Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Off course! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Beverly Hills airport; 7:12 pm
The girls, Sabrina and I were taken to their airport where the private-dirigible was waiting for us. “Wow.” Alex said in amazement. “Talk about traveling in style.”
We still had about thirty minutes before take off, s the men weren't finished refueling, and loading the cargo yet; plenty of time to give the girls a tour.
The girls each had their own specific bedrooms complete with first class luxuries like cozy chairs… comfy beds, even a set of small refrigerators with drinks and foods.
Clover was even way excited that there was even a wardrobe with all kinds of clothes, just her size. “Ooh original silk-nylon. You just can't find these anywhere else.” she cooed.
There was also a small gaming room where we could all practice our dueling. The best part of all was we had nothing to worry about. We had excellent pilots on board, and state of the art automatic-pilot systems.
It was getting to be dark now, which meant that after we took off, we'd arrive at the island just in time to have breakfast. All this planned out, and checked several times over; absolutely nothing could go wrong on our flight.
Or so we thought…
What none of us realized was that the spies parents had been following us in their own respective cars, and were more than determined to get even with me for taking their girls away.
However, they weren't allowed anywhere near the dirigible. “I'm sorry folks, but this a private transport vehicle, you cannot go in any further.”
Stella tried to get past the guard, but it was no good. “Our daughters are on that flight.” she snapped, but the guard still refused to let them in. “Sorry madam, but there is positively no admittance, by order of the Princess, Sabrina.”
All the adults were now being ushered to move away from the gates, but they weren't going to give up quite so easily. That's when Corey saw crates being loaded onto the dirigible by crane.
He motioned for the others to go along with his idea to stowaway onboard. “Absolutely not… I'll ruin my hair.” cried Stella.
“Honey, there's no other way.” Stanley said.
“Come on, everyone lets hurry.” said Gabi, and they all snuck into separate crates; one couple per crate, and unbeknownst to the workers, they were loaded aboard.
This also gave someone else, uninvited, the same idea to sneak aboard. Mandy, who had been spying on everyone got into another crate, and she was loaded onboard too.
“I wouldn't want to miss this for all the fashion -designer wardrobes in the world.” She thought sinisterly. Then she fussed a bit to keep her hair straight. “Eww… you think that royal-class people would keep these crates clean.”
Once the last crate was safely aboard, the Captain signaled everyone to prepare for take off. The engines roared to life, and the ship slowly began to ascend into the air.
The girls were with me and Sabrina on the flight-deck overlooking the increasingly beautiful view as we soared higher and higher into the night sky.
“Wow… it feels like we're hardly moving at all.” Sam said.
I nodded. “Yes, this blimp is designed to be a smooth ride, and it'll do anything but make noise.”
The girls thought that was amazing. This was going to be a great ride, they thought…
Once we were high enough and at maximum-safe-cruise, the autopilot was switched on, and the pilot decided to retire for the evening.
Clover thought the pilot was a real hunk. “So… uh… do you like have any special plans for the evening?” she asked flirtingly.
The captain nodded. “Yeah, I'm going to get some food, write to my girlfriend…”
Girlfriend; That was a word that Clover really didn't need to hear. “Oh… sorry.” She said sounding as if her plane had just been shot down.
When the Sam and Alex questioned the captain leaving his post, he simply said, “You need not worry ladies. I'm only needed if something were to go wrong with the auto-navigator; which isn't very likely.”
“We wake up and find him driving; you'll know we're in trouble.” Sabrina joked. We all shared a laugh and then headed for the dining hall for a well earned dinner.
We even found time to head to the game room and have a few friendly duels. Clover even got to test out her new Neo-Spacians, and they were awesome.
As it got later into the night, we all decided to turn in. Sam even wanted to take the time to go over what sort of lessons she'd be teaching the students at Duel-Academy--Even thought I repeatedly told her not to worry about it!
Alex decided to sort out her deck, and try new combinations with new cards she'd gotten, as for Clover… she was already asleep and dreaming about-- you guessed it, hot boys taking her on the dates of her life.
