Thundercats Fan Fiction ❯ Last Life ❯ Chapter Seven: The Maiden Voyage ( Chapter 7 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter Seven
Her blue eyes stared out of the window of the ship. Millions of stars seemed to fly on by, as Catrina remained in a world of silence, oblivious to the presence of the other passengers aboard the ship. Each little bright white light that dotted the dark blank void of space seemed to hypnotize her, holding her attention.

There was only another time that Catrina was in this kind of trance. It was a year ago when her father had called everyone to the cockpit of the flagship. Only instead of a big blue planet looming in her view, it was the red planet of Thundera and back then, Thundera had blown up before her very eyes. Now First Earth was in her view and there were no signs of the planet blowing up. Instead, the Feliner was quickly putting a lot of distance between it and First Earth, making the said planet seem like it was shrinking, as it became a little vague blue dot in the distance.

A hand reached out and touched her gently on the shoulder. Catrina nearly shrieked at feeling the fingers tightening a bit on her shoulder blade.

"Cat? Are you alright?" Asked Sammy's voice, startling her again. When Catrina looked over her shoulder, she saw her sister staring at her with wide green eyes filled with curiosity. A few strands of Sammy's dark brown hair fell over to the other side of her face as the eight year old slightly tilted her head to the side.

Catrina nodded a bit. The corner of her lips pulled back into a faint smile. "Y-yea, I'm fine. Why?" The Thunderian said in response. She finally relaxed a bit as it registered in her mind where she was.

Her sister smiled back at her, confusion still on her face. "It's just that you've been staring at the window for a long while." Sammy's voice was soft and barely audible as she spoke. She withdrew her hand from Catrina's shoulder, only to let it rest at her side. She watched her stepsister shrug a bit. The little girl's eyebrows narrowed a bit in suspicion. It was strange to see Catrina all quiet, considering that Catrina was not the shy type despite her soft-spoken ways.

Catrina rubbed the back of her neck, not knowing what to say. "I'm fine, Sammy. Really."

From a pile of pillows and blankets that were placed at the back of the ship, Kassim uncurled himself and came to the sisters' side. The lion let out a soft yawn-like growl as he stretched out his limbs. His golden amber eyes flickered to Catrina before he pressed his cold wet nose against her hand.

"Alright." Sammy said softly. She was still unsure of what to make of her sister's indifference. They had been on the Feliner with the Thundercats for few days now and so far, Catrina had retreated into herself. According to Tygra, it was something she had done when she and the others had escaped from Thundera. There was no explanation as to why Catrina was so quiet or distant for that matter.

Catrina stroked the top of Kassim’s head, scratching behind the lion’s ear before pulling away. She barely took a step when the entire ship shook violently, causing everyone to lose their balance. Catrina shrieked and quickly grabbed onto Sammy as her sister did the same, only Catrina was trembling now.

“W-what was that?” The thirteen year old whispered in a frightened tone. She looked around as Sammy hugged her middle. Catrina’s entire body was trembling a bit now.

“Cat?” Sammy started. The eight year old looked at her sister in confusion, but yelped, as there was another violent shake. The twins, Wilykit and Wilykat had wrapped their arms around her and Catrina to help keep them steady.

“What was that?” Wilykit asked, looking over at the front of the ship. Panthro and Lynx-O were at the controls, Lynx-O trying to keep the ship steady through the Braille Board while Panthro cursed under his breath and was searching the display monitors for the source of the attack.

The warrior’s entire body became tense as the outline of a ship showed up on a nearby computer screen. A growl escaped his throat and he looked back at Lion-O. “It’s those blasted mutants!” He said angrily. The entire room filled with tension and another impact from a blast of the Mutants’ ship shook the Feliner again, making Catrina whimper.

Catrina trembled even more. Her heart started to race with fear now as memories of the day she saw Thundera explode entered her mind.


She stared wide eyed at the computer monitor. There was a red planet on the monitor’s display, spots of fire shooting up from its surface. She could hear the thousands of souls that were to die on Thundera.

Beside her, a red haired youth looked on as well. Golden brown-red eyes saw the same image as her. The boy opened his mouth, addressing a Jaguar Thunderian behind them. “Watch what Jaga? That planet? What’s happening to it?” The twelve year old asked.

Lina found herself staring at the telescreen in shocked silence as the red planet on the screen exploded and Lina hid her face into Lion-O’s shoulder. She could practically feel the pain of the planet itself as it exploded.

Feeling her trembling, Lion-O placed an arm around her waist and looked away. It pained him as well. They had lost their entire planet and their families or rather what was left of them. “W-what was that?” Lion-O stammered in surprise, his golden eyes going wide.

Lina whimpered as her father answered her friend’s question. There was pure sadness in Jaga’s voice as he placed his hands on both Lion-O’s and Lina’s shoulders. “That was Thundera, children… the planet we call home.”

