The Wallflower Fan Fiction ❯ Wishing For No Reason ❯ Wishing For No Reason ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Written in response to Week 109-110 challenge: **Perfect drabble: write a piece that's > or =100 words. Theme is up to you.**

Yes, that's right. I wrote a drabble. These do not leave me comfortable. I always feel like there's more to say. Again, I tip my hat to Fae - the goddess of drabble. You always feel like her thoughts are complete.
In German, for the word short, you actually have two choices: "klein" - little, or "kurz" - which basically means cut off.
Fae writes klein stories. They are complete. Mine: kurz. Oh well.


I do not own Perfect Girl Evolution (aka Wallflower) or any of its characters.


Chocolate and sake and fried shrimp.

Things I love.

And now every time I see them, I think of her.

What was she thinking? Okay, she was possessed by that stupid necklace, but still there has to be a reason. And the memory made her crazy – okay, more crazy.

If they had actually filmed her like that, I would have had to kill them all.

I froze when I saw her. I didn’t know what to do. It shouldn’t have been real. She’ll never…

Sometimes, I wish she had that necklace again.

Author’s Note:
For those who aren't up to date on Perfect Girl Evolution (aka Wallflower), Sunako goes out with her aunt to some king's party in a castle. She finds a casket and climbs inside - when she gets dragged out by the guards, there's a necklace that comes with her: giant diamond. Cursed.

The diamond starts talking to her and trying to get her to dress up pretty and go out so that the diamond can be seen. Eventually, it starts possessing her and making her do out of character things. Like in the middle of the night, going into Kyohei's room while he's asleep and stripping into nothing but the necklace, and climbing on top of him to pose nude as he awakes. He freezes just as she regains control and realizes where she is and screams.

Later, after the whole diamond issue is resolved, the memory of being naked on top of Kyohei in his bed starts making her crazy. She goes to school with only the black jumper on - no underwear, no blouse. She's also acting so nonchalant that it could be perceived of as flirting. A nasty boy in her class is someone who gets girls to go down to this local shop to pose for either naked photos or adult films - it's a bit unclear - and he takes Sunako down, who in her crazed state has no problem stripping to nothing.

When Kyohei hears what's happened, he jumps out the second story window and runs to the location, kicks down the door and tries to rescue her, says she's his girlfriend and that they're not going to take pictures of her. The producer pulls a gun on him and says that he needs nude pics or else. So Kyohei poses nude for them (just as the whole school comes to see what's going to happen). Sunako, seeing Kyohei nude, wakes up from her insanity. Kyohei takes her home.

Hello. It's SO obvious he's in love with her that it's starting to become frustrating that the mangaka doesn't take it there. Hopefully soon.