Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ House of Justice ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sabrina and I were moving along the iceberg world. “Man, I'd give anything to at home in bed by the fire.” I said.
Sabrina nodded in agreement, and then she sneezed. She had been wandering around in the snow for so long, and her skin felt even colder than my own. “Here Sabrina…” I said as I wrapped my jacket around her shoulders. “I don't want you catching a cold now.”
My wife sniveled, from both feeling numb, and touched. “You're so sweet, dear.” she almost sobbed.
I chuckled nervously, as I held her close and we continued on our journey to find the others. We also took the time to discuss what had happened.
So far, I already defeated Terrance Lewis; the leader of the LAMOS, and Sabrina just took down Helga Von Guggen. This lead to us to thinking; if two of the LAMOS had been defeated the remaining three members were bound to be mush more difficult.
Even still, the LAMOS were not the only issue in the virtual-world. We still had to deal with that boy, Estevan; whoever he was. He was still holding the spies' parents as prisoners.
Sabrina was also still pondering deeply over what Estevan had said when he first contacted us on our ship…
“For your information… the Princess and I go way back.”
“I don't understand.” she said as we walked. “What could that boy possible have in connection to me?”
I touched my neck, “If only my Millennium-Necklace could function in this virtual-world, I could look into the past or foresee his future, and then we'd know.” I exclaimed. “Whatever Estevan's after it must be something really big.”
We continued to trek through the iceberg, when suddenly. “Mykan, look.” said Sabrina. “There's some kind of door in this ice-wall.”
“Well what are we waiting for?” I said, and we both ran through the door at once, and down a virtual tunnel.
Estevan was still sitting by his monitor-screens, and fiddling around with his Millennium-Key. He was starting to think that he should never have hired the LAMOS; for that was all they proved to be so far; LAMOS!
“How could they be out-dueled by Mykan and Sabrina in a virtual-world whereas I make the rules?” he wondered. “Hmm… well I suppose that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself, so perhaps it's time that I took a step into the picture. Yes… Hmm, mm, mm! I'll make sure that they never leave.”
He was about to get up from his chair, when he was interrupted by none other than Myrna Beesbottom coming through over another screen. “Pardon the interruption, Master Estevan…” she said, “But on behalf of myself, and the rest of the LAMOS, I'd like to offer you our most sincere apologies.”
“Hah!” Estevan snorted. “Your apologies mean nothing to me, Myrna. You and your teammates have failed me too many times. I'm afraid that I have no further use for you all.”
His Millennium-Key began to glow, “Goodbye.”
“Master, hold on a moment.” cried Myrna. “If you let me explain… we all make mistakes, but we also learn from them. Therefore, I have devised up a way to defeat our enemies, take over their bodies, and leave them in this cybernetic-realm forever.”
Estevan thought it over for a moment, and then decided, “Very well… I'll give you a chance to improve yourselves, but fail me any more times… and you'll really be sorry. Do I make myself clear?”
Myrna bowed in a ladylike fashion to him. “I assure you, Master… we will not fail.” She said. “And I believe I know just whom to start with…”
The screen then flicked to another channel showing Alex still wandering around. “No… Alex!” cried Carmen. “Don't you dare lay a finger on her or I'll--”
Estevan turned and looked her dead in the eyes, “Or you'll what?” he sneered. “You pathetic parents forget who is holding all the cards. You're all powerless to do anything, so I suggest you kindly sit down, and keep quiet!”
Corey was very angry the way Estevan was acting, but he knew he couldn't do anything for now. “Just let it go honey.” he said to his wife. “I'm sure Alex will be just fine.”
Alex had been wandering around the virtual-mansion for a long time, and still she found not a trace of anyone else anywhere. She was even starting to feel a little nervous. She had no gadgets; her Ex-Com didn't work. She didn't even have any cards or a duel-disk on her.
She did still have her spy-suit, and her martial-art skills, so at least she wasn't completely unprotected; but it sure would have been nice if she had found somebody else by now. Especially, one of the LAMOS…
“When I get a-hold of those creeping crooks, I'm going make them wish they never were born.” she muttered to herself. “WHERE ARE YOU, YOU GRADE-NUTCASES?!”
She opened one door, and then another, and many others after that. Not a single room in the mansion had either anyone occupying it, or even a way out. Alex was really starting to feel annoyed. “I feel like I'm going crazy here!” she growled as she held her head in anger.
Suddenly, as she was gazing down at the floor something stranger caught her attention. There, just before her feet was a small yellow line that seemed to be trailing far off ahead of her, almost as if it were some sort of guideline.
Alex wasn't sure if it was either the way out she'd been hoping for, or just another one of Estevan's tricks. “Oh well… follow the yellow-small-line.” and she began to run down the hallways and corridors wherever the line had gone.
Finally she reached the end of the line, not literally of course. The line had led her to another door. Something about it seemed different from all the other doors she had opened, but she couldn't quit put her finger on it.