“Thundera? But…” Lion-O could not find the right words for what he was feeling. His father and practically the entire Thunderian race had stayed behind on planet Thundera. Tears were starting to shine in the young prince’s eyes. The Lion blinked them back.

He could not show his emotions, or at least he felt that he had to be strong for his friends, especially for Lina. He could feel Lina’s tears soaking into the tan fur on his shoulder as he held her and comforted her. As the future Lord of the Thundercats, he would have to be the strong one and he would be the one responsible for all of the doings of the others. Lion-O had to be strong and keep a cool head.

“Yes, children, Thundera is gone, but the Code of Thundera will live as long as you, the Lord and Lady of the Thundercats carry it in your hearts. It will be your sacred duties to rule according to that code in our new home…wherever that will be. Justice, truth, honor, loyalty.” Jaga said softly, his brown eyes resting on his daughter and student.

Lion-O seemed to get a surge of confidence and he crossed one arm over his chest, “We will, Jaga. We swear it; I mean we’ll try, right, Lina?” When he looked over at Lina, he saw his friend clinging to his arm still. Lina nodded meekly while keeping her face buried into the side of his shoulder.

“Yes, I know. It is an enormous responsibility for one who is not yet a man. But fear not, children. You two are not alone. The nobles gathered here, Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, even Wilykat and Wilykit will be teaching you the skills you rule wisely and well. They will be with you every step of the way. Now, both of you come with me.” His cape swished a bit as he turned around and started walking. Jaga crossed the bridge of the ship and walked through the door with the two cubs following him.

Snarf, who had climbed up onto a nearby ledge, let his ears drooped in sadness. “No mention of old Snarf, I notice. Snarf, snarf. Go ahead, just take all the glory, and leave it to Snarf to clean up after you. I don’t mind.”

“There is something else you must see, Lion-O, Lina. The most important part of your heritage.” He heard Jaga say in passing and he trailed after them.

Lina allowed Lion-O to lead her into the room and despite that, her father was talking to all of them; she did not seem to hear him. She was lost in her thoughts and the painful emotions that came from everyone in the room. Sadness, confusion, and anger. Not everyone really knew each other on a personal level but still, everyone in this room knew each other one way or another. In addition, they all have one goal in common: To establish their race and survive. Ok, so maybe that is actually two goals but still, they were the only ones left behind.

It was not until she heard her father calling out to her she was brought back to attention. Lion-O had gently nudged her in her side to get her attention. When she looked up, she saw that everyone in the room were now wearing some kind of magical clothing and were wielding their own special weapon. Lion-O now held the Sword of Omens in his hands, though she could see every muscle in his body tightening as he tried to lift up the sword.

“It will not be long before the Sword feels natural in your hands.” Jaga said softly in his calm fatherly voice. He then looked at Lina, his crimson gaze locking with her blue ones. “And as for you, Lina, my daughter.” He whispered.

Lina watched as her father walked over to the stand that the Sword of Omens and Cat Claw once were and he picked up a cloth bundle before approaching her. The oldest of the Thundercats held out the cloth bundle to her. She saw her father’s lips curl into a soft smile as his eyes shined with loving warmth.

She shyly took the cloth bundle. Feeling something hard through the brown cloth, she peeled back the top layer and found a long thin katana still in its sheath. The Thundercats [s]insignia[/s] emblem was engraved on the hilt of the sword. Her eyes widened at seeing her mother’s weapon. Although she was quiet, a small gasp managed to escape her lips and she looked back at her father, a questioning look grazing their depths.

“This was your mother’s. I have kept it since her death. I was waiting to give it to you when the right time comes, and now is that time. Wield this blade with passion, Lina and it will serve you well.” Her father said softly.

A loud crash rattled the entire ship before she could respond, making everyone snap to attention. The Thundercats all rushed out of the room, and amidst the confusion, Lina found herself being left behind in the room with Lion-O and their nursemaid, Snarf. Lion-O tried to go with them but Jaga ordered him to stay behind. Lion-O kicked at the door out of frustration until he had calmed down some. Lina backed herself against the wall and slid down to floor, burying her face into her upraised knees. Snarf’s ears drooped as he came to Lina’s side and rested his hands on her lap, “Don’t worry, Lina, everything will be fine. Old Snarf will protect you and Lion-O, Snarf snarf.”

Lina just shook her head in silence and began to tremble. There was no use in trying to comfort her. She knew what was going on. The mutants had managed to track down the flagship and they were now locked in battle with the others. The corner of Lion-O’s lips curled into a frown at seeing Lina trembling and he joined Snarf and Lina on the floor. He sat on Lina’s other side. Slipping an arm around her, the lion drew her closer and hugged her. “It is all right, Lina. Jaga and the others will be ok. They won’t let the mutants come in…” There was a loud bang against the metal door and Lion-O instantly jumped up, his hand going to the Sword of Omens that was lying beside him.

Snarf yelped and jumped to his feet. The yellow fur on his back bristled a bit as his entire body became tense. “D-don’t worry, kids. Old Snarf will protect you.” His ears laid flat against his head as the door finally came open with another bang. There standing in the door way were three mutants, led by a Reptile-like mutant.

