Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Sabrina VS Helga: Part Two ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I was completely out of breath at this point, but I had also reached the end of the tunnel at last. I was so pooped I could barley see straight, but I could still hear clearly, and what I heard nearly churned my blood.
I heard Sabrina, moaning and chattering in the distance. “C-c-c-can't… take much… m-more ice.”
“Sabrina?” I cried. I had to get to her, and fast. Only, I was now standing in a room with four identical doorways. Not one of them gave a single clue as to which part of the virtual-world Sabrina was sent to, and I still couldn't use the Millennium Necklace as it didn't function in this world.
“Estevan…” I growled to myself. “He's only doing this to torture me.”
As I continued to eye the doors I noticed something odd about them. Each door had a star above it; kind of like the same stars that resembled the level of a duel monster card. That gave me the idea that maybe behind the door with the one star above it was a one-star duel monster, and that if I could beat it, the door would open.
My virtual deck from dueling Terrance was still with me, though I did seem to be running short on cards, I still had what I needed to test the doors out. So I grabbed a card and, “I summon WINGED DRAGON GAURDIAN OF THE FORTRESS!!”
My four-star monster appeared before me, and when I ordered it to attack the door, my theory was proven right. It was a one star monster that got destroyed by my dragon's attack easily.
Finally, the door opened and I dashed through it so fast that I dropped a card from my deck. Sadly the door closed behind me before I could retrieve it, but right then a card was less important to me than finding Sabrina.
“Hang on, Sabrina… I'm coming!” I called as I ran.
Later on
It seemed that all my going the door had done for me was just take me through to another chamber with four doors, but remembering what I did before, I defeated all one-star monsters with stronger cards and proceeded forward.
Still… I didn't seem to be getting any closer to Sabrina, and that's when it got worse. I notice down on the floor was duel monster card, the very one that I had dropped and left behind, which could only have meant that I was back to where I started.
“I've been going around in circles?!” I cried. “Oh, no… this is bad, very bad.”
Back to the duel
SCORE: (Helga: 4300 / Sabrina: 5000)
Helga: “Ha, ha, ha… Look at you, shivering in the ice, or is that more of fear of losing than of chilling? Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah!”

Sabrina's thoughts:
“I can't let Helga beat me, but what can I do. She's destroyed my Cyber Twin Dragon, and this ice is making it very hard for me to think clearly. Oh, what am I going to?
Dark Magician girl's thoughts: “Fear not, Princess.”
Sabrina's thoughts: “Huh? Dark Magician Girl? Was that you?”
Dark Magician girl's thoughts: “Yes… here in the virtual world, some of us Deck-Masters can communicate with you mentally.”
“You can't give up now, Princess. Remember, Mykan and the others are all counting on you.”
Sabrina's thoughts: “Mykan? Of course. He always told me never to give up, even in times of hopelessness.”
Sabrina: “Listen up you over-stuffed beak-brain!”
Helga: “Huh?!”
Sabrina: “I may be a Princess, and I may have always people attending to my every need, but I'm not as weak as you think I am. I have dreams and goals too, and if there's one thing I learned, it's never to let anyone tell you which path is the right one.”
Helga: “Bah, ha, ha… don't make me laugh. All this proclaiming is only prolonging your suffering. Now make your move so I can end this and take over your body.”
Sabrina: “You won't be gaining control of my body…”
“Since I don't have any monsters on the field, and you do… I can special summon CYBER DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 2100 / Def: 1600)
“And since your Riryoku spell is no longer in effect, I'm afraid it's barbeque time for that Flying Penguin of yours. Go Cyber Dragon… Attack!”
(Atk: 2100) VS (Atk: 1400)
SCORE: (Helga: 3600 / Sabrina: 5000)
(Ice forms)
Helga: “Heh, heh… I'm not too worried.”
Sabrina: “Really? Well then… I'll lay one card face down and end my turn.”
Helga: “Those Cyber dragons of yours may be what you favor…”
“But they still don't amount to anything to my monsters. So I summon a monster in defense-mode, and I place one card face down end my turn.”
Sabrina: “Fine then…my move…”
“Now I play POT OF GREED… so I can draw two more cards.”
(Draws twice)
“Perfect… just the thing I needed. I reveal my trap-card, ATTACK RELFECTOR UNIT!!
“By sending my Cyber Dragon straight to the graveyard, this card allows me to summon an even greater monster to my side to defend me. The and only… CYBER BARRIER DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 800 / Def: 2800)
Helga: “Hmm, very impressive, but I'm still not convinced.”
