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Hina: I don’t own The X-Men or Thundercats. Just the idea behind this plot. Enjoy. And yes, this is a crossover between both shows.

The Last Courage
By: Tygra’s Wife Oracle

Chapter One:
Professor Xavier
“There’s a man here to see you.” A loud voice spoke from behind me, cutting through the darkness of the room. Well, it was not really dark. I just have my eyes closed, but still, the voice was loud and clear. I opened my eyes and lifted my head. I was in a cell—not a prison cell of course—even though it looked like one—but a holding cell that is supposed to weaken the powers of a mutant, but I am not a Mutant. In fact, I am not even human.

I heard the door to the holding cell being opened and I finally turned my head to look over my shoulder. Two people came into the room. One was a bald man, staring at me with a stern stare and the other was a white haired woman with slightly tanned skin. She glanced around the room with her strange grey eyes before wheeling the man closer. Much to my surprise, the human male was in a chair with wheels.

On Thundera, wheel chairs were never needed. If any Thunderian were to get any kind of injury that could render their legs useless, then they would be able to get the Lord of the Thundercats to use the Sword of Omens to heal their wounds or even the Totem of Dera* could be used to heal them instead. You could almost say that my race cheated death until we became old and died.

The man laced his fingers together, putting his hands to his lips as he propped his elbows onto the arms of his wheel chair. His blue gaze regarded me with much concern and intrigue, as they looked me from head to toe. He was obviously drinking in the sight of me with my ginger mane like hair swept upwards and my brown eyes staring back at him. My pink and purple dress reached my knees—I was lucky that Thunderian clothes had magical properties that allow our clothes to grow with us—that is if we are not growing at a rapid rate of course. Aside from my dress, I did not wear any shoes like these humans seemed to wear—I did not even have any boots. I just had a simple pair of what you could call open toe socks—or shoes—that reached half way up my lower calves. My belt had been confiscated—for security measures no doubt—as was my space board, but at least I still had the Thundercats insignia still emblazoned on my chest. If anyone had taken this symbol, I would have fought tooth and nail to keep it.

As our eyes locked together, I could see that he was not a Thunderian either. His eyes, despite being blue like those of some of my people, still held much wisdom and intelligence that could be found within the eyes of the Elders of my people. The man finally rested his hands on the arms of his chair and he parted his lips. His voice was calm yet gentle as he spoke. “My name is Professor Charles Xavier; I am the head of a special school for Gifted Youngsters—like you.” He said softly. Again, his fingers laced together and he pressed them to his lips. There was a momentary pause as he allowed this information to sink into my brain, not that it would not make a difference. “Might I ask for your name?” He asked a minute later.

I just blinked my eyes at him, caution grazing their depths. He seemed harmless enough, but if my guess is right, Professor means that this man was either a scientist or a doctor and none of those meant good news. Something inside me told me that he was bad news. One of his kind before had betrayed me. But perhaps if this man is truly willing to help me then maybe…

No, Wilykit! You cannot! Do not trust anyone! Remember what happened to Wilykat? I shivered at the thought and felt an ice ball forming in the pit of my stomach. Upon fleeing Thundera, the Mutants had caught up with our flagship and done a good number to it, but something bad had happened while we were in the Suspension Capsules. Apparently instead of heading for the planet Jaga and Panthro had set the already damaged ship on course to, the ship went off course and landed on this planet with its unnatural jungles of steel and concrete. Metal monsters roared, while coughing up dangerous fumes in the back. Animals always caged up instead running free. All of this made me sick to my stomach.

When we woke up, we found ourselves in this city called New York and we could not get in contact with the others. There was too much interference coming from the towers and electrical lines of the city—unless the others were just simply out of range. Either way, we scoped out most of the portion of the city called Manhattan. We found ourselves with no shelter or food. We resorted to stealing food straight from the stores just to survive**, but eventually our hopes of finding the others began to wane and we just simply forgot Thundera altogether—well, Wilykat did, but not me. We lived in an abandoned construction building—it used to be a factory, I think—for a whole year.

