The Wallflower Fan Fiction ❯ Role Reversal ❯ Changes ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2
Sunako awoke light headed and feeling... well she was feeling good. She didn't know how she had gotten to bed or why she was covered in blood. Well she could guess, it was because of him.
“Kyohei...” She mumbled and then felt her face went boiling hot from her thoughts.
Her mannequins came into her view they were all giving her a stern look.
“Hiroshi-Kun what have I done?” She asked her favourite. Then last nights memories came flooding back.
She let out a gasp and hid under the covers.
“Sunako... you know what you've done.” Hiroshi said in her head.
“No...” She squeaked.
“You've tasted the blood of a radiant being... you are part of the light now....”
“What?” She sprung up from her bed. She looked across to her precious companions but they only stared back at her unmoving.
“It was an accident!” She pleaded but her friends kept the stern look.
“You're not one of us anymore, leave us be...” Hiroshi said and the mannequins started to melt. Sunako reached out to grab them to take them into the darkness but it wasn't dark around her anymore. If anything as she looked down at her hands she practically gleamed like a diamond.
Kyohei hadn't slept he was in agony, he didn't like these depressed thoughts that were now plaguing is mind. Why now? Why did Sunako have to be so shy? Why had he been so forward?
He shook his head he must have been hypnotised again, that was the only way he would do such things. He rubbed his neck, she had bitten him. A sure way to say she didn't want to be kissed.
He could feel his heart sink, he didn't understand why his self-confidence had been shattered in that one moment. He kept replaying it in his mind. He had felt dizzy, leaned on Sunako and had moved in for a kiss. She didn't get a nose bleed but instead she fell on him and bit him!
He lay in his bed staring at the ceiling, this room was too bright. The dawn had reached his room and was peering in. He hid under the covers, it was all too bright for him.
Sunako was doing her best in preparing breakfast but as she did so she started humming. She tried to gag herself to stop but it didn't work. The horrific daydream involving her mannequin friends had upset her but she still felt chirpy.
Yeah, chirpy. That was the only way she could describe it. She wouldn't have used that word only to describe a bird but she did feel well ...chirpy. She poured the miso soup into some bowls and set it down on the table. The boys would be coming down soon. She poured a bowl for herself and took a seat.
She looked around... she was sitting at the table....
'Okay something is definitely wrong with me.' She thought. She got up to go to her room but thought better of it. Hiroshi and everyone might scold her again. She sat down at the kitchen counter, in her way a small compromise.
Yuki entered the kitchen and stared at Sunako. He could see that she was sitting down and eating breakfast in the same room as them. It wasn't normal.
“Morning...” She mumbled, holding back the urge to say it brightly.
“G-Good Morning Sunako?” Yuki stuttered. “Y-You look lovely today!”
Sunako looked across at the youngest and saw the smile on his face, she smiled back before she could stop herself and stooped down to her breakfast.
Yuki gasped and sat down in shock. Takanaga Oda was next to enter the kitchen. He saw the bizarre look on Yuki's face but there was lack of tears. Whatever Sunako had done it wasn't scary.
“Morning...” Sunako said, again holding back the bright smile she wanted to give Oda.
“Eh... morning Sunako, Yuki are you alright?”
“She... she...”
“I'm not feeling well...” Sunako's explained, “It was a muscle spasm.”
“Oh right.” Yuki said, unsure. “If you say so, it was nothing then.”
Oda scratched his chin thoughtfully and sat down. Ranmaru came in next unaware of whatever was going on in the kitchen.
“Ah breakfast with Sunako-Chan, how lovely!” He beamed. “Are you not going to your room today?”
Sunako shook her head, she wasn't going to look whatever was wrong with her would definitely be noticed by that playboy.
“It's interesting,” Oda said, “Did anything nice happen between you and Kyohei last night?”
Sunako looked up her face red and the boys all gasped as they saw the sparkle in her eyes. “Nothing happened!”
“Yeah... nothing!” Someone chipped in.
They turned to see Kyohei hidden under a blanket.
“Forgot your clothes this morning?” Ranmaru teased.
Yuki whimpered, Kyohei was making him feel uncomfortable. His eyes seemed to glare out of his blanket.
