Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ The Deckmaster ways ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Well, what's it going to be then, kiddies?” Terrace mocked.
He was right…
I couldn't even try to use my Millennium-Necklace to try and free the adults because for one thing, I didn't even know what room they were being held captive in. Even if I had, Estevan could just use his Millennium Key to cancel out anything I'd throw at him.
The spies got up to the feet. “We don't have a choice anymore, do we?” asked Clover.
“Sure looks that way.” answered Sam.
Alex clenched her fists, “All right…” she said. “Let's do this, for our parents.”
The rest of us agreed. Even Mandy did, though she was only in it to try and get out of this mess. “Keep in mind; I'm just trying to get out of here. If we save your parents, that's cool too.”
The girls' heads throbbed in anger. How could she be so selfish?
“Good.” Terrance said. “Now then, it's time we all `eaded off to the jolly old virtual world.”
Suddenly the floors bellow our feet began to glow with a bright mysterious light. “Hey, what's happening?!” cried Alex.
“I don't think we want to know!” added Sam.
Suddenly we all began to fall like rocks through what seemed like a virtual vortex filled with bright colors and shockwaves that whizzed past us as we fell.
When we finally cam too, we found ourselves to be standing on the edge of what seemed like a forest; surrounded by trees, flowers, blue skies, green grass… pretty much everything you'd see in a normal outdoor environment.
“Where are we?” I asked.
“Yeah… Weren't we just in that creepy room with the LAMOS?” added Alex.
We took a small look around, and it seemed pretty obvious that we were now contained inside a virtual-reality world; much like a life-sized video game.
Suddenly, we looked up and could see a flying monster; A Duel monster to be exact and it looked pretty angry, and was heading right for us. “Hit the dirt!” cried Sam.
All the girls hit the ground, but I stood right where I was. “Mykan!” cried Sabrina. “Mykan, get out of there!” but I still didn't move, and let the monster come right at me with its huge claws ready to strike…
…and it passed right through me.
“Hmm… I didn't feel a thing.” I said.
The girls looked at me in confusion, and when they tried to touch other things, like the flowers, the trees… they couldn't touch them either, and their hands just passed right through them.
Then we all suddenly remembered that this world was all supposed to be pretty much mere illusions, and that nothing here could really harm us physically. “Gee… it seems that Estevan will go to any lengths to try and frighten us.” Sabrina said.
“Okay… I am officially ready to say I am going to lose it.” Clover snuffed. Then, as she looked up, she realized Mandy was walking away from the gang, “Mandy, where are you going?” she called.
“Uh, Clover...?” Alex called. “I don't think that's Mandy.”
We all saw that the Mandy we knew was still standing with us, and she looked just as confused and freaked out as the rest of us. “Okay, will someone please tell me-- WHAT IS GOING ON AND HOW THERE'S TWO OF ME!!” she shrieked.
“It looks like it's a virtual-copy of Mandy.” Sam suggested.
The second Mandy stopped walking, and then strapped on a duel disk. Then, right before her appeared another monster. “Look… it's a TOTAL-DEFENSE SHOGUN.” Sabrina said. “But what are they both doing?”
Not one of us had an answer to that, but then suddenly we could hear the sound of Terrance's voice echo through the air. “Attention, dunderheads.” he insulted. “It's time for us to demonstrate the new dueling rules.”
I looked up at the sky from where the voice seemed to be coming from and shouted. “What new rules? What are you up to?”
“What new rules ya say lad?” replied Terrance. “Well… it just so `appens we've devised a new system of dueling to use in our tournament. So all you brats listen up, and pay attention, because I won't be sayin' this again.”
“Now then… in our world, we play by a new set `rules called “The Deck Master system” Now pay close attention as our Virtual-Mandy battles Total-Defense Shogun.”
Suddenly, a flash of light shone near the Virtual-Mandy and when it faded out, Blue eyes White Dragon was standing next to her.
“First thing is… each duelist chooses a monster to be the Deck master. Blue eyes will be Virtual-Mandy's, and Total-Defense Shogun will act as his own. Now watch closely…”
We watched as virtual-Mandy armed her duel disk, and drew out her cards. Then the duel seemed to commence.
V-Mandy: “For my first move I summon LORD OF DRAGONS, in attack-mode!”
(Atk: 1200 / Def: 1100)
“And next I'll play the spell-card, FLUTE OF SUMMOING DRAGON!! Now I can summon two dragons from my hand, and I chose to summon two more Blue Eyes!”