Sabrina and I were in our shared room, Sabrina dressed in her red nightgown, and brushing her long, voluminous, glossy-green hair, and I dressed in my slip-on blue-pajamas.
I was also looking out at the night-sky and using the Millennium Necklace to scan the future for any disasters. So far, there was only a large storm out at sea, but it wasn't anywhere near our flight-path.
“Oh, Mykan stop worrying. Come to bed” my wife called.
Sabrina was right. I was too much of a worry-wart these days, thinking something bad was going to happen, but with the Millennium-Necklace showing me that things were clear I had nothing to worry about.
I climbed into bed alongside my wife. “I'm sorry, dear.” I said. “It's just that… after all that's happened to us over the years, I just don't want to put you and the girls in anymore danger… Whoa!”
Sabrina suddenly rolled on top of me and starred at me with hungry eyes. “You're cute when you care.” she spoke soothingly.
I blushed madly. “Sabrina, take it easy.” I chuckled.
“What… this…?” and she leaned down and pressed her lips against mine. I surrendered to her, and wrapped my arms around her holding her closer.
Everyone onboard was gently rocked to sleep, by the soothing sounds of the blimp soaring through the night.
However, none of us realized that not only was the blimp drifting off course, but someone was watching us from afar.
Somewhere,in the sky
That weird looking ship was still hovering way up high, and the strange dark figure was spying on the blimp with his computer screens. “Hmm, mm, mm… excellent, they're on their way to the island.” he sniggered wickedly.
He began to map out the course the blimp would be flying, and planned a little intersection. “Phase two begins in the morning.” he said. “It's time you and I got to know each other better… Sabrina.”
“Hmm, mm, mm! Mmm, hmm, mm, hu, hu, hu, ah, ah, ah!”
Early the next morning….
I opened my eyes and was surprised to find that it was still fairly dark. “Hey. It shouldn't be this dark at this hour in the morning.” I muttered softly.
Sabrina shook herself away. “Mmm… Oh. Mykan?” she yawned. “What's the matter?” I showed her what the problem was, and the she too became concerned. “It… it looks like, rain clouds.”
Suddenly, the Captain buzzed through to our room on the intercom. “Princess… Professor. You better come see this, it's urgent.”
Sabrina got dressed into her red leotard, and long black boots. (What she wears in the Saffron city gym) and I changed into my black T-shirt, blue pants and jacket (What Yugi usually wears)
Sabrina went to wake up the girls, and then we all met in the flight-deck to discover that we were miles and miles off course. “Do you know what's happened, and why it happened?” Sam asked.
The Captain nodded. “Look at this pay-load counter.” he said. “According to the scales, there's close to eleven-hundred pounds excess weight aboard. It's altered our flight pattern.”
“Eleven-hundred pounds?!” snapped Clover. “How could that happen?”
It didn't matter how, because we now had and even worse situation to deal with as strong winds began to blow against the ship, rocking, and banging it about. “We're heading straight into that storm.” cried the captain.
“We can see that!!” cried Alex as she fell off her feet; just like rest of us, we were falling all over ourselves as the storm finally broke. “HOLD ON!!” The Captain cried. “Don't worry folks; I've sailed through rough weather before.”
Rain began to splash on the windows, and fierce lightning began to flash. “Whoa! Whoa!! WHOA!!” cried Sam. “If any of those bolts hit us, we'll blow!!”
“Not if I can help it.” the Captain said with confidence. “Everyone try to hold on!”
“To what…?” Sabrina snapped.
The blimp began to swerve and fly in sharp-turns, anything to avoid those lighting bolts. Sad to say this didn't make it any easier to hang on as we all were thrown from here to there in the flight-deck.
The suddenly, the stress of all the rough weather outside began to break open some of the intake pipes, and hiss air and sparks began to fly everywhere. The girls all screamed at the sight of the bright lights. “HIT THE CIRCUIT BREAKER!!” I yelled.
