Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Estevan and the LAMOS ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Hey kid, just who the heck do you think you are?!” snapped Stanley.
“My, my… such a rotten temper.” the young-boy said. Why I am not surprised. An aggravated and unregretful adult like you adores barking orders.”
Stanley looked as though his head was going to burst in anger. “What did you just say to me!!?”
“Okay, someone's acting a little freaky.” Clover said.
The young boy snickered at the screen. “Hmm, mm, mm I've been observing all of you for a while now, and I'm going to you in your place, Sabrina.
We all gasped hard. “My name…” Sabrina growled. “How did you know?”
“Hmm, mm, mm… I too know a great deal of things.” said the boy as held up something gold, and shinny. “Thanks to this…”
My eyes bulged wide. “No! It can't be…” I snapped. “It's a Millennium Item.”
“Correct.” the boy said. “And the magic of my Millennium Key, combined with my genius technology will drag you all straight into my trap.”
The blimp began to fly ever so much closer to the evil looking ship. “Enough of these tricks!” barked Carmen. “Just who are, and why are you doing this?”
The boy snuffed. “Gripe, Gripe, Gripe. That's all you twisted adults know how to do is gripe.” he insulted. “Well fine then. The name is Estevan… and for your information, the Princess and I go a long way back.”
This confused Sabrina and I even more. Who was this young boy, and what connection did he have to Sabrina?
“Look here, bozo!” Mandy snapped. “I've had just about enough of your child's games.”
“I'm afraid my games have only just begun, fool.” snarled Estevan. Then the image faded, and as we all looked through the window we could see that Estevan's ship was opening up it's large doors, and pulling us straight in.
“Everybody, hang on!” cried the captain.
Suddenly it got all dark as our blimp entered the long, long way through into a small hangar-bay. “That Millennium Key he has.” I said. “Somehow it's letting him through to what would normally be inaccessible.”
“No, it can't be.” growled Greg. “How can just one little key do all that? It's got to be a trick.”
“Dad, I can assure you…” Sam gulped. “This is as real as the money you make!”
The doors outside the ship sealed up tight, and then suddenly, “The Eagle has landed.” Estevan said. “Commence launch procedure.”
The ship fired its heavy rockets, and we began to blast away hard. “Whoa! What's happening?” cried Mandy. “A little fast, don't you think?”
“It feels like we're blasting off into Space!” said Alex.
Finally, we slowed down, in a safe orbit around the Earth. Then, with our blimp now docked, and secured in the hangar-bay, Estevan's faces reappeared on the screen again. “Thanks for dropping in folks.” he smirked evilly. “Now then… Mykan, Sabrina, Clover, Sam, Alex… and even you, Mandy… I wish to see all of you. So be so kind as to disembark.”
Sabrina and I growled.
“Excuse me…” snapped Stella. “But our daughters are not going anywhere.”
“That goes double for me!” added Mandy. “No way am I setting foot out there.”
Suddenly, a whole hoard of small guns and blasters popped out from the wall. “Heh, heh, heh… I'm afraid that at this point, refusal is not an option.” said Estevan. “Thanks to these stun-rays I've installed.”
This was really starting to get really serious. “We better do as he says.” I said. “Who knows what he'll try next.” The girls agreed, and so did Sabrina. “And if you want to get out of this Mandy, you better go along with this.” I replied.
Mandy yawned rudely. “What… ever!”
“Girls you're not going anywhere.” snapped Corey.
“I agree.” said Gabi. “This boy obviously needs a lesson to respect the demands of his elders.”
The parents began to march toward the exit-ramp. “You hear that you little jerk?” snapped Stanley. “We're coming out, and you're going to listen to us.”
Estevan's face curled into a sneer as he triggered the lasers to fire warning shots all over the place, scarring the living daylights out of us all. “Care to rethink your decision, as well as what you say before questioning my authority again?!”
The guns stopped shooting…
“Now let's try this again, shall we? Mykan, Sabrina, Clover, Sam, Alex… and even you, Mandy… please disembark.”
The exit-ramp was lowered, and following Estevan's demands we exited the blimp. The captain, and the security guards tried to follow us, but Estevan's guns fired more shots telling them to stay back. You all may wait on the blimp. This invitation is for duelists only.”
Once all six of us were off the blimp, two large doors at the end of the room opened wide. “Now then… if you'll all proceed on ahead, we can continue this little party.”
Heeding to Estevan's word we all proceeded through the doors and down a long, long corridor and out of sight.
While on the blimp the parents were most unhappy. “First a storm, now this?” Gabi sneered. “We really should have brought the girls home sooner.”
“You think you're having a field day?” Stanley snapped. “I am sick to death of all this disobedience, and some kid with all these empty-threats and party tricks.”
“I agree.” said Carmen. “That boy is completely delusional, just as that boy Mykan is.”
Corey nodded. “Once Alex gets back here, I am going to give her such a serious talk-or-two; she won't know what hit her.”
Suddenly, the floor beneath the parents' feet began to rumble. “Now what?” Greg growled.
The rumbling got even more intense, and then suddenly. “Hey, hey… what's going on?!” cried Stella as she and the other parents fell straight through the floor as if it was never really there.
The Captain and the guards couldn't believe it. They just vanished into thin air. “Whew… no more lattes for me before bed.”
The girls and I had been walking for what felt like a long way. “Does the corridor even have an end?” Clover moaned. “I'm running my new designer shoes.”
Mandy sniggered with her trademark laugh. “Oh, please… those shoes are like so last century. Now mind are state of the art, and perfect for long walks.”
