Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Totally Busted, Agian! ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Duel Academy Island; 12:47 pm
Things sure had changed a little bit in the past couple of years… Bigger Dorms and buildings so we could house more students for the upcoming term.
New Teachers came along too, and we were all busy preparing the welcoming ceremonies at the main-castle for them, as well as Clover, Sam, and Alex; but today, we are all relaxing.
Sabrina and I had just come back from a royal-banquet lunch, and had just to put our babies down for their nap. “Oh, Mykan… look.” my wife said as she gazed at Erica and Misty. “They're so peaceful.”
I smiled down at Erica, and Misty; The way they were sharing the blankets, and Erica even shared her teddy bear with her little sister. “Yeah, they sure are.” I said softly. “But we better keep our voices down or they'll wake up.”
We took one last look at the babies and then decided to leave so they could sleep. I shut the door ever so quietly. Then, the moment I turned to walk down the corridor, Sabrina without warning placed her arms around my neck and kissed me tenderly.
I closed my eyes and kissed her back, and when we separated. “Hey… what was that for?” I asked teasing. Sabrina put her hands to her hips. “What? Can't a Princess show her husband that she loves him?”
I pretended to think about it, and then tapped her tiara so it fell over her eyes. “Hey!” she giggled as she straightened her tiara and chased me all the way to our bedroom. I suddenly tripped and fell onto the bed, letting Sabrina tackle me down.
He laughed as we playfully wrestled each other. Then we stooped to gaze into each other's eyes and enjoyed a soft romantic embrace.
(Don't forget, that guy's just my Alter-Ego. The REAL ME isn't into that stuff)
Over the next few days we began to preparing to escort the spies to the island. Sabrina and I were planning to head out in one her father's private-dirigibles, at cruising speed it would take exactly one day to reach the island.
“Well that ought to do it.” I said as I snapped my suitcase closed. Then came the hardest; Erica and Misty weren't going with us, because the trip wasn't going to be so long.
So we we're saying goodbye to them. “Bye-bye girls.” I said as I patted their cute little heads, and Sabrina kissed them on their cheeks. “Mommy and Daddy love you.”
We we're leaving in the care of Sabrina's father, King Monroe. He was more than delighted to look after the babies while we were away.
“You sure you're going to be okay, Daddy?” Sabrina asked.
He father chuckled. “I don't even need to use my Millennium-Eye to know everything's going to go okay.” he moved over the playpen and began to play with his granddaughters. “We'll have a great time. Won't we sprouts?”
“Watching cartoons… eating cake and ice-cream… you name it.”
The babies giggled.
Sabrina and I smiled at each other.
Spies Neighborhood; 3:12 pm
Mandy was sitting in her room sulking. She had been dueling for a few years now and she was still at the same spot she had always been.
She had been able to crush many duelists, but she could still not beat Clover, Sam, and Alex, or make herself become a world class duelist.
Why just last week she challenged the girls with new cards she got, into a three way match with Dominique and Caitlin.
It was down to the final move, and Mandy and her friend each had a Blue-eyes Ultimate on their fields, and three more blue eyes, with Lord of Dragons by their sides.
They even had GRAVITY BIND on the field so their monsters wouldn't be able to attack; Except the dragons. Even with all that, the girls still managed to win.
Fusing their three Spy-Girls to create SPY WOMAN; Their super rarest of cards. They all pitched in life points to pay the full 7,000, and all their opponents cards were destroyed.
Mandy got attacked directly, and lost, while her friends surrendered out of shameful fear. Mandy had been humiliated by her rivals again!
End of Flashback
Mandy growled fiercely. “What do I have to do to win against those bitties?!” she snarled to particularly no one. “Somehow, theirs got to be a way.”
Suddenly she could hear the girls talking outside her window. She moved closer, and opened the window a crack to eavesdrop on them.
“Okay… we're all packed.” Sam said as she went over the list. “And the house will be closed up while we're away.”
“I am so stoked about going to work at duel island.” Alex said all giddy and excited. “New cards, high class fashion… and so much more.”
