Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Mechanical Mayhem: Part one ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

(Tim: 12000)
(Clover: 4000) (Sam: 4000) (Gabi: 4000)
Tim: “The Old-Lady shall begin first.”
Gabi: “GRR! Will you quit calling me that?!”
“Okay… I need a monster, so… I'll summon this one; PRINCESS OF TSURUGI, in attack-mode.”
(Atk: 900/ Def: 700)
Clover: “Wait… in attack-mode?”
Gabi: “Huh? Are you saying that I made a bad mistake already?”
Sam's thoughts: “That monster's too weak to play in attack-mode, and it's effect only works if it's been flipped up.”
Gabi: “Uh… I guess I end my turn.”
(Clover and Sam sigh.)
Sam: “All right, my move!”
Sam's thoughts: “I can't let Tim go after my mom. I'll have to play something he won't be able to resist attacking.”
Sam: “I summon SUBMARINEROID in attack-mode.”
(Atk: 800/ Def: 1800)
“And that's all for now.”
Sam's thoughts: “Come on Clover. You have to play something weak. Don't let Tim won't attack my mom.”
Clover: “It's my turn now…”
“I summon, ELEMENTAL HERO CLAYMAN in defense-mode.”
(Atk: 800/ Def: 2000)
“Now I'll throw down a face-down, and end my turn.”
Sam: “Way to show compassion for my mom, Clover!”
Tim: “It's time for me to accelerate into high-gear…”
“And it begins with this, MECHANICALCHASER!”
(Atk: 1850/ Def: 800)
“I command you to attack the old-lady's Princess, now!”
Sam: “Oh no! He went after mom's monster.”
(Atk: 1850) VS (Atk: 900)
Gabi: (Falls down) “YEOW!”
(Tim: 12000)
(Clover: 4000) (Sam: 4000) (Gabi: 3050)
Sam: “Mom!”
Tim: “It appears that machines are still far ahead, and the humans are down. Heh, heh, heh…!”
Gabi: “Now I know for a fact that this game is not only silly, it's dangerous as well.”
Clover's thoughts: “We're no match for this overgrown tin-can, not like this.”
Tim: “It's time for you all to feel my iron fist again.”
(The girls gasp)
“Even the three of you combined are no match for me. Now observe my Deck-Master's special ability; Final-Artillery!”
(Discards three cards)
“Each machine monster that I discard will deal 500 points of damage to each of you.”
(His Robot eyes fire three beams)
(The girls yelp)
(Tim: 12000)
(Clover: 3500) (Sam: 3500) (Gabi: 2550)
“I believe that is enough torment for now, so I shall lay one card face down and end my turn.”
Clover: “Whoa, Sammy… your mom doesn't look so good right now.”
Gabi: “No… I can take it.”
Sam: “But mom…”
Gabi: “No buts, Samantha.”
Gabi's thoughts: “Hmm… I know that my monsters aren't strong enough to take on that robot, so I'll just have to play it in defense-mode.”
Gabi: “I summon THE FORGIVING MAIDEN in defense-mode.” (Places it in atk accidentally)
(Atk: 850/ Def: 2000)
Sam: “Mom… you put your monster in attack-mode.”
Gabi: “What? You mean it's not in defense-mode.”
Clover: “If you want your monster in defense-mode, you have to place your card on the disk sideways.”
Tim: “Silence, fools… no discussing strategies, remember?”
Sam: “Hey… you should let my mom take that turn over.”
Tim: “Negative, young-lady. No second chances.”
Sam's thoughts: “I've got to find someway to fix this.”
“Hey, my “Book of Moon” card. All right… this can help me change the position of mom's monster.”
Sam: “It's my move, and I play the spell, BOOK OF MOON, which can switch any monster on the field into face-down defense-mode.”
Tim: “Nice try, but you've allowed me to activate my counter-trap, RIRYOKU FIELD. It negates any spell cards that are used on a monster.
(Card destroyed)
Sam: (Growls) “Cheap-shot… well I'm not through yet. I'll activate a field-spell, UMI. This covers the field in a ocean's wave of water.”
(Field changes)
“Now, not only do all Fish, Sea-serpent, and Aqua type monsters gains 200 attack and defense-points, but all Machine and Pyro monsters lose those points.”
Tim: “Silly girl… you may have weakened my monster's attack power, but your own monster will lose power as well.”
Sam: “Not quite… you see as long as my Umi card is in play, Legendary Fisherman's Deck-Master ability makes it so all water monsters never lose any of their points regardless of card effects.”
(I just made that up… it's hard to come up with something that works.)
