Tokyo Babylon Fan Fiction / X/1999 Fan Fiction ❯ I... you ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I... you
By Sapadu
Sumeragi Subaru stared into the starless sky of the lunar eclipse. Instead of white and pearly, like a truly romantic moon should be, the moon was red, and black.
Like blood.
So much blood.
The blood on his hands, as his hand unwillingly went through Seishirou-san's heart. The blood had been everywhere, and for only that moment, Subaru had held Seishirou-san's heart. Maybe not in the sense he wanted to, but... all the same.
What must it feel like to die by having your heart be stabbed out by another person's hand? When he first learned of the Sakurazukamori and his kills, Subaru had shivered to think of how that might hurt.
Now, he was so desensitized to pain.
Well... except one.
Seishirou-san had never said what he wanted him to say. Not once. Even in death.
It would have alliviated his pain, just a little, to have heard those words from Seishirou-san as he'd died.
But he couldn't give him that, could he?
I hate you.
Subaru was still crying because of those words.