Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Mechanical Mayhem: Part two ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As Sabrina, Alex, and I continued to move through the cave, we heard the sound of someone screaming. “NO!!”
“Hey… that voice.” I said.
“It sounded like… Sam's mom.” added Alex.
And to all of us, that scream could only mean danger. “Quickly… we must hurry.” cried Sabrina, and we all ran down the cave.
In the secret lair, Estevan and the other five parents had been watching the duel, and they all saw what had happened; Sam falling through the floor and blowing up as she landed in a pit of toxic-waste.
Greg was so petrified, that he almost felt as if he heart had stopped beating. “No… she can't be.” he muttered under his breath, “My only child.”
“Hmm, mm, mm…” Estevan was chuckling madly in his chair as he gazed at the monitors. “Well now… this certainly is a change of events. It looks as though we finally have our first victim of that day.”
“You rotten, sick little brat.” growled Stella, “Just what kind of sick twisted game are you trying to play anyways?”
“Hmm, mm, mm… game? I can assure you, my dear that this is no game.” Replied Estevan, “It is a matter of honor, and revenge. I knew that if I were to include one of you adulated nitwits into a match that one of the duelist would be defeated.”
“Well it looks as though things are finally starting to go my way. Sam is gone, and soon the rest of the gang will join them.”
He turned back to face the screen that relayed the duel, Gabi was on her knees, crying, and Tim Scam was by himself laughing. I knew that you humans couldn't stand up to a high-tech machine like me.”
“You're a fool, Tim Scam.” Estevan muttered, “You know as well as everyone does that you're not really a robot. It's sad really… deep down you're nothing but a frightened young man.”
Clover could barley hold in her sobbing. “I can't believe… Sammy's really gone.” she wept.
Gabi felt twice as worse. “It's all my fault.” she sobbed, “She was only trying to protect me, and now she's gone.”
“Relax…” Tim said to them, “You're friend is not dead-- her mind has been digitized and her body is being kept in a holding area waiting to be taken over, and you'll both soon be joining her.”
“Now then… it is the old-lady's turn…”
Clover angrily wiped away her tears and snapped at the robot-man, “You heartless bucket-of-bolts. How can you say that at a time like this?!”
“Silence!” snarled Tim, “Your friend may be gone, but this duel isn't over, and the LAMOS need ALL of your bodies… so make your move!”
But poor Gabi was so caught up in her sorrows, and her fear, that she had lost her will to even get up, much less duel anymore. “Whatever is the matter?” Time teased her, “Are you afraid to face me? Well you should be considering you'll soon be joining your daughter in the toxic-pit below.”
Clover tried to talk some sense into Gabi, “Hey… don't listen to this guy.” but it already became clear that Gabi was out of it. “Well, well… it looks likes she's blown a fuse. She's in no condition to duel.”
Things were looking bad for Clover, but it seemed that since Gabi could barely take the pressure, she'd have to try on her own. “We'll just skip her turn, then.”
“Very well…” said Tim, “It makes no difference to me. Now, on with the duel.”
Back to the duel
(Tim: 9350)
(Clover: 2000) (Gabi: 1550)
Clover: “My move…”
“Hmm… sweet! First I'll sacrifice Rampart Blaster, and my Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin, to Summon forth… RED SPY-GIRL!(Mykan card only)
(Atk: 2300/ Def: 2000)
Tim: “How touching… you have a card that looks just like you.”
Clover: “You bet I do… and guess what else I've done-- Since I removed two machine monsters from the field, your Machine-King lost 200 attack-points.”
(Atk: 3400) Becomes) (Atk: 3200)
Tim: “It doesn't matter that much to me, for you're monster is still far weaker than my Machine-King.”
Clover: “Maybe he does now… but I'm not done yet... Now I'll activate… a special spell card called HERO-FLASH! In order to activate this card, I have to remove four special cards in my graveyard from play…”
“H-HEATED HEART… E-EMERGENCY CALL… R-RIGHTOUS JUSTICE… and O-OVERSOUL! Now I can summon one normal Elemental Hero monster straight from my deck, and I pick ELEMENTAL-HEROSPARKMAN!”
(Atk: 1600/ Def: 1400)
“Now the sweet bit... he's allowed to Attack you directly.”
Tim: “What… it can't be…?
Clover: “Oh yes it can, but I've got something better in mind. I'll play a spell card known as FUSION SAGE! Now I'm allowed to add a Polymerization card directly to my hand from my deck…”
(Takes card)
“…And now, Go POLYMERIZATION! I fuse together, Sparkman, and Bubble-man… along with the Avian in my hand… to form ELEMENTAL-HERO TEMPEST!”
