Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Tim Scam's Challenge ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Estevan still hadn't returned from that little upset with Alex's duel, and now the spies' parents were alone in the hidden lair; all of them still wondering what to do about everything that had happened.
“If we could just break out of this cage, we could find the girls and get out of here.” Corey said.
“Yeah… but just how do you expect we do that?” asked Stanley. “You heard what that brat kid said; we'll never get past these electrical fields.”
Suddenly, the wives began to realize something; the electrical fields were keeping them in, so all they had to do was use something to block the electricity from flowing, “And what's the one thing that can block electrical currents?” Carmen said…
“Rubber… That's it… Gabi said as she gazed down at her shoes. She then took them off, and moved towards the electrical fields.
“Honey, what are you doing?” asked Greg.
“Something that I hope will get us out of here...” his wife replied. She drew in a deep breath, shut her eyes really tight and raised her shoes up to the currents, and just as was thought, the shoes were bouncing the currents away.
Gabi placed her shoes in the position of an arch, and she slowly crept underneath them, and she made it out through the cage without getting hit. “I'm out…” she cheered.
The others were glad that the plan was working, but when Gabi tried to reposition her shoes through barrier for the others, it didn't work and the fields shocked her. “What's going on?” Corey said, “I thought the rubber would penetrate through the currents…”
Gabi kept trying but it seemed that it wouldn't work on the outside, and worse than that, none of the others had any rubber on them so they couldn't try to break loose from inside. “Gabi… you'll have to try shut down the field some other way.” Carmen suggested.
“I'll try… but I don't even know where to start looking.” said Gabi.
“Whatever… just start somewhere.” Stella complained. “And hurry up… I think I'm going crazy in here.”
Gabi still didn't know quite what she was doing, but remembering that she had some spy experience just like Sam and her friends, she began walked off in search of the power source…
Unbeknownst to her and to everyone else that Estevan had been in the room all along, and was merely using his Millennium Key to make himself invisible. “Hmm, mm, mm… she's doing just as I planned.” he snickered under his breath. Then he gave his key a huge flick and shouted “NOW!”
Suddenly, a hole opened up right through the floor right below Gabi's feet causing her to fall through a virtual vortex, “AAH… Not again?!” she cried.
Sabrina, Alex, and I were all walked down a long, long cave that we found after exiting that virtual-mansion. The good news was that we each had defeated one of the LAMOS, which meant that only two more members were left…
The bad news was that we didn't know where the LAMOS would strike next, or who they would duel next, and with Clover, Sam, and Mandy still missing, either one of them would be in for it.
“Worst than that… we still have that kid, Estevan to deal with.” Alex said, “Ooh! I could just grab that little twerp by the neck and just--!”
“Calm down, Alex.” I said to her, “We'll deal with Estevan soon enough, but right now finding the others should be our main priority.”
Sabrina however was still deep in thought, and when we asked her what was on her mind, “I still wonder about that boy… and what it is he has against me.”
That was a question that we all were starting to become curious about, nevertheless we continued moving on down the cave.
It took such a long time, but finally, “THREE!” Clover and Sam finally managed to smash their ways through the walls and were now outside what appeared to be a large virtual-castle, and standing in a meadow of tall grass. They both looked pretty pooped…
“I feel like… I just… had ten different workouts.” panted Sam.
“Speak for yourself…” cried Clover, “If I don't get a manicure soon these broken nails won't ever be made beautiful again.”
Sam couldn't believe Clover-- They were separated from the others and I… the LAMOS wanted to steal our bodies… Estevan still had their parents as his prisoners… and all Clover could do was moan about her nails.
Suddenly, they heard the sound of someone screaming. “That voice…” Sam gasped, and then she and Clover ran to the top of a hill. “Hey… it's your mom?” said Clover, “But what's she running from?”
“My guess is… THAT!” Sam screamed as she pointed at a huge duel-monster on four legs chasing Gabi across the fields, and now heading straight for them. “RUN!!” cried Clover.