Clover looked at herself in her compact and smirked at her own reflection. “Ooh… those hot student-bodies won't be able to resist crushing on this teacher.”
Sam and Alex cast looks of typicality at each other.
Mandy however, heard everything. “So they're going to work at Duel Academy island.” she thought. “There's got to be loads of rare cards there I can use to beat the clocks off of them.”
This gave her a very sneaky idea. One thought to have been so clever, she wondered how she ever did so bad in my classes.
A few days later
Their bags all packed. Their affairs all in order, and their house closed up. the girls were ready to leave. “I'm going to miss this beach house.” Alex said. “We've had our good times.”
Sam and Clover agreed, but at least they would still be able to use it for vacations and get away times. So it wasn't really goodbye for good.
“I sure hope we haven't forgotten anything.” Sam said.
“Take it easy, Sammy.” Alex said you remember what Mykan said. “Everything will be provided for us there.”
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. They assumed it was me, arriving to take them to the airport, but when they opened the door. “MOM? DAD?” they all cried at once.
It was Clover's parents; Stella and Stanly.
Sam's parents; Gabriella and Greg.
And Alex's parents; Carmen and Corey.
(I made their dad's names up. We never heard them after all)
Their parents had dropped in so suddenly, and their fathers didn't seem at all too pleased. “Okay, someone put a lemon in their coffee this morning.” Clover whispered to the girls.
The moms however had sorry looks in their eyes. “What's going on here?” asked Sam.
Alex gulped hard. “Whoa… you're not getting divorces, are you?!” she asked all afraid.
“No, honey, but…” Carmen sighed heavily. “We do have bad news for you girls.”
Stanley folded his arms. “We know about this thing you call, WOOHP, and the fact that you and your mothers are spies.”
The girls were most shocked, and Gabi was twiddling with fingers. “We're sorry girls, but your fathers overhead us talking about our little… adventure.”
“Mom! How could you?” Sam scolded.
“You knew that it was supposed to be a strict secret.” added Alex.
Sad to say this didn't help the problem with their dads' being angry. Corey waved his finger over the girls “We're here to make sure you girls give up these spy lives yours, and come home with us where you can't get mixed up with any more of this nonsense.”
This was like being Totally Busted all over again. It was bad enough when their moms' tried to tear them from what they loved, now their dads' were being ten times as strict.
Suddenly… Jerry rang in on one of the paintings in the wall. “Girls, I'm sorry to say we still have know report on where the LAMOS are and--” he suddenly stopped when he realized what was happening. Oh, my goodness!
The fathers were staring at him with sour stares in their eyes. “So, you're the one responsible for corrupting our daughters lives.” growled Greg. “You're uh… Harry—No… Larry.”
“Ugh! It's Jerry!!”
“Whatever.” replied Greg. “You'll just have to find some new recruits, because our girls are out of your service.”
Jerry was starting to lose his cool. “Please sir, you've no need to shout!” he said sternly but calmly. “You don't know how much good in service your girls are as spies.”
“We're certain that's just what you told them to twist their minds even more.” snapped Stanley. “Being a spy is not something our girls should be doing, and that is final.”
Corey nodded in agreement. “Girls outside, and into the cars!” he ordered them. “You're going home right now, and we'll sort you all out later.”
“Just the thing you WON'T be doing!” shouted a voice from the door. There I stood with my arms folded, and Sabrina stood beside me with her hands on her hips.
The mothers raised their eyebrows in confusion. “Girls? You know these people?”
I nodded, and told them everything of how I was their Teacher, and mentor for the game of Duel-Monsters, and was here to take the girls to their new jobs at Duel-Academy.
Now the mothers looked as angry as the dads. “You will do no such thing.” Gabi snapped.
“WHAT?!” the girls all cried out.
“Of all the nerve!” growled Carmen. “First the spy thing, and now you expect that we're going to let them go off with some complete stranger and work for some silly Childs card game?”
“That's quite enough, Stella.” I snapped.
Alex's mother gasped. “My name! How did you know?”
“I know many things.” I said. “Stella… you think of a number.”
