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Toki Days
A Tokimeki Memorial - Happy Days Crossover / Slightly AU, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Parody
by Sailor Enlil
Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You story with a flavor of Happy Days
Synopsis: Shiori Fujisaki starts her 2nd year in Kirameki Highschool with vague memories of her childhood. On the first day of school when she arrives at the gate, Rei Ijuuin, the Principal's grandson, makes his usual grand entrance via a limousine and cheering girls, a routine he's gone through since junior high. However, a new male transfer student in a black leather jacket arrives as a passenger on a motorcycle, and when he removes his helmet, he's dashingly handsome with a greased hairdo and carries himself like a debonair gentleman, effectively drawing the girls away from Rei. Meanwhile, as Shiori looks at him, she gets a nagging feeling in her heart that there's something strangely familiar about him.
Tokimeki Memorial is property of Konami; Happy Days is the creation of Garry Marshall and property of the American Broadcasting Company
Chapter prologue
(Morning, Thursday, April 10, 1997)
Fonzu got off his ride that Thursday morning and walked into the campus. He was in deep thought, wondering about Shiori's behavour the previous day. "Guess I went a bit strong on her" he thought, almost ignoring the greetings and screams of the girls around him trying to get his attention. He snapped out of his reverie for a moment and greeted them back.
"Good morning ladies!" he said, to the girls' delight, flashing his trademark smile and thumbs up gesture. After most of them had gone, he went back to thinking, when felt a start.
"Huh? What that?" he said to himself, looking around. "I could have sworn someone was watching me." he thought. "Nahh." he shrugged, and continued on his way to the campus.
Behind a corner, a girl with green hair worn in a pair of loops like a Koala's ears peeked around from her hiding place, her eyes following the unsuspecting greasehaired student.
"He's so cool!" she thought to herself, smiling. "I have know more about him!"
Opening Theme
Nichi, Tsuki, Toki Days
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Moku, Kana, Toki Days
Tsuchi, what a day
Groovin' all week with you
These days are all,
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Sayonara grey sky, hello aoi.
When I hold you it's so sugoi.
Feels so right, it can't be wrong.
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Share them with me (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Tokimeki (Itoshii)
These Toki Days are yours and mine (These Toki Days are yours and mine), Toki Days
Opening Theme Ends
Chapter 5: Stalker: Cat and Mouse Game
(Lunchbreak, canteen)
"She did what?" asked Yoshio.
"She looked like she wanted something, but when I asked her she denied anything and just took off." said Fonzu with a shrug.
"Hmm, Shiori-chan's really acting weird. Come to think of it, she was very quiet all day." said Potsu.
"Yeah. Say, did something happen between you two?" asked Yoshio curiously.
"No way! Nothing out of the ordinary." said Fonzu.
"And just what do you mean by ordinary?" pressed Yoshio.
"Nothing more than just being friends." answered Fonzu.
"Sure. Right." said Potsu.
"Hey I'm serious here." said Fonzu. "Hmm?"
"Eh? What is it?" asked Yoshio, puzzled about Fonzu's sudden change in mood.
"Hang on a minute." said Fonzu, looking behind his back and scanning the canteen area. After a few seconds, he faced his friends again.
"Fonzu-san what's going on?" asked Yoshio.
"I have no idea, I can't put my finger on it." said Fonzu. "Just a feeling like I'm being watched."
"Well, lots of girls are sure watching you." said Potsu.
"No not like that. I mean, very secretively. You know, hiding somewhere not wanting to be seen?" said Fonzu.
"Geez, you're overreacting." said Yoshio.
"Hey! It happened before." said Fonzu. "Back in Milwaukee this girl stalked me."
"Stalked you?" asked Potsu.
"Yeah. As in, she kept hiding behind corners, walls, alleys, but keeping me within sight wherever I went." said Fonzu.
"I find that hard to believe." said Yoshio.
"Believe it buddy. I found out later on she was a member of a gang." said Fonzu.
"HUH?" gapsed Yosho and Potsu in unison.
"Yeah. By the time I realized what was going on, she and her friends, her gang that is, which was a mixed bunch with guys and girls, pounced on me." said Fonzu.
"Woa!" said Potsu.
"Luckily I had some martial arts training in my earlier years, and they weren't too much trouble." said Fonzu.
"Why would they attack you?" asked Yoshio.
"The girl somehow wanted me really bad. As in to be her, sweetheart. Just like that." answered Fonzu. "Even if it was just a piece of my hair." Yoshio and Potsu fell backwards from that statement.
"Well, why didn't you give in?" asked Potsu after getting back to his seat along with Yoshio.
"She wasn't my type to begin with. And should I remind you of the one I already have in mind?" said Fonzu.
"Oh, yeah. That again." said Yoshio.
"You sure amaze me Fonzu-san." said Potsu.