“Well… only one way to find out.” Alex said as she gripped the handles, and pulled the doors wide open.
The doors lead into what appeared to be a giant court-room; complete with seats, a stand, and jury panel seats. The most amazing attraction was the judge's stand. It was huge! It was half the height of the wall, and the width of a bowling-lane.
“Whoa… look at the size of this place.” Alex said as she gawked around.
“Excuse me, but I'm afraid that there is no gawking permitted in the court room.” said a voice from above at the judge's stand.
“That voice…!” Alex snapped. “It can only belong to one person…” she looked up as the huge chair above her spun around revealing, “Myrna Beesbottom!”
It was indeed her; The Spies' Ex-nanny, Jerry's Ex-Wife, once former WOOHP agent, and member of the LAMOS; Myrna Beesbottom. “Welcome to the court of the century my dear Alex.” she said. “Especially, seeing as how it is you who is being trialed...”
Alex raised an eyebrow. “What? Me?” she snapped. “And just what for?”
Myrna waved her finger from side to side, “Tut-tut-tut, young-lady. In the court room we use proper manners.” she said. “Not that I am surprised; you girls never did excel in any manners or etiquette whatsoever.”
She referred to her brief moments as a nanny and how almost all the children and teens she had watched over abided by her rules, and quickly became well-mannered little adults. Always taking responsibility, and obeying the rules she set out.
“It was girls like you who made me grow weary of always having to be the one to show what properness and manners were well about.”
Alex folded her arms and huffed, “Yeah, yeah… so you decided to quit, and you married Jerry to try and take over WOOHP.” she said rudely.
Myrna pounded the stand with her fists and gritted her teeth. “Precisely!” she said deeply, “You spies' make a mockery of everything that I used to stand for. Therefore, once you are all disposed of, the sooner I can gain control of your body and go back tot eh real world and establish a world will with well behaved people.”
“Hey! Just a minute…” snapped Alex. “What did you mean when you said you're taking over my body?”
Myrna sniggered sinisterly, “Hmm, mm, mm! When I said that you are to be put on trial, what I really meant was; the two of us are going to have a little duel, and of course whoever loses is sentenced to an eternal-prison in this virtual-world, while the winner may leave with your body. Those are the rules, so take the stand if you will.”
She motioned over to the defendant-stand across from the judge's platform where a duel disk was waiting for Alex. “Hmm, fine then.” Alex said. “Since there's no other way out, I guess I'll just have to take you out.”
She moved over to her stand, and strapped on the duel-disk. “Ho-oh boy, this is going to feel so good.” she said cheekily, “I've always wanted to mop the floor with you.”
Myrna's eye twinkled, “Is that so? Well, you shall think twice about what you say once you have a look at my Deck-Master… Ha, ha, ha...!” her voice started to go deeper as her body suddenly began to morph into the form of a Duel-monster.
She banged a gavel on the stand, and said in her new voice, “The Honorable JUDGE-MAN presiding.”
Alex didn't know whether or not to be amazed or disgusted by the change. “You're a woman in a man's body? Somebody seriously needs a new sense of tastes.”
Myrna pounded her gavel, “Order! One more out-burst like that and I shall have you sentenced to a-thousand different tortures. Is that clear?
Alex was really getting fired up now. “Okay, this over-stuffed judge is seriously starting to push my buttons. Looks like I have to teach here… or… him… or WHATEVER… a lesson it won't soon forget.”
Suddenly, the card-database appeared before Alex. “The accused shall now build her virtual-deck so this trial may commence.” said Myrna. “Simply touch the cards you want, until you have the proper amount.”
“Whatever.” Alec sighed as she began to take her choice of cards. She also even used some new ones she added in the real-world. Once she was finished, “All right… lets do this.”
“Objection…” Myrna thundered. “You are required to choose a monster to serve as your Deck-Master. Those are the rules, now follow them!”
Alex snuffed, but nevertheless, she looked through her monsters and thought of choosing her “Red-Eyes Black Dragon” or maybe her “Yellow Spy-Girl”
Then suddenly she heard a voice call out to her. “Alex, choose me.”
“What the--” Alex said, she looked down at her “Flame-Swordsman” and could see that he was moving on his card. “Was that you talking to me?”
The card's picture nodded at her. “If you select me as your Deck-Master, I will be of great assistance. Trust me, and we shall beat your opponent.”
Alex almost didn't know what to think. A card that could talk to her, and promising to help her. “What have I got to lose?” she said. “I choose FLAME SWORDSMAN!!”
The Swordsman appeared behind her, and nodded his head. “Together, we will win. I know it.” he said to Alex.
“Very well Myrna said. “As you know, I shall be acting as my own Deck-Master. Now I hereby call this court into session!”
They prepared their duel-disks, drew their cards, and life points were set to 8000. “LET'S DUEL!!”