Clover's head throbbed in anger…
“Both of you stop it.” Sabrina said sternly.
“We're in enough trouble already. We don't need you two to make it worse.” added Sam.
We continued to walk down the hallway. “What is it you want from us, Estevan?” I called out.
Estevan answered over the P.A, “Everything will be made clear very soon, Mykan. For now, just proceed to the end of the hallway where my associates will greet you.”
“Oh… Clover, Sam, and Alex… I think you might know them very well.”
The spies all raised an eyebrow each. “Uh... does anybody know who he's talking about?” asked Alex.
“I don't know… but I think we're about to find out.” said Sam.
We finally reached the end of the hall and walked straight into what appeared to be a big empty room. It was almost too dark to see pretty much anything.
“Hello?” Sabrina called. “Is anyone here?”
Suddenly, we could here the sound of people laughing evilly. “You bet we're `ere all right.” a man called out to us in a very cocky British accent.
The spies each felt their stomachs churn. “That voice…” cried Clover. “Please tell me that's not who I think it is.”
Lights began to flare on all at once, and there at the end of the room, we could see five sinister looking people. The girls nearly jumped out of their clothes. “No way!” cried Clover.
“Not them!” added Sam.
“It can't be.” squealed Alex.
The five evil people laughed some more. “Thought you really `ad us before, eh duckies?” the British man. “Well we're back, and we don't plan on leavin' `till we've gotten our revenge on the lot of ya.”
Mandy shuddered. “Okay, Eww… I am suddenly feeling really grossed out here.” she complained.
“Who are these people?” I asked. “And how do you know them?”
The girls were all growling in anger and clenching their fists tight. “Mykan…” Sam said. “These are five of the world's biggest criminals we've ever caught.”
Terrance Lewis…
Helga Von Guggen…
Myrna Beesbottom…
Tim Scam…
And, Boogie Gus…
“Also known as the LAMOS.”
Sabrina, Mandy, and I raised one eye each. “LAMOS?” we asked together.
“It's their typo.” Alex told us. “The League Aiming to Menacing and Overthrowing Spies.”
We got the picture at the, but we still found it wired for someone to choose “LAMOS” for a club name.
“These creeps tried to wipe us out, not once, but many times over.” Said Clover “They also even tried to overthrow Jerry, and Take over WOOHP.”
“WOOHP?” Mandy asked. “What is that…? A club for weirdoes?” Obviously, Jerry's brain-washing really helped clear her memories of her temporary days as spy.
“It don't mater now.” Terrance said. “We're free from that wretched jail house now, all thanks to that brilliant lad, Estevan who freed us and made us partners in his plan.”
Helga nodded. “He agreed to let us out of jail, provided we help him in his work. We only agreed to do so if he agreed to help up outtake you spies along with Mykan, and Sabrina.”
“And we all came to a happy little agreement.” said Myrna. “With Estevan's help, we're going to be rid of you brats once and for all, get a chance to start life over again.”
“And just what do you mean by that?” I said.
Tim sniggered wickedly. “The reason Estevan's ship is so incredibly large is because it houses the mainframe for a complete, and truly a work of genius, Virtual Reality World. One that he spent years creating through all his ingenious hacking, and blackmailing.
“Right on.” said Gus. “And with the aid of this psychedelic world, we're all gonna' play a little game. One that all you squares are all familiar with. A Duel monsters tournament. A virtual one to be on the spot.
All of us gasped separately. “But why duel us in a Virtual world?” Sabrina asked. “What is it that you all hope to gain from this anyway?”
The LAMOS sniggered. “Every time we come up with a plan on dominatin' WOOHP the spy friends of yours always catch us and lock us up again.” said Terrance.
“But this time things are going to be a little different.” said Helga. “And that my dears' is where the Virtual world comes into the picture.”
“Indeed…” added Myrna. “For you see… we are actually going to be dueling in that world, however… Hmm, mm, mm… there is a slight catch to losing a Virtual duel.”
“For you see…” Tim cut in. “If one of us defeats you in a virtual duel, then thanks to Estevan's computer technology, and his Millennium Key, your minds will be permanently uploaded to the virtual world in our bodies, while our minds take your bodies.”
“Aww, yeah.” sniggered Gus. “To put it short. When one of us beats you up in a duel, we get to go back to Earth in your bodies while you cats and chicks keep our bodies and stay locked up in a virtual prison… forever.”
All of us gasped hard, again!
“Okay, I've said freaky-much before…” cried Clover. “But this is totally psycho!”
Alex gulped hard, and Sam shouted out. “No one's taking over my body. You hear that?!”
“Listen, you five creeps!” I growled at the Lamos. “We're not going to take any part in this tournament of yours.”
The LAMOS laughed at me. “On the Contrary lad… you will be. Each and every one of ya.” said Terrance. “It isn't as if you were given a choice.”
He motioned behind us all to a large monitor screen, and what we saw well… we all couldn't believe it. All the Spies parents were shown in what appeared to be an electrical cage in a dark chamber.
Sabrina and I gasped… and Mandy-- she just picked her ear rudely.
“MOM?! DAD?!” the girls cried.
“Are now in my possession.” Estevan said. “And unless you ever want to see your mommies or daddies again… you'll have to fight for their freedom by participating in our little game.”
The girls' eyes filled with tears of fear as they saw their poor parents being held in that cage, and being shocked by the electrical currents. They all fell to their knees and held their heads in sheer horror.
Sabrina, Mandy and I growled angrily, as Estevan and the LAMOS all laughed really hard and evilly. They really were holding all the cards now.