Sam bravely made her way over to the hissing pipes, and based on what she studied about ships, she sealed them, and hit the breaker to calm the sparking down.
The ship was still going crazy and all of us just now barley able to hang on tight without rolling around. Finally, all was quiet. The storm had passed, and the clouds were beginning to break up. “It's alright now.” the Captain panted. “We're back on the correct course.”
The Sabrina let out a huge heave and held her heart. “I've never been so frightened in my life.” she cried.
I held her close, “Easy, easy Sabrina. It's all over now.”
The girls were relieved that the trouble was over, however, “I'd still like to know how all this started.” Alex said while rubbing her head.
Then suddenly, the doors to the deck swung wide open and the security guards marched in the spies' parents, and Mandy. “MOM?! DAD?!” the girls all cried out.
“We found them in the cargo bay.” said one of the guards. “They rolled out from the crates.”
Carmen looked up. “Please tell me we're out of that terrible storm?” she asked.
“Yes, we are.” the captain said.
I cast a very angry stare at the parents and Mandy. “What the DEVIL are all of you doing aboard?!”
“How did you even get here in the first place?” added Sabrina.
The parents' expressions changed to sour, angry stares. “We came here, because we aren't going to let our girls go through this… this… this insanity any longer.” snapped Greg.
Gabi agreed with her husband. “Our girls could've been killed in that horrible storm. Yet another unsafe hazard caused by your ungrateful card game.” she said.
I stared Gabi directly into the eyes. “If I you, right now…” I said. “I'd keep my mouth shut.”
“Mykan.” Sam said in shock.
“Well, he has point, Princess.” the Captain said. “These folks are responsible for throwing us into that mess.”
“Excuse me?” Mandy said angrily. “We've done nothing wrong. It's you losers who don't know how to fly”
The Captain shook his head, and showed them the counters. “Our payload was calculated to a fraction of an ounce.” he said. “Without their extra weight we would've ducked the storm automatically.”
“Never mind that.” I said. “Our course is corrected, and therefore we shall carry on to Duel-Island.”
“Uh, no we will not.” Corey said. “You are going to turn this ship around and take us back home, now!”
“Dad!” Alex snapped. “We're not going back.”
“Yes you all are.” said Stanley. “And as for you!” he snapped at me. “Once we get back, I'm going to--.”
“To do nothing of any sorts.” I cut him out. “I'm growing sick and tired of the sound of all your voices, and you saying you know what's best for the girls and the world… but just keep one thing in mind…”
“As far as I'm concerned all seven of you are stowaways, and you shall be treated as such.”
Suddenly, it felt as though we were turning around, and gaining altitude. “What now?” snapped Clover? “I've had just about enough of this rough flying.
The Captain couldn't understand it, but the blimp was doing this course change all by himself. “I can't seem to bring it under control.” he cried. “The controls aren't responding.”
“Try switching to the emergency override.” Sam suggested, but even it was jammed. The blimp was climbing higher and higher into the air.
Luckily the girls always packed their ex-com powders. “Hey… I've got it.” Sam said, “It's a tractor beam. Something outside the ship is pulling us toward it.”
“Yeah, but what exactly?” asked Alex.
Clover gazed though the windows, “Uh… my guess is… THAT!!”
We all looked out and what we saw ran chills up our spines. It was a rather large and sinister looking fortress; more than ten times the size of our blimp. It was what was pulling us towards it, and we were powerless to stop it.
“It's no use.” cried the Captain. “We're going straight in!”
Then suddenly, the TV-view screens began to buzz and flare with static as the images changed. Suddenly, there on the screen appeared a preteen, about eleven or twelve years old.
He had dark glossy hair, and was wearing a very strange outfit. (His out fit is a Digimon Emperor uniform. All details included.)
“Who or what is that?” Clover snapped.
“I don't think we want to know.” added Alex.
“Greetings duelists.” the young boy said wickedly. “There is nothing wrong with your controls. From here on in, I'm calling all the shots. Heh, heh, heh, ah, ah, ah!!”