“Nothing...” Kyohei hissed.
Sunako glanced quickly at him and expected to be blinded. Except she wasn't he was so dark and gloomy. An aura of darkness seemed to follow him as he dropped his blanket over his meal. The boys let out a gasp but Sunako could feel a flutter in her heart.
“You must be ill.” Oda said, “Go back to bed...”
“It's too bright...” Kyohei muttered.
Sunako held her breath she had done it! Somehow she truly had taken his light! Though instead of feeling glad, she was unhappy. He had always been the radiant being, the one that was a beautiful creation. She understood now why Hiroshi, Josephine and everyone had been upset with her. This was the reason, her nightmare was reality! She really had drained his blood, taken the light. She looked at her hands still shining.
“Excuse me...” Sunako said and got up running from the kitchen.
“Kyohei...” Oda said, “What happened last night?”
“Did we get love and cuddles from our eerie bachelorette?” Ranmaru joked.
Kyohei's face loomed out from the blanket his eyes flared at Ranmaru. “What did you lot do last night?”
“Whatever do you mean?” Ranmaru chuckled, Yuki and Oda stayed silent. (They were terrible liars.)
He dropped the blanket and Yuki let out a shriek. Kyohei loomed over them his eyes bloodshot with large bags underneath them, his face pale and blotchy. He looked like a monster rearing up to kill them.
“She tried to kill me last night while I for some unknown reason tried to kiss her!”
“Oh so you didn't kiss...” Ranmaru said disappointed though his back was turned he couldn't look at Kyohei.
“Kyohei calm down,” Oda tried to reason. “It was only a herbal aroma it was suppose to help you two.”
“What kill each other?” Kyohei spat.
“No stupid it was an aphrodisiac, who knew it would make you both crazy,” Ranmaru admitted. “I can do you a favour and ask my lady friend the exact properties of the potion.”
“You mean you used that bottle and you weren't exactly sure what it would do?” Kyohei yelled. “Then you can do me a bigger favour and leave me and Sunako the hell alone!”
He rushed out of the kitchen his temper flaring leaving the three boys alone with their breakfast.
“Takano has gotten as scary as Sunako!” Yuki squeaked.
“There, there...” Oda patted the boys head. “Ranmaru, let me know what your friend says about that so called aphrodisiac. There's something strange about how both of them are reacting.”
“What if Sunako took Takano's soul?” Yuki said.
“Don't be stupid!” Ranmaru scoffed. “I'll find out, you know it will turn out okay in the end.” He winked as he said this and sparkles surrounded him.
“I hope so...” Oda sighed.
Even though there was such a horrid atmosphere between the friends they all walked to school together. Sunako still had her hat on her head but it wasn't pulled over her eyes. Kyohei however had large dark sunglasses on and hunched himself over as he walked behind them.
Sunako gave a glance back to Kyohei, she wanted it all to be back to normal. As she looked at him concerned, he flinched as he noticed her gaze and focused on the ground. Sunako sighed and swung her bag trying not to skip.
She clenched her stomach in an attempt to keep her legs from doing it. 'Don't skip, don't skip there is nothing to be happy about, Kyohei is miserable...' That thought seemed to settle herself and she moved into a more confident stride. She could see from the school gates the crowd of fangirls that waited for the boys. She could already hear the squeals and she felt herself wanting to laugh.
She almost choked, she wanted to laugh at the fangirls? Was something really wrong with her?
'Oh, why did this have to end up this way?'
There was a shriek from one of Takano's fangirls as they saw him drawing near. He leered at them all giving them a harder glare than usual. They all moved backwards as one, fear obvious in their faces. However some of the girls were curious about the new girl. She seemed like someone they knew but they were convinced she was a new transfer student. She was too pretty to be Sunako Nakahara. Her appearance seemed to cause a stir in the boys and they gathered amongst the fangirls to watch the new girl.
Oda was watching Kyohei carefully but was distracted as Noi came up to everyone. She gasped though when she saw Sunako. She seemed to be shining with more confidence and she was biting her lip as if trying not to smile. It was hard for Noi to recognise her.
“Is... that, is that....?” She stuttered unable to get the name out.
