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Toki Days
A Tokimeki Memorial - Happy Days Crossover / Slightly AU, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Parody
by Sailor Enlil
Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You story with a flavor of Happy Days
Synopsis: Shiori Fujisaki starts her 2nd year in Kirameki Highschool with vague memories of her childhood. On the first day of school when she arrives at the gate, Rei Ijuuin, the Principal's grandson, makes his usual grand entrance via a limousine and cheering girls, a routine he's gone through since junior high. However, a new male transfer student in a black leather jacket arrives as a passenger on a motorcycle, and when he removes his helmet, he's dashingly handsome with a greased hairdo and carries himself like a debonair gentleman, effectively drawing the girls away from Rei. Meanwhile, as Shiori looks at him, she gets a nagging feeling in her heart that there's something strangely familiar about him.
Tokimeki Memorial is property of Konami; Happy Days is the creation of Garry Marshall and property of the American Broadcasting Company
Chapter prologue
(Sunday, May 11, 1997, Late Morning, Aoi's Drive-In)

"Good Morning Shiori-san!" said Fonzu as he arrived at the gang's hangout.
"Good Morning Fonzu-kun!" replied Shiori who was already there.
"Where are the others?" asked Fonzu.
"I guess they're kinda late." said Shiori.
"Yo Fonzu-san! Shiori-chan!" called Potsu as he arrived with Yoshio and Yuko.
"Hey guys!" greeted Yuko.
"Hey good to see you all" said Fonzu, before noticing something wrong with Yoshio. "Hey, Saotome-san what's bugging you?" asked Fonzu, surprising everyone.
"Fonzu-san, Yumi-chan took off this morning but didn't seem too happy about it." said Yoshio.
"Eh?" piped Yuko.
"I can't help but wondering if it's got to do with Kaji-kun." said Yoshio.

"Well, actually..." began Fonzu, getting looks from everyone.
Opening Theme
Nichi, Tsuki, Toki Days
Ka, Sui, Toki Days
Moku, Kana, Toki Days
Tsuchi, what a day
Groovin' all week with you
These days are all,
Tokimeki (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Share them with me (Itoshii)
Sayonara grey sky, hello aoi.
When I hold you it's so sugoi.
Feels so right, it can't be wrong.
Rockin' and rollin' all week long.
These days are all,
Share them with me (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Tokimeki (Itoshii)
These Toki Days are yours and mine (These Toki Days are yours and mine), Toki Days
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Chapter 20: First Date
"What's going on Fonzu-kun?" asked Shiori.
"Saotome-san, my kid cousin is on a date with your kid sister." said Fonzu, causing everyone to gasp, except Yoshio who got tensed up.
"Over my dead body!" growled Yoshio.
"Now now, Yoshio-kun, take it easy" said Yuko, trying to calm Yoshio down.
"Didn't that almost happen back on the first day of school when Ichigo-chan had you in the arm-bar?" said Fonzu, causing everyone to giggle.
"Ugh! Don't remind me!" said Yoshio disgustedly.
"Wow, Kaji-kun got Yumi to go on a date with him?" asked Yuko.
"Actually, I set them up on a date." said Fonzu.
"YOU WHAT!?!?" said an exasperated Yoshio.
"Yeah, to keep her distracted while we make preparations for the party." said Fonzu.
"Ugh, couldn't you have thought of something else?" said Yosho.
"Hey don't sweat it, she and Kaji-kun will have a good time I'm sure." said Fonzu.
"That's what I'm worried about." said Yoshio.
(That morning, Amusement Park)
"Sheesh, what's taking him so long!?" said an impatient Yumi. "Fonzu-sempai said he'll be here in"
"Yumi-san!" called out Kaji.
"(Sigh). At least he didn't call me 'Yumiko'" thought Yumi. "Heyyo!" she replied to Kaji.
"Sorry I'm a bit late" said Kaji.
"Save it." said Yumi. "I'm only doing this because Fonzu-sempai asked for a favor."
"Uh, yeah sure" said Kaji. "Well shall we?"
"Okay" said Yumi, before both of them entered the Amusement park's main entrance.
(5 minutes later)

