Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Mandy VS Boogie Gus: Part one ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

SCORE:(Gus: 8000/ Mandy: 8000)
Gus: “Sit back… and enjoy yourselves, cuz it's show-time.”
“I play one monster in defense-mode. Then I'll place two cards face-down. Now it's over to you.”
Mandy: “Yeah… whatever…”
“I summon SPEAR DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 1900/ Def: 0)
“And if you think your little defense-monster is well protected, think again. My Spear Dragon's special-ability deals you damage, Defense or no defense. Spear Dragon… ATTACK!”
Gus: “Heh, heh, heh… you just trounced on the HIRO'S SHADOW SCOUT.”
(Atk: 1900) VS (Def: 500)
SCORE:(Gus: 6600/ Mandy: 8000)
“True, I lost some points, but now you have to draw three cards, then any spells you get, you get rid of.”
Mandy: “Duh… you think I don't know that?”
(Draws three)
(Discards two spells, and keeps the monster)
“Now I'll end my turn with one card face down.”
Mandy's thoughts: “Heh, heh… this loser's going to be a snap. I'll lure him in and then sick him with my Crush-card Virus.”
Gus: “Before I begin my turn… I'll activate my trap card, SOLEMN WISHES!As long as this baby's chillin' by my side I gain 500 life points every time I draw a card.”
SCORE:(Gus: 7100/ Mandy: 8000)
“Now I'll place one card face down on the field, and lay out this monster in defense-mode. I'm done for now… so lay it on me, sister.”
Mandy: “Hah! I'm so not your sister…”
Mandy's thoughts: “What's with this guy? Why didn't he go for my dragon? He should know that it goes to defense-mode after attacking, so why didn't he go for it?”
Gus: “Yo… what's the hold-up? Make your move already!
Mandy: “Well… someone's desperate to lose. Fine, I summon GIANT GERM!”
(Atk: 1000/ Def: 100)
“And now I'll change Spear Dragon to Attack-mode. Now Spear Dragon, Destroy his face-down monster!”
Gus: “Hold it right there, sister I'm bustin' a trap… MASK OF PERPLEXITY!” (Anime card only)
(Mask goes on Spear Dragon)
Mandy: “Hey! What do you think you're doing?”
Gus: “Hmm, mm, mm… what else? Thanks to this trap card I can make your Spear Dragon attack another monster on the field, like… your Giant Germ!”
(Atk: 1900) VS (Atk: 1000)
SCORE:(Gus: 7100/ Mandy: 7000)
Mandy: (Trademark snigger) “You just made a huge mistake, bozo. I was hoping my Giant Germ would be destroyed… know why… I can activate this trap, CARD CRUSH VIRUS!”(Rules fudged)
“Now every powerful monster you have is on the next train out of here.”
Gus: “Really? I don't think so…” (His Eyes glow, and the card is destroyed)
Mandy: “Hey! What happened to my trap? How did you destroy it?”
(Gus sniggers)
“Wait… if you can destroy traps… then… that means…”
Gus: “Right on…” (Pulls off Cloak) “My Deck-Master is the all powerful JINZO!With this catch as my main man… you ain't never gonna get past me. Your traps are nothin' while mine hang around. So maybe you should think smart and surrender me your body now.
Mandy: “Pah! Yeah right… there is no way I'm letting some metal-faced disco-dork take over my elegant looks. Also… there's more than one way to crush an opponent in a duel”
“When my Giant germ was destroyed by battle, I'm allowed to summon two new one's right from my deck in attack-mode.”
(Atk: 1000/ def: 100) x2
“And if that wasn't enough.. you also lost 500 life points.”
SCORE:(Gus: 6600/ Mandy: 7000)
Gus: “Hah… I'm not worried. With no traps to back you up… you ain't nothin' but easy pickin's.”
“Thanks to my draw… my Life points go up by 500.”
SCORE:(Gus: 7100/ Mandy: 7000)
“And now I'll place two cards face down for more power. That's my turn for now.”
Mandy: “Whatever…”
“Now lets try this again… Spear Dragon, ATTACK!!”
Gus: “Hmm, mm, mm… a bad move, sugar. You just attacked CYBER JAR!”
(Atk: 900/ Def: 900)
Mandy: “AAH!! No way!”
Gus: “BOO-YAH! Now every monster on the field is going out with a bang…”
(All monsters destroyed)
SCORE:(Gus: 6100/ Mandy: 7000)
It does cost me some points… but now we both pick up five new cards and summon all four-star or lamer monsters.”
Mandy: “Fine then…”
Vorse Raider: (Atk: 1900/ Def: 1200)
TWB: (Atk: 1500/ Def: 1200)
Gus:” And I summon INJECTION FAIRY LILY!”(Atk: 400/ Def: 1500)
Mandy: “What… you got to be kidding me? What good can that puny little runt do? She couldn't even give me my needles back in grade-school.”
Gus: “You'll see soon enough, but right now it's my turn, so I draw…” (Draws) “And I gain 500 points from my Solemn Wishes trap.”
SCORE:(Gus: 6600/ Mandy: 7000)
“And now I'll go ahead and lay another trap on ya'… behold CURSE OF AGING!
Mandy: “Hmm?”