Sabrina: “Well then… maybe I should make another move… like this one, POLYMERIZATION!!”
Helga: “Cor? Wait a moment, don't you need to have fusible monsters in you hand or on the felid to pull off that stunt?”
Sabrina: “No… I don't really, because I have this face-card, CYBERNETIC FUSION SUPPORT!!” (Anime Card Only)
“With this card… whenever I special summon a machine with a spell or trap-card, it's simply a case of paying half of my life points, and removing the monsters in my graveyard from play.”
SCORE: (Helga: 3600 / Sabrina: 2500)
(Ice forms;Sabrina is more than halfway covered)
Helga: “Hah! Are you certain that's wise? You do realize you're almost completely coated in the iceberg, and more moves like that and you'll become an ice-statue.”
Sabrina: “N-n-not… r-r-really.” (Tries to snap out of it) “Now I remove from play my three Cyber Dragons… in order to summon, CYBER END DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 4000/ Def: 2800)
“And thanks to his special-ability-- when it attacks a monster in defense-mode, the difference between the attack and defense is dealt to you as damage.”
Helga: (Growls)
Sabrina: “Cyber End Dragon, attack her face down monster!”
(Atk: 4000) VS (“Aqua Mador” Def: 2000)
SCORE: (Helga: 1600 / Sabrina: 2500)
(Ice forms)
“It seems the tables have turned on you Helga. I guess being a penguin doesn't really always help.”
Helga: “Hmm, mm, mm… that's where you're wrong again, dear.”
Sabrina: “Huh? What are you talking about?”
Helga: “A good fashion designer knows how to make anything special not only to impress the crowds, but as well as put the competition at bay; whether it's clothes, or surprises.”
“I reveal my quick-play spell, REVENGE SACRIFICE!!”
Sabrina: “Ah?! Oh, no!”
Helga: “Ha, ha, ha… Oh yes-- When you destroyed my AQUA MADOR, you allowed me to play this card which lets me destroy the monster you just attacked with.”
(Cyber end Dragon, destroyed)
Sabrina: “No! Not my Cyber End!”
Helga: “But that isn't my card's only power… I also gain the liberty to summon a monster straight from my hand, and so… I summon DEFENDER ICEBERG in defense mode.”(Anime Card Only)
(Atk: 0000 / Def: 2450)
Sabrina: “That monster; it's… its gigantic!”
Helga: “Indeed it is, and it also comes with very special power that prevents you from attacking any other monster on my side of the field. Not that it really matters as you haven't really got any good monsters to attack with left.”
Sabrina's: “What am I going to do? My Cyber End dragon's gone, and I haven't got any other monsters to break through that Iceberg. Please… help me Mykan… I need you!
I spent a while thinking about what it was exactly that I was doing wrong. How was I to escape from the virtual maze? There had to be something I missed… then suddenly it hit me.
The other doors around me; they too had stars above them, but one of them had two stars. Perhaps it was the stars that were more than just the power of the monsters guarding the doors.
“Maybe they're also guides as to which way to go…” I thought to myself. “Yes; that has to be it. I've been going around in circles because I've only been going through the one-star doors…”
This lead me to believing that if I tried the two-star door, then maybe I would be able to get out of the maze more easily. So… I found the two-star door, and quickly destroyed the monster guarding it, and then I rushed in to the next room.
“Okay… where's the three-star door?”
I looked around, and I saw it. I searched through my deck. “I summon, ALPHA THE MAGNET WARRIOR!!”
(Atk: 1400 / Def: 1700)
“Attack the monster behind this door!” I ordered, but right as my monster hit the door, something reflected his attack right back at him and he was destroyed. The shockwaves even threw me backwards a little. “What the heck was that?”
I looked back above at the door, and saw something I didn't see before. There, right below the stars where three face-down cards and one of them just disappeared.
“Of course.” I thought. “These doors must also be equipped with spells and traps, and I'll bet that last one was a MIRROR FORCE.”
This however gave me an idea. So I summoned another four-star monster. “I summon KING'S KNIGHT!!”
(Atk: 1600/ Def: 1400)
Finally, the three-star monster was revealed. It was CHAMBERLAIN OF THE SIXTH SAMURAI.
(Atk: 200/ Def: 2000)
Even though he looked weak, I saw another card on the door disappear, and our monster's attack and defense-points were swapped; a SHEILD AND SWORD spell-card. This made it stronger than my King's Knight, but I was ready this time…
As the chamberlain tried to attack my monster, I quickly pulled out a trap card of my own. “I activate… SAKARETSU ARMOR, which destroys an attacking monster.”