“Well, well, look at what we have here. Two cubssss and their little pet.” Hissed Slithe, his golden slits for eyes staring at them mockingly. The other two mutants laughed. It was at this point that Lion-O, still struggling to lift up the sword, glared at them and he grabbed the bottom of the Sword of Omens, putting all of his strength behind it.

“Get them.” The leader of the mutants ordered. The other two mutants stepped forward with a net in hand. Snarf growled and leapt at them, but the net was thrown at him, ensnaring the feline.
“Snarf!” Lion-O cried out. The twelve year old looked on in mild shock and anger, watching as the mutants pulled the net towards them with Snarf struggling to break free. His golden brown eyes filled with anger and he got a better grip on the Sword of Omens. Gritting his teeth with determination, Lion-O slowly lifted the seemingly heavy weapon, willing the Eye of Thundera to come to life.

Seeing that Lion-O was struggling still, Lina rose shakily to her feet and walked up behind her friend. She grasped Lion-O’s wrists, using the little bit of strength she could muster to help him lift the Sword of Omens. She could feel heaviness of the blade and Lion-O’s body trembling under the weight. As soon as she touched Lion-O’s hands on the hilt, the red eye on the hilt of the Sword flickered to life and it began to glow.

The mutants had all stopped dead in their tracks at seeing the Thundercats symbol rising from the sword and into the air. It was then that Slithe’s two cohorts, Monkian and Jackalman scrambled to get away, dropping the trapped Snarf in the process. Slithe hissed angrily at his companions, “Where are you two idiotssss going?” The reptile growled but he saw the symbol as well and ran.

Lion-O breathed a sigh of relief, though his legs felt a bit like jelly as he placed the sword back onto the pedestal and walked over to a struggling Snarf. Lina followed him. She helped Lion-O untangle their nursemaid from the net. Once he was free, Snarf jumped into Lina’s arms and put his arms around her, hugging her.

“Are you two alright?” Snarf whined, looking his two charges over. Lion-O just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“We took care of them Snarf. So, quit worrying so much.” The prince replied, and he grinned at Lina. “Right, Lina?”

A faint blush rose on Lina’s cheeks and she nodded. The girl quickly buried her face into the side of Snarf’s face, earning a loving purr from her caretaker. It was at that instant that the door opened and her father’s voice met their ears.

“Lina! Lion-O! You two are unharmed?” The old Thunderian asked in mild alarm as the others appeared in the room behind him.

Lion-O let out a soft laugh as Snarf jumped into his arms and hugged him next. “Snarf took a few bumps, but we took care of them.” The young Lord replied. His gaze traveled to Lina, who had joined his side and hidden her face into his shoulder. She was being shy again. Lina’s shyness made Lion-O’s heart melt with happiness, but before anyone could do or say anything else, Lion-O and Lina were rushed out of the room where they proceeded to help their friends with whatever repairs that were needed.


“Lina?” Came Tygra’s voice as the vision melted away. Sammy watched as her sister’s body tightened and became completely stiff. Catrina looked like she was in a trance, as did Tygra.

Both teacher and student had locked eyes, only Tygra wore an expression of determination on his face while Catrina looked frightened. Sammy just blinked and quietly spoke to Cheetara. “What are they doing?” The eight year old asked in confusion, never tearing her gaze off her sister.

Cheetara chuckled a bit before answering. “Tygra is trying to calm Lina down by showing her soothing images. Tygra can project mental images into the minds of others.” She whispered to her. There was a strange fondness in the Cheetah’s voice as she spoke. It was not hard to see that that Cheetara cared deeply for Tygra.

Sammy’s green eyes went wide in curiosity and she finally turned her gaze to the female Thundercat. “He can do that?” Granted that Sammy did not know the full powers that each of the Thundercats has, she still found this bit of information surprising. The girl blinked and turned her gaze back to her sister and Tygra. “Why hasn’t he used it before?”

“Because it wears him out and he only uses it when it’s absolutely necessary.” Cheetara responded. She and Sammy watched as Catrina’s body now relaxed and she and Tygra came out of the trance. Cheetara quickly went to Tygra’s side and caught him before he could fall over while Lion-O caught Catrina.

Lion-O gently cradled Catrina in his arms and looked down at her. Catrina had fallen asleep. It was most likely because of Tygra’s work. Sammy walked up to him and grabbed her sister’s hand in worry. “Will Cat be ok?” She asked worriedly.

Tygra let out a soft groan as Cheetara helped him regain his balance. The tiger kept a hand on his head as he opened one eye to look at Sammy. “Don’t worry, Sammy. She will be just fine. I put her to sleep for the remainder of the trip.” He said softly. There was a dull ache in between his eyes, but he chose to ignore it and stood straight with Cheetara giving him support. “Hopefully she’ll wake up after we land on Third Earth.”