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It can't be helped
We are enemies
It can't be helped
We're not friends
It can't be helped
We have orders
We have missions
Have our own ends.
To save my race
So I will fight
Until the end
Until the end
To save your race
So you will fight
That's why we are
Neither one's friend
And yet your smile
It moves my heart
What can I think?
What can I do?
Can I betray
The only hope
My race will hold
Only for you?
I'd face my death
If I would care
And then I'd never
See your smile
But is it worth it
If I could just
Could hold your hand
Just for a while?
Deep Blue will come
Awaken soon
And he'll destroy
And he'll cause pain
Can I betray
My savior sworn
Only to have
My selfish gain?
But how to live
And how to learn
If I can never
See your eyes
When over flowing
With tears of joy
With hate and wrath
With love, surprise.
We are not friends
We'll never be
That's something I
Must come to know
But where is love
And where is life
With all the hate
Where did it go?
Nobody's perfect
Neither are you
Pollution rampant
Thanks your race
But what of mine
Can't save ourselves
Can't save our face
It's turned to war
It's turned to death
And we all know
We have to win
Yet so do you
You can't give up
There's nothing left
To take joy in
Inferno ring
Or Ho Rai Den
Well where's the joy
In trap attacks
The crashing dome
You're not alone
For I was there
And you relax
You shouldn't trust me
I am your foe
And my dilemma
I don't hate you
I think it's bad
I love you so
But thus betray
My people too
I have to fight
I have to kill
Although the blood
Will stain my hands
Yet can I lose
I know not how
I know the one
Who understands
Can I give up?
Surrender now
To have my life
To have my love
Is there no mercy
No wonders, oh
With what is gone
To up above
I cannot love you
I stay away
Pretend for you
I feel just hate
Deny my feelings
Suppress my love,
I can't love you
It's not my fate.
I can't love you. But I do.
And as she read the sad poem, Pudding's eyes overflowed with tears. But still, one good thing had come of this. “He wrote me a poem,” she whispered, smiling over the tears spilling over her face. A bittersweet poem. Even if he couldn't show it, Tart loved her after all.