“Yup, it's Sunako...” Oda smiled at his girlfriend and gave her a kiss. “I'll tell you about it...”
“Have you guys done it then?” Noi interrupted still looking behind her as Sunako waited at the gate.
“I don't know, I've got a feeling this might not be permanent but if it is then Kyohei is stuck like that.” Oda pointed to the dark creature walked through the gate and glared at Sunako. Noi let out a shocked gasp, more shocked than seeing Sunako looking lady-like.
“Come on, I'll explain.” Oda said.
Sunako stood looking at the dark shadows. “Ky-Kyohei?”
“So you can say my name again?” He hissed.
“I-I took your radiance, I'll find a way to give it back.” Sunako said. “I promise.”
“Wait... you took my radiance?” He questioned but Sunako had already ran away. He shook his head, that girl did not make any sense. How could she steal his radiance? Not that he believed he had anything like that anyway. It was all in her head, who was beautiful equaled a radiant being. He just felt horrible from a sleepless night. Though if she was thinking she had stolen his radiance it would explain how happy and sparkling she looked today. In fact it was hard for him to look at her. As if she was too bright a creature for him.
'Crap, now I'm starting to believe her crazy ideas!'
“Whatever,” He said as he moved into the shadows and made his way to class, he just hoped he would be left alone today.
Sunako watched him go, she felt so guilty. She knew she had to find a way to give him back his radiance, she didn't deserve it.
“Excuse me.”
Sunako turned to see a boy red faced and talking to her! To her face!
“Um...” Sunako mumbled, 'What does he want? Go away.'
“I was wondering if you were new and needed a tour of school?” The boy asked, a group of his friends cheered him on from behind.
Sunako frowned and held herself up high, “I will manage fine on my own.” She answered and walked away quickly. She had been amazed at her own confidence, usually that part of herself would not come out unless it was a dire situation. She ducked into the toilet, she was still being followed by those groups of boys.
'Damn this radiance is attracting them,' She cursed, she didn't want to be at school any longer. No-one would believe she was Sunako Nakahara she wasn't the ghost they were used to seeing. She had to escape and go back home. She opened the toilet window and slipped herself out. She made her way through the bushes and leapt over the school fence.
At Lunchtime Takanaga was concerned, Kyohei was sitting under a tree eating his bento. It wasn't the fact that he was outside where the crazy fangirls could pounce but the fact that there seemed to be a dark aura around him. One that made him blur and seem almost like a ghost, girls screamed as they went past not because of his good looks but because he had frightened them.
“Takano's really scary today,” Noi said. “All the girls in my class have been asking about him, though I haven't mentioned anything about that potion.”
“Yeah, I definitely want to know from Ranmaru what was in that aphrodisiac.”
“You shouldn't have done that in the first place,” Noi scolded. “What if Takano had taken advantage of Sunako-Chan?”
Oda laughed at the suggestion, “If that aphrodisiac really worked I think it would have happened the other way around. I'm more scared of Sunako's reaction when she finds out.”
“Ah, maybe you're right.” Noi agreed. “Sunako has disappeared from class, I think she's gone home.”
“It figures, I was going to ask her what happened last night seeing as Kyohei isn't approachable right now.”
“I hope he calms down...”
“So do we all Noi...” Oda said, he just couldn't feel there was something wrong. “We better go look for Ranmaru and make sure he's made that phone call.”
The pair walked off leaving the dark presence that was now Kyohei Takano.
Sunako hadn't gone home, she didn't feel like going back yet. Hiroshi and everyone would be waiting to scold her again and it would be too strange being alone in the house and not her room. She wandered down the streets lost in her thoughts. She wanted to find a way to give back the radiance she had taken.
'I could always have a look in a few magic shops.' She thought, her mind more tuned towards seeing if there was any cool skulls or horror decorations. The first shop she went into she came out disappointed. All they had were clothes, she looked at a few and for a second even thought about trying something on.
'No, what am I doing, I have to find a decent shop. I need a spell to lift this curse off me!'
Finally she found a Spiritual shop, it seemed to have less skulls and pentagrams than Sunako wanted but she looked around anyway.