X2 (Atk: 3000 / Def: 2500)
“And now I'll move my Deck-Master to the center of their playing field.”
“Whoa! Did you all see that?” cried Clover. “That Cyber-Mandy played three Blue-Eyes in one turn.”
Judging from what we were seeing we figured that it looked as though a Deck Master would stand beside you until you decide to add it to the field.
Cyber-Mandy: And now I'll play the Spell, POLYMERIZATION… which lets me fuse my three Blue Eyes' into BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 4500 / Def: 3800)
“As you can see…” Terrance explained. “Virtual-Mandy combined her Deck-Master with two other dragons to form a monster that is virtually unstoppable, and thanks to her Deck-Master's Special-Ability, this new monster is allowed to attack immediately once it's summoned.”
We all watched as Cyber-Mandy ordered her monster to attack Total-Defense Shogun directly. “But of course, since Total Defense Shogun is also a Deck-Master, so he's got his own special power, “TOTAL DEFENSE BARRIER which will block the attack, and reflect right back.”
We all watched in horror as a large barrier materialized around the Shogun, deflecting the attack from the Blue-eyes, and destroy the Ultimate-Dragon in a flash. Suddenly, the Virtual-Mandy began to scream and yelp in pan as her body began to vanish in a wave of data-bytes, and she was gone.
We all gasped hard. “Did… did you see that?” Mandy cried.
“Cyber-Mandy was just vaporized.” said Alex.
“Precisely…” Terrence continued. “And very soon that will happen to all of you. For you see; if you're Deck-Master is destroyed you automatically lose the duel no matter what the life-points may read.”
“And remember: When each of you sprites loses a duel then one of us will take over your body and leave your mind trapped `ere forever.”
Sabrina gasped and held her neck.
“Okay… serious about to hyperventilate!” cried Clover.
Even Mandy was trembling in fear.
Suddenly, we could here all the LAMOS laughing at us, though we still couldn't see them. Face it, you brats. You're all trapped here.” snapped Helga. “The only way you can escape is defeat us all in a Virtual-Duel.”
Sam suddenly realized something. “Wait a minute… just which of us do you plan on dueling?” she asked.
This made the LAMOS snigger more evil than before. “A very good question, my dear.” said Myrna. “Just to be certain that each of you suffer equally, we plan to duel you all each.”
“Remember, we need to take over five bodies before we can leave here.” added Tim. “So the first five of you six to lose will have the honor to trade bodies and be trapped in this virtual-world forever.”
“Sock it to `em baby” said Gus. “Oh yes, and don't think that just because there's six of you that at least one of you will be spared. We got something extra special planned for the last one standing.”
“Yeah right, don't count on it.” Clover called up to them. “Remember, we still have a chance to beat you guys up instead.”
“Speaking of up Terrance said. “Going up!” and suddenly, Alex was shrouded in a bright light and thrown very, very far away to another part of the virtual-world.
“ALEX!!” We all screamed.
Then suddenly, Mandy was cast away.
“Ha, ha, ha… just another little bit we've planned.” said Terrance. “We plan to separate the lot of ya from each other to make it all the more simpler to pick at you.”
Sam's body began to glow. “No! Sammy!” cried Clover and she gabbed onto Sam and they both got thrown away.
“Clover… Sam!” I called out, and then Sabrina began to yelp as she was lifted into the air. “Sabrina!” I cried as I grabbed onto my wife's hand.
“Mykan!” she cried, “Don't let me go!” but suddenly I too was shrouded in light and flung away in a different direction.
All of us soared like rockets to a different corner of the Virtual-World, far, far away from each other.
Alex landed at the site of a huge mansion on a hillside. “Wow. Something tells me I'm not in Kansas anymore.”
Sabrina had awoken in the middle of an artic-environment. “Where am I?” she asked herself, “And why does this snow feel so real?”
Clover and Sam both woke up in the middle of a virtual-hallway that seemed to stretch on for miles. “Try the Ex-Powder again.” Sam said.
Clover tapped her switches. “Alex? Alex, can you read me?” but it was no good. The Ex-com didn't function in the Virtual-World. This mean they were out of touch with Alex or Jerry…
“This is not looking too good.” Clover said nervously.
Mandy was walking along a series of pavements on long public transport bridge suspended over the sea. “How lame can those LAMOS get?” she snarled to herself.