Then one day, they came. The men dressed in the cloth armor—what the humans call the military? Or was it the police? I did not really know, but I was scared. Wilykat told me to stay hidden while he drew them away. I have not seen my twin brother since.

The man’s eyes went wide in surprise. In the middle of my train of thought, I had failed to shut out any mental powers humans may possess—I failed to block out any possible mind readers from my mind, but I think…I think that I did not care anymore. Two years of being on this planet has made me careless and more susceptible to whatever powers existed in this place. The Professor’s female companion reached for him, her eyes filling with concern. I watched them with vague curiosity as Charles just waved her way.

“I-I’m fine, Ororo.” Professor Xavier said quietly. His gaze was still on me as he regained his composure. I didn’t know what happened, but it couldn’t have been good. I stared at him warily as he wheeled a bit closer to me. I only shrank back against the cold cement wall. I didn’t want to be touched by this savage.

He sighed and closed his eyes. I didn’t know what he was going to do next. I was secretly hoping that he would leave. But that would be wishful thinking. As I sat there, staring at him with my back pressed against the cold wall, I saw the Professor reaching up with his hands. He placed them on the sides of his face—at his temples actually and this time, I heard a voice speaking to me in my mind.

Can you hear me, Wilykit? The voice nearly scared me. I felt my heart racing with fear and I dug my claws into the wall now as if I could sink into it with one touch. My eyes went wide as a Thunderian half dollar and bit my lip. I started to taste my own blood at this point.

I’m going crazy now. I thought to myself, but the voice chuckled and it spoke again.

I assure you, you’re not going crazy, Wilykit—or would you prefer I call you, ‘Kit’? This voice… It’s coming from Professor Xavier. My heart leapt up at the newfound discovery and I glanced at him. His eyes were open now and his lips were pulled back into a small, friendly smile.

How? How are you reading my mind? Are you a sorcerer? I asked in an alarmed tone. No one, but my brother and friends call me Kit. Just as no one but our friends and me, call my brother Kat.

I assure you, Wilykit. I am not a sorcerer and this is no sorcery that I’m doing. As I have said before, my name is Professor Charles Xavier, and I am a Mutant, like you. I can read minds because I am a telepath. I want to help you, but I can’t help you, if we can’t trust each other. The Professor seemed sincere enough, but I can’t let my guard down. Not for one second. Seeing that I wasn’t going to trust him, Charles issued a soft sigh from his lips and he lowered his hands from his temples. “How can I get you to trust me?”

Only one thought entered my head and I was saying it before I could even think of it. “Help me find my brother and my friends then I’ll trust you.”

Professor Xavier Charles at straighter in his wheelchair and he eyed me with a serious expression on his face. He almost reminded me of Tygra when Tygra gets serious. That made my heart ache a bit. “Tell me your story.”

But where do I begin? I took in a deep breath and nodded. I guess I will trust this man for now. I opened my mouth and told the story starting from the destruction of Thundera all the way up to the current situation. I managed to keep myself composed as I told of my separation from my friends, but it was even harder to compose myself while telling of my brother’s disappearance. All the while, the man and woman listened. Professor Xavier seemed sympathetic as he listened to my tale, but that same serious look never left his face. He seemed to go into thought at certain parts—especially when it came to the people that took Wilykat away from me. He asked a few questions here and there, but otherwise, he kept silent and listened.

But the woman on the other hand, she reminded me so much of Cheetara with her gray eyes glittering with pride and concern all at once. She looked sad to hear all of this coming from an alien girl stranded on an alien planet and separated from her loved ones. I eventually learned that her name was Ororo Munroe, and like the Professor, she was a Mutant. Only her powers were different than his.

Once I was finished with my story, the Professor lowered his hands from his lips and he closed his eyes, allowing the story to sink into his mind. He seemed more like Tygra this way. I quickly dismissed that notion and I remained still. I was still wary about these two, but for me to even tell my story to these complete strangers was odd for me, but I suppose Wilykat would want me to trust someone.

Charles finally opened his eyes and he seemed composed enough to speak again. “If you come with me to the Institute, I think I can help you find your loved ones, Wilykit.” The Telepath said softly.