The monster was gaining up on the ladies fast, but then Sam had an idea. “Quick, split-up… it can't follow us all at once!” she said. Clover and Gabi agreed, and then they all ran off in different directions.
The monster skidded to a stop and looked in all three directions wonder how he was going to catch them, and then decided to give up and ran off. (Really unusual for a monster to give up like that)
Gabi let out a huge sigh of relief… and the girls ran over towards her “Mom!” cried Sam. She was so happy to see that her mother was safe, but suddenly she stopped when she noticed that Gabi did not look at all pleased.
“Whoa… sour look much.” Clover whispered to Sam.
“Uh… mom…?” Sam asked nervously, “Are you okay?”
“Am I okay?” Gabi sneered, “We all nearly got run down by that… that… monster… and it's all because of this ridiculous card game of yours.”
It became obvious to the girls that Gabi still did not accept duel-monsters, or the reason the girls loved to play it… or when they needed to play.
“But mom…”
“Don't but mom me, Samantha.” replied Gabi. “We're going to get out of this sick filled world, get you girls away from these cards, and hopefully you'll realize that this is no way for young ladies to play.”
“Hey!” snapped Clover, “It's like… not that simple here...”
“Clover's right, mom.” added Sam, “We still have to find the others, and we're not even sure how to get out of this world.”
Gabi suddenly realized that even she didn't know how to get out. She still wasn't even sure how that hole opened up beneath her feet and she wound up in the meadows, but did have an idea…
“Where's that guy, Mike?” she asked, “He got us into this, so he'll get us out.”
“It's Mykan…” Clover corrected her.
“Whatever…” Gabi sighed.
But before the ladies could argue any more, a strange door appeared in the middle of the field, right before them. “Okay… a door with no wall… weird much.” said Clover.
“Please tell me that we aren't going through there?” Sam asked.
Gabi thought it over and reached for the knob, “Mom… wait!” Sam cried, “We don't know what's behind that door. For all we know it could be another one of Estevan's traps.”
Gabi just snorted, “Since when can a door be that dangerous?” she asked rhetorically, “This probably just could be the exit we're looking for…”
“And hello… what if it isn't?” Clover asked rudely.
Gabi was not about to take anymore guff from anyone. After all, there was only one way to find out where the door lead, so she tugged on the handle and as the door opened all three of them were nearly blinded by a bright flash of light…
When the light had ceased, the ladies opened their eyes to realize, “Hey, this room…” Sam said, “It looks like the place where we started before we got sent the virtual-world.”
“Wait a moment…” Gabi said “Then where's that blimp that we came in?”
It suddenly became obvious that they were still in the virtual-world, and then as Clover gazed up toward the ceiling, “Whoa… look up there!” she cried.
Gabi nearly jumped out of her clothes at the sight of the large metal monster slowly descending from the ceiling. “It's… it's a giant robot!” she cried.
“No… that's a duel monster.” said Sam.
The monster finally touched down, “Greetings, Ladies. Allow me to introduce myself.” he said in a robotic, yet familiar voice to Sam and Clover.
“In the world in which we live in, I was known as Tim Scam; villainous agent, and ingenious mastermind of technology for the LAMOS…but here in the virtual-realm I am known as ROBOTIC KNIGHT; a creature that represents the power of Machine over Man.”
“As one of my caliber, I have a deep fondness over inventions, and new technology, and as soon as I defeat one of you, I shall return back to the real world disguised as one of you so that I may continue my work.”
Gabi didn't understand a word he said, “He's not serious… is he?”
Sam nodded her head, “He's going to challenge us to a duel, and if he wins… we'll be trapped here forever.”
“No!” Gabi snapped, “No… he's not going to do this to any of us… there won't be any more dueling, do you hear me.”
“Silence, old-lady!” snarled Tim, “We are indeed going to duel… and guess what else… you have the first honors.”