(Atk 2800/ Def: 2800)
Tim: “I am still not amused. You may have gotten rid of another Machine monster, costing my Machine King 100 more attack points…”
(Atk: 3200) Becomes) (Atk: 3100)
“But still… neither of your monsters has the power to take down my Machine King.”
Clover: “Ding-dong… you're wrong.”
Tim: “What…?!”
Clover: “Boy, somebody's a little dense. My Red Spy-Girl's Special ability's going to deal with that over grown scrap-heap. All I have to do is pay a quarter of my life points…”
(Tim: 9350)
(Clover: 1500) (Gabi: 1550)
“And now… every face-up monster on your side of the field goes bye-bye.”
Tim: “What?! It can't be?!”
(Machine King, destroyed)
“No! I have no monster's to protect me now.”
Clover: “Darn right you don't. So I think I'll go ahead and hit you directly… Go Red Spy-Girl! Go, Tempest… Attack!”
(Combo Atk: 5100)
Tim: “Dyaa-aahh!”
(Tim: 4250)
(Clover: 1500) (Gabi: 1550)
Clover: “Yee-hah… that's some heavy damage there.”
Tim: Hmm… A very impressive move young-lady…”
“But unfortunately your best problem is about to come back again.”
Clover: “Just move already.”
Tim: “As you wish. Since I am acting as my own Deck-Master, I am able to call myself to the field… Robotic Knight is now in play.”
(Moves to the field)
(Atk: 1600/ Def: 1800)
“Next I shall activate this spell card,POT OF AVARICE! Now, I shall return five monsters into my deck, shuffle-up… and then draw two more cards.”
(Returns five monsters, and Draws twice)
“And now the Stage is set for me to bring out the very best in machine technology.”
Clover: “Hmm?”
Tim: “I activate the spell, BRAIN CONTROL By powering down my life points by 800, I am permitted to take control of one of your monsters…
(Tim: 3450)
(Clover: 1500) (Gabi: 1550)
Tim: “And I shall choose your Red Spy-Girl, Clover!
Clover: “Ah? No… way! You can't…”
(Takes control)
Tim: Looks like I just did. Now observe as I sacrifice both my Spy-Girl, and my Robotic Knight, to summon a super-machine so powerful it is practically unstoppable.”
(Light flashes as his body changes)
“Hmm, mm, heh, heh, ah, ah, ah! Behold…I am now more powerful than ever.”
Clover: (Screams) “Just what do you think you've done?”
Tim: “Simple really. I have summoned a brand new monster to serve as my Deck-Master, as well as my temporary body. I am now, PERFECT MACHINE-KING!”
(Atk: 2700/ Def: 1500)
Clover: “Yeah, So what? You may be just a bigger pile of scrap-heap now, but my Tempest can still take you down to the junk yard.”
Tim: “Correction… your monster I much weaker than I am. For you see… as I am now Perfect Machine King, I gain 500 additional attack points for every machine in play, and there are still 4 on the field.”
Clover: “Ah!”
Gabi: “Oh no!”
(Atk: 2700) Becomes (Atk: 4700)
Tim: “But that isn't all… thanks to my Clockworknight spell I gain another 500 attack points
(Atk: 4700) Becomes (Atk: 5200)
Clover: “Whoa… that thing is totally unstopabble.”
Tim: “Correct… and now, prepare to join Sam as the next victims of the LAMOS. Once I wipe you-two out, all your bodies will belong to us, and you'll be trapped here in the virtual world forever.”
“Now…I shall attack the Old-Lady's forgiving maiden. It's all over you…!”
(Atk: 5200) VS (Atk: 300)
(Gabi Screams)
“Ha, ha, ah, ah… say goodbye… huh?” (Blocked by a barrier) “HEE-YAARRGH!!”
(Attack fails)
“What is the meaning of this malfunction? My attack didn't not work.”
Clover: “Um… hello… trap-card here, and one of my favorites too, HERO-BARRIER! See if I have an Elemental-Hero in play, this trap lets me negate one attack by you. Looks like I just flushed your attack down the can.”
Tim: “Hmm… it appears I underestimated you…but just because you blocked one attack this turn will not put me out of commission for good. I shall end my turn… for now.
“But your luck will not prevail forever. Soon you will be left without options, and then I shall destroy you both and claim your bodies for the LAMOS. Master Estevan will be pleased, and you'll all be nothing but Data-bits as you wander through Cyber Space Forever…(Wicked Laughter)