"Anyway since that incident I've had an instinct for trouble. That's why get these feelings of being watched that are quite different from being, um, adored." said Fonzu.
"Well if you say so." said Yosho. "But who in Kirameki would want to stalk you?"
"Beats me." said Fonzu. "Unless there's someone around here who's, uh, possessive or something?"
"Can't say I know any girl like that." said Potsu.
"Well let's get back to class shall we?" said Fonzu.
"Yeah sure." said Yosho.
The three of them headed back to class. Before Fonzu left through the cafeteria's doors, he took one more glance at the area.
"Hmm," he breathed, then exited.
"Did he see me?" thought the koala-haired girl hiding behind a column.
(After the 1st afternoon period, along the corridors)
"Man that was boring!" groaned Yoshio as he and Fonzu headed for the men's room.
"Lighten up buddy" said Fonzu. "Eh?" Suddenly he felt another start, and grabbed Yoshio shoving him and himself through an open classroom door before quickly shutting it.
"Hey what the-" yelped Yosho.
"Waaaa!" cheered the girls in the class upon sight of Fonzu in their classroom, where Yuko happened to be in as well.
"Fonzu-kun!?" Yuko said in surprise. "What are you guys doing here?"
"Yeah! What's the big idea?" grumbled Yoshio.
"Hang on for a minute" said Fonzu, waiting for a minute as he heard what sounded like someone running, fading to silence, then he opened the door a crack and looked out. "Looks like the coast is clear."
"(Sigh!) Aren't you taking this stalking thing a little too far?" said Yoshio.
"Fonzu-kun, is something wrong?" asked Yuko.
"Nothing I can't handle." said Fonzu. "See ya all later girls!" he greeted the class, earning more cheers from them before he left the classroom taking Yoshio with him.
"Let's just get to the men's room and get this over with!" moaned Yoshio.
"Hey, really sorry about that buddy," said Fonzu.
(After 2nd afternoon period, along the corridors)
"Man that was a real mess there we had back there" said Potsu, accompanying Fonzu as both were carrying a few trash bags with them.
"Oh well, even our own class can get rowdy at times" replied Fonzu. He then had yet another start, and shoved Potsu and himself into a broom closet around a corner that happened to be left open.
"Hey what in the - MMMF! MMMF!" yelped Potsu, whose cries somehow got muffled.
"Hey! Put a sock in it!" hissed Fonzu.
Just then the familiar sound of running footsteps began to make its presence and got louder, then passed by, missing the opened broom closet door, which partly concealed from the corridor a janitor (which was unusual since highschools don't need janitors for cleaning the student facilities since the students do it themselves) wearing a scarf on his head and scrubbing the floor with a mop while standing next to a whimpering trashcan (if there was such a thing), and a few trashbags.
When the sound of running footsteps subsided, the janitor looked around, then took off his scarf, revealing the janitor to actually be Fonzu. "Okay the coast is clear." he said to the trashcan, whose lid promptly popped open.
"Fweeehhh!" gasped Potsu has his head popped out of the trashcan. "Man that's disgusting!"
"Sorry about that." replied Fotsu. "Anyway that trashcan isn't used yet so it's still clean."
"Ugh. Still..."
"Anyway let's bring these trashbags to the incinerator."
"Um, can you get me out of this trashcan first? I think I'm stuck!"
"Eh?" Fonzu sweatdropped.
(After 3rd afternoon period, along the corridors)
"I don't see why I have to go with the likes of you." said Rei Ijuuin flatly accompanying Fonzu to the student body office to submit a report. "Or are you losing your touch with the ladies?"
"What touch? Besides, this report needs your approval if I'm not mistaken. And the vice president did mention they want the approval process done in their presence." replied Fonzu.
"Can't be helped. Wait a minute!" said Fonzu, feeling yet another start.
"Now what - ulp!" Rei started, but froze when Fonzu shoved him into a storage room, pushing him by the chest, before following inside. "KYAAAAAAA!!!" yelped Rei, in a strangely high pitched girlish manner.
"Shhh!" went Fonzu, closing the door. "Hang on for a minute..." Fonzu paused, listening at the door for the distinctive running sound, which passed. After a few moments, Fonzu moved off the door. "Okay the coast is clear."
"Uhhh... ano..." gasped Rei, still with the strangely girlish voice.
"Eh? Ijuuin-san? What's wrong?" asked a concerned Fonzu, looking peculiarly at Rei who was quite stunned with his hands on his cheeks, looking rather, feminine?
"Um, Ijuuin-san..."
"Fonzu-kun," Rei began, now with a serious look.
"None of what I'm going to say must leave this room!" said Rei.
[A few minutes later, just outside the Classroom of 2-A]
"So you understand magnitude of this?" said Rei.
"Understood well. Besides, I gave you my most sensitive secret in return." said Fonzu.
"Then we're even?" said Rei.
"Of course." said Fonzu. "Friends?" extending his hand.
