Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Mykan VS Terrance: Part two ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Estevan was gazing into my duel with Terrance. “Hmm… I'm so glad I hired you to do my bidding, Terrance.” he said to himself. “Keep this up, and just might throw in a little bonus for you. Hmm, mm, ah, ah, ah!”
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SCORE:(Terrance: 8000 / Mykan: 5000)
Terrance: “I knew that even a smart-alecky teacher like you couldn't keep up with out Deck-master rules and system.”
Mykan: “I'm a fast learner as well as a good teacher-- and you haven't won your way through this duel yet, Terrance.”
Terrance: “Oh, go on with ya, lad. You're nothing but a little weakling, and you won't ever be able to make it out this duel alive. So just give in and let me `ave your body so I can be on my merry little way.”
Mykan: “Never! This duel is still on Terrance, and from what I can see right now is that you have no monsters on the field to protect you. Leaving you wide open for a direct-attack.”
“Go Jack's Knight! Attack his life-points now!!”
(Atk: 1900)
Terrance: “BLAA-ARGH!!”
SCORE:(Terrance: 6100 / Mykan: 5000)
“Not bad, Mykan.”
Mykan: “You claim to be a genuine-mind, and yet you've allowed your opponent to get the better of you.”
Terrance: “That's what you think-- Now I summon RUKLAMBA THE SPIRIT KING!!” (Anime Card only)
(Atk: 1000/Def: 2000)
Mykan: “What's this? How can you summon a monster if it's still my turn.”
Terrance: “Elementary, my lad. Ruklamba `as a very special-ability. Whenever I lose 1000 more life points, I'm allowed to summon a new one straight from my `and. Looks like I really am a smart man in choosing such powerful monsters to serve me.”
(Mykan growls)
“Now then… it's my move.”
“Heh, ha-- I activate the spell-card, POT OF GREED, so now I can draw two cards.
(Draws twice)
“Now, I place two cards face down on the field, and then I summon ROOT WATER in defense-mode.”
(Atk: 900 / Def: 800)
“And to strengthen my forces I also activate the equip-spell, PREMATURE BURIAL. By paying a small fee of 800 life points I can bring a monster back from my graveyard, and I choose my MAKSED SORCERER.”
SCORE:(Terrance: 5300 / Mykan: 5000)
(Atk: 900 / Def: 1400)
“Ha, ha, ha… well, well. Look's like I've outnumbered you in monsters three against two. You won't be getting to me any time soon. Now make you're move!”
Mykan: “Fine then.”
Mykan's thoughts: “I can't attack with my Chimera again. If I do, he'll sacrifice two of his monsters to activate his reflector-hole and bounce the attack back at me like it did before.”
“Even if I can successfully get rid of all his monsters and attack him directly, he'd just summon another Ruklamba; I just know it.”
“Whatever I decide to do know, I have to make it count.”
Mykan: “It's my move now, and I draw…”
Terrance: “Oh no ya don't. I activate my trap-card, TIME SEAL!!”
Mykan: “No! Not Time Seal?”
Terrance: “I'm afraid so, lad, and thanks to this trap, you can't draw anything on this turn. What a shame-- Ha, ha, ha…”
“Mykan… your quite pathetic, just like your Deck-Master; That puny little Kuriboh. Now, are you going to make a move, or are ya going to make a move or continue to waste my time.”
Mykan's thoughts: It seems I have no choice. If I attack with my Jack's knight first, Terrance will use reflector-hole on me again, but in order to do that he'll have to sacrifice two of him monsters first. After that, he'll only have one monster remaining, and I'll be able to attack with my Chimera.”
“It may cost me some life points, but on the other hand it may just give me the opening that I need.”
Mykan: “Now my Jack's Knight, go forth and attack his Root Water!”
(Jack's knight charges)
Terrance: “Hah! I knew you was too foolish to be true. Now I'll sacrifice Root Water, and Masked Sorcerer to activate my Deck-Master's special ability-- Reflector-hole, bounce his attack back at him.”
(Jack's Knight turns around)
(Atk: 1900)
Mykan: “GAARGH!!”
SCORE:(Terrance: 5300 / Mykan: 3100)
Terrance: “Ooh… I'll bet'cha that `ad to `urt. You're life points are really starting to drop, and soon ya won't have any at all. You'll lose the duel, and your body with it.”
Mykan: “Not if you lose first, Terrance. At least now I've weakened you down to just one monster.”
Terrance: “Really? I think ya better take a closer look.”
(Mykan gazes ahead)
Mykan: “What's this? You have two monsters on the field! But… but how?”
Terrance: “Quite simple actually. I had a feeling you'd try and change your attack plans, so I prepared a little back up. So after you got attacked I revealed my CALL OF THE HAUNTED trap-card, and I used it to revive the WALL OF ILLUSION that I discarded last turn.
Mykan: “You had this planned all along, didn't you?”
Terrance: “Of course. By the way, don't even think of attacking my Wall of Illusion, because if ya do the monster that attacked it goes away, right back to your `and.”