Submarineroid… (Atk: 800/ Def: 1800) Becomes (Atk: 800/ Def: 1800)
Mechanicalchaser… (Atk: 1850/ Def: 800) Becomes (Atk: 1650/ Def: 600)
Tim: It still makes no difference to me, for your monsters has still received no powers.”
Sam: “Yeah… well I'm not done yet, because now I summon STAR-BOY in defense-mode.”
Original… (Atk: 550/ Def: 500)
With field bonus… (Atk: 750/ Def: 700)
“Now the fun part kicks in; my Star Boy's special-ability powers up the attack all waters monsters by 500 points, and decreases their defenses by 400. However, thanks to my Deck-Master, Legendary Fisherman and my Umi card, no points are lost at all.”
Submarineroid… (Atk: 800/ Def: 1800)Becomes (Atk: 1300/ Def: 1800)
Star Boy… (Atk: 750/ Def:700) Becomes (Atk: 1250/ Def: 700)
“And now… thanks to it's special ability, my Submarineroid can attack your life points directly… GO!!”
(Atk: 1300)
Tim: “GRR…!”
(Tim: 10,700)
(Clover: 3500) (Sam: 3500) (Gabi: 2550)
Sam: “And right after it attacks, it goes into defense-mode.”
Tim: “It doesn't matter all that much to me… my life points are still much higher than all of yours together.”
Clover: “Well that's what you think…”
“Sweet… Now I activate the spell card, E-EMERGENCY CALL. This lets me add one Elemental-Hero monster straight to my hand from my deck…”
(Takes Burstinatrix)
“And now I'll activate POLYMERIZATION Fusing my Clayman, and Burstinatrix to form ELEMENTAL-HERO RAMPART BLASTER!”
(Atk: 2000 / Def: 2500)
Gabi's thoughts: “Goodness… these card effects are nearly enough to boggle the mind. The girls really seem to know much about it though.
Clover: “And I'm not done yet… I'll also reveal my face-down spell, H-HEATED HEART. This will give him an extra 500 attack points.”
(Atk: 2000) Becomes (Atk: 2500)
“And now, the stage summon this little guy, NEO-SPACIAN AQUA DOLPHIN in defense-mode.”
Originally… (Atk: 600/ Def: 800)
With Star Boy bonus… (Atk: 1100/ Def: 800)
Tim: “You are beginning to wear my patience. Explain yourself!
Clover: “Rude much… but whatever. See My Aqua Dolphin's special-ability works like this; I just have to discard one card to the graveyard…”
(Discards “O-Oversoul” )
“And now I can look at your hand… or rather the only card that you're holding… so lay it on me.”
Tim: “Hmm… Observe it is the all powerful MACHINE KING.”
Clover: “Really? Well that's too bad, because now since I control a monster stronger than it is, it goes right to the graveyard, and you take 500 points damage.”
Tim: “Ah!”
(Tim: 10,200)
(Clover: 3500) (Sam: 3500) (Gabi: 2550)
Sam: “Way to play it, Clover.”
Clover: “Oh you haven't seen anything yet. Go Rampart Blaster… Attack his Mechanicalchaser!”
(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 1650)
(Tim: 9350)
(Clover: 3500) (Sam: 3500) (Gabi: 2550)
“Not bad for a so called human, eh Scam?”
(Tim growls)
“Now I'll throw down a face down and call it quits for now. Oh , and my Rampart's attack returns to normal.”
(Atk: 2500) Becomes (Atk: 2000)
Tim: “Very well then…”
“First I shall play the spell POT OF GREED… allowing me to draw two cards.”
(Draws twice)
“Ahh… just the item I needed. I should thank you, young Clover, for you have now made it all the easier for me to make this next move.”
Sam: “What's he talking about?”
Clover: “Uh… yo… Earth to bucket-of-bolts… I like totally didn't help you at all.”
Tim: “Correction… you did help me, and now I shall prove it. I activate the spell MONSTER REBORN, which I shall use to revive my all powerful MACHINE KINGwhich you had sent to my graveyard last turn.”
Originally…(Atk: 2200/ Def: 2000)
Because of Umi… (Atk: 2200/ Def: 1800)
Sam: “Hey, what's happened? My Umi card should have weakening that monster's attack points.”
Tim: “Very observant, Samantha, however, my Machine King's special-ability he receives an addition 100 attack points for every machine monster in play… that includes your Submarineroid. So while my monster did lose the 200 attack points from Umi's effect, it gained them right back.”
“And now, to put them to good use… Machine King, Go and attack the old-lady's Forgiving Maiden!”
Gabi: “Oh no… not again!”