Clover's mother stuttered in confusion, and, “Two and a-half.” I suddenly answered. “Gabi… think of a country.” Sam's mom stuttered and, “Australia.” I answered. “All three of you love Mocha-lattes… and you hate mice.”
The mothers were starting think I was more freaky than ever. “I thought our daughters got into some weird stuff, but this takes the cake!” snapped Corey.
The other dads nodded. “Looks like you girls need to take a break from each other, and this crazy game you play-- Permanently!” Stanley growled.
The girls all winced in shame, and sadness. “You… you don't understand.” Alex said.
“Oh, we understand.” Corey said. “Understand that you all need to spend less time with this… Pimp… who confused you, and more time learned about more important things.”
They called me a Pimp?! They dare to insult the game we play to help save the world?! These men were really starting to upset me, and Sabrina.
“Now girls… get outside, and into the cars!” Gabi ordered. The girls began to move sadly towards the door, but wasn't going to let this happen. “My Apprentices… Come back here, at once!” I snapped.
The girls just stooped right where they were, and the parents were really starting to get mad with me. “Excuse us, but who do you think you are telling our daughters what to do?” Corey said to me.
“I was their teacher in college, and their good friend.” I scolded him. “I did nothing to your girls, they are what they are today by their own will.”
Sabrina nodded. “Our Duel-Monsters card game is far more than just simple cards.” She said, and then she told them about who she was, who her father was… and this really struck the parents hard.
“You're only a year older than the girls, and you make more than us?! Impossible!” snapped Stanley.
“No… it's true.” I said. “And if you care to watch… I will show you how serious our game is using the magic of my Millennium-Necklace.”
I showed them images of all that the girls and I had been through; Dueling our way past the gatekeepers. Fighting off evil spirits. Dueling Marik and Ishizu Ishtar in the Shadow realm.”
But… as I expected, they all didn't believe me and though it was just some cheap joke. “The girls will not be going with you.” Carmen snapped.
“That is entirely their decision to make, and not yours.” I said right back. “These girls are the second greatest duelists in the world, and the finest students I've ever taught. They are going to come with us to Duel-Academy island, where they will have wonderful jobs, rich and comfortable providence--AND… they'll be working under the employment of me, and one of the finest men in the entire world…”
“His royal highness, and the creator of Duel-Monsters… King Monroe.”
The a fathers and mothers looked as though they were about charge me like a stampede. “We are not going to let you take our girls to some ABNORMAL, OLD HACK TO TEACH THEM HOW TO MAKE PLAYING CARDS!!” Stanley roared, but finally he had gone too far.
Sabrina gasped and held her heart as if she just got stabbed with a knife. The girls even quivered in fear when they saw me grab Clover's father by the shirt collar, and bring his face to mine. “Never… Insult… King Monroe… in front of me!” I said very deeply.
Then my Necklace began to glow as Stanley was lifted into the air. Then he was tossed hard, out the back door and landed, SPLASH-- in the pool.
“Ooh… nice shot.” Jerry complimented.
Stella lost her temper. “Why you ungrateful--” she raised her fist to slap me, but Sabrina, who was surprisingly strong for someone like her, who grabbed her hand. “You DARE hit my husband, and I will personally chop off your hand and feed it to the guard dogs, so help me!”
Stella backed away, as did the rest of the parents. I nodded fiercely. “Now that we have an understanding...” I said as I used the Necklace to make the luggage float over to the girls. “Come along, girls. We mustn't be late.”
“Jerry.” I called back to the computer. “We'll keep in touch.”
Jerry nodded, and he signed off. Then, the girls and I were gone, left in one of Sabrina's luxury limousines, Unaware that Mandy was sneakily planning to follow us in her own car.
She sniggered with her trademark laugh. “You little losers won't be getting the best of me this time.”
Meanwhile, the parents helped Stanley out of the pool, and man, was he furious. “That rotten little jerk!” he snapped as he shook the water from his suit.
“I say we go after them.” Corey suggested. “Maybe we can still stop them.”
All the other parents began to agree. Especially Stanley, he had quite the bone to pick with me. So they all got into their cars and followed us quietly.