“Old-Lady…?” Gabi nearly snarled, “Just who are you calling-- Wait… me first?”
This was defiantly not a good sign, for Gabi had only heard things about the game, and a few cards and stuff, but she never even picked up a card, much less dueled before.
“No way, Tim Scam…” Sam snapped, “You leave my mom out of this… if you want to take on someone, then duel me.”
Clover stepped forward, “No… Sammy, let me take on this creep instead.” She said to her, “It'll give you and your mom and chance to get away.”
“Clover…! She's my mom and I should be the one to protect her.” protested Sam.
Tim however was not going to take this. “I have challenged the old-lady to a duel, and therefore we shall begin immediately.”
“Hey… I said you're going to duel against me!” growled Sam.
“Forget it… I'm the one who's facing you and that's final.” protested Clover.
“Negative…” replied Tim, “However… you have just given me a brilliant idea; the duel shall be three against one.”
“What?” Clover snapped.
“All three of us?” added Sam.
“But why all of us…?” asked Gabi.
“Simple, really… for when I defeat all three of you, the LAMOS will gain three bodies at once to make up for our failures while the three of remain trapped here forever. Furthermore, I'll have proven once and for all that machines have more power over people.”
“Do you have any ears built on you, or are you just being silly?” asked Sam, “You are not dueling against my mom.”
Gabi nodded her head in agreement, “If I have anything to say about it, there won't be a duel at all.” she growled.
“Correction…” said Tim as duel-disks began to materialize around everyone's wrists, “Anyone who is wearing a duel-disk must participate, and you do not have a say in it at all.”
“What is this thing?” Gabi asked, “How do I get it off…?”
“Never mind mom…” Sam said, “There's nothing we can do right now, so you're just going to have to do as we do. It's the only hope we have now.”
“If you are finished conversing… it is time to build our decks for this duel.” And with Tim's words the card database appeared before everyone, “Simply touch the cards you desire.”
Clover and Sam immediately began choosing their cards, but Gabi was having a little bit of trouble. From the little bits of information she had, she knew that she needed a variety of monster, spell, and trap cards.
“Uh… I guess I'll choose this… and this… ooh… this one looks pretty.” she muttered, but she secretly just hoped she knew what she was getting into.
Once the decks were finished, “And now, it's time to chose a monster to act as your Deck-Master.” replied Tim.
Clover knew what her Deck-Master would be, “I choose, MARAUDINGCAPTAIN!”
“I choose, LEGENDARRY FISHERMAN!” said Sam.
Gabi thought it over for a moment, “Uh… I guess I choose this one… STRIKE NINJA!”
“Very well…” Tim said. “And I shall act as my own Deck-Master; ROBOTIC KNIGHT!”
“And now, to make this duel seem more intriguing we shall be dueling over a pit of radioactive waste.”
He snapped his metal-fingers and the floors began to shift, revealing the pit of glowing waste below. “Whoa… and I didn't bring any suntan.” cried Clover.
“Oh my goodness…” cried Gabi trying not to cry in fear.
“Hmm, mm, mm… abide by my rules, and you will not fall in.” replied Tim, “As per this being a duel of 3 duelists against one, it is only fair that I shall begin with 12,000 life points while the each of you begins with 4,000.”
“Hey… isn't that a little too much?” Clover asked.
“Negative… it is fair enough by my calculations.” said Tim, “There is however one particular rule that I shall be strictly enforcing: Under no circumstances whatsoever are any of you permitted to discuss your duel strategies with one another. Break this rule, and you shall plummet into the pit below.”
The ladies all gasped. This meant that Gabi was on hear own, and with hardly any dueling experience at all, she was a sitting duck. “What am I going to do?!” she cried. “What am I going to do?!”
“Don't worry, mom…” said Sam, “Just believe in yourself and do what you can.”
“Yeah… we'll back you up all the way.” added Clover.
With all this settled, the disks were prepared, life points were set, and the first cards were drawn. “LET'S DUEL!!”