Sam: “Oh no you don't. this is a tag duel, remember? So I can make my Submarineroid go to defend my mom.”
(Atk: 2200) VS (Def: 1800)
“Since it was in defense-mode, I don't take any damage, and since a machine monster was destroyed, your King lost 100 points.”
(Atk: 2200) Becomes (Atk: 2100)
Clover: “You go, Sammy.”
Gabi's thoughts: “She saved me… I could've lost more of these life points.”
Gabi: “Thank you Samantha.. I… I don't know what else to say.”
(Sam smiles)
Tim: “A clever move for a human… but now I play CARD OF SANCTITY! This requires all of us to draw until each of us is holding six cards.” (Rules fudged) “Think of it as recharging your batteries to refresh the game.”
(Everyone draws)
Clover: “Are like totally done yet?”
Tim: “Not quite… for now I discard three more machine monsters to activate my Deck-Master's Special-Ability; FINAL ARTILLERY!!”
(Discards three machine monsters)
“Say goodbye to 500 more life points.”
(His eyesfire the beams)
(The girls yelp)
(Tim: 9350)
(Clover: 3000) (Sam: 3000) (Gabi: 2050)
“Now I shall place two cards face-down and end my turn.”
Gabi: “I guess that means I'm up…”
“Uh… I summon LADY PANTHER in defense-mode.”
(Atk: 1400/ Def: 1300)
“And I'll also switch my Maiden into defense.”
(Def: 2000)
Sam: “Good going, Mom… that's the way to play.”
“I summon, AQUA-MADOR in defense-mode!”
Originally… (Atk: 1200/ Def: 2000)
With Bonuses… (Atk: 1900/ Def: 2200)
“And now I'll put one card face down, and end my turn.”
Clover: “Were on a real roll now…”
“Sweet… I summon ELEMENTAL HERO BUBBLEMAN in defense-mode.”
Originally… (Atk: 800/ Def: 1200)
With Star Boy… (Atk: 1300/ Def: 1200)
“And now I'll switch Rampart Blaster into defense too.”
(Def: 2500)
“Now I think I'll go ahead and use my Aqua-Dolphin's special-ability again.”
(Discards “R-Righteous Justice.”)
“So show me that card you got there…”
Tim: “Hmm, mm…” (Reveals a Spell card) “Your calculations were a little off, for I have no monster this time, and since you looked incorrectly, you lose 500 life points.”
(Tim: 9350)
(Clover: 2500) (Sam: 3000) (Gabi: 2050)
Clover: “Duh… you think I don't know that? Besides… I'm about to deal you even more damage. See when Rampart Blaster is in defense-mode his special-ability lets me cut his attack-power in half… and then I can attack you directly. Go Rampart!”
(Atk: 2000) Becomes ((Atk: 1000)
Tim: “ARGH!!”
(Tim: 8350)
(Clover: 2500) (Sam: 3000) (Gabi: 2050)
Clover: “Now I'll throw down a face down and end my turn.”
Tim: “It looks as though you have all laid out your monsters perfectly for me to attack them one by one, as I move closer to my victory.”
Gabi: “Come and get us you overgrown rust-bucket. You'll never get past all the defense-monsters we have laid out.”
Sam: “And you don't even have enough cards in you hand to activate your Deck-Master ability.”
Tim: “Almost correct…”
“But you will think twice once I reveal this trap-card, BACK-UP SOLDIER!”
Clover: “No!”
Sam: “Not that one?”
Gabi: “Hmm?”
Tim: “Since I have more than five monsters in my graveyard, this trap-card lets me take three normal monsters with 1500 attack points or less, and add them back to my hand.”
(Takes three monster cards)
“Now… I think shall discard the three machines I just got back and once again activate my Deck-Master ability; FINAL ARTILLERY!”
(Discards three)
(His eyes fire beams)
(The girls yelp)
(Tim: 9350)
(Clover: 2000) (Sam: 2500) (Gabi: 1550)
Clover: “Why don't you try something original for a change?”
Tim: “Why change a good thing when reliability is the key to success?”
Sam: “He's tearing us apart. We'll never make it out like this.”
Tim: “That is affirmative… however, you have only been given a sample of my overall-strength. What you are about to experience now will blow your circuits. But first I shall switch my Machine King into defensive-mode.”
(Def: 1800)
“And now… I activate the continuous-spell CLOCKWORK NIGHT!” (Anime Card only)
“This all powerful spell will transform all of your monsters into machine-types.”
Clover: “What?!”
Sam: “No way…!”
(All monsters turn metal)
Tim: “And in addition to turning all of your monsters into metal, they'll each lose 500 attack-points, and 200 more from Umi's effect, with the exception of the water monsters.”
