Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Gone to the dogs ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sam was wandering around what seemed like a small hallway of an old abandoned factory, and things were starting to feel pretty strange to her.
“Gee… why does everything suddenly look so big?” she thought to herself, “And why can't I even speak?”
It was true… every time Sam tried to say a word; she heard this irregular noise that sounded like an electronic-dog barking, but no words. “Where's that sound coming from?” she wondered, and as she walked forward she could help but feel as if she was hunched over… and walking on all fours.
Suddenly, she reached a sheet of polished steel the provided her reflection of what looked like a cute little robot-puppy, the kinds that she used to have when she was a little girl. “Aww… isn't that doggie cute.” She thought as she stared at the reflection…
That's when she noticed that the puppy was starring right back at her, following her every move, and when Sam suddenly barked, so did the reflection. “Huh? Wait a minute she thought, and as she looked herself over, away from the mirror, she saw that she had paws, floppy metal ears, and she could only bark instead of speak…
The others and I had found our way out of Tim Scam's factory, and were now standing outside surrounded by warehouses. “Oh, man… I can't stop worrying about Sam.” Alex said looking down in the dumps.
“Don't worry, we'll find her…” I said. “Hopefully the LAMOS haven't taken over her body yet, and then we just need her mind.”
Gabi's features suddenly hardened, “We had better find her, Morgan… or I'm going to hold you personally responsible.” she spat at me.
I rolled my eyes at her, “It's Mykan!” I snapped back at her, “And Gabriella… while I am grateful you are safe, let me remind you that you and the other five parents are still officially stowaways in our journey. As team-leader, upon our return, I can clap you in irons put you on a diet of soggy bread and hot-water. One more peep out of you and I'll do just that. Do I make myself clear?”
Gabi just huffed…
With that, we all started on our way. Sam, however was not our only main-priority, we still had to find Mandy. Despite how tempting it was not to, we just couldn't leave her all alone in this world.
Speaking of Mandy
She had finally come to the end of that extremely long bridge, and boy were her feet killing her. “Okay… if I ever find the weirdo freaks who put me here, they are GONNA BE SORRY!!” she yelled out loud.
“Really? I wouldn't say that…” called an unfamiliar voice. Mandy looked round and then she saw “Sam?” standing on a rooftop. “Just what do you think, you're doing here?”
Suddenly Mandy got a sick feeling that something seem right about Sam, especially when she leapt down from the roof right to where Mandy stood. “Whoa-oa! What's you're problem Sam?” She asked.
“Heh, heh, heh… my name's not Sam.” she said in a male's voice. “And what makes you think you can defeat us? You're not even a spy like the others.”
Mandy was starting to feel more and more confused with every word spoken. “Okay… cut the talk.” She spat at this person, “If you're not Sam then who are you?”
The girl picked up a long hollow pipe, and began to wield it at Mandy, “Who am I? You're worst nightmare.”
Mandy cowardly began to run for her life, but this person continued to chase after her. “You miserable coward. COME BACK AND PROVE YOURSELF A HERO!!”
Mandy suddenly found herself trapped, and with no escape route, but before Sam, if it really was her, could attack. “Look… it's Sam.” called Gabi.
“And Mandy too…” added Clover.
“Mykan…?” Mandy asked, not knowing if she should've felt grateful or disgusted that the whole gang had found her.
“Oh, Samantha, honey, I'm so glad we found you.” cried Gabi, but Sam just started at her sourly and told her, “You stay out of this, Old-lady.”
All of us winced at the sound of that male voice. “Old-lady…?” Gabi huffed, “Wait a minute I recognize that voice now, you're that evil man who took my daughter away from me.”
“GRR… Tim Scam!” growled Clover.
Tim, chuckled, “Hmm, mm… yes, I've taken over your friend's body, and I am about to make this ingrate pay for insulting the LAMOS… ENGUARDE!!
Mandy screamed and braced for the kill, when suddenly Tim stopped dead in his tracks when a robot-puppy showed up from out of nowhere and began to chop on Sam's long hair. “AA-AARGH!!”
As he hopped and pranced all over, we all seemed confused. “What is that thing?” asked Sabrina. None of us could tell…
Finally, Tim jerked the robot off his hair, but was distracted for too long to see Alex coming fro him. “This is going to far.” she snapped “TAKE THIS…!” and then WHAMM she kicked Sam's body through a glass window right into a warehouse.
“Alex!” snapped Clover, “that's still Sam's body you just kicked.”
“Gee… sor-ry for trying to be helpful.” Alex protested.
They moved over towards the shattered window trying to see inside, and they heard the sounds of an engine revving up. “Out of my way…!” Tim snarled as he came zooming through on a motorcycle and nearly knocking the girls down.
“Heh, heh, heh… and as for you, Old-lady…” he snarled as he quickly grabbed hold of Gabi, “It's back to Master-Estevan for you.”
“Hey! Come back here!” I shouted, but Tim had already zoomed down the alleys and back out onto the road.
This gave Mandy the idea to follow him, for maybe he knew where Esetvan was, and she could make him pay for all this trouble. “Eww… I can't believe I'm doing this.” she grumbled as she revved up another bike.
Mandy usually preferred being driven to her destinations, by limo; but she hand no choice.
“Mandy…” called Clover. “What are you doing?” but Mandy was already out of sight. “Fine… be that way.” Suddenly we all turned round to the little robot-puppy that seemed to be barking happily at us. “Whoa… robo-pup's back.” replied Clover.
Alex could help but “Aww…” at how cute the little thing seemed. She reached her arm out, “Here… pup, come here.” And the little dog walked right up to her. “Aww… such a cute puppy.”
