I moved my door to see who it was. It was Cherry standing beside me in her cheerleading outfit.
"Hey you going to the pep rally?" she asked me.
"Oh crap!" I exclaimed "I totally spaced Cherry, I'm so sorry. I can't go I have a meeting in Drama class."
Then it hit me – "And I'm late for it! Crap!!"
As I ran down the hall towards the Drama room I hollered to Cherry "I'll talk to you later!"
I knew I had forgotten something; it always happens to me. I usually have a lot on my mind and it comes out being that I leave out something.
I kept running until I cut a corner short and then out of nowhere – BAM! My books and papers scattered all over the floor mixed in with some others too. I landed on my butt and realized I had run into someone by accident.

I looked up to see who I ran into; it was a boy. He had blondish hair that was slick back. His eyes were a light shade of gray, like the clouds after a rainstorm. His face was soft and handsome and his skin was fair. He wore blue jeans, a black leather jacket, and a Mickey Mouse shirt.