Mykan's thoughts: “Great! Now I can't attack with my Chimera, not while he still has two monsters in play, or his reflector-hole will bounce my own attack straight back at me.”
“With my life points decreasing fast, I can risk it.”
Terrance: “Poor little Mykan. Let me guess, you've had enough suffering and are ready to surrender the duel to me at last?”
Mykan: “Guess again. I've been in far tougher situations than this before, Terrance. I will find some way to take you down.”
Terrance: “Fat chance `a that `appenin' Just look at the mess you're in! Thirty-one hundred points left, only one card left in you `and, and you're powerless to attack me at all with anything.”
(Mykan gazes down at his card)
Mykan's thoughts: “I hate to think like this, but he could be right. What am I supposed to do with this “Rainbow-Blessing” spell-card?”
(Kuriboh starts to squeak)
“Wait, Kuriboh might be trying to tell me something.”
“Ah, of course. I remember what this card can do, and if I play my cards right, I just may be able to close the book on this duel for good.”
Mykan: “I'll place one card face-down and end my turn.”
Terrance: “As ya' wish, not my department into talking blokes into destroying themselves.”
“Heh-heh… and now I throw this card into play, GRACEFUL CHAIRTY! So I can now draw three cards, and discard two.”
(Draws three, Discards two)
“Ah! Heh, heh, heh! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah!! I drew exactly the cards I needed to foreclose the deal and finish ya off for good.”
Terrance: “Now observe as all you monsters get destroyed!”
Mykan: “What?!”
(Beta and Chimera are destroyed.)
“But… but how… how did you do that? You haven't even put any cards into play.”
Terrance: “Quite right Mykan, but once again you've proven yourself to be a slacker. But don't worry-- since I'm such a nice man, I'll let you see what I did.”
“I play… MONSTER REBORN… and I'll use it to revive a monster from my graveyard. So welcome forth my one and only… RAINBOW SNAKE EINGARNA!!”(Anime card only)
(Atk: 2200 / Def: 2400)
Mykan: “What is that card?! I don't think I've ever see that one before.”
Terrance: “What, ya `avent, and they call you the teacher of the game? Well, I guess I'll `ave to teach the teach then.”
“When I played my Graceful Charity, I discarded this charming you chap to the graveyard, thus triggering its special ability which destroys all the monsters on your side of the field.”
Mykan: “Ah!”
Terrance: “That's right… and when I sent it to the grave, it was more than a simple task to revive it, adding even more power to my side of the field.”
“Now look at where you stand Mykan. You got no monster to protect ya, and I'm coming for ya.”
Mykan: “Think again, Terrance.”
Terrance: “Hmm?”
Mykan: “When you destroyed my Chimera you`ve allowed me to play it's special ability allowing me to summon one of the monster fused to create it to my side of the field. So I choose to summon, BERFOMET in defense-mode.”
(Atk: 1400/Def: 1700)
“Looks like you little plan to destroy me, backfired.”
Terrance: “Not really Mykan. I still have a card that can help me destroy ya yet. The spell-card OFFERINGS TO THE DOOMED!! With this card, provided I don't draw on my next turn, I can destroy a face-up monster, like you stinkin' Berfomat!”
(Berfomet, destroyed)
Mykan's thoughts: “Oh, no! Now I don't have any monsters let to defend my life point against all three of his monsters.”
Terrance: “Bah, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! Looks like I've finally done it. I've cleared the field of all your monsters and you've got nothing left to protect yourself with. Now once I attack you, this duel will be over, and your body will be mine, ALL MINE!!”
(Mykan growls nervously)
“Time for my finishing move. It's been a real blast Mykan, but I'm afraid it's time for me to leave this world, and you stay here forever.”
“Rutklamba, and Wall of Illusion; Attack Mykan directly!”
X2 (Atk: 1000)
Mykan:(Braces for impacts) “OW!! AH!!”
SCORE:(Terrance: 5300 / Mykan: 1100)
Mykan: “I… mustn't let… Terrance… win!”
Terrance: “and now, Mykan… the time has come for my final attack, and who better to deliver the final blow than my favorite reptilian side-kick? Rainbow Snake Eingarna, attack him now!”
(Rainbow snake fires)
(Atk: 2100)
Mykan: “Uh… AAH-AAH!! KURIBOH!!!”
Terrance: “Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! It's over-- Huh? What's going on?”
(Kuriboh multiplies and negates the attack)
“My attack… it didn't work. This can't be…”
Mykan: “Hmm… well it looks like I've discovered the good use of my Deck-master, Kuriboh. Obviously when I call out its name, it formed a protective wall around me and stopped your attack from doing me any damage at all.”
Terrance: “You little whipper-snapper!”
Mykan's thoughts: “Now I see why Kuriboh decided to choose itself to be my Deck-master. It was the heart of the cards that guided it to me. Now I'm so really glad to have had it with me.”
“Thank you Kuriboh. Without your help I would have surely lost this duel.”
(Kuriboh smiles)
Mykan: “This duel isn't over just yet, Terrance.”