“There's not even a city, or a shopping mall near by. Talk about being all out squared.”
While everyone was wandering around trying to find out where they were exactly, Estevan was watching us from his secret lair watching us from his many monitors. “Make yourselves at home.” he said to the screens, though no one could really hear him.
“Hah! Those fools; each and everyone one of them isolated in my Virtual-World, and as long as I hold the Millennium Key there's no way any of them will be leaving from this dimension.”
He clicked on a switch which lowered his electronic chair to a level where he could get off, and he walked over to his electric-cage where the parents were being held prisoners.
“Well, well… how do you all like my little show thus far?” he taunted them. “Having fun? Eh, heh, heh, ah, ah, ah!”
“Look here you little brat…” snapped Stanley. “I don't know what it is that's going on here, but when I find out how your making all these tricks happen, I'm going to bust out of here and teach you a lesson you won't soon forget.”
Estevan simply. “Hah! Obviously someone just doesn't get the picture.” Then he used his Millennium Key to shoot small blast through the electric-cage and knock Stanley down. “There, maybe that will teach you some manners.”
“Stanley!” cried Stella as she held her unconscious husband. “What kind of twisted boy are you?”
“That's just what I'd like to know too.” added Gabi.
“SILENCE!!” Estevan roared. “You are all my prisoners, being held in my virtual-world… and I can do anything I want with you all! Do I make myself clear?”
The mothers all nodded in fear, and Corey and Greg growled, and gritted their teeth.
“You are all just pawns in my little game.” replied Estevan. “And speaking of games… it's time for the fun to commence.” He traced back to his chair and looked back up to his monitors. “Now, who shall be the first to suffer?”
Suddenly, his eyes gazed on a single screen. “Ah, yes… of course. Who-better to start with than the famous Professor Mykan himself. Hmm, mm, mm… soon you be nothing but virtual-data-bytes, trapped in a world that I created. Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah...!”
I was standing in the milled of what seemed to be a massive jungle, with a calm quiet river stretched out before me. I still wasn't able to use my Millennium Necklace as it was still being blocked by Estevan's power, but I wasn't going to let him or anything scare me.
I was actually preoccupied while a gazed around at the environment around me. I was even able to actually feel the trees and flowers without passing through them this time. Even the air smelled of moist jungle air.
“This place feels and looks so real.” I said to myself. “It's really hard to believe here that everything is only a virtual set-up.”
“Well ya better get used to it lad, because you ain't never gonna leave It.” called a mysterious voice.
“Huh? Who's out there?” I called then suddenly the water in the river before me began to bubble and rumble as a huge humanoid, armored fish appeared before me. “Are you familiar with the phrase “It's time to duel?” he said to me. “Well I guarantee ya mate, this will be the last time you ever gonna `ear it.”
I suddenly recognized that cocky British accent from before. “Your one of the LAMOS, aren't you?”
The fish man nodded. “Very good, lad. Perhaps you ain't so dunderheaded after all.” he mocked. “The name's Terrance Lewis. I'm Jerry's evil twin-brother, though I've got plastic-surgery-- and I am also the proud leader and founder of the League Aiming to Menacing and Overthrow Spies
“But for now, with a little bit of `elp from Estevan's virtual technology, I've taken the form of the Deep-Sea Warrior.
I stared at Terrence's monster form sourly. “Big deal, Terrance.” I snapped to him. “Even though you and I have never met before, or had any real issues, I can tell that you're nothing but an evil, old man. You wouldn't be able to beat me in a duel even if you're life depended on it.”
Terrence simply smirked wickedly. “Don't you get it, lad? That's exactly what we're going to be duelin' for, lyfe.” (That's not a spelling error, that's really how a cocky British accent pronounces life)
“In case you've already forgotten… whoever wins this `ere duel gets to leave in your body. The loser `as to stay here in my own.”
“I can't wait to be young again, but I will `ave to change that there cheesy outfit `a yours. Heh, heh, heh! I'm also pretty convinced that the rest of my gang will find your friends bodies equally as comfortable.”
Terrance was really started to aggravate me. I would have to take him down fast and hurry to rescue the others before anything bad happened. “All right Terrance.” I said. “We will duel, but assure you… you won't defeat me.”
Two duel-disks appeared on our wrists'; there was no turning back now. It was all or nothing for us both.