Suddenly, the pup began to bark and run around in a weird sense. “I think it's trying to tell us something.” Sabrina said, “It can't be a trap, otherwise it wouldn't have saved us.”
We realized she was right, but it still didn't explain what this robot-pup was, or what it was trying to tell us. “Let's go…” I said, “The LAMOS may have Sam's body, but her mind has to be somewhere.”
The pup then began to go crazy as it tried to tell them it knew where Sam's mind was, but Clover covered her ears. “Alex… do me a favor and try to keep that mutt quiet!” she snapped.
The pup glared angrily at Clover, and so did Alex. “Clover, don't be mean to the cuddly little thing.” she said.
Mandy had followed the tire tracks that Tim had left behind, and much to her dismay they lead straight back out onto the long bridge. “Oh great… not this again?” she grumbled. As grateful as she was that she didn't have to walk anymore, she was still just as typical as ever.
“Oh! This is ruffling up my designer-jacket.” she moaned, “What next?” She got her answer as she looked on ahead, “Huh? Hey… get out of my way!” she shouted at the stranger ahead of her, but the cloaked figure didn't move. Mandy had no choice but to leap off the bike, letting it explode on collision.
Mandy's out fit was looking more and more disastrous than ever, and the cloaked man, whoever he was, was laughing at her in hollowed voice that seemed to have a funky disco-accent. “Heh, heh, heh, ah, ah, ah! I was hopin' that one of them foxy-spies would show up.” he said, “Ah well… I guess I'll just have to deal with a square.”
“Okay… who are you?” Mandy snapped, “And who are you calling a Square?”
“Hmm, mm… who am I? I'm the guy who's gonna take you down. Heh, heh, ah, ah, ah!”
Tim, in Sam's body had proceeded up the bridge. Poor Gabi had been knocked unconscious earlier, and the fog was starting to build up. Suddenly, he spotted someone in the midst of the fog.
“Tim Scam…!” he called in a familiar voice. “Stop right there.”
Tim saw who it was, and stopped his bike. “Master Esetvan…” he said, “I have brought the old-lady back to you, sir.”
“I can see that you fool.” said Estevan, “But I do not recall asking you to do that. Especially seeing as how I hadn't planned on getting her back in my clutches as it messes up my plan!”
“Huh?” Tim only now just realized that he had done the wrong thing. Especially when Estevan grabbed his Millennium-Key. “I should punish you right here and now…” he said. “But in regards you have however presented me with a singular opportunity.”
He stepped forward, “Bring her in.” he ordered, “And don't think you're off the hook just yet.”
When Gabi started to wake up she found herself bound and tied to a chair. “What… what is this? Where am I?”
“Hmm, mm, mm… you're in my domain again.”
Gabi recognized that voice anywhere. “Estevan…?” she snarled.
Estevan walked out into the light sniggering wickedly. “The very same.” he said to her, “Don't bother struggling, those ropes are sealed with a little of my own magic. Only I decide when you may leave.”
Gabi scowled furiously at him. “Whatever you're up to, you won't get away with it.” she growled, “The others will come and save me.”
This only made Estevan laugh some more. “Ah yes, the others… the ones that are angry at you and the other parents for trying disrupt their ways.” he said to her, “I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to save you even if they had a chance.”
Gabi's eyes widened, “You lie… of course they'd want to save Me.” she protested.
“No… they wouldn't.” said a voice from behind. Gabi turned and saw all the other parents, out of the electric-cage, but something seemed strange about them. Their eyes seemed glazed, and they were almost acting like zombies.
“Stella… what are you talking about?” Gabi asked.
Stella looked down in the dumps, “Clover would never want to save me, I'm a terrible mother, and she hates me.” she replied.
“Our Alex feels the same about us…” Corey said, and Carmen nodded her head in agreement.
Gabi suddenly had the feeling that they didn't know what they were saying, and that somehow Estevan was responsible. “What have you done to them?” she asked.
“Hmm, mm, mm…” Estevan snapped his fingers, and then Gabi suddenly felt Greg come up from behind and hold her head in place. “Greg? What are you doing? Let go!”
Estevan got up and held up his Millennium Key. “Give it up, my dear.” He said wickedly, “Why beat them when its so much easier to join them?” and with his words, he touched his key to Gabi's forehead and turned it to the right like opening a lock.
A bright light flashed, and Gabi was now under his spell too. “Sam doesn't care… she doesn't love me at all. I wreck her life enough.” she said under the curse.
Estevan was really enjoying all this now. He had all that he needed to bring Sabrina and the rest of us to his mercy, assuming of course nothing else had gone wrong.
With all that settled he turned back to his chair and viewed the images of Mandy on the bridge with the cloaked figure. “I think a little entertainment is in order.” he muttered to himself.
“Look bozo… just tell me who you are already and get the heck out of my way!” Mandy snarled at the cloaked man.
“My, my… aren't we actin' a little low-down.” the man said, “Well if you must know, the name's Boogie Gus. Former disco-groovin' champ, and the last member of the LAMOS… and if you wanna get through here so badly, you'll have to groove-it past me sugar.”
He snapped his fingers and, two duel-disks appeared on their arms. Mandy was really in no mood for a duel, but… “Look here, disco-dork…” she snarled, “If you wanted a roughhousing, you should've asked for it in the first place. I'll take you on.”
“Fine by me…” replied Gus. “Now then… lets build up our virtual decks, and then choose a Deck-Master so the party can get started.”
They both chose their cards from the database, and Mandy already knew who her Deck-Master was going to be. “I choose LORD OF DRAGONS!”
“So… where's you're Deck-Master?”
“Hmm, mm… you'll meet my main man soon enough.” Gus said, “Now lets get it on!”
Their disks were prepared, life-points set to 8000 each, and their first cards were drawn. “LET'S DUEL!!”