The monster was destroyed, and I was allowed to proceed, and when I reached the next room I looked around for the four-star door; I found it, but I also noticed that it was equipped with a full force of five face-down cards.
Luckily, even though I was running low on cards, I was more prepared for something like this, “You won't get the better of me this time. I play the spell-card, HEAVY STORM!! This destroys all spell and trap cards.”
Once all the cards were wiped out, the four-star monster was reveled; it was a ZOMBYRA OF THE DARK.
(Atk: 2100/ Def: 500)
I took a card form my disk. “I summon a monster in defense-mode!” I called out, and when the Zombyra attacked, he revealed my face down MAN-EATER BUG, triggering its effect to destroy one monster.
“Yes!” I cheered as I ran through the door, and finally found myself in a new area of the virtual-world; the Iceberg. Unfortunately, I was still being blocked by a large wall of thick ice, and to make things worse… I could see what was going on.
“SABRINA!!” I called.
Way over near the dueling-area, she heard me, and shivering from the ice she turned and could see me. “Mykan!” she cried.
I didn't like at all what I saw. Sabrina was up to her chest in thick ice, and she obviously seemed to be dueling against one of the LAMOS. I pounded on the ice-wall fiercely. “Sabrina, stay strong! I'm here for you!!” but no matter how hard I pounded, I couldn't seem to even put a dent in the ice.
Helga on the other hand was really enjoying this. “Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! I'm afraid you're hubby won't be able to save you now.” she chuckled evilly. “No one can save you from total annihilation now.”
Poor Sabrina, freezing cold and sniveling a bit too stared at the Nightmare Penguin fiercely and said, “Don't… m-m-make fun of… M-M-Mykan!”
“Hah!” remarked Helga, “And just what are you going to do about it? I'll tell you what-- you're about to lose this duel and make Mykan into a widower as you stay trapped here forever!”
Back to the duel
SCORE:(Helga: 1600 / Sabrina: 2500)
Helga: “Let us continue, shall we?”
“Hmm…? Heh, heh, ah, ah, ah! HAA, HA, HA, AH, AH, AH!! I've draw just the card I need to help me finish you off for good. I summon SUBMARINROID!!”
(Atk: 800 / Def: 1800)
“And he becomes even stronger with the power of my Deck-Master's special-ability.”
(Atk: 800) Becomes (Atk: 1000)
“Go my Sub, and attack!”
(Dives into the water)
“Oh, and I forgot to mention-- it has the ability to attack your life points directly.”
Sabrina: “What? No!”
(Atk: 1000)
Sabrina: (High-pitched Scream)
SCORE:(Helga: 1600 / Sabrina: 1500)
Mykan: “NO!! SABRINA!!”
Outside the duel
Tears were forming in my eyes as I laid my hands on the cold ice. “No… Sabrina.” I cried. “If she loses… She'll be trapped here! I can't lose her again, I just can't!”
Back to the duel
Sabrina's thoughts: “I can… barley think straight… with all this ice.”
Sabrina: “I'll… s-s-switch Cyber-Barrier Dragon to a-t-t-tack-mode!” (Snaps out of it) “At least with him in attack mode I can negate your first attack if you try that stunt on me again.”
Helga: “Heh… don't make me laugh. That dragon won't be able to help you…”
“Heh, heh, heh…! Especially not after I play this card; FISSURE!!”
Sabrina: “What?!”
Helga: “Oh yes. Now I can instantly destroy one monster you control with the lowest attack points, but since you only have one monster, I'll just destroy your dragon and leave you wide open for another direct attack.”
(Cyber Barrier, destroyed)
Sabrina: “Ah!”
Helga: “And now that that's been dealt with, I'll switch Submarinroid to attack-mode, and now I'll have it strike again. Go Submarinroid, attack her life points directly!”
(Atk: 1000)
Sabrina: “GAAAH…!”
SCORE:(Helga: 1600 / Sabrina: 500)
(Ice forms)
Helga: “Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! At last, I'm attack away from going home as beautiful princess. Now I shall switch my sub back to defense-mode, and end my turn. The time has come for you to make your final move, not that it really matters, for I always knew that you were never able to defeat me.”
Mykan: “Sabrina! Stay strong! You need to believe in your deck, and in the Heart of the Cards! BELIEVE IN YOUR CARDS!!”
Sabrina's thoughts: “Oh Mykan… I don't think I can.”