"Hey that looks like a new ride!" said Yumi, pointing at a ride that had bumper-car like seats.
"Hmm, I think that's called the Magic Bell." said Kaji.
"Well I wanna try it out!" said Yumi, making a run for the ticket booth.
"Hey wait for me!" called Kaji, running after Yumi.
"If you can catch me!" taunted Yumi. During her run though, she tripped and fell, grazing her knee. Luckily, there was no wound. "Owwww!"
"Hey Yumi-san, you alright?" said Kaji worriedly.
"WAAAHHHH!" cried Yumi, clutching her knee.
"Woa!" piped Kaji. "Y-you don't have to yell..." he said, trying to calm Yumi down, but to no avail.
"AAAHHHHHH!!!" wailed Yumi.
"Hmm, this calls for drastic action" said Kaji to himself. He knelt down, rubbed his hands for a few moments before he clasped Yumi's knee with them, then mumbled something incomprehensible as he massaged her knee gently.
"Ah??" piped Yumi, surprised at Kaji's action. "Wh-what are you-" she started, but fell silent when she felt the pain in her knee vanishing. In moments, the pain was gone, leaving Yumi in shock.
"There, that should do it." said Kaji. "You alright?"
"Uh, I-" stuttered Yumi. "How... how did you do that?"
"A little trick I learned from Fonzu-niisan" said Kaji.
"Er, thanks, I guess" said Yumi bashfully.
"You're welcome." said Kaji. "Can you get up now?" he said, offering his hand.
"Um" piped Yumi, seeing Kaji offering his hand to her. "He seems nice enough" she thought. "Uh-huh." she mumbled, taking Kaji's hand, then getting pulled to her feet.
"Well, you ready to go?" asked Kaji.
"Yeah, I guess." said Yumi. "Come on!" she said, breaking into another run, this time dragging Kaji with him.
"Woah!!" piped Kaji in surprise.
They spent their day on nearly all the rides, including the Magic Bell three times as Yumi found it to be her favorite, only taking breaks to have meal or snack. Kaji was eventually winded, much to his surprise, since apparently Yumi wasn't. At the end of the day they sat on a bench for a moment.
"Haaahh! I'll admit that was fun." said Yumi.
"Yeah" panted Kaji.
"You know, I guess you're not so bad after all." said Yumi.
"Really?" said Kaji, lightening up.
"Yeah." replied Yumi.
"Well, can I ask you out again sometime?" asked Kaji.
"Hmm," hummed Yumi, pretending to think. "Maybe."
"Er..." piped Kaji, sweatdropping.
"Just kidding! Okay okay you can." said Yumi. "But just as friends."
"Uh, yeah, right" said Kaji almost dejectedly.
"Well I have to go home now." said Yumi. "Onii-chan might get worried."
"Oh yeah right" said Kaji suddenly. "I'll accompany you home..."
"No thanks." said Yumi. "I'd better go myself, knowing onii-chan." said Yumi.
"Um, yeah alright" said Kaji.
(At the main entrance, late afternoon)
"Well, I guess this is goodbye" said Yumi.
"Yeah. See you in class tomorrow." said Kaji. Yumi then took off quickly, hiding a slowly growing blush in her face, leaving Kaji alone. "(Sigh) Well, I guess that was one hell of a first date with Yumiko" he thought.
(Near the Neighborhood Park, 5:30pm)
"Gosh Yuko-chan you could have at least helped out" ranted Yoshio. The gang was on their way home from Aoi's Drive-In after doing some of the preparations for Yumi's surprise party.
"Hey I was!" said Yuko. "I'm sure one of these things will make a nice present for Yumi-chan."
"Spending the whole day on that UFO-catcher while the rest of us were breaking our backs preparing the stuff for the party isn't exactly helping." said Potsu.
"Hey give her a break." said Fonzu.
"Says you." retorted Yoshio. "You were right there with her for quite a bit."
"At least he did his share of the work pretty fast, Yoshio-kun." said Shiori.
At that moment they ran into Yumi, who seemed to have a look on her face that got Yoshio suspicious.
"Oi! Yumi-chan!" called Yuko.
"Ah!" piped Yumi, snapping out of her reverie. "Oh, hi, guys." she said almost bashfully.
"So how did it go?" asked Fonzu.
"Ah, um, it was, okay." stuttered Yumi.
"Hmm?" hummed Yuko. "Is it me or are you blushing?" she teased. Shiori and Potsu couldn't help giggle while Yoshio's eyebrow twitched.
"EHH??" yelped Yumi. "Ah no no! It's not like that..." she blurted out.
"What did that runt do to you?" asked Yoshio.
"Ah, no! Nothing really." said Yumi.
"You sure?" said Yoshio.
"Yes I'm sure." said Yumi, now getting irritated. "Come on I wanna go home now" she said suddenly, grabbing Yoshio's hand and dragging him off as he ranted about how painful her grip was. The rest of the gang sweatdropped at the scene.
"I guess it went better than I expected." said Fonzu.
"I think she's starting to like Kaji-kun." said Yuko.
"Yeah me too."
"Sure looks like it" said Shiori.
"I'll give Kaji-kun a call when I get home." said Fonzu, just as he caught sight of Shinobu and the Harley. "Well, I guess this is my ride." he said.
"Okay, see you tomorrow Fonzu-kun." said Shiori.
"Bye!" said Yuko.
"Later dude!" said Potsu.
Ending theme
Sayonara grey sky, hello aoi.
When I hold you it's so sugoi.
Feels so right, it can't be wrong.
Rockin' and rollin' all week long.
These days are all,
Share them with me (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Tokimeki (Itoshii)
These Toki Days are yours and mine (These Toki Days are yours and mine), Toki Days
Ending Theme Ends
Chapter Epiloge
(Fonzu's home, evening)
"Hello?" greeted a young male voice on the phone.
"Hey Kaji-kun!" said Fonzu, talking on the handset.
"Ah! Fonzu-niisan!"
"So, how'd it go?"

"It was not bad! Yumi-san sure was hyper today."
"I can imagine..."
A/N: I was hoping to wrap up the story in this chapter to include the actual party, but given how long it grew, I decided to leave it at this point and put the party in the next chapter. I put Yumi's spring date event here, but added a little touch - this time she's with Kaji, and furthermore, he does something similar to that scene in The Karate Kid where Miyagi heals Daniel's leg when the latter is injured. Also, Yuko's spring event is implied here.
Stay tuned!