Terrance: “What? Your little fur-ball friend blocks only one attack and ya' think you stand a chance? Well I've got news for ya' lad, it's not going to work.”
“You see, according to it's deck-master rulings, Kuriboh can only perform it's negate-effect once per duel, meaning ya' can't even try that little stunt again. Also, by playing Kuriboh to defend your life points, you've had to call it out into the playing field.”
“So this means that now I'm able to destroy it, and you know what happens then. When your Deck-master is gone ya' lose the duel, and your Kuriboh don't stand much of a chance against my serpents, so I'd say this duel is pretty much done with.”
Mykan: “If there's one thing I learned in my long history with Duel-monsters; the game is never over until the final move has been made. Speaking of move's-- it's mine now.”
Mykan's thoughts: “Okay… this is it. It's all, or nothing. Come on heart of the cards, guide me.”
“Activate the spell-card POT OF GREED. Now I'm able to draw two more cards.”
(Draws twice)
Terrance: “It don't matter to me `ow many cards ya' got. Nothing will save ya' now.”
Mykan: “Really? Well then, I'm afraid it's time for me to finally teach you about misjudging things for what you alone see in them.”
“Terrance-- While I still don't officially know you that well, I can tell from the way you've been dueling that you never once considered much for anything that never included revenge, and lust for power.”
“Well now it's time for me, and my deck-master will teach you this lesson the hard way. I'm going to eliminate you from this duel, and then according to your own twisted rules you'll be trapped in this virtual-world forever.”
Terrance: “Pah! You're just bluffin'. How can ya' possibly hope to beat me with the cards ya drew?”
Mykan: “I will show you. Firstly, I summon WATAPON to the field.”
(Atk: 200 / Def: 300)
Terrance: “What? You wasted my time to summon that puny little, lump a' fuzz? It's even weaker than your Kuriboh.”
Mykan: “Patients, Terrance, because now I activate another spell-card that helped you in this duel; MONSTER REBORN!!I can use this to summon any monster that was sent to my graveyard in this duel, and I choose to resurrect my all powerful DARK MAGICIAN OF CHAOS!!”
(Atk: 2800 / Def: 2600)
“Wit his appearance on the field, I'm able to add one spell-card in my graveyard directly to my hand.”
Terrance: “I'm still not convinced, Mykan. Although your monster is strong, just look at my field. Attack me with any monster and I'll just sacrifice two monsters to bounce your attack right back at you, and with only 1100 points left, you'll still lose the duel.”
Mykan: “Don't be so sure.”
Terrance: “'What say?”
Mykan: “Now you should take a good look at my field, and you'll see that I still have one card on the field; one that will grant me exactly what I need to finish you off.”
“I activate the spell-card, RAINBOW BLESSING!!”(Anime card only) “when this card is played alongside Kuriboh, a great power is unleashed.”
(Kuriboh goes all colorful, and forms a rainbow bridge.)
Terrance: “Wha-- What is this thingy?”
Mykan: “That is what's know as, the Rainbow-Arch-- but before I explain what it does, I activate the spell-card DOUBLE ATTACK!!Now by Sacrificing my Watapon my Dark Magician of Chaos is allowed to attack twice in this turn.”
Terrance: “What?! Two attacks?!”
Mykan: “Yes, and I'm afraid that it's not your monster that I'm attacking. I'm aiming directly for your life points!”
Terrance: “AAH!! It can't be possible!”
Mykan: “Now my Magician… follow the path of the rainbow-arch, and attack his life points directly twice!”
(Magician charges across the rainbow)
Terrance: “No, this can't be! My Deck-Master special-ability doesn't work on direct attacks!!”
(Double Atk: 5600)
Terrance: “WAAAAAAAAAH!!”
FINAL SCORE:(Terrance: “0000” / Mykan: 1100)
As soon as his life point his zero, Terrance's virtual-form began to digitize into little data-bytes as he began to disappear. “GRR… CURSE YOU MYKAN!!” he thundered. “I CAME CLOSE; SO CLOSE TO WINNING A NEW BODY…BUT NOW--”
“OO-AAAAAAAAAH!!!” then he was gone.
I let out a huge breath of relief. I was ever so glad that the duel was over. “Thank you Kuriboh.” I called to the little guy one last time before he vanished.
Estevan saw the whole thing on his screen. “How very impressive.” he said to himself. “It appears that Mykan was stronger than I thought. Or perhaps the LAMOS don't really have the dueling skills they demonstrated for me when I hired them and trained them in the ways of the game.”
“Oh well. We'll just have to see how well the others fair in the upcoming duels, wont; we? Hmm, mm, mm…”
Despite the fact that Terrance was out of my sight now, it still didn't change the fact that I was still lost the virtual jungle around me, and I had to go find the others. There no telling what nasty surprises Estevan had waiting for them.
Suddenly, a strange door appeared before me. “What's this?” I asked particularly no one. It seemed to have been some type of passage way, and I decided to take my chances and go through the door.
“I just hope everyone's okay.”