“None of these two spell-cards can help me, and she's destroyed all of my best monsters. I don't know what else to anymore.”
Dark Magician girl's thoughts: “Princess… there is still but one way you can win. Move me to the playing field.”
Sabrina's thoughts: “What are you saying? You're not strong enough to destroy her monsters, and if you get destroyed, I shall lose the duel, and my body.”
Dark Magician Girl's thoughts: “Trust me… I can help you. You already have some of the cards you need to win the duel, but you still require one more, but I can help you get it. It is your last hope.”
Sabrina: “All right… it seems I have no choice. I move Dark Magician Girl to the playing field!”
(Atk: 2000 / Def: 1700)
Helga: “Don't you realize that if I destroy your Deck-Master, you'll lose the duel? You must be even more foolish than I thought to make a move like that.”
Dark Magician Girl: “Silence, evil doer!”
Helga: “What's this…? She can talk?”
Dark Magician Girl: “Yes, and I can also help the Princess destroy you for good. To this I must invoke my Deck-Master's special-ability.”
(Sabrina's graveyard glows)
Sabrina: “Wait… what are you doing?”
Dark Magician Girl: “Princess… if you remove all the monster in your graveyard from play, for just this one turn I can allow you to draw as many cards for the same number as the monsters. You may then choose only one card to add to your hand.”
Sabrina: “Ah… I see. Very well then… I remove all the monsters in my graveyard from play.”
(2 Shinning angels… Proto Cyber Dragon… Cyber Twin Dragon...Cyber End Dragon… Cyber Barrier Dragon)
“Now I'm able to draw six cards, on for each of my monsters!”
(Cards appear before her)
Sabrina: “Mmm… Ah? There it is… the card I needed.”
“I activate the spell card, SAGE'S STONE!!”
Helga: “What?!”
(Mykan's Dark Magician's spirit appears and flies towards Sabrina's deck)
Mykan: “Hey, what's going on?”
Sabrina: “When this spell is played with my Dark Magician girl, I gain the unique ability to summon DARK MAGICIAN from my hand or deck.”
(Atk: 2500 / Def: 2100)
Helga: “What… it can't be! It's impossible!”
Sabrina: “Both these magicians mean a lot to my beloved Mykan. He always said that he could feel our love shine within these two cards, and now I finally understand what he means.”
Mykan: (Nods) “Sabrina… you can do this. Now pull your power together and end this duel… FOR US!!”
Sabrina: (Nods) “And now, Helga Von Guggen, it's time for me to put an end to your iceberg. I activate the spell card, DOUBLE SPELL!!”
Helga: “Oh no! That allows you to activate any spell card in my own graveyard and use it against me!”
Sabrina: “Yes… provided I discard a spell of my own first.” (Discards her last card) “Now I shall help myself to your FISSURE spell, and use it to destroy Defender Iceberg.”
Helga: “NO!!”
(Defender Iceberg, destroyed)
“This… this cannot be!! I CANNOT LOSE!!”
Sabrina: “I'm afraid you no longer have the option.”
Helga: (Gasps)
Sabrina: “In the name of the Dark Magicians… myself… and my dear Mykan! Go my Magicians… END THIS MATCH AND SET ME FREE!!”
(Both Magicians nod)
(Atk: 2000) VS (Def: 1800)
(Atk: 2500)
Helga: “WHOA… AAAH…!”
FINAL SCORE:(Helga: “0000” / Sabrina: 500)
Helga's virtual body began to digitize and disappear as the force of the attacks hit her. “NOOOOOOO…!” then she was gone. The duel images vanished, Sabrina was released from the ice, and I was able to proceed towards her.
“I… I won.” she cried as she fainted.
She then awoke to the sound of my voice. “Sabrina? Sabrina? Come on honey wake up.”
Sabrina looked up at me. “Mykan?”
“It's all over Sabrina… you're safe now.” I told her, and then suddenly Sabrina threw her arms around me and began to cry into my shoulder. “Oh, Mykan…” she sobbed. “I nearly lost everything. I'm so happy you're here.”
I held my wife close, overlooking that she felt as cold as ice. “It's alright Sabrina… I won't let anything happen to you now.”
We gazed into each other's eyes. “Oh, Mykan…” Sabrina peeped, and we brought our lips together.
Estevan was still watching us. “Oh… how touching.” he said with an evil smirk on his face. “Hah! Those fools. They don't seem to realize that I'm only getting warmed up.”
“They won't ever escape from my virtual universe… alive. Heh, heh, heh…!”