I bit my lip and tore my gaze off of him. I didn’t know what to say. I still didn’t quite trust this Psychic man, but if he really could help me find Wilykat and the others, then maybe I’ll get to see my friends sooner than I think. Professor Xavier is the first Human to offer me some help in finding any of the Thundercats.

Ororo walked up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder, startling me. “Wilykit, the Professor is a good man. He took in many children with special gifts and helped them find their place in this world. If he can do that, then surely he can help find your friends.”

I looked up into Ororo’s eyes and saw the same kindness as Cheetara’s eyes. It was Ororo’s soft words that made me give in. I think I finally started to believe that this Planet wasn’t all bad. I finally nodded and gave a half hearted smile to the two of them. “I need my belongings though.”

“Of course.” The Professor returned my smile as Ororo helped me off of my cot. He turned his head to Ororo and spoke. “Storm, why don’t you go with Wilykit to help her into her new clothes? I’m sure the clothes she has on now will draw too much attention across New York.”

“What? What’s wrong with my clothes?” I asked cautiously. I know I don’t exactly blend in among the Humans, but if I took off these clothes and ditched them, I wouldn’t feel like a Thundercat anymore. I watched as Ororo, or Storm, walked out of the room for the moment. My gaze then went to the Professor, narrowing in suspicion.

“There’s no need to worry, Wilykit. The clothes you have on now will draw too much attention to you and I highly doubt you’d want to draw any suspicious attention to yourself as we travel through New York.” Charles said softly. I immediately calmed down and relaxed as Ororo came back in a few seconds later. She carried a pair of strange pants and a strange shirt, along with some shoes as she came in.

The nearby security guard nervously looked over at Ororo before locking my cell door behind me; I didn’t spare him a second glance as I stepped out of the cold, lonely cell and into the equally empty office. Ororo looked over at the Guard, but I wasn’t really paying any attention to them as I took the clothing that she offered to me before looking at the Professor. Charles looked at me, a polite smile tugging at his mouth.

“The guard is willing to let you get changed in his office.” Professor Xavier said, gesturing to the door that led into another room. I nodded silently before making my way to the wooden door. Holding the offered clothes to my chest, I opened the door and as I was about to enter the office, I heard Storm ask the Professor one question.

“Can we really help her find her friends, Charles? I don’t know if we can trust her. I mean look at what happened to those other aliens that crashed here. Magneto got to them before we did and exterminated them.”

My heart leapt at hearing the woman’s words and I quickly shut the door behind me before I could hear any more of the conversation. Tears burned at my eyes as the same pain of losing Wilykat a year ago pierced my heart. I couldn’t help, but break down and cry. Tygra. Cheetara. Lion-O. Panthro. Snarf. They all can’t really be dead, can they?

Get a hold of yourself, Wilykit! They’re Thundercats. Panthro’s too strong to be taken down so easily. Cheetara would be too quick for any bullets from a gun to hit her. And Tygra is too smart to be tricked by anyone. My mind screamed at me, these thoughts racing through my heart. But what about Lion-O and Snarf? They’re alright, aren’t they? And Kat…

My heart pained at the thought of my twin. I wasn’t going to lie. A single day hasn’t passed without me thinking of my brother. My older cowardly, sarcastic brother. My other half. Wilykat could be subjected to those experiments at the hands of the human scientists or maybe he’s lying in an alley dead somewhere. I felt my body stiffen at the last thought and I quickly shook my head, more tears beginning to flow. “No....Kat…”

Hina: Time for some quick reference notes! They may contain spoilers for the remake series. Anyways, thanks for bearing with me on this slight rewrite of this chapter. I didn’t change much except for the reference notes. I will be working on telling what really happened to Wilykat and the others. :)
Reference Notes
* The Totem of Dera is a treasure of Thundera that is said to have healing capabilities and the Sword of Omens has the same capabilities – as seen in the second season of the original series.
**This is a reference to the Thunderkittens resorting to stealing food in Thundera in the remake/reboot