Gus: “Now by ditchin' a card from my hand to the graveyard, I can lower all your monster's attack by 500 points for this turn.”
Vorse Raider: (Atk: 1900) Becomes (Atk: 1400)
TWB: (Atk: 1500) Becomes (Atk:: 1000)
Mandy: “Yeah… but news flash… your little nursemaid there is still way weaker than my monsters.”
Gus: “Heh, heh, heh… maybe, but I think it's time you got a taste of my Lily's sweet, and awesome move. By giving up 2000 of my life points, I can raise her attack by 3000; more than enough to wipe your ugly party-poopers outta' town.”
SCORE:(Gus: 4600/ Mandy: 7000)
(Atk: 400) Becomes (Atk: 3400)
“Go, Lily… blow that Vorse-Raider straight to the stars.”
(Atk: 3400) VS (Atk: 1400)
Mandy: “AA-AAAH!!”
SCORE:(Gus: 4600/ Mandy: 5000)
Gus: “Well, well, well… looks like square's gettin' herself all rounded off. Heh, heh, heh…
(Mandy growls)
“So I'll wrap it up by puttin' this little babe into defense-mode. Back to you, Square.”
Mandy: “Hey… I got a name… it's Mandy! LEARN TO SAY IT RIGHT!!”
Mandy's thoughts: “I'm not going to let this loser beat me. Mykan and those other freaks have done that to me enough. It's time for me to shine for once.”
Mandy: “I summon a monster in defense-mode, and that's all for now, and I'll switch my Behemoth into defense as well.”
Gus: “Hah! If you think you can trounce on me by defending yourself, I got other plans for you… like this trap.”
Mandy: “Ah! Another one?”
Gus: “You bet… now say hello to my LIFE ABSORBING MACHINE! With this cool cat, I can get back half the life points I paid in my last move…”
SCORE:(Gus: 6100/ Mandy: 5000)
“And don't forget… about my Solemn Wishes… I draw… and I get paid another 500.”
SCORE:(Gus: 6600/ Mandy: 5000)
“But this is only part of my major plan… because now I sacrifice my face down monster in order to bring forth my most devostatin' thingy.”
(A huge rocket appears ad BLASTS OFF!!)
Mandy: “WHOA-OA-OA! What is that thing?”
Gus: “Hmm, mm, eh, eh, eh, eh…!”
Outside the duel
Our attempts to follow Mandy and Tim Scam lead us into finding a virtual pickup-truck, and we used it to head down along the long bridge-way. I was driving, my wife beside me, while Clover, and Alex, along with the robot-puppy we had found were riding outside in the back.
Clover felt the wind in her hair, “Okay, I usually don't ride like this, but this totally beats walking.” she said.
“Right on, girl.” Said Alex, “Maybe we'll be able to find Sam's body sooner.”
The robot-puppy backed again in frustration, but still none of us knew what it was trying to tell us. That it was really Sam who was trapped inside it.
Suddenly, I slammed down hard on the brakes causing the truck to come to a completely standstill in half-a-second; which also made Alex and Clover fall forward in the back. “Hey… road-rage much.” Clover complained.
Alex leaned as close to the drivers seat as she could from out back, “Hey, Mykan… why'd we stop?” she asked.
“Look out there!” I said pointing towards the sky. Everyone gazed and we all gasped.
“What is that?” asked Alex.
“Uh… some kind of virtual-rocket?” said Clover, “But who launched it?”
Sabrina couldn't help but wonder where she had seen that rocket from somewhere before, and suddenly it hit her, “Oh… oh no. Not that card?” she cried.
I gazed over at my wife, “Wait… you mean--” I took another good look at the rocket. “It is…” I replied.
Clover and Alex gazed at each other in confusion, picked at their ears and asked what that thing was. I quickly started up the engine, and we explained to them along the way.
If we were right… about that rocket… then it was possible there was going to be trouble.
As we drove along the way, the robot-puppy, in Alex's arms began to scratch it's ear. “Aww… such a cute puppy.” Alex cooed as she snuggled her cheek against the pup's head.
“Man… this is getting to be really annoying.” Sam thought, and what she didn't notice was while she was scratching, her paw had hit a small switch located on her collar, and the moment she had clicked it… “If I ever get out of this, you'll be sorry Alex.”
“Huh?” Alex said as she blinked her eyes in confusion. “Did anyone else hear that?”
Clover nodded, “It sounded like Sammy.” she said.
The puppy continued to scratch and moan, “Ooh… these fleas are killing me.”
I stopped the truck again, and we all gazed at the puppy. “It's… it's coming from her.” Sabrina said as she pointed at the puppy.
The pup looked up, “Huh? Did I say that, or just think it?” it said in a familiar voice. “Uh… Sam… is that you in there?” Clover asked as she tapped the puppy's head.
“Hey!” Sam snapped, “Watch the tin-head, Clover!”
“Sammy…?!” cried Alex. “It is you...”
Sam sighed, “Finally… someone gets what I've been trying to say.” She complained, Now how about working on getting my body back?
With hat I started the engine again, and we were on our way, unaware of the dangers up ahead… and above.
That rocket that was launched had released a strange looking satellite that unfolded in orbit, and it had it's target sensors focusing on Mandy down below.