Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Fiction ❯ A Master And His Neko, Reluctant Relience ❯ Wounded Kitty ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"I.....can't move. Kish, please, don't do this!" her cries of humble desperation, the look of sheer terror and brokenness that graced her features, it hurt. I had merely been attempting to convince her that being mine was much better than being with that Aoyama guy, but had ended up failing.
Instead, my anger got the best of me, and I did what I had been trained to do...attack.
Watching in numb, dull, painful silence, I now regretted my decision, having harmed the one I most cared for. However, in my ranting, raging anger, I hadn't taken notice to her pleas, trying to explain something, and merely scoffed and teased her.
"Say it then, Ichigo...promise me your heart. Beg me to release you, and I just might consider it. Your allies cannot help you now, my kitten." watching in stiff, unsureness, I was currently debating weather or not to let her go. The look of pain, the tears streaming steadily down her fair, flawless features, she was unarmed and weak.
"Kish...I had come of my own accord, and I had even left all traces of harm to you back at the cafe. No pendant, no Strawberry Bell, no teammates, nothing. And still you attacked me, without considering why I had come, uncaring towards weather or not I was going to help you and your people...You say that I should love you...but that's becoming even harder than it had been before. How can I entrust my heart to a man who says he loves me, and would even die for me one minute, then turns around and tries killing me, out of jealousy the next?!"
At these words, so honest, so true, a sudden, sharp jolt of pain flew through me like a knife. It had nearly been unbearable, the pain within myself, the only thing that kept it from consuming me was the sudden spark of realization.
There she lay, suspended helplessly in the the air by my rose and thorn vine Kimera, nearly being squeezed to death, while being stabbed by giant thorns. She seemed weary as well, having not enough energy to even manage a stable glare in my direction. Instead, those sharp chocolate pupils softened and blurred in sorrow and in pain, as her entire face went pale.
The thorns, in their paralyzing poison, had finally reached her. She was helpless to defend herself from anything I or my anima's were to attempt.
Motioning swiftly for the vine to unravel from around her, I hastily shot over to her side, catching her frail body as it fell out of the air.
She was light, extremely light, as she lay tucked in my arms. Her body, warm and petite, shook some against my chest as I made my way down to the ground level. Desperately she attempted to move, only to, once again, go limp from paralysis.
With extreme care, I placed her tenderly down, onto the abandoned park bench. The cool night's breeze swirled around us, having kicked up furiously just seconds ago. It was then that I heard it...The tap tap tap of feet on cobblestone, the labored breathing of four other girls.
They'd come to collect her, to take her back, into that cruel world, full of unforgiving, forsaking, disgusting humans.
"Kish! GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OF HER!" there it was, the bird mew's shrill voice floating like nails on a chalk board, throughout my ears.
Soon, it was followed up by the wolf mew, who's own voice shook some, yet remained level and strong. "What have you done to her?" as she neared me, I watched her eyes fall on her comrade, shocked and worried.
"AH! Ichigo-San?!" the light, frightened voice of the fish mew was the next to intrude on my thoughts. Finally deciding to glance up, to meet their gazes, I found that she had stopped, dead in her tracks, hand over her mouth as she stared worriedly down at Ichigo.
"Ichigo Na No Da...?" no matter how innocent, even the monkey mew appeared horrified as she stared down at her defeated ally.
"It's not what you think...Honest...STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!" by now, I too had tears in my eyes, fresh, hot, painful, worried, confused. I had no clue what I'd been doing, attacking her.
She'd done nothing to me, hadn't even replied when I'd asked her to marry me. I suppose I have no excuse, however, because I had acted on what I'd supposed was a no from her, and had ended up harmed her.
"You idiot! She had no intention of fighting you, no intention of saying no to you when you asked her to be yours, and yet you still did this to her!" the bird mew's eyes narrowed angrily down at me, and where I sat, on the ground beside the bench I'd set Ichigo on.
"You mean...she wasn't about to reject me again?" tilting my head in confusion, I was now at a loss for words.
"No...She had come to find you, to give you a Mew Aqua. She figured that you could use it to save your people, and prevent war. She even said goodbye to Aoyama because of you!" growling deeply, angrily towards me, the wolf mew's cold expression is what caused me to find my voice.
"I'm so sorry...Ichigo. I hadn't meant for anything like this to occur. I love you, and am not worthy of your love in return. I'm so sorry I've hurt you so badly, my love." as I reached over, about to start stroking her cheek, I suddenly shrank back, feeling that I was not worthy to even look upon her face. And so, I turned my head from her and simply sat there, numb to the cold, numb to the world, only feeling the hurt that I had caused her.