Rampart Blaster: (Atk: 2000) Becomes (Atk: 1300)
Forgiving Maiden: (Atk: 800) Becomes (Atk: 100)
Lady Panther: (Atk: 1400) Becomes (Atk: 700)
“And don't forget, my Machine King gains 100 attack-points for every machine monster in play, and I count six.”
(Atk: 2100) Becomes (Atk: 2700)
“And finally… Clockwork Night grants my King an additional 500 points more.”
(Atk: 2700) Becomes (Atk: 3200)
Gabi: “That monster… it's so powerful!”
Sam: “Take it easy mom… everything's okay. All of our monsters are in defense-mode anyways. So he can't hurt us no matter who he attacks.”
Clover: “And besides… he just switched his own monster into defense-mode. A real lame excuse for a move, but he can't attack us at all right now.”
Tim: “You must grow tired of being wrong all the time. Now I activate the spell CURSE OF FEIND!
“You see… unlike humans, machines obey commands, and thanks to this magic card, all of our monsters are now forced to change their battle positions, from defense to attack-mode.”
(The girls gasp)
RampartBlaster: (Atk: 1300)
Aqua-Dolphin: (Atk: 1100)
Bubble-Man: (Atk: 1300)
Star-Boy: (Atk: 1250)
Aqua Mador: (Atk: 1900)
Forgiving Maiden: (Atk: 100)
Lady Panther: (Atk: 700)
Machine King: (Atk: 3200)
Clover: “Okay… I am seriously starting to hate this guy.”
Sam: “He had this planned out from the very beginning.”
Tim: “Now witness the power of machine over man, or should I say Old-Lady. Machine-King, prepare to attack the forgiving madden!
Gabi: “Ah!”
Sam: “Mom, No!”
Clover: “She'll lose the duel if his attack hits.”
Sam: “Mmm… it's risky, but I have to try it. I call upon my Deck-Master, Legendary Fisherman, defend my mother!”
Originally… (Atk: 1850/ Def: 1600)
With Star Boy… (Atk: 2350/ Def: 1600)
Clover: “Sammy! What are you doing? If your Deck-Master gets destroyed you'll lose the duel.”
Sam: “I know that… but remember his normal special-ability? As long as Umi is in play he can't be destroyed in battle.”
(Fisherman stands to defend)
Tim: “A brave attempt, but also very foolish, for now I reveal my face down card, MYSTICAL SPACE-TYPHOON!”
Sam: “Ah!”
Tim: “This allows me to destroy one spell or trap on the field, and I choose Umi.”
(Card destroyed)
“Now not only does the power bonus expire, but my Clockwork Night card now affects all monsters on the field.
Rampart Blaster: (Atk: 1300) Becomes (Atk: 1500)
Bubble-Man: (Atk: 1300) Becomes (Atk: 800)
Star-Boy: (Atk: 1250) Becomes (Atk: 550)
Aqua Mador: (Atk: 1900) Becomes (Atk: 1200)
Forgiving Maiden: (Atk: 300)
Lady Panther: (Atk: 900)
Machine King: (Atk: 3400)
“And furthermore, your Fisherman is no longer able to defend itself…”
(Atk: 3400) VS (Atk: 1850)
“Your Deck-Master has been reduced to a pile of fish-guts, and when your Deck-Master is destroyed so are you!
(Tim: 9350)
(Clover: 2000) (Sam: “0000”) (Gabi: 1550)
Outside the duel
All her cards somehow stayed on the field, but Sam suddenly began to feel weak as she fell to her knees, and breathing stressfully. “No! Sammy!” cried Clover.
“Samantha!” cried Gabi.
Sam didn't want to believe but, “I guess… this is it.” she said weakly as tears began to form her eyes. “Mom… just know one thing… I love you and Dad very much, and I'll always be with you.”
Gabi's eyes widened as her tears began to fall.
“And Clover…” Sam replied, “No matter what happens… you have to protect my mom.”
“Sammy…” Clover nearly sobbed.
“You have lost the duel…” Tim said, “So it's time for you to go… down there that is.”
The floor underneath Sam's feet suddenly disappeared, and she could only scream as she plunged down into the pit below. “SAMMY!!” Clover screamed.
KABLAM!! A huge explosion ruptured in the pit below; She was gone!
Gabi fell to her knees, as the images of her daughter ran past her head. “Sam-antha…” she sobbed, “No-- NOOOOO…!!”
From in his secret lair, Estevan's evil laughter grew louder and more wicker every moment. “Yes… YES!!” he chuckled loudly, “We have our first body of the day… Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah, ah!”