Thundercats Fan Fiction ❯ Last Life ❯ Chapter Seventeen: Conditions ( Chapter 17 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
She saw a pair of golden eyes staring down at her, unblinking while concern and worry swam in its depths. A large hand gently cradled her as a deep voice broke through the sleepy haze clogging her brain.

“Are you alright, Lina?” the deep voice asked. When she was able to concentrate, Catrina saw the golden eyes and the deep voice belonged to a red haired Cat Man staring down at her. A name rung in her subconscious and Catrina finally gave a small groan, which served to relieve Lion-O’s fears. The young Lord breathed a sigh of relief, giving her a gentle hug. “Thank Jaga you’re alright.”

“My head hurts.” Catrina mumbled from Lion-O’s arms, but one loud yell snapped her back to attention, bringing her out of the dazed completely. The girl sat up and looked over just in time to see a bright yellow beam of energy flew through the air, hitting a metal hovercraft belonging to Chilla.

Alluro growled and quickly retreated into the safety of the Ice Mistress’s vehicle. “Hurry, you vile woman! That stupid little brat and those wretched Snarfs are coming on that blasted Hover Cat!”

“Shut it, Alluro.” Chilla hissed, starting up her hovercraft. Another yellow beam shot through the air, narrowly hitting them as they now took off through the air, heading back to Sky Tomb.

Catrina just blinked, feeling even more confused than before. “Wait, where’s the Thundrainium?” she asked in puzzlement. The thirteen year old looked up at Lion-O before looking at the others. The air was perfectly clear; it was breathable actually and no one was hurt, well, Bengali was still a bit weak from where the Mutants snuck up on him earlier, but Pumyra was holding up him. Was she just under the influence of Alluro’s Psyche Club?

The question remained unanswered as Catrina heard her sister’s voice calling out to her. She looked up in time to see the Hover Cat landing nearby, and out came Sammy and the Snarfs.

“Cat!” Sammy said happily, running up to her sister and hugging her.

Catrina blinked. The muscles in her body tensed up at her surprise. Her legs felt like jelly. Catrina just grabbed onto her sister to keep herself from falling as her brained searched for the right words.

“S-Sammy, what--?”

“Snarf was worried about you so we flew the HoverCat here!” Sammy replied, as if her response would answer all the questions in the world. The little girl pulled away while keeping one arm around her sister’s waist. “I’m glad you’re safe, Cat!” She gave her sister another hug, only to pull back with an apologetic smile at hearing her sister yelp in pain, “Sorry, Cat.”

“I-it’s fine.” Catrina mumbled, rubbing head. There was a light throb behind her eyes and she had to grab onto Sammy again. She felt dizzy. Was this the aftereffects of being hypnotized by Alluro’s Psyche club?
Snarf let out a nervous purr as he rose on his tail. “Lina? Are you alright?” the nursemaid asked worriedly. He saw her flinch and before he knew it, his charge fainted. Snarf tried catching her before she hit the ground, but Lion-O caught her before the girl could land on top of their nursemaid.

Concern graced the young Lord’s face as he eased Catrina to the ground. His orange gaze looked her over before turning to Pumyra. “Pumyra, is there anything you can do?” he asked the Healer Cat.

The Puma, after relinquishing Bengali to Lynx-O, walked over to Catrina and Lion-O. Pumyra placed a hand onto Catrina’s forehead, her red eyes narrowing slightly as she concentrated on her work. Catrina’s cheeks were flushed and beads of sweat rolled down the sides of her face. Her chest rose and fell slowly. When Pumyra leaned in to the girl’s heartbeat, she frowned.

“Will Lina be okay, Pumyra?” Wilykat asked curiously, him and Wilykit staring in worry at their friend laying on the ground with Lion-O, Snarf, and Pumyra fussing over her.

Pumyra finally tore her gaze from Catrina and looked to Lion-O. “I believe she’ll be fine; she just inhaled some of the Thundrainium from the Lunataks’ smoke screen, but we need to get her back to the Tower of Omens where I can give her the proper medicine.” She replied.

“Bengali is almost in worse shape than her.” Panthro said, noticing the white tiger leaning heavily against Lynx-O. He, too, seemed to be struggling to breathe.

“Then it’s decided,” Lion-O started, the young lord standing up with a serious look on his face. “Cheetara, you’ll go with Pumyra and Lynx-O, and help out at the Tower of Omens until both Bengali and Lina are well again. In the meantime, the rest of us will return to Cats’ Lair. Call us if there’s any trouble.”

With that said, Lion-O walked to the HoverCat while everyone went about preparing for the trip back to their home. Lion-O looked back at towards the ThunderStrike where Pumyra, Lynx-O, and Cheetara were placing Catrina and Bengali into the smaller compartments that often could separate from the main cockpit and be piloted by Pumyra and Bengali. He saw Snarf trailing after Cheetara as she carried Catrina.

“Snarf? Where are you going?” Lion-O asked. The nursemaid almost froze in place. When he turned around to face his former charge, Snarf saw no anger in his eyes. The Snarf purred nervously, fiddling with his fingers.

“Well, you see, Lion-O, Lina’s going to need me when she wakes up. I want to make sure she’ll be okay.” Snarf murmured. His ears drooped into their doglike positions, giving anyone looking at him the impression that he was more canine then feline.

Lion-O couldn’t help chuckling at his friend’s words. He, too, was worried about his childhood friend, bur he had duties to attend to. “Alright, Snarf, but keep me posted on her condition.” The lion said and he walked off again, everyone finally getting into their vehicles and taking off for their destinations.