“Something wrong miss?” The shopkeeper asked. “Your chi is misaligned.”
“Right, I'm cursed!” Sunako said.”You have to take this radiance off me, please I beg of you!”
She clutched hold of the woman's hand and looked desperate.
“Is this about a boy you like?” The shopkeeper giggled.
“What? No way in hell!” Sunako snapped.
“I see,” The woman said rubbing her chin. “So a bit shy about a boy and you don't want to show that you're in love hmmm?”
“I never said that!”
“They never do...” The woman sighed. “This will help, it's oil of jasmine.”
“I don't want it.”
“The Jasmine is a night blooming flower if you rub this oil on your skin it will help you relax and be your real self,”
Sunako grabbed the bottle she heard 'Night blooming and 'return to old self' Though she was lost in thought as the woman continued.
“If you want to be yourself in front of a man that you care about Jasmine oil is perfect for that... um Miss I take it you like it?”
“I'll take it and this pentagram necklace as well,” Sunako said pointed to the display cabinet.
“I'm sure your intended will love it.”
“Yeah I hope Hiroshi-Kun does love it,” Sunako said a plan hatching in her mind.
“Ah to be in love!” The woman simpered watching the strange girl leave.
With school over the boys returned except for Kyohei who had mysteriously kept to himself.
“Ranmaru I can't believe your lady-friend wouldn't tell you what was in that bottle!” Oda scolded.
“She said she wanted it back anyway,” Ranmaru said, “I'll go over there just now and coax the information out of her.” He smiled wile a thousand flowers seemed to surround him. “No woman can resist my charm.”
Sunako stormed past them as they stood in the hallway.
“Sunako!” Oda cried. “Where have you been all day?”
“Out,” She replied. “I had a few errands to run.” She smiled at Oda and continued walking into the kitchen.
“Did, did you see that?” Oda asked in shock from the smiling girl.
The boys nodded.
“Seen what?” Someone snapped.
They turned to see Kyohei in the doorway. He glared at the three boys and avoided eye-contact. “I hope you've found out what's in that bottle you poisoned me with because I have had a crappy day.”
“It almost seems as if you and Sunako really have swapped roles huh?” Yuki joked while holding back the tears. The blurry image that was Kyohei was scaring him.

“Hah!” Kyohei snorted. “Funny you should mention that, Sunako now thinks she's a vampire...” He slipped off his top to reveal his t-shirt underneath his school uniform. But what everyone noticed when they looked at Kyohei was the large red teeth marks on his neck.
They all ran screaming away from Kyohei.
“You all have a good sleep tonight, don't let the Sunako bite!” He chuckled darkly wishing he'd shown that earlier. One good thing was that his uniform had hid it all day at school. So he had a way to hide it from the school gossips. All he thought he needed was a good nights sleep and a way to forget about Sunako.
He looked up from his thoughts to see Sunako bathed in light standing by the kitchen entrance. She stared at him her eyes large and glittering. He squinted and looked down at the floor.
“Okay, sorry I told them you bit me...” Kyohei sighed. “But they were going to find out.”
“I'm going to give back your radiance.” Sunako said. “I don't deserve to be a radiant being, everyone treated me different today all because of how I looked! Not because of who I am!”
“That's life Sunako, we have to deal with these people that only look at appearance first,” He walked past her shielding his eyes. “Just do me a favour, whatever mad plan you have to give me back my so called 'radiance', just make sure it doesn't involve you cutting yourself.” He picked up the knife she was hiding behind her back and threw it at the wall.
Sunako frowned at him, he always knew when she was hiding something.
“I'm going for a lie down, call me when dinner's ready.” He wandered up the stairs and Sunako watched him go, the darkness seemed to follow him and she enviously watched. She missed that dark aura, she was going to make things right again. She clutched the bottle of jasmine oil, if she couldn't do a ritual with blood then she guessed she'd have to go with the shopwoman's suggestion.
Author's Note: I've tried to keep Sunako and Kyohei's characters the same though Kyohei may seem a bit depressed and Sunako a bit too happy. We'll find out next chapter the source of this strange role reversal, whether it's Sunako's or Oda's theory. (Or maybe something else!)