" cold..." a sweet melody, one low, soft, light, sleepy, drifted into the breeze, caressing my ears, followed by the light rustle of cloth.
"Ichigo...Are you able to move now?!" quickly running over to the still sleeping neko, Lettuce was about to shake her, when suddenly she had been engulfed in light.
Said light had been quite bright. Bright enough for me to shield my eyes from its intense glow. However, as I reopened my eyes and dared a glance down at Ichigo, I realized, in great shock, that she wasn't there.
Or, rather, a cat, whose onyx fur blew gently in the strong breeze, now lay where my dear Ichigo once had.
I'd been just about ready to say something, asking one of the mews what had happened, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a pair of hands scooped the cat up.
Turning in shock, I came to realize, in a small amount of relief, that it had only been the blond and the cafe's baker.
"Ryou...What's happened to her? You haven't kissed her, or made her flustered, and yet, she turned into a neko." eying the cat in question, the brunette then proceeded to hand the small cat to Ryou, who cradled her carefully to his chest, being extra sure not to disturb her peaceful slumber.
"She's gone through quite a bit of stress today...I think she turned into a cat, in order to better retain energy." lifting her up some, the blonde carefully pecked her on the nose, his lips lingering there for what seemed like centuries.
By now I'd realized it was Ichigo who'd turned into a cat, and was about to tell the blond to stop kissing her, when he began to speak again.
"Because of Kish, she has become too weak, and will only return to normal if her conscious informs her that it's safe for her to become human. By instinct, it'll be hard for her to trust now. Thankfully, it isn't in her nature to hiss or scratch, so it should be fairly easy to hold her. However, there's still the matter of waking her up. We need to feed her and warm her up, or she might catch cold."
"OK, but what about Kish?" and finally somebody remembers I'm here! The monkey mew stood there, pointing bluntly down at me, yet she kept her eyes intently fixed on Ichigo's sleeping cat form.
"I think he should have to help take care of her. After all, I think she'll need to learn to trust him, in order to fully recover." the voice of reason finally returns! The wolf mew had intervened, her voice cold and blank, angry, no doubt.
"If you think you can trust me, then sure...Rest assured, I would never hurt her." I must have looked pretty pathetic there, on the ground, staring up at the blond, in hopes that he would pity me as well and say yes.
Obviously he had, because soon I had noticed that he'd slowly, silently begun to make his way over to me, with Ichigo wrapped in his arms.
"I trust you enough, Kish. If I hear of you, or your comrades harming her, testing on her, or violating herKish,I will kill you my self." with one final glare shot at me, he finally held out his arms, carefully balancing Ichigo, so that she wouldn't fall.
"Thank you so much...I'll take great care of her! I just hope that she'll trust me..." tenderly wrapping her in my arms, holding her to my chest, I figured that she must have been dealing with a lot of stress when I'd attacked, for her to have passed out and turned into a cat.
My anima's paralysis may immobilize you, but it won't knock you out, in any way shape or form.
'It must be that Aoyama guy...They said she left him.' staring down at her intently, I tried to send her some kind of reassuring messages through whatever way I could.
"May I leave then? It's getting colder outside, and she's shivering." I had securely wrapped her in my arms, attempting to keep her warm. However, each time the wind blew, she would let out a tiny meow of weak protest to the cold, before shivering slightly.
"Go..." motioning angrily for me to leave, I nodded and began to float to my feet, not wanting to disturb my neko's rest with unnecessary movement. "We'll be checking in on the two of you weekly, so don't you dare try to pull anything funny."
"Fine, bird chick. Cool it already. You say you trust me with her, and yet you keep yelling at me that you'll kill me if I let her get hurt. Do you honestly think I'd even let her out of my SIGHT?!" one long look in my direction had been all it took to convince them fully.
"Good point."
"Yeah, you of all people would be the last to purposely harm Ichigo."
Nodding a slight acknowledgement to them all, I then telaported, finding myself in my own room aboard the ship.
"So...I guess you'll probably hate me, once you wake up, huh?" carefully, as if setting down a small babe, I let her go, watching as she snuggled desperately into the softness of the dark green bedsheets I used in my room.
"Nya...nyanya!" purring blissfully in the warmth my blankets provided her, in comparison with the previously cold breeze from before, she seemed totally at peace.
"I'm going to go take a quick shower...I'm trusting you to stay right here, OK?" receiving silence as my only answer, I reached over and grabbed some extra pillows and blankets, constructing a makeshift fort to enclose her in, so that she wouldn't escape.
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