"Friends." replied Rei, taking Fonzu's hand in a firm handshake.
(After the last period, along the corridors)
"Um, what happened between you and Ijuuin-san?" asked Shiori, accompanying Fonzu to the teacher's office to deliver the class diary.
"Nothing much, just a little talk to clear up a few things." said Fonzu.
"I see." said Shiori. "Well, I've never seen him so friendly with anyone before."
"I have my way with people. Wait a minute." said Fonzu, who once again felt a start.
"Huh? Nani?" asked Shiori, before she too got shoved behind a corner before Fonzu followed. "KYAAAAAA!!" she yelped.
"Shhh!" went Fonzu, ducking as tightly as he can at the corner, inadvertedly bringing himself up close to Shiori.
"Uh, Fonzu-kun..." she whispered nervously.
"Just a few moments..." Fonzu whispered back, hearing the same sound of running footsteps pass by.
"Ano..." Shiori gulped, as Fonzu's face was really up close to hers, making her blush.
"Let's see" said Fonzu, turning his head to face the corridor. "Looks like we're safe now."
"Er, Fonzu-kun," whimpered Shiori.
"Oh, um yes Shiori-san?" said Fonzu, facing Shiori again, this time looking her in the eye. Given how close they were, Shiori blushed profusely.
"Atashi... atashi..." Shiori gasped, unable to stop shaking. Her mind clouded again, and she saw that shadow once more, this time much closer to her like she could almost discern its features, and seemingly calling to her "Shiori-chan! Shiori-chan!" Then her eyes widened. "Uh!" she piped.
"Um! Gomen!" blurted Fonzu, pulling back.
"Eh?" Shiori exhaled, being snapped out of her reverie. "It's okay." replied Shiori quickly, then taking deep breaths.
"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean..." said Fonzu.
"No, it's nothing." said Shiori weakly, looking embarrassed.
"Come'on let's just submit that diary okay?" said Fonzu with a pang of regret.
"Um, okay." said Shiori, unable to look Fonzu in the eye.
"Man I think I did it this time" thought Fonzu, as they walked in silence to the teacher's office.
Ending theme
Sayonara grey sky, hello aoi.
When I hold you it's so sugoi.
Feels so right, it can't be wrong.
Rockin' and rollin' all week long.
These days are all,
Share them with me (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Tokimeki (Itoshii)
These Toki Days are yours and mine (These Toki Days are yours and mine), Toki Days
Ending Theme Ends
Chapter Epiloge
(Outside the school building)
"Geez what the hell was all that about?" asked an exasperated Yoshio.
"I still feel icky being in that trashcan." grumbled Potsu. "And what's with Shiori-chan? She was awfully quiet when you guys got back and she decided to stay behind when we were all leaving. Don't tell me you did another stunt with her! And don't tell me something similar went on with Ijuuin-san! You could get in hot water for, like, laying a hand on him!"
"Look I'm sorry about the mess, it's just that I believe I've identified my stalker." said Fonzu.
"Yeah right." replied Yoshio flatly. "You could just ask Ijuuin-san to call his private army for help."
"Nahh, I don't think I need to go that far. Anyway see you guys tomorrow!" said Fonzu to Yoshio and Potsu.
"Bye!" said Yoshio.
"See ya!" said Potsu.
After Fonzu saw his friends off, he stayed behind the gates waiting for his ride. Then he had a start, and glanced behind him. He then walked toward a particular post.
"Alright whoever you are. Come out with your hands up!" he said mockingly. There was no response. "Playing hard to get aren't ya?" he taunted, then looked behind the post, but found no one. "Hmm, you're fast, whoever you are." He looked around some more, then left to catch his ride.
Behind the building, the same koala-haired girl was panting. "Is he on to me?" she shuddered. "It's like he knew I was there. Please, don't think of me as your enemy Fonzu-kun. I just want to get to know you, but I'm too shy." she whimpered.
Meanwhile, Shiori was still at their classroom, feeling confused.
"What's happening to me? What did I see back there?" she asked herself mentally. "Why does that vision appear when I see Fonzu-kun that way?"
A/N: Well, it looks like Shiori is starting to have more of these strange feelings when she's with Fonzu. Prepare for a really heart rending scene in the next chapter, which will be the first of a few mini-songfics.
Also, Miharu finally makes her move this time. But notice how Fonzu could sense her presence? Think of it as his being able to sense someone else's ki, like a very adept martial artist can. It's explained in this chapter how he developed such an intuition, and in this case, it can also lead to some hilarious results (poor Potsu!). Expect more of these "incidents" later on.
And yep, Fonzu learned Rei's secret (whatever it is :D), but unlike with Yoshio's case, Rei decided to let Fonzu off the hook under an oath of secrecy. And Rei knows Fonzu's secret as well, and will actually be lending Fonzu a hand in the future.